Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines (Delta Air, Lines, Inc.) is a company headquartered in U.S.A Georgia Atlanta The airlines. (usually referred to as Delta Delta Airlines, is often translated as "delta" or "delta"). The airline is "SkyTeam" (SkyTeam) is one of the founding members of the airline.
Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines Company introduction

The airline was founded in 1928 (as Delta Air Service). In 2008, the airline merged with Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines is set up, and
 Delta Airlines Boeing 767 Delta Airlines Boeing 767
The company is headquartered in Atlanta and Minnesota . Delta Airlines Inc is the third largest U.S. airlines, headquartered in Atlanta, with nearly 700 aircraft, more than 75000 employees worldwide. As a founding member of the SkyTeam alliance, delta day can provide passengers with 13000 flights, in a number of airports worldwide are equipped with delta hub. Delta Airlines with industry-leading global network services covering 351 destinations on six continents in 64 countries. Passengers can check-in, boarding, baggage and print query flights on the official website.
Airport: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Cou Airport, Minneapolis - St Paul International Airport, Salt Lake City International Airport, Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport, New York John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport, Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport , Tokyo Narita International Airport , New York John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport LaGuardia Airport, Bradley InternationalAirport, New York.
Frequent flyer program / Miglia: SkyMiles

Delta Airlines History

The airline was established in 1924, is a crop spraying pesticide service company, in 1928 renamed the Delta Air Service Company, then increase the passenger service. In 1941, Delta Airlines headquarters from Monroe Moved to Atlanta.
In 1953, Delta Airlines and China Southern Airlines merged with Chicago. In 1972, the U.S. Northeast Airlines merger and acquisition in 1987, America West Airlines, the aviation industry to become the United States ranked third Airlines
 Delta Airlines Boeing 757 old painting Delta Airlines Boeing 757 old painting
Delta Airlines declared bankruptcy in the Pan American Airlines in 1991 after the acquisition of Pan American Airways include the world port of the remaining assets of European routes and the right to Kennedy international airport.
The 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics and the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City delta become the designated airlines.
June 22, 2000 by Delta Airlines and Air France, Mexico international airlines and Korean Airlines jointly set up a global airline alliance - "SkyTeam".
Because of rising fuel prices and labor costs and cheap airline operators facing the impact and other reasons, Delta Airlines has suffered huge losses, experienced in bankruptcy protection for up to 19 months after the end of April 30, 2007 bankruptcy protection.

Delta Airlines Company merger

In April 14, 2008, Delta Airlines Inc (New York stock exchange code: DAL) and the United States Northwest Airlines, please. (New York stock exchange code: NWA) announced that the two sides are combined to all stock transaction. Northwest Airlines All shareholders for every 1 shares in accordance with Northwest Airlines shares equivalent to 1.25 shares of Delta Airlines shares, to obtain the corresponding stock. The merger agreement needs to obtain the Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines shareholder approval and relevant regulatory audit.
Delta Airlines retained after the merger (Delta Air Lines) name, headquartered in Atlanta. After the merger of Delta Airlines in the United States of Atlanta, Minneapolis / St Paul and New York set up administrative offices, and in Amsterdam Paris, and Tokyo To open the international administrative office. Delta Airlines merged with Northwest Airlines after the airline passenger turnover, according to 2007, surpassing the United States airlines to become the world's largest airline.

Delta Airlines Company logo

Since 2007, the logo design consists of two parts: the left side of the two upper and lower triangular form three-dimensional triangular shape, right
 Delta Airlines Delta Airlines
For the word "DELTA". This sign can be traced back to 1959. At that time, the wing design of DC-8 series aircraft aroused Delta Airlines logo The birth of the red, white and blue represent the colors of the American flag. Over the past decades, mark Delta has undergone many changes, such as mobile, color graphics position flexibility etc.. From the logo used by 2007 compared with the past, the significant change is that the increase in the dazzling red. This 3D red sign indicates that the airline to take the customer as the center, the diversified development of the airline's successful transition.

