The magic show

General terms: whatever in visually unbelievable things, can be called Magic Show. Allow people to watch this unbelievable phenomenon, is the "magic show".
The magic show

The magic show Modern magic

The first is the use of magic, manipulation and props to look hard to understand and complete the results of a technique called magic, then acting, acting is a skill or expertise by performers to convey specific events or non specific image, to achieve the art or entertainment purposes.
The two together became a magic show, magic show is a kind of performing art.
The magician performing arts and modern magic fusion in various fields has become the modern magic to form unique magic show.

The magic show Magic classification

(a) from the historical perspective: Chinese Magic Can be divided into "Chinese ancient magic and modern magic; often in some performance. See sb at" Classic tricks "That is one of the ancient magic Chinese.
(two) according to the principle and technical points: (this classification is not absolute, act according to the different needs of different cross use principle and Technology)
Methods on the technique, must be exercised to perform.
Instrument -- a clever design of the organs, instruments to perform.
According to the principle of psychology and psychology to perform magic tricks.
Science and technology on the chemical and physical nature of scientific knowledge as a basis to perform.
(three) according to the size of props and divided into: Giant Magic Medium and magic, Small magic
(four) according to the venue for stage magic, magic party, Street Magic (also known as Magic )
(five) according to the special magic: a magician at some kind of magic props, often the same combination of magic props together to form a special performances. Topics include: coin magic, magic poker magic, magic, magic scarf, escape rope, magic sponge ball magic etc..
(six) according to the magic effect:
An American magician Daryl Fitzkee (Dariel Fitzkee) in his book "The Trick Brain" for the magic effects made the following classification:
The manufacturing (Production) - including the emergence, manufacturing and reproduction (division).
The disappearance of (Vanish) - solid.
3 shift (Transposition) - solid by the party to party to hide it.
The change of (Transformation) - quality and shape change.
The penetration of (Penetration) - through another solid a solid unharmed.
The restoration (Restoration) - will completely destroy things restitution.
But given life (Antimation) - make inanimate objects to move.
The floating (Antigravity) - change its gravity.
The attraction of (Attraction) - adsorption force of magic, but also change the gravity, there must be another tangible object to adsorption.
And (Invulnerability) - anti invulnerability human natural phenomenon.
The anti natural phenomenon (Physical Anomaly) - unusual or abnormal person or animal.
In the game with the audience (Spectaor Failure) - the audience do, the result is not the same.
(Sympathetic Reaction) and common reaction - manipulation of an object, and the other the same objects have the same reaction.
In control (Control) - control of inanimate objects with willpower.
Re identification (Identification) in or outside the visual sensory identification of text objects.
The reader (Thought Reading) - read each other's mind.
In the (Thought Transmission) - thought transmission will think in a non oral message to others.
New Prophecy (Prediction) - forecast what will happen.
The super induction force (Extra Sensory Perception) - is commonly known as the ESP

