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Utah State University (Utah State University, referred to as USU ) was founded in 1888, is located in the The American state of Utah The beautiful scenery Logan City (Logan), is one of the famous American public research university. From the beginning of a small school today, USU By virtue of excellent academic achievements and research progress are Carnegie foundation Classified as a doctoral / Research University (Doctor/Research University Extensive). At present, the school offers a total of 176 bachelor degrees, 143 masters, and 38 Ph.D., is Northwest College and University Accreditation Commission (NWCCU) official certification of the state land grant colleges (Land-grant Institution). In the United States, the top 100 in the Utah State University, with a great reputation, and ranking of the "the highest price University in the United States in 2013 Forbes" (America s Best College Buy ") was the first public university in western countries, public university fourth. The school scholarship is in its first mission of academic atmosphere, let students through learning, exploration and participation and cultivate their service in the public consciousness, become a student as the center, has a diverse culture and thought of America's top public research institutions.
utah state university

Essential information

utah state university School profile

USU in the state of Utah safe and beautiful city of Logan (Logan), the main campus overlooking the Logan Canyon (Logan Canyon), on the mountains, beautiful scenery. The school was founded in 1888, is the American west inland Utah second institutions of higher education in the United States and the world have enjoyed a good reputation, and is one of the famous American public research university Carnegie research university level, and has the state of Utah (Utah) winner Carnegie professor of the year most. Of the 2013 Nobel Economic Prize winner Lars Hansen (Lars Peter Hansen) is an alumni of the university.
At present, the school has more than 2400 staff and 28 thousand students, the 8 subordinate college: College of agriculture, College of business, College of education, and the public utilities Institute, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of natural resources, science and Art Institute (on April 2011, by the method of case, the new school of Veterinary Medicine), providing a total of 176 a bachelor's degree, 143 master, and 38 doctoral degrees, more than and 130 research projects.
In the past 5 years, a graduate student at Utah State University, has won 4 gold (Goldwater Scholars), the 1 scholars who won the Rhodes scholar (Rhode Scholar). USU as of April 2015, 14 people have been awarded the title of Goldwater scholars (Goldwater Scholars).
The main campus of the Utah State University - Logan campus covers an area of 400 acres, 7000 acres have campuses in the Utah range, including 3 professional campuses, in addition to the school in the eastern United States also set up a comprehensive discipline. The landmark is "Old Main" is located in Old Main Hill, but also one of the city's iconic Logan.
 Aggies Aggies
Because the Logan campus is located in Cache Valley hinterland, surrounded by mountains, so from the east-west direction into the Logan can see Old Main. A word clock roof lights at night, winning for home court sports game in USU when the bright blue, usually white.
The school nickname for Aggies, from the University's beginning is an agricultural college (Agricultural College). Sports mascot for the "Big Blue", the bull represents the color for Aggie Blue (blue and white).

utah state university The reputation of the school

" U.S. News and World Report "As a National University, the academic ranking (Academic Reputation Ranking) 153rd.
according to Business Insider Utah State University, as the western United States, the first of Utah's oldest boarding University in the United States ranked "the most underrated University ranked twenty-fifth, ahead of the Oregon State University, University of Arizona, Auburn University, and Washington State University.
 College College
princeton review Utah State University will be listed as one of the "Best Western University Best Western for many years, Popular Science The Utah State University as the United States the most astute school before the ten "One of the Top Smartest Schools in the nation 10".
In the "America's Top Colleges" university rankings, the Utah State University was also named the western public second, the nation's fourth most university tuition is low ( Forbes, "Top Colleges," Aug. 2014 "), based on the excellent teaching quality, teaching resources and low tuition fees" the eighth public universities (College Atlas.org, "The A-List," Nov. 2013).
Utah State University is also the investment in space research, National Aviation Investment Fund is one of the largest university (National Science Foundation) , or the students' experimental results of the most be sent into space in the university. Space Dynamic Laboratory belongs the Engineering College (SDL) under NASA cooperation with NASA, is a research institution focused on military aviation manufacturing. The Utah Water Research engineering Laboratory is the largest of the oldest Water Research Institute, is a prominent contribution to many international research projects on the water and the leader.
Emma Eccles Jones Graduate School of education and human in the country ranked second "received research funding up to Graduate School of education research". ( U.S. News and World Report, America's Best Graduate Schools, 2014 Edition )
USU School of business (Jon M. Huntsman School of Business) is one of the oldest business schools in the western United States, former U.S. ambassador Jon Huntsman Sr. (Jon Huntsman) for the donation of $26000000, named after the name of his father. School of International Business School Association (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, hereinafter referred to as AACSB) certification, because of its excellent undergraduate education and research postgraduate education and assessed by the AACSB as one of the nation's most outstanding business school students taking the CPA rate in the first round of the nation's top ten by. Business School aims to cultivate a business ethics moral excellence graduates, leadership, and full of vitality, its mission is to become the world recognized the top schools in the strategic focus on the chosen.
Utah State University sports is the "best effort" (National Championship for most sports champion success per dollar spent).
In addition, the school is located in the city of Logan (Logan) was named the nation's safest metropolitan area (the No. 1 safest U.S. metropolitan area), the nation's third best cities looking for work (No. 3 inBest Cities to Find a Job), the nation's tenth best business and the small city (No. 10 inBest Small Places for Business and Careers).