Delta Airlines Business case

The Delta service is divided into three types: travel service, membership service and Business-to-Business service. Delta Airlines in the leading position in the market across the Atlantic airlines, domestic airlines focus on the northeast, South and west. It is the only African American history navigation routes of the major airlines. Delta Airlines navigable five continents, navigable City reached more than and 300. Delta Airlines through the global airline alliance - "SkyTeam" offers flights to destinations worldwide.
 Delta Airlines Boeing 757-300 aircraft Delta Airlines Boeing 757-300 aircraft
The airline was operating in Losangeles in early 1990s from Hongkong route. In 2007, the U.S. government approved the Delta Airlines opened Shanghai route from Atlanta (March 2008 navigation).
According to the statistics in 2006, Delta Airlines (Delta Air Lines) is the U.S. airline industry ranked third airlines.
In 2008, Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines after the merger, the total annual income of more than $35 billion, with nearly more than and 800 aircraft of the main fleet, employs about 75000.
2012 Fortune 500 list of the world ranked 308th.
 Delta Airlines MD-88 aircraft Delta Airlines MD-88 aircraft
Delta Airlines Shanghai - Atlanta route officially opened on April 1, 2008, providing daily non-stop flights. This route in a year and a half later were recovered in August 2011, every Monday, the three Shanghai Atlanta flight. In October 2009, delta launched Shanghai - Detroit route, flight number DL180.
Delta Airlines acquired Northwest Airlines after the integration of the original Beijing / Shanghai flights to Tokyo flights, respectively DL634 and DL296, a Beijing based DL634 route to Beijing - Tokyo - San Francisco route of the Shanghai process, DL296 route to Shanghai - Tokyo - Atlanta route combined process.
At the same time, Delta Airlines officially opened Beijing - Seattle flight on June 6, 2010, flight number DL128.
In addition, delta also operates in Hongkong - Tokyo, Hongkong - Atlanta and Taipei Tokyo route.
The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus with American Airlines under an order. Yesterday, Airbus announced, Delta Airlines before the Airbus Company confirmed that ordered 30 cash A321 aircraft and 10 A330-300 aircraft. A Delta Airlines Airbus aircraft ordered in 20 years ago, the first aircraft orders that is signed with airbus.
According to reports, the delta ordered A330-300 aircraft will be delivered starting in 2015, A321 aircraft is expected to be delivered in 2016. According to list prices, the total value of the order of $5 billion 600 million. The order of the Delta Airlines A321 aircraft seat is 190, A321 is the largest member of the family of A320 series aircraft.
It is worth noting that most of the delta ordered A321 aircraft in the United States is expected in the new Airbus assembly line assembly. In Alabama, the assembly line is currently under construction, is expected to be delivered in 2016 of the first aircraft. The Airbus assembly line a total investment of $600 million, Airbus said it would bring 1000 new jobs for the residents of the area.