The magic show Performance test

"ACT," play "
A play full "program"; "" usually refers to a repertoire of less than 30 minutes of the show, is often used as a longer "show" (SHOW) part.
"In the evening" also means "repertoire" (the whole show FULL-EVENING SHOW ) a specific procedure in "such as" elf hut "(SPIRIT CABINET)" repertoire "or" floating "(LE TATION)" repertoire ".
- APPARATUS: "appliances"
The audience was seen in any object, the object has special processing to cause a "magic effect". This term is not as the object and size; a "cash" (BILL TUBE) brass and a "lion's bride" (LIONS BRIDE ILLUSION) is both "tools" "effect". Whether the "tools" is not by the cognition of the audiences to classify; although a matchbox may not be the "magician" if use appliances, a "effect" and secretly transformed, it will be regarded as "tools".
In EFFECT, the "effect"
The "effect" is the magic language refers to a "trick" or "magic" (TRICK) (ILLUSION); also from the audience see what happened to the. The most often divided into two parts in the magic in the literature narration and description; such as the "effect" and "- is seen by the audience" method (METHOD) is used to bring up the "effect" of the steps.
"FAKE," to be out "
One used to lead a "magic effect" of the device, the audience can see the device but are not aware of its existence; for example, "thumb" (THUMB TIP) and "mirror Cup" (MIRROR GLASS) in the mirror.
- FULL-EVENING SHOW: "late show"
Use this term to denote a whole entire stage show, usually the duration of not less than two hours, the performance in the theatre. Most of the early twentieth century famous magician - "Kayla" (KELLAR), (THURSTON), "" shaston "Black Stone "(BLACKSTONE), and other people - mainly show this type of show.
"GIMMICK," hidden "out
One is never to see the audience device, which makes a "effect" finish possible. For example, a "line" (REEL) is a "hidden".
Also, the performing arts sector more widely, with a personal characteristics or unique appearance make a play can be identified. For example, "telly" (Telly Savalas) shaved head ", or an entertainment product appearance make the product become unique and perhaps more attractive.
The etymology of the word was more from the early gimcrack.
Refer to the "quasi out" (FAKE).
The phrase "telly" was born in 1924.01.21, died in 1994.01.22; the famous American Bald villain star in many films starring.
"ILLUSION," magic "
Although all the magic show is composed of magic, magic in the professional area "(ILLUSION) the word itself has its specific meaning; it almost always refers to the one in which contains large animal or person or magic" effect "(EFFECT).
- MOVE: "hand"
A single "craft" (SLEIGHT OF HAND) technique. Again, in terms of gamblers is the use of techniques to cheats.
"PROP," props "
Perform a "effect" (EFFECT) of an object when necessary. Is a "props" (PROP) "the preparation" and a "tool" (APPARATUS) "ready" often has the difference in performance; such as "rising" (RISING CARDS) in the use of "Di Wei" brand (DEVANO DECK l Nobel "appliances") is, however, "Di Wei Connaught" brand into the normal rise in the glass is a "props".
PROP is PROPERTY in terms of the standard logograph theatre.
- ROUTINE: "program"
Use the same "props" (PROP) to perform a series of "effect" (EFFECTs); for example, a "ambition" Poker (AMBITIOUS CARD) or "Europe" (OKITO BOX) Qutuo box "program". Also, many other "effect" group with effective series becomes a "repertoire" (ACT).
"SHOW," show "
A show or theater performances.
See "repertoire" (ACT); the "late show" (FULL-EVENING SHOW).
- SLEIGHT: "methods"
The use of any measures or actions to reach the hands resulting from the magic "effect"; the operation semantics refers to a deception technique is used in a common object on "&cedil card; &cedil coin; etc.. But this is not always the case. ". Of course, defined by the term of such action and during the performance in both hands to get a "magic" appliance is different.
This term should not be used directly and those skills of hands action to demonstrate a "fancy" (FLOURISH) confused.
- SLEIGHT OF HAND, "technology"
Together with other techniques to a performance resulting from the "magic effect" "methods" or a "technique".
- TRICK: "trick"
The "trick" is the general public in a magic skill Show the language; the meaning magician rarely use the word "tricks". Their love is the "effect" (EFFECT) the term.
Unfortunately, the popularity of the term "tricks" with cheating, blackmail and harmful deception - meaning but also focus on the feats of magic in quiz / puzzle appearance, make the real magic entertainment hurt.

