San Miguel

San Miguel, Salvatore The eastern border province Name and capital.
San Miguel

San Miguel province

San Miguel, Salvatore The eastern border province . North of Honduras, South Pacific ocean. Area of 2077 square kilometers. The population of 502 thousand (1987). The capital of San Miguel. For most of the mountain and plateau, lowlands along the San Miguel River, the West San Miguel volcano At an altitude of 2129 meters. Tropical mountain climate. The South San Miguel river through the valley, the land is fertile. A province in 1875. The economy was dominated by agriculture, cotton, grain, sugarcane and fruit, poultry and livestock also. Industrial agriculture, livestock products processing, with gold and silver mineral. The Pan American highway and railway transit, convenient transportation.

San Miguel capital

East of Salvatore City The capital of San Miguel province. In San Miguel, the right bank of the river, 110 kilometers northwest from San Salvador. The population of 165 thousand (1982), the country's third largest city. Was founded in 1530. The 1917 earthquake devastated after reconstruction. An important commercial center in the eastern region. Near the intensive agricultural area is rich in grain, cotton, sisal, sugar cane etc.. There is gold and silver mineral. Textile industry, food processing, leather rope, mainly. Highway and railway hub, the airport. The Indian urban suburban sites.