University of Denver

University of Denver (University of Denver, referred to as DU) was founded in 1864 by the famous The United States Northwestern University Founder John Evans founded, originally known as the Colorado seminary. The University of Denver is the United States The Rocky Mountains (Rocky Mountain) private coeducational university is the oldest and largest area. School is located in the U.S. state of Colorado's largest city Denver , only 11 km away from Denver City, has a rich cultural heritage and beautiful campus environment, and the rigorous academic atmosphere.
University of Denver
According to the 2017 " U.S. News and World Report "National university rankings, University of Denver ranked eighty-sixth U.S. That is a famous national level university. According to the annual 2016-2017 " Times Higher Education "World university rankings, University of Denver ranked the world No. 301-350 interval, ranked ninetieth in the list of the University in the United states. The school has trained a large number of outstanding talents since the establishment of the world, including former U.S. Secretary of state Rice Now, Emirates Airlines President Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, before best buy Group president Brad Anderson.
University of Denver campus area of 125 acres from more than a total of 11500 students from about 80 countries and regions. The school offers more than 100 undergraduate programs and more than 120 graduate programs. Few can give every undergraduate learning opportunities in the overseas university or University of Denver National University, relying on its Cherrington Scholars project Global, a famous university and schools around the world have a student exchange protocol (for example: University of Hong Kong , Peking University Italy university of bologna And South Africa University of Cape Town Etc.), the school can give students 74.4% offers the opportunity to study overseas, the proportion ranked first in all American research universities.

Essential information

University of Denver brief introduction

 The University of Denver The University of Denver
University of Denver (University of Denver), located in the United States The state of Colorado capital Denver The Rocky Mountain, the oldest is largest for four years Private University The United States, a national university. In 1864, the school by the then governor of Colorado, John (quasi Evans by then Lincoln The president appointed) founded, he is also a famous American Northwestern University (Northwestern University) founder. The original name of the school is called the University of Denver, called Colorado seminary; until 1880, the school was renamed University of Denver. The school is located in Colorado City, the state capital of Denver, is one of the Midwest University representative, was " U.S. News and World Report "As one of the nation's most famous 2010 year 100 university, ranked 84.
 University of Denver University of Denver
University of Denver students from across the United States and nearly 100 countries, as of 2009 to the year 2010, a total of 11770 students, including 5376 undergraduates and 6394 graduate students (master and doctor); and the United States, entered the University of Denver high school students the average GPA was 3.7/4, the average SAT score of 1220 points. The campus covers an area of 125 acres (800 hectares), campus scenery like a botanical garden (arboretum), the school is only 11 km away from Denver city center, and University of Denver students can be anywhere on their own student card free ride light rail and bus to the city bus can be touched.