Delta Airlines management idea

The flight around the world, the best choice of airlines.
Flight Delta will send to customers around the world, around the world, and the pursuit of innovation, enterprising, honest business, become a successful market competitors, is committed to providing customers the best services and thus make a profit. To open up new routes and new airlines to expand business partners.
Airline Delta only operates the company the most good, the leading industries, namely, air transport and other related services. Delta believe that air transport will develop toward globalization, so Delta will be time and money to build the leading spirit and
The best choice of Delta is the best choice for customers, investors and employees of the delta. For travel customers, whether for business or travel booking, from the beginning until the baggage claim, Delta provides the most valuable and the best travel experience. For air cargo shipping customers, providing service and guarantee the value of Delta. For shareholders, Delta for them to earn a stable, generous Financial profit . For delta employees, Delta provides a challenging and high reward, results oriented work in the company's environment, their contribution will be respected and valued.
The challenge of Delta
The challenge of Delta is to realize the idea, and restore profit condition. Delta from the regional transportation company for the development of the world's airlines, has experienced significant change, permanent so when Delta to do business in different markets and new customers, we must look at their Delta in a philosophical perspective. In the world, in the face of Delta innovative competitors and United Airlines Company; also suffered must be strong pressure to control costs. Even if the existing Delta mode of operation in the past the effectiveness of good, there is no guarantee of future can continue forever.
The power of Delta
The employee is delta competitive advantage, which belongs to Delta Delta airlines, to lead the company into the future, everyone has a very important task to achieve. Delta in the way of team cooperation, and mutual respect.
The actions of Delta are ethical and honest; Delta's reputation is priceless; emphasis on integrity, never compromise.
Delta forward:
Delta with urgent attitude and enthusiastic spirit, strive for the excellent financial performance continued.
Delta to understand the circumstances of intense competition, and maintain the rapid reaction. When the customer needs change, Delta to innovation, seize market opportunities, expand sales channels, improve the effect of law.
Delta in a consistent quality and economical method to improve service, understand customer preferences and needs, provide better service than other airlines. Delta to be more economical and more productive way, provide better quality products and competitive price.
For the work, company and business to have an international view. Delta continued to develop personal ability, and
 Delta Airlines Boeing 777 Delta Airlines Boeing 777
The other has a special ability, can assist the company to achieve the concept of talent introduction to the company.
Delta to improve the responsibility, authority and credit lines of employees. Fully authorized, so that they can quickly and decisively to take action within the scope of work. Right after expanding, Delta will evaluate the performance, and with substantial rewards to reward.
Because the technology is playing a more and more important role in business, Delta will make full use of science and technology.
Delta the following three aspects to set goals and to assess progress:
Customer service: Delta customer service must be done first, the evaluation method is based on the Department of transportation in customer complaints, baggage handling and other aspects of the statistics on time as the standard. High quality customer service to improve the company's earnings.
Market positioning: Delta to improve the benefits of passengers (revenue passenger) in proportion, and gradually expand the market, the global flight, to become the best choice of airlines.
Profitability: operating profit and net profit of Delta will lead the industry, operating profit The target of 10%, net profit target is 5%.
Delta harvest
The Delta concept is based on the traditional Delta as the foundation, but requires each employee the pursuit of excellence, and is willing to make positive change greatly. Delta efforts will be worth the harvest. Delta concept allows Delta sustained profitability, and provide the only safeguard the future for employees and the company. In profits at the same time, Delta will also have opportunities for growth and progress, and therefore be a good molecular mechanism and proud. See customers come to seek Delta services, consistent with the concept of Delta and the investors due to join, and the Delta in the world is respected, all these bring a sense of accomplishment. The future, Delta must become the best choice of airlines, it is only to carry forward the tradition of delta.

Delta Airlines fleets

By the end of August 8, 2013
 Delta Airlines Boeing 757 Delta Airlines Boeing 757
Airbus A319-100 has 55 aircraft 2 aircraft leased a total of 57 aircraft with an average age of 9.9 years
Airbus A320-200 has 41 aircraft 28 aircraft leased a total of 69 aircraft with an average age of 16.8 years
Airbus A330-200 A total of 11 aircraft owned 11 aircraft with an average age of 6.8 years
Airbus A330-300 has 21 aircraft a total of 21 aircraft with an average age of 6.4 years
Boeing 717-200 88 A total of 88 aircraft on loan with an average age of 8.3 years
Boeing 737-700 has 10 aircraft a total of 10 aircraft with an average age of 2.9 years
Boeing 737-800 has 71 aircraft a total of 71 aircraft with an average age of 10.9 years
Boeing 747-400 has 4 aircraft 11 aircraft leased a total of 15 aircraft with an average age of 18.5 years
Boeing 757-200 has 84 aircraft to lease 70 a total of 154 aircraft with an average age of 18.7 years
Boeing 757-300 has 16 aircraft a total of 16 aircraft with an average age of 8.8 years
Boeing 767-300 10 aircraft 6 aircraft owned leased a total of 16 aircraft with an average age of 20.9 years
Boeing 767-300ER has 50 aircraft 8 aircraft leased a total of 58 aircraft with an average age of 15.8 years
Boeing 777-200ER has 8 aircraft a total of 8 aircraft with an average age of 11.9 years
Boeing 777-200LR has 10 aircraft a total of 10 aircraft with an average age of 2.7 years
McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 has 24 aircraft a total of 24 aircraft with an average age of 33.8 years
McDonnell-Douglas MD-88 has 67 aircraft 50 aircraft leased a total of 117 aircraft with an average age of 21.5 years
McDonnell-Douglas MD-90 has 28 aircraft 1 aircraft leased a total of 29 aircraft with an average age of 15.1 years
CRJ-100 has 15 aircraft 25 aircraft leased a total of 40 aircraft with an average age of 13.9 years
CRJ-700 has a total of 15 aircraft 15 aircraft with an average age of 8.1 years
CRJ-900 has a total of 13 aircraft 13 aircraft with an average age of 4.1 years
A total of 574 aircraft leased 201 aircraft owned 775 aircraft with an average age of 15.6 years

