Oxygen delivery

In the air of oxygen to the cells by oxygen site Mitochondrion The process is called Oxygen delivery (oxygen transport).
Oxygen delivery

Oxygen delivery Glossary

In the air of oxygen to the intracellular oxygen utilization of mitochondria were called the process of oxygen delivery (oxygen transport)

Oxygen delivery The specific stage of delivery of oxygen

Oxygen transport and oxygen release including pulmonary ventilation, pulmonary ventilation and oxygen in the blood in a total of four stages.
Broadly speaking, oxygen delivery and oxygen supply for the two concepts can be universal, but strictly speaking, refers to the delivery of oxygen oxygen from the heart to pump into the circulation of oxygen, and the oxygen supply refers to oxygen by capillary transport to the collective organization for the use of the The new supersedes the old.

Oxygen delivery Monitor the delivery of oxygen

Monitoring oxygen inhalation (PaO2 PaCO2, oxygenation index PaCO2/FiO2 AaDO2 P (A-a O2), intrapulmonary shunt Qs/Qt)
Monitoring of oxygen transport capacity of CO2max (oxygen, arterial oxygen content CaO2, hemoglobin tHb, oxygenated hemoglobin O2Hb
Monitoring the release of oxygen (hemoglobin oxygen saturation is 50% when the oxygen partial pressure P50)