The Rocky Mountains

The American Cordillera mountains in the Rocky Mountains are the backbone of North America, from Alaska to Mexico, the North South 4500 kilometers, towering magnificent, towering peaks, like layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, a rolling dragon, become the backbone of the North American continent, which is known as the "backbone of North america".
The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains The mountains.

Rough yet beautiful, wild and not lose vitality, this is the Rocky Mountain attractions. There are towering peaks, massive ice fields and colorful lakes and many wild animal. In order to protect the beautiful nature, here there are many national parks and Provincial Park, it can be said that here is the beauty of nature museum.
The Rocky Mountains are from the great mountain range runs north to south through North America, natural geographical features around the north and South and the ecological environment is obviously different, each showing a unique natural scenery, the most magnificent natural landscape. The distribution range of the rocky mountains fall is very wide, a large part of it is located in canada. Here is not only rich in coal, iron, gold and other mineral resources, so far, it is still a not by humanoverdevelopment wilderness region. More importantly, here or in the fierce competition, live and work under the pressure of modern physical and mental fatigue, mental stress, release the pressure, find yourself, get the best comfort, is the modern people's spiritual refuge.
From the Rocky Mountains with many small mountain ranges, the name has 39 mountains, most of the mountains with an average altitude of 2000 to 3000 meters, and there are many peaks over 4000 meters, such as 4202 meters high peak Garnett, Longsi 4346 meters high peak, Elbert peak 4399 meters high. Each man shaped like a sword, touch the sky; each Xianfeng, misty, Snow gleams white. Many American rivers are originated in the Rocky Mountains, such as The Mississippi River Arkansas River, Missouri river, Colorado River So, there are many rivers on the snow and ice melt water supply peak. So, the Rocky Mountains is the largest watershed in eastern North America, mountains to the west of the river into the Pacific Ocean, mountains east of the river into the Gulf of Mexico.

The Rocky Mountains Cause of formation

The Rocky Mountains experienced a process of 100 million years, deduct a spectacular dramatic changes in the history of geomorphology. At first, it is a huge geosyncline area, shallow water, or a rippling until the beginning of the Cretaceous here, various creatures live freely. Later, the area began to rise, eventually became land by the sea. In order to survive, all kinds of creatures and nature launched a desperate struggle, some survived, some are from the planet disappeared forever. Then this area has become overwhelming orogeny general large-scale magma, pent up hundreds of millions of years, now suddenly out of the ground, lit up the silence for hundreds of millions of years of land, many animal was the place to flee. The resulting strong fold and compression, uplift of mountain ranges, the formation of huge granite mountains. The anger subsided, and by glacial erosion of mountains, leaving a steep angle, peak valley cirque glacier landform etc.. After a long Rocky Mountain orogeny, finally the giant standing in the vast land of North America.
At the end of the Cretaceous fold mountains, through long-term weathering, in The third century Again at the end of uplift, and extensive volcano activity. The mountain range, structure and complex terrain, North South differences. Yellowstone National Park In the northern Rocky Mountains north of the East, in the long list of fold and thrust structure basis by NNW -- to strip mountains and southeastward fault valleys characterized by cutting intervals; in the United States west of the mountains and the valley between the wrong distribution. Yellowstone National Park to Wyoming basin. Jishan, larger width. The fold and thrust structure development, mountains and valleys and strip; to the east by the single anticlinal uplift, intermittent mountain extends toward the same direction, the interval with a broad syncline basin. The Wyoming basin to the south of the southern Rocky Mountains, composed of 2 parallel fold mountains to the north and south, Precambrian crystalline rocks, towering mountain, Elbert mountain at an altitude of 48 meters above the peak of 4200, the whole mountain is the most magnificent part. The Quaternary glaciation, undergo intense rocky mountains, horn, cirque, U shaped valley glacier landforms are widely distributed, high altitude mountains and glacier, located in the high latitudes of the northern Jishanyou is obvious.
Mountain vegetation is characterized by vertical differentiation, vertical zone map is subject to height, latitude and slope. If the upper bound of the forest zone decreased gradually from the south to the north; the west slope is lower than the lower bound of wet dry dongpo. Douglas, Douglas fir, ponderosa pine, larch, spruce and other tent coniferous tree species widely distributed.
The North American continent, an important boundary of climate. The polar pacific air mass and polar air mass or invasion of Canada tropical Gulf of Mexico west air barrier, leading to huge differences, East and west of rainfall, and the temperature distribution has certain influence. West rain in the winter 40 degrees north latitude, in addition to the north coast and the windward slope of precipitation, the annual precipitation is less than 500 mm in winter, the temperature is higher than the same latitude eastern parts; East to Xia Yu, in addition to less precipitation in northern latitudes and close to the mountain part of the Great Plains, the annual precipitation in the more than 500 mm.
North America, the most important watershed, in addition to the St. Lawrence River, North America almost all rivers are originated. Mountains to the west of the river water is the Pacific, the mountains east of the river were the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean water stream.
North American natural east-west traffic disorder. But there are a few pass through the railway and highway, railway through the existing 9.
Rich in mineral resources, is the famous metal mine in North America, Canada Sullivan of zinc, copper and silver than the United States, zinc and lead in the lead, ute and Bingham, Kodalen silver, zinc, molybdenum, Marx Coley, are very famous. Lumbering is mainly distributed in the Montana And the more humid mountainous northern idaho. Livestock (cattle, sheep) are mainly distributed in the southern Rocky Mountains, mountain and summer pastures, basin for winter pastures. Farming is only limited to the soil better, irrigated area of the dry valley or suitable.
Strange beautiful mountain scenery, along with the development of the traffic, the rapid growth of tourism industry. There are rocky mountains, Huangshi, Grand Teton National Park, glacier and volcano, dinosaurs, great sand dunes, Gunnison River Black Canyon and other attractions. A small mountain town, along with the mining industry development and the construction, or for traffic and tourist center.