The governor is a federal state in the An administrative region (state) chief executive, responsible for coordinating the state. Administration Matters.

Governor Governor.

1, [governor] as a political entity (such as a colonial, state or province) rulers, head of the executive or the nominal leader is Election Or appointed officials, also known as" Governor "Governor,"".
2, "Zhou Xiang" Stuart officer that the state, each state governor, doctor. "Zhou" said only in township administrative region,
 Former Washington governor Luo Jiahui delivered a speech at the nomination ceremony Former Washington governor Luo Jiahui delivered a speech at the nomination ceremony
State, party, family, village, ratio, five for the ratio, not a few words Xiang, a few Party state. Ancient legend, more than five to four Lu Lu, for the family, five family for the party, the five party state, Five. For the township, township is twelve thousand and five hundred, there are two thousand and five hundred states.
The past 3, Zhou will set "Zhou", to suburbs of the capital of an empire 100 in the area within the township. Every country has Village doctor For a country, state, governor, sergeant, is Three. .
4, Chinese local ethnic autonomous prefecture (between province and county government executive).
5, the local governor, the chief executive level.

Governor The United States governor

According to the constitution of the United States, in addition to the power of the federal government, the remaining power are reserved for each state. Therefore, governor of the United States power is relatively large. In addition, governor of the United States were all elected. The governor of the English called "governor". In addition to the fifty state governors, five American territorial chief executive, also known as "governor", usually translated as "governor Chinese". The history of American territory without statehood, the governor appointed by the president, but the existing five possessions ( Puerto Rico , The United States Virgin Islands , American Samoa , Northern Mariana Islands , Guam The governor is elected by the people), they are also the National Governors Association (National Governors Association) members. The United States not only the "governor" area is the capital of Washington, the chief executive is the mayor.
The election results reflect some signs of American political landscape changes, the new governor general will be more in line with the party's policy ideas and interests, will create favorable conditions for the two years after the presidential election, so the two parties strive to win the gubernatorial election.