University of Denver School setting

University of Denver The Joseph Kerber Institute for International Studies

Joseph Kerber Institute of International Studies (Josef Korbel School of International Studies): founded by Dr. Cherrington Ben in 1929, when the name is University of International Relations . In 1964, the dean of Joseph Kerber (former U.S. Secretary of state MS Madeleine Albright's father and former Secretary of state, former national security adviser Ms. Condoleezza Rice's university teacher) changed its name to the Graduate School of international studies.
 Former Secretary of state Albright in name ceremony speech Former Secretary of state Albright in name ceremony speech
In May 28, 2008, the University of Denver University of Denver to commemorate the former Czechoslovakia The outstanding diplomat and educator, was renamed Joseph now - Kerber Institute of international studies. The strongest is the master of education in "foreign policy" ( Foreign Policy 2006-2007) magazine annual international graduate education ranked among the ninth, and the magazine in March 2009 to 4 monthly ranking of master education of the college ranked twelfth in the world. Albright In the Journal of the Academy of evaluation is: "If we were to imagine what a prospective world leader might look for in a graduate school it's all right here.," the college has 7 professional master are Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration (GFTEI), International Administration, International Development, International Human Rights International, Security, International Studies and Master's in International Practice. In addition to this school 7 master and 3 Dual Degree Programs, Global Finance, Trade are: and Economic Integration & International MBA, International Studies & Juris Doctorate and International Studies & MSW, 3; Certificate Programs, Global Heath Affairs, are: Humanitarian Assistance and Homeland Security; of course, project. In addition,
 The college teaching building of a classroom The college teaching building of a classroom
The college also has 14 international center, research institutions and special projects, they are The Center for China-U.S. Cooperation, The Institute for the Study of Israel in the Middle East, The Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures, The Center on Rights Development, Human Rights & Human Welfare, The Institute on Globalization and Security The Intermodal, Transportation Institute, The Josef Korbel Journal of Advanced International Studies, The Center for Teaching International Relations, The Collaborative Refugee and Immigrant Information Center, The Center for Sustainable Development and International Peace, The Center for the Study of Europe & the World, The International Career Advancement Program and Global Health Affairs. Support from the college student association is 18, for example: Council on International Finance, Trade and, Economics (CIFTE), Sustainable International Development Institute (SIDI), Center on Rights Development (CORD), International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) etc.. The school attaches great importance to international students admission, admission of international students from more than and 30 countries, including the United States and regions, international students must provide GRE and apply for the school TOEFL Results, or GRE and IELTS Results. To date (February 2010) Internet-based score: 95 is the lowest score, TOEFL, Computer-based score: 240, Paper-based score: 587; 6.5 is the lowest score of IELTS.
From the beginning of September 1, 2010, the college will usher in an important guest, he is the former head of the U.S. delegation to the six party talks,
 Christopher Hill (Christopher Hill) Christopher Hill (Christopher Hill)
The former assistant secretary of state, the current U.S. ambassador Iraq Ambassador Christopher Hill (Christopher Hill). Hill will replace the current president of the Tom Farer, the hospital became a new dean. Hill has also served as the U.S. ambassador to South Korea, the United States ambassador to Poland, Ambassador of the United States Macedonia The United States ambassador and sent to Kosovo The special envoy. He said in talking about why he wanted to become a member of the Academy, "I am delighted to be coming to the Korbel School this fall. It s the opportunity of a" lifetime to work with such talented faculty and staff and to do my part in providing the finest education possible for graduate and undergraduate students alike. I also look forward to being a member of the broader University of Denver community, and to contributing in any way I can to the friendly and scholarly atmosphere of this extraordinary center of learning,"

University of Denver Graduate School of social work

Graduate School of social work (Graduate School of Social Work) among the thirty-sixth in the "American news and World Report rankings".

University of Denver Daniels College of Business

The Daniels School of business (Daniels College of Business) is one of the 8 oldest university business school, from the beginning of 1923 Daniel School of business projects have been the United States AACBS International certification, in 1994 officially named the Daniels School of business. 2004 was selected as the world The best business school One, and Wharton School , Harvard , Yale , Dartmouth College Of par. The Daniel school consists of four colleges, including the school of accounting, School of finance, School of hotel and tourism management, real estate and construction management. 2010 Daniels Business School ranked 74 in the U.S. News and World Report undergraduate business school project, at the same time in Colorado area ranked first. The 2004 was selected as one of the world's best business school, Harvard, Yale, and the Washington School of business. In the 2012 issue of BusinessWeek rankings, the school ranked fifty-seventh in strength. However, its working MBA project, ranked sixth in the BusinessWeek rankings, in addition to the hotel, hotel and tourism management department at The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business ranked among the nation's first. The new teaching building of the school was completed in 1999 at a cost of $25 million. Beginning in 2000, was called by the United States "digital TV" the father of Xie Chenggang created imagia international media company and the American cable television center at the University of Denver Daniels School of business started the annual "Chinese media senior management personnel training" (CEMMP) project, from China SARFT Intensive training of young cadres, the Ministry of industry and information technology, CCTV. Public Accounting Report published by the American authoritative accounting rankings, the school of accounting for many years ranked Top25, in the twenty-ninth annual list in 2010, twenty-second undergraduate programs, graduate programs ranked fourteenth (2009 11).
The college offers a masters degree in business:
Master of Accountancy
Master of Science in Business Intelligence
Master of Science in Finance
Master of Science in Management
Master of Science in Marketing
Master of Science in Real Estate and Construction Management
Executive Master of Science in Real Estate and Construction Management

