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University of Colorado (University of Colorado, referred to as CU) was founded in 1876, is the famous Public University One of the system, has distribution in The state of Colorado The four campuses in Boulder, respectively, and Denver (Denver), spring (Springs) and our campus of the University of Colorado in Ann Schutz Medical Center (Anschutz Medical Campus), the Denver campus and Schutz Medical Center have been combined. Since its establishment in 1876, the school has a total of 11 alumni Award The Nobel prize Won, 7 Alumni MacArthur Fellow .
university of colorado
main campus University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) is the leading public Research University North America, is a first-class research university Alliance The American Association of University (AAU) one of the members, known as" Public Ivy "Reputation. As University of Colorado's flagship, the school is located in the beautiful scenery and pleasant climate of the boulder from the capital. Denver 60 kilometers in the Rocky Mountain col. 2016 Shanghai Jiaotong University The Academic Ranking of World Universities Thirty-fourth, 2015 USnews World University Rankings Forty-sixth, the latest in 2017 USnews World University Rankings Thirty-second.
Denver branch of University of Colorado (CU Denver) has two campuses, one is the future vision sub campus is located in downtown Denver (Auraria Campus), the other one is located in the neighboring city Aurora Ann Schutz Medical Campus (Anschutz Medical Campus), is the state's largest research institutions, every year attracts research grants of more than $375 million, the number of awarded graduate degrees than any other institution in the state. Our spring, is a famous university in a Spanish American region, is the University of Colorado system development, the fastest, ranked thirty-eighth in the 2016 US News Western University rankings.

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university of colorado School size

University of Colorado has more than 50000 students and more than 3500 staff, there are about 300 disciplines. Boulder campus is the main campus of the University of Colorado, more than 30 thousand students, of which about 5000 graduate students, the university is famous for its high quality and outstanding achievements in scientific research, 3/4 of the teachers have a doctorate, a strong academic strength is as everyone knows in the United States, which is at the forefront of academic research in business, mathematics, art, science, humanities engineering and other fields.
The professor and the scholars of the University of Colorado has gained The Nobel prize Many awards including. University of Colorado of the students operate in space Artificial satellite Once proud, landing space space, 18 is the University's graduate students. As for the other prominent disciplines in engineering, business, psychology and science. Most of the students are subjects of Social Sciences (23%), business management (16%), mass media (12%), engineering (10%) and the Arts (7%).

university of colorado The main achievement

University of Colorado in the past more than and 100 years, training a large number of scientific and political elite, including 11 The Nobel prize in Physics Winner. In the study of federal funds the latest rankings, the school is located in the National University of the sixth, in addition to the The National Science Foundation In the rankings, a few subjects in the school was included in the top 30, including: Environmental Science, Social Science (Economics), psychology, atomic physics (with MIT's first parallel), quantum physics, physics, applied mathematics, physical chemistry, aerospace, business management, earth science, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, environmental engineering, geology, education, ceramic art, biochemistry, chemistry, biological science, clinical psychology, legal environment etc.. The research project of the school of great span, has influence on the current social problems are covered, including space development, biotechnology, environmental resources, information technology, cancer, family violence.

university of colorado Professional settings

Financial, legal, textile and clothing, engineering technology, management, environment, construction, education, science, tourism, agriculture, arts and humanities, social science, biology, sports, journalism, information science, medicine, language, natural science.

university of colorado Undergraduate

自然生物科学及管理,水、湿地、海洋资源管理,修辞学和演说学,农业科学和土壤学,社会工作,餐馆/食品服务管理,分类科学管理,政治学及政府,物理学,哲学,公园、娱乐与休闲设施管理、营养科学、自然科学,自然资源及养护,音乐,机械工程,数学,自由艺术科学,园林,运动科学,新闻学,室内设计,信息科学,人类营养学,人类发展和家庭研究,历史,地质学/地球科学,林业科学,外文文献,食品/营养与健康研究,渔业及渔业管理科学,消防管理,美术,家庭与消费者科学/人文科学,马术,环境卫生工程,环境卫生,英语语言文学,工程科学,电器、电子、通讯,经济学,话剧、戏剧艺术,创作,计算机信息科学,计算机工程,土木工程,化学,化工,工商管理,植物学/植物生物学,生物医学科学,生物学/生物科学,生物化学,应用园艺/园 Art business, textile and apparel marketing management, anthropology, animal science, agricultural economics, agricultural management.

