poplar The leaves of peach and sequence arrangement is adjacent to two Ye Zichang on opposite sides, and each stem only a leaf, this Phyllotaxy Said alternate.

Alternate Essential information

[H]: SH Pinyin connected ng
[phonetic]: rather, an
The H sh ng alternate connected

Alternate Glossary

Leaves alternate Each segment is: only 1 leaves, and interaction. as Zhang , Poplar In Britain, Indus Etc..
Alternate (alternate) per stem on only 1 leaves, and interactive or spiral health, such as rice , Wheat Peach pear, Broad bean Cotton, melon, pumpkin, fine etc. Phyllotaxy .
Alternate (metabiosis, i.e. metabolism Commensalism Two) can separate life, when they are together, through their metabolic activities and help each other, or one party is in favor of life style, known as alternate. This is a kind of "can be combined, the relationship with the score".

Alternate explicate

Interpretation: (1). And the interaction occurs.
[source]: " Houhanshu Yang Zhongchuan ":" the South and wet summer, Poison avoidance Alternate." "After the Han Dynasty. Yong Biography ":" catastrophic alternate, unknown syncope in court worry, fear load."
Interpretation: (2). Phyllotaxy A. It stems each one Simple leaf The interaction with both sides, was born, such as poplar Leaves, Peach Leaves Etc..
 Alternate mode chart Alternate mode chart