utah state university School Rankings

The domestic university rankings
The United States ranked forty-fourth (University Washington Monthly , "2013 National University Rankings", August 2013).
The price ranked first, the nation's fourth public universities in the West (Forbes, "Top Colleges", August 2013).
The United States National University ranked twenty-third (Washington Monthly, 2014 American State University Rankings ", September 2014).
University Performance Evaluation Center of university ranking 104
National University ranking 190, American public university ranking 108 (U.S. NEWS, Best College, 2013).
World University Rankings
The top 500 of the world's 401st largest university (the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Academic Ranking of world universities (ARWU), August 2013).
Global university ranking
"U.S. News and World Report" Education Graduate School Ranking 30
"U.S. News and World Report" Biological science Graduate School Ranking 136
"U.S. News and World Report" Art Professional Graduate School Ranking 119

utah state university geographical position

Utah State University (USU) in Utah Logan (Logan) city, beautiful scenery and beautiful environment.
From the point of view of the city of Logan, 2 minutes Logan Canyon ( Logan Canyon ), 1 hours to arrive at the four ski resorts, 5 hours arrive Yellowstone National Park From Salt Lake City, only 81 miles, and Logan, students can take the city public transportation for free.
Logan rating:
The 1 # safe city ( CQ Press, March 2013 )
# 2 United States 2014 annual "ten best university city" (10 Best College Towns (2014) Livability.com, Aug. 2014 )
# 4 of America's emerging urban # 5 United States most suitable for living and residence community
6 # America's safety of life in a small town (2011)
# 99 of America's environmental protection city
Low cost of living in Utah is one of the many advantages of Logan learning and life. For example, the cost of housing is lower than the national average of 37%, the total cost of living below the national average of 14.8%. From all the universities in the United States, Utah State University students after graduation, minimal debt burden.
 Logan Mormon Temple Logan Mormon Temple
In 2006, Forbes list Logan as the tenth most suitable for domestic business and office place.
According to the 2011 census, a total of 49010 people in Logan city. City ethnic structure is 83.9% white, 1% African American, 3.3% Asian, 0.5% Pacific Islander, 8% from other races, 13.9% Hispanic and Latino family.

utah state university Campus environment

Near the Logan campus of Utah State University Logan Canyon ( Logan Canyon The west campus, overlooking the valley). The campus contains more than 100 main buildings, most of the student activity center is at the southern end of the campus, most school district. Famous buildings include Old Main The first building on campus since the founding of the school, as well as the super The modern library Merrill: Katzir Library (Merrill-Cazier Library). The original design of the solar light, an area of about 28300 square meters, more than 1549000 books (by the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day management of the Brigham Young Academy (1878 ~ 1926) a large number of literature in Utah State University had to stop running, and also has a file) area, automatic storage and retrieval systems, and more than 150 workstations 33 study and discussion room.
Another concern is the grand scale of the Campus Concert Hall (Manon Caine Russell-Kathryn Caine Wanlass Performance Hall), allegedly for the western United States has the best sound playing hall.
West and north campus is Diglen Smith (Dee Glen Smith Spectrum (Romney Stadium) and Romney stadium). A road to the north, there are more scientific and building agricultural research institute where distribution.
USU in the vicinity of the campus Logan Canyon ( Logan Canyon ) is the most popular student attraction, there are dedicated to running along the river trail and park. In addition to camping and hiking, Logan Canyon is a gateway to nearby beaver Mountain Ski Resort (Beaver MountainSki Resort) and Big Bear Lake (Bear Lake) the only way which must be passed.
USU outdoor entertainment includes camping, climbing, water sports, and winter sports, and sports equipment and equipment, and into the canyon and to other parts of the trail map and professional knowledge Handbook for students.

utah state university Student life

As the state of Utah Maximum The public " Boarding school "The USU has nearly 16000 students living in the campus dormitory or adjacent to the campus where.
 Court House Court House
The university is the city of Logan (Logan) regional activity center, the campus and the city of Logan very closely.
As a "boarding campus", near Utah State University almost all of the students living on campus or campus, they are very easy to gain a sense of belonging here, the campus atmosphere and "commuter campus" (You take the classes then you leave (The) - University of Utah University of Utah) different. "Barron s Profiles" of America Colleges "pointed out that the Utah State University established a total of 2595 places, and take the first come first served to apply for.
The campus of the Utah State University community there -- a total of 200, in which students can choose any number of campus clubs and associations, and arbitrary HPER (pronounced "hyper") and Nelson Hall Fitness exercise.
The campus has three seat stadium, indoor tennis courts, outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts, golf courses, two swimming pools, dedicated ski areas, large outdoor football and other large-scale outdoor sports areas, students can play squash, hockey, soccer, indoor rock climbing and gymnastics equipment and other sports equipment. Other special buildings include the Museum of art, the studio, agriculture and engineering of Utah Water Resources Research Center, wild animal and fishery research center. In addition, Utah State University students will play a very active and influential student organizations on campus, there are 5 brothers, 3 sisters, and a number of school sports club, there is a completely student run radio station.