University of Denver Sturm College of Law

(Sturm College of Law Sturm College of law) ranked seventy-seventh in the U.S. News in 2010 the best law school rankings. In 2003, at a cost of $63 million 500 thousand, the new building was completed, the new teaching building is the biggest characteristic of a The three floor Westminster Law Library library, the library is the main legal aspects of the series, so the service object is mainly from the law school. The two Department of the college is the strongest environmental law and tax law, respectively ranked fifteenth and nineteenth.
At the same time, as one of the top law school, law school offers JD Academic degree。 Law school applicants need to provide LSAT Results, international applicants need to provide IELTS or toefl. The minimum requirements of English proficiency test for law school TOEFL IBT 95 points or IELTS 7 points.

University of Denver Lamont School of Music

Lamont School of music (Lamont School of Music) and the drama department is growing in strong DU college, teaching, performing arts center building the college Newman (Newman Center for the Performing Arts) at a cost of $75 million. The center includes a 1000 seat and four deck of the opera house, a 3000 metal tube composed of the region's largest pipe organ, and other music classrooms and the drama room. In addition, the school also has its own library Music Library. Only in 2001, the Institute from the Tai Wei company bought 85 piano piano. The college has become the area of students who love music and drama in the University of choice, not only because of the excellent hardware students, including college professor and is located in the local, San Francisco, New York, and even professional contacts in Chicago and Losangeles and many other troupes, which provides students with professional contacts a lot of job opportunities in the troupe. The school of music masters are: Bass, Bassoon, Carillon, Cello, Clarinet, Composition, Conducting, Flute, Guitar, Harp, Horn, Musicology, Music, Theory, Oboe, Organ, Pedagogy, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Viola, Violin, Voice. are the Undergraduate Music Majors Audio: Production, Bass, Bassoon, Carillon, Cello, Clarinet, Composition, Flute, Guitar, Harp, Horn, Oboe, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Viola, Violin, Voice.

University of Denver Daniel Felix Rich School of engineering and computer science

College of engineering and Computer Science (School of Engineering and Computer Science) has three departments, namely: mechanical and Materials Engineering (Mechanical and Materials Engineering), electrical and Computer Engineering (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and the Department of Computer Science (Computer Science). In addition, the Accreditation Board for engineering and technology, the College received authority (ABET) approved.
BA Applied Computing, BS Institute of Computer Science, BS Computer, Enineering BS Electrical Engineering to 8 undergraduate Bachelor's degree program. For graduate students, MS Bioengineering, MS Computer, with Engineering MS, Computer Science, MS Cybersecurity, MS Electrical Engineering, MS Engineering, MS Materials Science, MS Mechanical and Engineering MS Mechatronics Systems Engineering 9 and PhD Computer master program, Science, PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering, PhD Engineering, PhD Materials, Science PhD Mechanical Engineering and PhD Mechatronic Systems Engineering a total of 6 doctoral programs.
All applicants are required to submit graduate programs GRE Results the lowest scores for the doctoral program requirements of Verbal 146, Quantitative 156, Analytical Writing 3.5. Non English speaking countries, applicants need to provide TOEFL or IELTS scores, minimum requirements for TOEFL Net test (TOEFL iBT) or 80 points IELTS 6. The application of TA (Assistant Professor) Doctoral Program applicants require TOEFL or IELTS 26 points more than the individual 8 points more than the individual.
The school also has the world's highest telescope - meilvang Boolean (Meyer-Womble Observatory), the astronomical observatory at an altitude of 14148 feet Evans On the hill. The telescope is often the Academy of natural sciences and mathematics and physics and astronomy institute.