Delta Airlines Tamay

Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA &reg)
Chautauqua Airlines
Comair &reg
Freedom Airlines
Shuttle America

Delta Airlines Other information

The world's largest airline Delta Airlines Inc announced on 6, Beijing to Seattle The opening of direct flights have been finally approved, the flight service officially opened on June 6th, class five weekly operation.
Passengers can China starting from the capital Beijing, the Delta Code sharing Cooperative partner Alaska Airlines in Seattle transit hub, convenient Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines Group arrived in the destination route network.
Beijing flights to Seattle will be the 216 seat Boeing 767-300ER, with 35 who fly business class seats and 181 economy class seats.

Delta Airlines Business expansion

Case: Delta company pioneered the use of the network customer service, to expand its scope of services by the rapid development of wireless technology. Business objectives: Delta company plans to provide through a series of two-way communication equipment Tourism information These devices, including with network function Wireless telephone With the handheld device (Handheld Devices).
The main business challenges: before wireless technology a large number of users increased, Delta companies recognize the value of wireless technology.
The main technical challenge: the solution must be able to integrate Delta's original system, and the data transmission from the "Delta company to all kinds of wireless devices.
Solution: Delta company chose IBM global service system. IBM assist Delta's wireless device can support the wireless telephone (including wireless telephones) and the seventh generation of handheld equipment (Plam VII hard-held organizers). IBM and Delta jointly established a data transmission scheme to provide personal travel routes, flight arrival and departure time, boarding gate information, flight schedule and Delta. This solution is the application of IBM JavaVisualAge to develop the successful use of Java, servlets and extensible markup language (XML) technology.
Results: wireless service system of Delta company in 2 months that the configuration is complete. The company expects wireless service to consolidate its leadership position in the aviation industry, and improve the internal efficiency of customer retention.
Customer: witness the use rate of the wireless network has obvious growth index, the flight time of arrival and departure and other related information is to use the highest rate of service. Delta company of IBM's excellent performance, especially in practical business interests can be seen on the Delta wireless device customer brings the most impressive.
Important: the aviation industry leader has taken a big step, using the most advanced and beneficial technology to provide the best customer service.

Delta Airlines Online check

After arriving at the airport, you can check your luggage to your nearest Baggage Counter marked with red "logo on the counter or airport check-in at the roadside (within 6 hours before take-off). You can also check baggage at the airport check-in kiosks, electronic ticket counter or airport terminal roadside. However, please note that the baggage fee may be required to pay higher at the airport when payment.
If your luggage is overweight or large, please refer to additional, overweight and large luggage parts. You can also free to carry a backpack and a small personal items. Please visit the baggage page for more information. The part of the carrier transport partner delta flight will adopt strict baggage policy.
All the following are current baggage charges, apply to all ticket today and must abide by the rules of the luggage after delta.
Note: please refer to delta transport partners page, understand the relevant information about the carrier specific policy firm li.
Explanation: the policy will take effect on January 15, 2013 the Delta Airlines Travel policies require passengers only between single ticket or intermodal ticket on departure and destination baggage. If the first ticket in addition to destinations, passengers also use second tickets aboard another airline travel, the passenger will be informed of the delta is only responsible for the baggage ticket to delta destination. To the baggage claim area in the delta to the baggage of passengers, and then in the subsequent carrier Baggage Counter for the next flight to checked baggage.
The policy explanation helps delta to ensure consistent baggage service to all passengers.
The new site features and innovative design will bring you more convenient use. "I try to use the delta account center to check all the information and preferences on the same page. Now, booking superior economy seats, car rental, hotels and other travel services for your travel easier.

Delta Airlines Close the route

The Guyana government said the news agency the day before, Delta Airlines Inc decided to shut down the New York route to Guyana, officially outage in May 6, 2013. In June 1, 2008 the company opened Delta Guyana And through the New York route, the route 70% to long occupied 80% market share. The government of the Delta company but did not work. Delta after the exit, Higui Ana and New York route will only Caribbean airlines.