Park City

Park City (Park City) is U.S.A The state of Utah Summit County A city of subordinates, built in 1869, from the beginning to see the ancient mountain town of that moment, she struck your deep heart. Grab the loose powder, it is the interpretation of the legend of the winter, and in summer when those flowers bloom of intoxicating fragrance is more refreshing.
Park City
Park City
The United States is suitable for winter travel city
The continents: North America [North America]
Country / region: United States [America]
The provinces, states: Utah [Utah State]
City: Park City [Park City]
Park City four seasons bring different experiences for different tastes of the explorer, first of all is a very suitable for winter trips to the city, when you from nearly 400 snow road here and elegant, it is hard to imagine where you can enjoy not only the world class skiing and snowboarding. Visitors can take our winter sleigh chase lifelong Olympic dream, through the hot air balloon trip to visit the elegant town. After the glacial snow melt, snow road and terrain park became a mountain climbing, cycling enthusiasts and wild flowers of paradise. Tourists can take a cable car or mountain slide slopes along the flight, or to explore here to attract the world fishing man blue ribbon stream. If you haven't tried to play golf in the mountains, that you have not really played golf.
Park City was once a year at the Sundance Film Festival held annually from January 18th to 28, held on the 11 day. In section 0 the United States has become an important pillar of independent film industry, Hollywood directors are regarded as the mainstream commercial films directed by springboard.