University of Denver campus life

University of Denver Sports facilities

University of Denver Men's Fitness magazine as one of the 25 universities in the nation's movement, because the school students to actively promote a healthy lifestyle. The school's Coors Fitness Center has the most first-class university sports facilities, personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness courses. The school also has the Denver area only an Olympic standard swimming pool The El Pomar Natatorium, a Joy Burns Ice Arena ice hockey stadium, and of course the Volleyball Hall, basketball hall, tennis, lacrosse stadium and gymnasium etc.. Rely on these sports facilities in schools for students to provide a variety of Physical education curriculum , including basketball, swimming, hockey, gymnastics class class, skating, lifeguard courses and so on. University of Denver has 17 Varsity men, team projects are: basketball, golf, hockey, lacrosse, skiing, soccer, swimming and tennis; women's basketball projects are: basketball, golf, gymnastics, lacrosse, skiing, soccer, swimming, tennis and volleyball. DU strongest team is the men's ice hockey team, has won 7 NCAA Championships, because some schools also have a lot of ice hockey star. A DU student in the magazine "'The best thing about DU that is the Ritchie Center a multimillion-dollar facility dedicated to intramural, club and, varsity sports, which are so easy to get involved in because there are so many different sports to play. There are a number of wooded areas to relax in, as well as a sprawling campus green known as, Driscoll lawn, where people like to throw the Frisbee around before class.'Drew Doyle" (extended sources refer to the reading. In addition, Denver is 1609 meters above sea level, in the west of the city is magnificent The Rocky Mountains So, Mile High City nickname. Denver every year sunshine Plenty of outdoor sports (Outdoor Sports) is very popular in Denver (for example, cycling, running, swimming, climbing, golf etc.). Denver city park more than 200 large and small, so the whole city gives people the feeling is more casual, DU students will often choose to go to these mountains park or relax in the intense study, such as picnics, camping, exploration etc.. Especially in the winter snowfall in Denver is sufficient, so it becomes a paradise for skiers, ski famous: Vail Ski Resort, Beavercreek Ski Resort, Aspen Ski Resort, Snowmass Ski and Resort Steamboat Springs Ski Resort. In the "Forbes" magazine of the nation's most livable city, Denver ranked eleventh (extended details please refer to the following reading). In short, Denver rely on their own unique tourism resources to attract an annual average of 8 million 800 thousand tourists in Denver.

University of Denver Library

Penrose Library is the school library of the University of Denver, as of 2008 the total collection of 3343120 copies. With the cooperation between Penrose and Library of the four libraries and institutions, which are Colorado Alliance of Research Library, the Lamont School of music Music Library, Westminster Law Library and the Sturm College of law (PASCAL Preservation and Access Service Center for Colorados Libraries). Through this cooperation project, DU students can borrow free of charge through the Prospector system in Colorado, almost all university libraries and public libraries in the library; in addition, DU students can also be free to enter the global academic periodicals, papers and databases (such as HeinOnline, LexisNexis, Hoover's, Online) all the information you need to download.

University of Denver The Cherrington Global Scholars project

 University of Denver student apartment at night University of Denver student apartment at night
Few can give every undergraduate learning opportunities in the overseas university or University of Denver National University, relying on its Cherrington Scholars project Global, a famous university and schools around the world have a student exchange protocol (for example, Peking University Italy, University of Hong Kong, the University of Bologna, South Africa The University of Cape Town and so on), the school can give students 74.4% offers the opportunity to study overseas, the proportion of all U.S. Research University In the first place. As of 2004, there have been more than 3000 students to study in 57 countries and regions.

