linolenic acid

Linolenic acid or LNA, is a series of polyene Omega -3 fatty acid (abbreviated PUFA), for 9, 12, 15 CIS eighteen carbon three acid esters of glycerol, it exists in the form of dark green plants, constitute the main component of human cells, in vivo synthesis, metabolism, into the body the necessary life activity of factor DHA and EPA. However, it cannot be synthesized in the human body must be from the in vitro uptake. Once the human body lacks, which will lead to the body Lipid metabolism disorder Lead, Immunity Reduce, forgetfulness, fatigue, vision loss, atherosclerosis The occurrence of symptoms. Especially in infants and young children, Teenagers If the lack of linolenic acid, will seriously affect the normal development of intelligence, this point has been confirmed by scientists at home and abroad, and world Nutrition Generally accepted. In addition, the lack of alpha linolenic acid, vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients can not be effectively absorbed and utilized, resulting in the loss of nutrition.
linolenic acid
Linseed oil is alpha linolenic acid content was the highest in the world vegetable oil, linseed oil, alpha linolenic acid content of more than 51%-65%.

linolenic acid Chemical property

1 according to the specifications and storage, does not decompose, avoid contact with oxide.
There are 2 in the flue-cured tobacco, burley tobacco, spice Tobacco, flue gas.
3 as a glyceride in most of drying oil. Containing three double bonds of unsaturated fatty acid .

linolenic acid Effect

Health Foundation
Alpha linolenic acid is formed cell membrane The basic physical and biological enzyme, plays a decisive role in human health. Alpha linolenic acid Human health is necessary but lack a necessary need to replenish the Nutrient .
Intelligence visual effects
Alpha linolenic acid stay Brain The total solid quality accounted for 10%; in the hippocampus of tube learning Cells In 25%; in the brain and retina phospholipid Accounted for 50%.
To prevent the loss of nutrition
The lack of alpha linolenic acid, Vitamin , Mineral , Protein Other nutrients can not be effectively absorbed and utilized, resulting in the loss of nutrition.

linolenic acid Characteristic

linolenic acid The relationship between gene

Alpha linolenic acid than DHA and stronger, alpha linolenic acid can be transformed into in vivo DHA , DPA , EPA So, while the added DHA can play a part. Alpha linolenic acid Is the matrix of the DHA.

linolenic acid Nutrition short board

If the eight kinds of nutrients compared to wood, together they form a cask, for all that alpha linolenic acid will be the shortest piece of board, it directly determines the height of the health and nutrition level.

linolenic acid Influence

The FDA study shows that the lack of alpha linolenic acid will lead to children's brain and retinal growth retardation, Can't concentrate That nutrition is not balanced, can not effectively absorb, directly lead to mental retardation, incoordination, weak eyesight, hyperactivity, obesity, anorexia, slow growth, low immunity and other 30 kinds of symptoms and diseases.

linolenic acid α-Linolenic acid

linolenic acid brief introduction

The key of wisdom is the key to health nutrition balance nutrition balanced nutrition is the short board of alpha linolenic acid is a nutrient short board in all crowd
Alpha linolenic acid () for human is not essential, but absolutely indispensable, it plays an important role in human health. Alpha linolenic acid is a Polyunsaturated fatty acids That is a must fatty acid . Alpha linolenic acid is a kind of life core material, which is human brain cell An important component of cells and tissues, is a human life every day in need of a nutrient. Alpha linolenic acid is the body's own synthesis, is not by other nutrients to synthesis, must rely on Diet To get. Alpha linolenic acid belongs to the Omega -3 series (n-3 series) of fatty acid, it enters the human body, the enzyme (dehydrogenase and carbon chain extension under the catalysis of enzyme) into EPA (Eicosa Pentaenoic, Acid, EPA, Twenty C five acid DHA (Docosa) and Hexaenoic Acid DHA, Twenty-two C six acid This will be absorbed.). Alpha linolenic acid, EPA and DHA are called Omega -3 series (or n-3) fatty acid, alpha linolenic acid is the precursor or parent, while EPA and DHA are alpha linolenic acid or derivatives of afterbody.
Alpha linolenic acid, found in Edible oil The time is a kind of food, and made into capsule is a kind of Health products . Alpha linolenic acid mainly exist in the Flax seed oil , Perilla frutescens crispa Oil. Many scientists show: Human Saturated fatty acid Excess and excessive intake of trans fatty acids is the result of cancer The direct cause of many diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, increase the intake of alpha linolenic acid can significantly change the situation. The main performance of basic functions for alpha linolenic acid:
 Okun Di flaxseed Okun Di flaxseed
Enhance intelligence, enhance immunity, protect eyesight, reduce blood fat, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar Hemorrhagic cerebral disease and inhibition. Thrombotic diseases And inhibit the occurrence and metastasis of cancer, prevent myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction, prevention Allergic diseases The prevention and mitigation of human aging, inflammation etc.. Alpha linolenic acid is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, Diabetes Class, rheumatism, skin dermatitis, Depression , Schizophrenia , Alzheimer’s disease Allergy, asthma, and chronic obstructive pneumonia nephropathy. Once the human body lacks of alpha linolenic acid, can cause the human body Lipid metabolism disorder Lead, Immunity Reduce, forgetfulness, fatigue, vision loss, atherosclerosis The occurrence of symptoms. Especially in infants and young children, Teenagers And if the lack of alpha linolenic acid, will seriously affect the mental and visual development.