utah state university The traditional campus

OLD MAIN tower on the "A" stands for "Aggie." are usually white, unless the school team win or a major incident will be blue. To kiss True Aggie stage of the couple at the full moon, will be blessed.
USU Kangle (Outdoor Recreation Center outdoor Center) also provide low rent service to allow students to participate in camping, water sports, mountaineering, and winter sports equipment leasing. USU students said they called Aggie (derived from English agricultural "Agriculture" referred to as ", because the majority of Land-grant act and the creation of the school students will call this name). The famous USU Aggie Ice-cream is thus named.

utah state university famous alumni

utah state university The Nobel prize

Lars Peter Hansen (Lars Peter Hansen):2013 nobel prize in economics The winner, 1974 at Utah State University
Bachelor's degree in mathematics.

utah state university Business Alumni

James Quarryde (James H Quigley): the four global accounting firms -- DDT global ceo.
Charlie Danson (Charlie Denson): former president of the Nike brand in 1978, Utah State University received the bachelor's degree in marketing.

utah state university Political Alumni

Harry Mason Reid: the United States Senate Democratic leadership, Nevada Democrat, 1961 Bachelor of Science in political science.
Willian Marion Jardine: ( 1925 -1929) US Secretary of agriculture, (1930 -1933) U.S. ambassador to egypt.
Tongzhaoyang : Republic of China Army generals.

utah state university Other Alumni

Mary L.Cleave: NASA astronaut.
Ardeshir Zahedi: Iran's former diplomats in the United states.

utah state university Professional settings

College of agriculture (agricultural technology and education, animal husbandry and veterinary science, economics, nutrition and food science, plant, soil and biological meteorology)
School of business (accounting, business management, management information systems, economics, information systems and operations management, financial and real estate)
Institute of Education (the communication barriers and deaf education and health, sports and entertainment, teaching art, psychology, secondary education, special education and rehabilitation)
(Institute of biological and environmental engineering, irrigation, construction of electrical and computer engineering, technology and education, mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Kaseigakuin (family and human development, human environment)
School of humanities, arts and Social Science (Aerospace Research, art, communication, English, history, landscape architecture and environmental planning, language and philosophy, music, politics, sociology, anthropology, social work and Theatre Arts)
College of natural resources (Fisheries and wild animal, forest resources, geography and earth resources, pasture resources)
College of Science (biology, chemistry and biological chemistry, computer science, geology, physics, mathematics and Statistics)
Continuing Education Center
Graduate School

utah state university And Chinese

Beijing Institute of Technology and the Utah State University in the United States held the "international economic cooperation" professional master degree education.

utah state university Application conditions

utah state university Undergraduate application conditions

Start time: every year in February, July
Application deadline: April 1st each year, October 1st
To study the cost: $14797
TOEFL score: 71
IELTS score: 6 (including: Beaver campus, BIKE Neil campus, Brigham City Ut campus, Fort Dyer, delta campus, Ephraim campus, Heber City Campus, Zhang Keshen campus, Kanab campus, Keith Weil campus, Milford, Moab, Montezuma university campus, Monticello campus, Monument Valley Branch, Nephi branch, Orem, Ricci Rumsfeld, branch, Salt Lake City branch, Roosevelt branch, Ewing tower in tremonton basin, Utah basin, Vayner, Logan, at Wendover school)
High school GPA:3.52

utah state university Postgraduate

Start time: every year in February, July
Application deadline: April 1st each year, October 1st
To study the cost: $11851
TOEFL score: 80
IELTS score: Beaver campus, BIKE Neil campus, Brigham City Ut campus, Fort Dyer, delta campus, Ephraim campus, Heber City Campus, Zhang Keshen campus, Kanab campus, Keith Weil campus, Milford, Moab, and Montezuma branch, Monticello branch, Monument Valley Branch, Nephi, and Santa Orem, Santa Litchfield, Salt Lake City Roosevelt, Ewing, Diego, tremonton basin, Utah basin, Vayner tower, and Wendover branch, Logan, was 6
GRE score requirements : GRE Verbal (Chinese) and Quantitative (Mathematics) are not lower than the first 40% levels.
Some professional higher scores please refer to the official website of the campus.
University of GPA:3.0