University of Denver UWP

University of Denver UWP organization was founded in 1965, the organization each year from the world famous university recruit 100 outstanding student leaders participate in a 5 month global learning exchange visit to the training and shaping the contemporary world university leadership and social responsibility. June 2004, Beijing Foreign Studies University The students of Grade 2001 in University of Denver in the United States is white Hao UWP (up with people) organization selection as "global student leaders", the organization became the first since the founding of the college students from China, participated in the 13 national 28 city tour around the world.

University of Denver DU life

DU provides undergraduate students of grade one or two in the absence of special circumstances must be in the school collective apartment, the existing five DU apartment for undergraduate students admitted, are: Centennial Hall, Johnson-McFarlane Hall, Centennial Towers, Nelson Hall and Nagel Hall; and Centennial Hall and Nelson in Hall have a dining room for the students. For more information please refer to the "extended reading". DU for the graduate student does not have such provisions, graduate students can choose the school provided specifically for graduate student apartments can also choose to live outside their apartments for graduate school; the apartment has five seats, they are: Aspen Apartment, Hilltop Apartment, Cavalier Apartment, Mesa Apartment and Ridgeline Apartment.
Denver (Denver) is the capital of the state of Colorado, a population of about 2 million, Denver City, year-round sunny, pleasant climate, year-round sunshine for about 300 days, four seasons.
Denver is Los Angeles The Rocky Mountain region, financial industry, commercial and transportation center, cable television, telecommunications, space, financial services and computer software is the leading industry in this area, Qwest communications company, 500 of the world's first information (First Data) is headquartered in Denver City, and there are more than 85 of the world's top 500 companies with offices in Denver. Convenient traffic, traffic arteries leading to the rocky mount, Denver International Airport Is the fifth largest airport in Denver, the United States is also what the main stops on the train route, through the national highway.
The United States Olympic Committee and National Olympic training center and headquarters The United States Air Force Academy In Denver, the famous American NBA team nuggets from Denver, Denver has a rich cultural heritage and many museums, is a world famous tourist resort.
University of Denver North Central University Association ( Central Association of Colleges North and Schools ) certification, is the leader in American universities.
University of Denver professional recommendation: Engineering, business, hotel and catering management professional, international research is the school sign professional; chemistry and physics, music, drama, computer science, psychology and mass communication is also widely acclaimed.

University of Denver School setting

As of March 2010, the school academic institutions are as follows:
Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics (also for undergraduate and graduate students)
Divisions of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (ibid.)
Daniels College of Business (also enrolled in undergraduate and graduate)
Sturm College of Law (only recruit graduate)
The Women's College of the University of Denver (only recruit students)
University College (also enrolled in undergraduate and graduate)
Morgridge College of Education (ibid.)
Graduate School of Professional Psychology (only recruit graduate)
Graduate School of Social Work (ibid.)
Josef Korbel School of International Studies (also enrolled in undergraduate and graduate)
Lamont School of Music (ibid.)
School of Engineering and Computer Science (ibid.)
Media, Film, and Journalism Studies
Graduate Tax Program (only recruit graduate)
DU-Iliff Joint Program
Interdisciplinary Programs:
Digital Media Studies (only recruit graduate)

University of Denver Undergraduate course

Art and art history, art history, electronic media and art design, English, history, language and literature, music, philosophy, religion, drama, accounting, financial accounting, real estate construction management, accounting, economics, e-commerce, finance, The financial market Real estate, financial, commercial, hotel and restaurant. tourism management , information technology, international business, management, marketing, real estate, real estate and construction management, real estate and international commercial real estate market, and statistics, computer application, computer science, engineering Computer engineering, Electronic Engineering Asian Studies, mechanical engineering, cultural studies and criticism, digital media, and gender Women's studies , international business, religious studies, international studies, animal technology, computer application, biochemistry, biological sciences, chemistry, ecology and biodiversity, environmental chemistry, environmental science, geography, mathematics, physics and astronomy, molecular biology, anthropology, information, criminology, economics, journalism, political science, psychology, public policy sociology.

