STERLING is one of the world's most famous valve automation products manufacturer, has been 40 years of history. Two of their production facilities located in new Berlin, Wisconsin and South Attleboro, Massachusetts, has more than 600 staff training and expertise.

STERLING Company profile

Including the most advanced manufacturing and CNC turning center, milling machine, and the level of laser cutting; customized engineering; customer service excellence. Moreover, they allow their product testing center to ensure the normal operation of the equipment before all the transportation.
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In fact, Sterling's history can be traced back to 1916, when the 925 engineering company started production of valves, steam traps, steam and hot water system and condensate pump. These products are still in the production of Sterling steam control. Now. STERLING products are widely used in the digital network technology, dvc6000 high precision electric hydraulic valve, safety valve controller underground, valve automation control and electronic packaging drilling choke high pressure air pollution index.

STERLING historical background

The company was founded in 1916, Sterling engineering and mission control for heating temperature. The initial focus on the steam heating market and products growing demand for services, such as radiator valve, condensate and boiler feedwater pump system.
1947 Sterling supply pumps and valves to injection mold temperature control local carmakers.
1950 Sterling pioneer plastic molding and the introduction of 6000 series of packaging mould temperature control system.
1952 Sterling expansion of manufacturing facilities in a new breakthrough in the expansion of the most advanced Milwaukee.
1964 Sterling introduced the industry's first compact single zone temperature control device, introduced 7000 new series of temperature control system.
1969 Sterling main producer Fred s, Carver hydraulic equipment.
1972 Sterling water valve line from marsh instrument company.
1977 Sterling get the ball and Jewell, the first patent for granulators people and oldest name in granulators, founded in 1896.
1978 Sterling expansion, adding a new West Wing production facilities to meet the growing demand for its products.
In 1979 to add new technology to improve the product quality and productivity, the temperature control system of Sterling has introduced 8000 Series line.
1980 Ball & Jewell granulator line and complete drill of choice in the news and central Granulators.
1981 Sterling Sterltech department, first-line marketing industry robot specially used in injection molding machine.
1985 Sterling introduced the first patent on the digital controller of Sterlco line temperature control system.
1989 Sterling expansion, second floor sales and marketing facilities in Milwaukee.
1991 Sterling Sterlcool, the marketing personnel department to establish a complete series of cooling / cooling system.
1992 Sterling launch of the 9000 series of temperature control system of advanced new.
1997 Sterling expand the purchase of 30000 square foot. Production equipment.
1999 Sterling introduced 2000 series temperature control system.
2001 Sterltech introduced the first real linear robot industry for American plastic molders.
2003 Sterling increased more and more for their material processing auxiliary equipment.
2004 Sterling to add a new line mixer.
2005 Sterling extended to new Berlin, Wisconsin facility.
2006 Sterling launch new automatic production line.

STERLING The status of the company

In 1916, the company called Sterling engineering company began to design and manufacture of valves, traps, filters, and steam condensate pump and hot water system. Today, there are more than 80 years of experience, the diversification of engineering and technical personnel, advanced CAD - cam design and tens of thousands of custom applications.

STERLING product

Coil, magnet, screw cartridge valves, valve, pressure regulating valve, sequence valve, one-way valve, load control valve, safety valve, shuttle valve, steam control series, steam traps, condensate pump, boiler feedwater pump, centrifugal pump, temperature control valve, filter, valve hand radiator, descaling system