The magic show The basic effect

The change to: (production), more (people or things).
The anti natural physical (physical anomaly): people leave the shadow, no beauty, one of the first head of spiders, off your thumb.
The change to (vanish): disappeared, leaving No.
The failure of the audience (spectator failure): the magician with a force that the audience can not do something.
The translocation (Transportation) from one place and disappear from elsewhere.
It can control (control): the magician with internal force (no hands) can dominate the acting creature or dead, such as bell, automatic hand etc..
The deformation, (transformation): change the size, shape, character, color, mark etc..
According to the Forensics (identification): if the audience recognized table (often used in cards, also used for color, magician or audience can recognize).
Only through (penetration): a hard object through a hard object.
I have read minds (thought reading): the magician can know the audience think, the audience will also want to write down for control.
His broken reduction (Restoration): an object part or all of the broken limb from the reduction.
The Naoxintong (thought reading): he can make a B want to know things.
Let the automatic (animation): dead if there is life like activity.
The art of prophecy, (prediction): first recorded occurrence of something, such as news headlines.
On anti gravity (anti-gravity): the movement of people or things of anti gravity.
Sixth of them are (extra-sensory perception): if the finger to see, with nasal olfactory color, finger feeling points etc..
And make the same resonance (sympathetic, reaction): two or two or above make the same results.
And (skill): really special technology or props to help, make special effects.
3 invulnerability (invulnerability) including: food, fire, sword, Mao Tan food, food, glass blade nail cutting tongue etc..
(seven) according to the sub genre of magic:
Chinese trick: the characteristics of performance nuanced, emphasis on hand skills and body language, props small, in the past to stall close performance, can not watch around, look at the following, gradually developed into the stage, and to the trend of the development of large-scale magic.
Western Magic: acting funny thrilling, of great momentum, focusing on the use of props for stage performance, have a certain distance with the audience, not in the back to see the performer. The rapid development of modern science and technology, the use of more and more. With the East West exchanges become more frequent, the two have the trend of integration.
(eight) the form of magic performance:
The form of magic performance in accordance with the scale of performance can be divided into:
The close-up magic (Close-Up) or Magic
Close to one or more of the audience for performances, the need for skilled technique, using props for daily necessities, such as coins, cards... Etc.... Because the face to face contact with the audience, the audience can often touch performance, often bring great shock.
The table along the performance (Run Table or Table Hopper)
Usually in restaurants show performers along a table to perform.
The street magic (Street Magic)
This is the most famous American magician David Blaine on the streets as a stage and the audience interactive performance.
The tavern magic (Bar Magic)
For some small and medium sized props with the show, suitable for birthday or anniversary party, nightclub. The interaction of high performers, often funny audience laugh.
The stage magic (Stage Magic)
With large magic props, dance, stage lighting, audio, (if necessary, the stage also specially adapted to perform such) is only suitable for the theater or Auditorium In.
Such large-scale illusions magic (Illusion)
Statue of Liberty Large illusion disappeared or across the Great Wall and so on. Often needs a lot of funds to meet, only about television as patron of the magician's play.
(nine) in the field can be divided into:
Card Magic (Card Magic): the magic cards used Poker (Poker) performing magic cards often have thousands of. Love is most often a magician Bicycle Poker .
Coin magic (Coin Magic), performed by the coin, the magician usually love to use $five dimes (Half Dollar) performance.
mentalism (Mentalism): reading, perspective, prediction ability (E.S.P) type of magic.

The magic show Modern magic

The magic show Video Magic

Video Magic Is a new type of magic, many close-up magicians use it will play the most incisive to street magic, even to the realm of god. For example, Japan's popular magician Cyril and American magician Criss angel. It can be said that the traditional video magic magic effect to a very high altitude. So many TV viewers feel the strong shock of hitherto unknown. Most of the audience will have the traditional concept of subversion of the feeling, even could not help but doubt that this is not a "person" in the show.
Video about magic, may not have a very precise definition, but generally speaking, the use of video camera dead or different performance and actual performance to achieve amazing magic effect, should be called "video magic". Please see below this magic is a typical Video Magic: magic show with the idea of the plastic spoon bending force of magic, and is actually a high temperature flame by the assistant in the lens and Blowtorch To achieve, but the show in front of the camera is not feeling completely out of the audience. Because of the limited scope of the camera. Assistant in the lens outside the hands and feet do not be found.

The magic show Magic

Magic (Close-up Magic), which is closer to the magic, it has strong interaction with the audience, high requirement of technique details. The use of props for daily necessities, such as coins, cards, ring etc..
Magic is a branch of the art of magic in the development process gradually derived. The magic is in the early religion, worship, festivals and other activities to the design and manufacture of the magic, and later developed into the palace, square, stage magic show. While the small cover up those handy spread in the folk hand, subtle, that is the magic of the prototype.
Various types of magic after all the ancient magician innovation building, in modern times, the main frame in the proscenium stage, those who served in the necromancer, and folk artists on the streets and popular skills, but also enrich and perfect, formed a unique Magic Series.
Magic is a kind of close performance, can be said to be done in the audience under the eyelids, rely on the hands of the magician of Kung fu. Chinese traditional folk trick a lot of this magic, typical is the sword, Dan, beans, "four kinds of skills.
To sum up, the magic has the following features:
The table for the performing platform, or sitting or standing on the table, the coins, beads, cups and bowls, playing cards and other items demonstrated the audience sitting at a small table, a close-up view. The small table show, become one of the main features of magic. "So close" also can be said to be "on the desktop magic". In competitions, the table is performing magic as the definition of magic.
In theory, the "magic" skill structure and performance style closer to" Chinese Magic "That is" hidden face "magic show. Magic is generally performed in the proscenium stage, if moved to the table show, some kind of secret, often easy to be found, the design of magic only the "hidden face" down, it is not easy to be seen through.