University of Denver Graduate courses

English, music, religion, geography, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer engineering, anthropology, economics, public policy, human psychology, information science, communication, public relations Journalism.

University of Denver School Rankings

The domestic university rankings
"U.S. News and World Report" University ranked eighty-sixth (2017 Ranking)
"U.S. News and World Report" University ranked eighty-second (2012 Ranking)
Global university ranking
"U.S. News and World Report" legal professional graduate school ranking seventy-seventh
Domestic MBA ranking
The global network of National Institute of education's ranking business school ranked sixty-third

University of Denver Outstanding alumni

University of Denver Politicians

* Condoleezza Rice former U.S. Secretary of state and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice
* George W. Casey, current Jr. The United States Army chief of staff George Casey
* Mary Cheney political activist and former vice president Cheney's daughter Mary Cheney
* Gale Norton America's first female interior minister Gail Norton
* Oscar Chapman former US Secretary of the interior
* Ed Schafer The United States Department of Agriculture Foreign minister Edward Schaef
* Charles Brannan, former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture
* James Nicholson former U. S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson
* Jami Miscik The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Jamie Mischke, deputy director in charge of intelligence
Former senator Domenici Pete *
Senator * Byron Dorgan
Senator * Mike Enzi
* Paul Laxalt Nevada The governor and Senator
US ambassador Cindy Courville * African Union Ambassador
US ambassador Robert Dieter * Belize Ambassador
US ambassador Paul Trivelli * Nicaragua Ambassador
* Loy Henderson a former U.S. ambassador to Iran
* Heraldo Munoz of Chile's ambassador to the United Nations
* M. Javad Zarif former Iran Ambassador
* Ibrahim Al-Assaf Saudi finance minister
* Susan Waltz / Amnesty International has served as chairman of the Executive Committee. University of Michigan Principal

University of Denver Business community

* Brad Anderson the world's largest home appliance chain group (Best Buy) best buy CEO Brad Anderson
* Jim Lentz (America) director of TOYOTA automobile company chairman
* Richard Hilton Hilton and Hyland Real (Estate Healton Highland estate chairman)
* Peter Coors Molson Coors Brewing the brewer's chairman and CEO
Morton Hard Rock * Peter founder Peter Morton Cafe chain
* Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum Emirates Airlines Chairman
* CJ McAfee McAfee antivirus software is CEO
* Carol Tome Home Depot (Jia Debao) executive vice president and chief financial officer
* Roger Birnbaum movie maker Spyglass entertainment CEO
* Joseph Saunders the current Visa card group chairman and CEO
* Sean Menke Frontier Airlines (now frontier airlines The chairman)
* Howard P. James Sheraton Hotel (Sheraton Hotels and Resorts) former CEO
* Andy Taylor Rent-A-Car president and CEO industry
* Marc Nathanson Falcon Cable founder

University of Denver The media

* Andrew Rosenthal " New York Times "Abe Rosenthal editor
* David Von Drehle the U.S. "time" magazine editor in chief
* Clarke Canfield The Associated Press journalist and writer

University of Denver Sports circle

* Michelle Kwan (Michelle Kwan) five World Figure Skating Championships (96,98.00,01,03), the nine annual national champion and two time Olympic medals (98 silver, 02 bronze medal winner)
* Gregg Popovich NBA the Spurs coach
* Vince Boryla 1948 Olympic champion (men's basketball), NBA players and coaches
* Glenn Anderson NHL Hall of Famer and who scored career NHL goals and won 498 six Stanley Cups
* Matt Carle Hockey defenseman with Philadelphia Flyers NHL all-Rookie team, 2007 and 2006 Hobey Baker Award winner
* Kevin Dineen Former NHL All-Star player and current coach Portland Pirates (AHL)