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university of colorado Comprehensive ranking

The 2017 USNews World University Ranking: 32
2016 Shanghai Jiaotong University Academic Ranking of World Universities: 34
The 2016 USNews World University Ranking: 46
The 2015 CWUR World University Ranking: 54
The 2015 4ICU World University Rankings: 45
2015 Weber Maitelikesi world university network performance ranking: 71
2015 British "times higher education" World University Ranking: 97

university of colorado Boulder Campus

University of Colorado at Boulder is the flagship campus of University of Colorado, established 1876, than in Colorado state to join the union as early as 3 months, known as" Public Ivy ". About nearly 30000 students, including 5000 postgraduates. The campus is located in The Rocky Mountains At the foot of the Boulder City, it is a famous American city beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, sunny, quiet and peaceful city.
The school still excels in science and engineering. The science research level in the world top twenty, physics, chemistry, biomedicine, geography and environmental science professional superior strength, including optics, atomic physics and other professional perennial American first; Earth Science ranked second in the world behind California Institute of Technology . In engineering, College of Aerospace Science and engineering the school enjoys a high reputation in the United States, the birth of more than and 10 astronauts. According to statistics, all satellite service with the United States have University of Colorado at Boulder design and manufacturing equipment. The school of chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and other engineering is also very good. The Liz School of business has experienced a rapid development, has become one of America's most famous business school.
University of Colorado Boulder Is a prestigious The American Association of University One of the 34 public universities, is a cutting-edge research and academic excellence of American top universities. University of Colorado boulder is the "Princeton review" and "USA Today" as one of the 2012 annual "public university" top 75 highest price. The strong alumni network, and leading enterprises in close cooperation, ranking high academic achievement, rich campus and community activities for the students' academic and future occupation development provides unlimited opportunities.

university of colorado Denver Campus

Denver branch of University of Colorado (University of Colorado at Denver) and a health science center in the world famous City Provide a full range of education is very good. Denver campus is located in the beautiful scenery of the capital of the state of Colorado Denver City, walk up to the Pepsi Center, parks, museums, theaters, cafes, restaurants, shops and other leisure entertainment. From the world's most famous ski resort in less than an hour.
University of Colorado Denver branch The state of Colorado One of the largest university has over 27000 students enrolled and awarded more than 3400 degrees per year. The Graduate School of business and graduate schools in statewide crown, but also the only state to a medical college. In 2010, researchers in Denver, received nearly $385 million in research funding, most of which is a research project conducted at the Anshuzi medical campus dedicated to health sciences. In 2011, the award of the National Institutes of health Denver Researchers at more than $179 million. Have the core laboratory in Anshuzi medical campus research building Mass spectrometer , X ray crystallography , electron microscope A 900 MB. hertz nuclear magnetic resonance A spectrometer DNA, peptide and protein array and a number of research projects and chemical equipment. Carnegie The classification of higher education institutions will be divided into the Denver branch Research University A school in the research activity is very high.
In the city of Denver campus, you can choose from the 80 class bachelor degree courses, by dr.. Since 1912, Denver after the school became part of University of Colorado enjoys a reputation system, it is highly respected and employers around the world. A group of famous experts and scholars put into classroom teaching team with profound knowledge and practical experience in education. The class type is small, convenient for students and tutors and classmates exchange. Class schedule flexible to adapt to the students' life style and learning needs. The school of business, School of engineering and applied science, School of architecture and planning, College of Arts and media, College of humanities, College of education, Graduate School of public affairs.

university of colorado Colorado Springs Campus

university of colorado Spring Our branch (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) is the University of Colorado system even in the country is one of the fastest growing university. University of Colorado consists of six colleges, namely: literature, Art and Science School, business school, School of nursing, College of education, College of engineering, School of public affairs, provides 29 bachelor degrees, 18 masters and 4 PhD students, about 12 thousand.

university of colorado The cost of studying abroad

Bold year undergraduate tuition: $$36765~$39887 (30 credits)
Denver year undergraduate tuition: $29, $620 (30 credits)
Graduate: $1243~$1315 (a credit)
Related fees
School application fee: $50
Whether to provide scholarships to international students:
CUDENVER scholarship application deadline: March 1st each year
Give the $30 million scholarship every year
The per capita financial help amount: $7000
International students receive financial help proportion: government help for 0%,
Comply with the conditions of financial aid applicants meet the rate: 72% does not include the international students

university of colorado School location

1250 14th Street
Denver, Colorado
13001 E. 17th Place
Aurora, Colorado
10035 S. Peoria Street
Parker, Colorado

university of colorado Admission requirements

IELTS: kequan, 6, Denver, 6
Graduate IELTS: kequan, 6, Denver, 6.0-6.5