The Rocky Mountains

The Canadian Rockies is a holy temple. Because only here, you will feel the magic of the creation, the broadness of the earth and feel. It is also said that the Rocky Mountains are equal to the combination of 50 Switzerland, "this is not exaggeration. Radius of the Rocky Mountains on both sides of Canada nearly thirty thousand square kilometers of land, the distribution of the four World Heritage class national parks and three provincial nature conservation park, there are a number of scattered animal protection center, Nature Reserve Park etc.. Here you can see the primitive forests, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, hot springs.
The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies seasons sunny, pleasant climate, Spring Valley in a green, flowers bloom in the summer; during the day is hot, but at night is cool; autumn dry climate, mountain cenglinjinran, color is very good-looking. Although the winter is cold, but the sky is blue. This is the four time in the mountains. Each season in the mountains hiking will have a different feeling and found.
Walk in any season, you can enjoy the evergreen Virgin forest And the quiet valley, watercolor paintings like the beautiful lakes and rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, and the legacy of the prehistoric era magical glacier. Those glaciers sculpting the cliff, now filled with fragrant flowers. Not like the Canadian Rockies Niagara Falls As the world famous landscape, but along the trail, you will find here everywhere is wonderful scenery, step by step. The Canadian Rockies can be said to be the best place for hiking.

The Rocky Mountains The United States mountains

Rocky mountain is a famous mountain located in the western region of the United States cordillera In the East, complex terrain, steep steep mountains. A north-south strip, North Western Canada, south of the southwestern United States Texas Yanzhou, almost across the North American continent.
From the Rocky Mountains with many small mountain ranges, the name has 39 mountains, most of the mountains with an average altitude of 2000 to 3000 meters, and there are many peaks over 4000 meters, such as 4202 meters high peak Garnett, Longsi 4346 meters high peak, Elbert peak 4399 meters high. Each man shaped like a sword, touch the sky; each Xianfeng, misty, Snow gleams white.
Many American rivers are originated The Rocky Mountains Such as, The Mississippi River , Arkansas River , The Missouri , Colorado River So, there are many rivers on the snow and ice melt water supply peak. So, the Rocky Mountains of North America's largest. watershed To the west of the mountains, into the river The Pacific Ocean The eastern mountains, rivers into the The Gulf of Mexico .
The distribution range of the rocky mountains fall is very wide, is one of the famous mountain Cordillera, natural geographical features around the north and South and the ecological environment is obviously different, each showing a unique natural scenery, the most magnificent natural landscape.
The Rocky Mountains towering magnificent, towering peaks, like layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, a dragon flying from the north to the South Downs stretches thousands of miles, becoming a pillar of American vast territory, many American Geographers call it north america" Backbone "This is probably one of the main reasons.
The Rocky Mountains, rugged beauty, how was it formed?
The Rocky Mountains experienced a process of 100 million years, deduct a spectacular dramatic changes in the history of geomorphology . At first, it is a huge geosynclinal area, until Cretaceous Early or a rippling sea here, various creatures live freely.
Later, the area began to rise, eventually became land by the sea. In order to survive, all kinds of creatures and nature launched a desperate struggle, some survived, some are from the planet disappeared forever.
Then this area has become overwhelming general large-scale Orogeny , Magma Pent up hundreds of millions of years, now suddenly out of the ground, lit up the silence for hundreds of millions of years of land, many animal was the place to flee. The crust With a strong fold and compression, uplift of mountain ranges, forming a huge Granite Mountains.
The anger subsided, and by mountains glacier The erosion, leaving steep Peak angle , Cirque Trough etc. Glacial Geomorphology . After a long Rocky Mountain orogeny, finally the giant standing in the vast land of North America.