University of Denver The literary and Art Circles

Tian Haojiang famous bass
Shi Zhiyu, a well-known scholar of Taiwan
* Chris Broderick Heavy Metal Guitarist
* Ted Shawn of American modern dance pioneer
* famous art photographer Duane Michals
* Elliott Martin Broadway Film producer
* Rebecca King Dreman Miss America 1974

University of Denver scientific community

* Henry Otley Beyer The Philippines The father of Anthropology and ethnography
* Donald Howard Menzel American astronomer and astrophysicist
* David Murcray American atmospheric scientist
* Del Thiessen of American psychology theorists
Chinese University of Denver Student Association
DU-CSSA is "University of Denver Chinese Students and Schalors Association" the abbreviation for "China Chinese, University of Denver Student Association, commonly referred to as the" DU Chinese students". DU-CSSA members include the University of Denver has graduated in reading or Chinese students at the University of Denver, Chinese communication scholars and foreigners interested in China culture. DU-CSSA is approved by the People's Republic of China Consulate General in Chicago and the University of Denver Chinese students and scholars association. The purpose of DU-CSSA is to provide all students study at University of Denver and scholar services to promote exchanges and cooperation in Sino US education, culture and other fields.
The chairman of DU-CSSA is according to the principle of democratic centralism, through voluntary registration, the selection of open competition. The vice president is graduating students through a rigorous assessment of the selected application enthusiasm and sense of responsibility.

University of Denver The conditions of admission

(the following information from the official website of University of Denver)

University of Denver Undergraduate application conditions

School time Every year in January, May and August:
Application deadline : EA:11 1, January 15th: general admission
Application fee : $65
To study the cost (per year) :
The $45288 tuition
The lowest cost $1134 students
Materials and medical insurance for a total of $4221
Life is expected to cost $12021
The estimated total cost of $62664 per year.
Application materials :
The official report issued English
Two letter from the teacher or the principal recommendation letter, the best students mention class rank can be quantified by education information.
The autumn of 2016 students average GPA:3.77 / 4
The IELTS score: 6.5 (score of not less than 6)
TOEFL (iBT) score requirements: 80 (individual scores of not less than 20)
Standard performance requirements: the fall of 2016 the average SAT score was 1234, the average ACT score of 28.
Satisfy a condition of any high school applicants need to submit TOEFL or ielts:
(1) high school teaching language is English and issue a certificate
(2) SAT Test Critical Reading single higher than 500 points
(3) ACT English single higher than 22 points
(4) with GCSE / IGCSE The certificate, and the level of A, B or C
(5) (with HKCEE The Hongkong certificate of Education (B) certificate English exam outline), and the level of A, B or C
(6) (with HKDSE Hongkong high school diploma English) certificate, get more than 5
(7) held in the University of Denver English Language Centre qualified examination

University of Denver Postgraduate

School time : every year in January, May, August
Application deadline : EA:11 1, January 15th: general admission
Application fee : $65
To study the cost (per year) :
Different school fees vary following Daniels business school fees for reference
The $45288 tuition
The student costs $333
Medical insurance for $2660
Over $1200
The accommodation fee of $13371
The transportation fee of $1404
The tax of $192
Other personal expenses (not the cost of living) $1359
In addition to the cost of living, the estimated total cost of $65618 per year.
English language proficiency requirements :
General requirements for the TOEFL 80 or IELTS 6, TOEFL 88 or above should be part of the professional IELTS 6.5 or above, part of the professional requirements of TOEFL 95 or IELTS 7, individual professional requirements of TOEFL 105 or IELTS 7.5 or above.
See official language proficiency requirements.
The application materials required :
(1) issued by the school official transcripts and translation paper, electronic transcripts or by WES directly from the.
(2) by GRE and TOEFL by ETS directly report to send
(3) personal statement (Personal Statement) and the application system that required documents (Essay)
(4) resume
(5) three letter from the teacher, the school administration supervisor or work unit in charge of the recommendation.
(6) financial support Certificate (proof of property)
(7) international applicants are required to provide the copy of the passport
(8) part of the professional requirements for interview