Feng Zhou

Feng Zhou As there are many names in Chinese, which have a greater impact in two, is located in the Gyeonggi Do Guannei Tao The state is located in Feng, two Jinan County ( Fujian The Feng Zhou). Two Feng state did not exist at the same time too. North Feng states exist earlier, but the use of a short time, Fujian Feng Zhou used for a long time, the area has also undergone great changes, as the biggest names when including the Feng Zhou Zhangzhou , Xiamen , Quanzhou , Putian , Fuzhou , Ningde The smallest, is now Zhou Zhen Feng Only the size of a town.
Feng Zhou

Feng Zhou Fujian Feng Zhou

Feng Zhou brief introduction

The long history of the county, as the county seat, was Fujian The political, economic and cultural center of the ancient, well-known, far and near" The Silk Road on the sea "The starting point. at present Zhou Zhen Feng Has been gradually formed Jiuri Mountain Sightseeing places of historic interest and scenic beauty, Lotus Peak Stone Temple , Dharani column , Yanfu Temple The religious pilgrimage tourism area and Feng Zhou riverside ecological garden urban weekend leisure tourist area of the three major characteristics of the scenic area, tourism development has a good foundation.

Feng Zhou Survey

Zhou Zhen Feng Be located Nanan City The eastern border with Quanzhou city. Area of 56 square kilometers, of which 11 thousand and 500 acres of arable land, 44 thousand and 700 acres of forest area, forest coverage rate reached 53.2%; the territory is rich in water resources. The main mineral resources for granite, the "long stone on stone fine, white, is called" Quanzhou White ". Since the Three Kingdoms Yongan three years (AD 260 years) as the first set of Fujian Dongan County Cure, Feng Zhou has been 1700 years of history, the gathering of talents, talents, such as the northern and Southern Dynasties when the monk of India In the end Have to Jiuri Mountain Yanfu Temple Translated by the Tang Dynasty, the prime minister Jianggongfu And celebrities Qin system In nine, mountain living for many years, and the early Song Dynasty Fujian Huang Yanshan a la, founded modern true ancestor Overseas Chinese Middle School The patriotic overseas Chinese Huang Yiping and outstanding figures.
Zhou Zhen Feng Only 5 km away from Quanzhou City, the provincial highway 307 line, Zhang Xiao Quan Railway Across town, the main distribution of tourism resources In the town The center, on both sides of the road, traffic is very convenient; key investment projects in Quanzhou city is one of the applications of Hester "World Heritage" project" The nine day mountain scenic area Renovation project".
In 2003, industrial and agricultural output value reached 1 billion 529 million 70 thousand yuan, an increase of 12.93% over 2002, to complete the business tax 32 million 719 thousand yuan, exports amounted to 340 million yuan, won the "Fujian province 50 township" title; has been awarded the title of national green food "nine mountains" Green Tea Pavilion Sold at home and abroad, the products in short supply; the town has formed bags clothing, auto parts, hardware machinery manufacturing, electronic communications, food and beverage industry of five big pillar enterprises; the total number of 351.
The long history of the county, as the county seat, was the political, economic and cultural center, the starting point of the well-known, far and near the ancient "maritime Silk Road". The existing 1 national cultural relics protection units Nine mountain lithoglyphs 2, the provincial cultural relics protection units Dharani column , Lotus Peak Stone Temple And 12 municipal cultural relics protection units.
As a national Spark technology intensive areas The Feng Zhou Zhen, advanced science and technology, style complete, there is a standard complete 1 secondary schools, 2 junior middle schools, 13 primary school, center 1 kindergartens, 1 hospitals, 1 theaters, in addition to many older venues, sports activities flourished.
The population of 48 thousand and 600 people, 12 thousand people overseas chinese. Local residents are mainly in the Han nationality, Fu, Huang, Wang, Chen, Lin, Li, Yan surname etc..

Feng Zhou The Southern Dynasties

The Chen Everbright two years (568 years), in Jinan County Is this Fuzhou Feng Zhou, for the state government.

Feng Zhou Sui

Kai Huang nine years (589 years), due to abundant territory (renamed Quanzhou Quanzhou Quanshan, this is not the current Quanzhou, an area of approximately in northern Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian, Fuzhou, Ningde Part, where the current government of Fuzhou).
In two years (606 years), renamed Quanzhou Fujian. .
In the three years Waste, Fujian, renamed Jian County In the county. Fujian county (now Fuzhou), is approximately equal to the area of Fujian province.

Feng Zhou The Tang Dynasty

Tang The first year (618 years), county for reconstruction statehood The state government in. Fujian county . Takenori Four years, the state government moved the city (now Jianou). Wude six years On the part of Quanzhou statehood, (now Fuzhou, state governance in Fujian Province, Fujian county under the jurisdiction of the county), Houguan Changle, Lianjiang, Xi county, long 5.
Wude eight years (625 years), renamed the Feng, Feng Zhou dudufu, the institute still in Fujian county.
Zhenguan the first year (627 years), Feng Zhou was renamed Quanzhou, increasing its Nanan , Putian 3, Longxi County, belongs to South of the Five Ridges Road .
Keiun two years (711 years), Quanzhou (the Quanzhou is not currently in Quanzhou, an area of approximately in northern Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian, Fuzhou, Ningde Part, where the current government of Fuzhou). by Fujian. Doudufu.

Feng Zhou Hubei Feng Zhou

Feng Zhou Wei

The Wei emperor two years (553), the change rule of the Xing, Yunguan (now Hubei Yunxian ). "The world record" volume 143 annual State: "Feng Zhou due to the name of Fengcheng".
Zhou Wu first year (559) shift governing Jentzen (now Hubei city northwest of Danjiangkou city), Hubei territory equivalent to today in Danjiangkou and Yunxian, five years suikai Huang (585) complex state changed xing.

Feng Zhou Wei

The eastern South Heng, soon replaced by Feng Zhou, Zhou waste, so the treatment in this Wuxiang County The county village .

Feng Zhou Other

And Beijing Liao Feng, located in the banner of Inner Mongolia Houdin town "," the records of the State Department contained head Cheng, , renamed " The Liao Dynasty " Loss of load . The archaeological sites, Feng Zhou in three hundred and fifty when this Jingnan Ulan Osaka city.
The ancient name "Feng Zhou" (now the territory of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and former Feng Zhou is the same name in different places).
Han Feng Sui and Tang Dynasties, strategic control, the thief river. At the end of the Sui chaos, Feng Zhou lost. Tang zhenguannianjian once again occupy Feng Zhou, who raised to the northwest, be quiet.
Tang Fengzhou, jiuyuan. Under the house. Kaiyuan one thousand and nine hundred. Xiang five. This is the yuan and The defense . State A, in a city, two: Feng zhou, The day , West City surrender , In the surrender of the city . (two) two. The defense and the army in the Tiande, Xicheng, this old city in the day shift. Is one of the four ancient Chinese exile .