linolenic acid Effect

Alpha linolenic acid is beneficial to brain health and improve intelligence. Alpha linolenic acid is a factor necessary to maintain brain and nerve function, it is worth noting that the human brain is composed of about 60% Fat The nerve growth requires alpha linolenic acid as raw material, nerves and neurons need alpha linolenic acid to provide energy. Alpha linolenic acid derivatives of DHA is an important material in the brain, it can promote synthesis of nucleic acid protein and brain monoamine neurotransmitters, for Cranial nerve Yuan, Glial cells The formation, nerve conduction, synaptic growth, proliferation, differentiation and maturation plays an important role. It can promote the brain nerve membrane, synaptic and membrane permeability, the neural information transmission channel flow, improve nerve reflex ability, and enhance people's thinking ability, memory Stress ability. Alpha linolenic acid to improve children's intelligence and prevent Aged Brain aging is required. For students, the brain must get enough DHA to have the intelligence and memory ability is very good, or even hard to learn, brain cells are not good for the development and growth, so every day must have adequate intake of linolenic acid, so as to effectively improve the learning achievement.
about Pregnant woman And the children also have a role in brain, if pregnant women lack DHA, fetal brain cell number inevitable shortcomings will cause severe or retarded abortion. So the pregnant woman must get enough alpha linolenic acid, it will transport DHA to its derivatives through the maternal fetal brain, the early fetal brain development plays an extremely important role. Alpha linolenic acid has anti-cancer effects. The researchers discovered and isolated a substance causing cancer patients body weight loss, and was surprised to find that this control material activity by alpha linolenic acid derivatives of EPA. This is called "Faqifeiluoke factor" of the material is produced by certain tumor, it uses fat to supply the tumor, promote tumor growth, so that patients with body weight. While the EPA can control the "Faqifeiluoke factor" activities, so as to control the cancer patients weight, and can make the tumor reduction.
Alpha linolenic acid can reduce the blood fat and lower blood pressure. Have shown that alpha linolenic acid can reduce the serum total Cholesterol , triglyceride , Low density lipoprotein Very low density lipoprotein, and elevated serum High density lipoprotein The role of. Alpha linolenic acid for criticality Hypertension It is very effective for high blood pressure, or easy to produce hemorrhagic stroke The status of alpha linolenic acid still have the function of lowering blood pressure. It is because the antihypertensive mechanism of alpha linolenic acid in the plasma can Neutral fat (cholesterol, triglyceride ) so reduced, can promote the blood pressure is reduced, thereby suppressing thrombotic disease, preventing myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. After a lot of practice that containing alpha linolenic acid oil for cooking, after about six months to a year, can make the body of the Immunity Has been significantly improved, can effectively prevent colds caused by disease, avoid other complications.
Linseed oil is the world's highest linolenic acid content of vegetable oil, Linseed oil Alpha linolenic acid content of more than 51%-65%. Flaxseed is "edible", flaxseed is approved by the Ministry of health "food and drug" list of items. " Compendium of Materia Medica "Load" linen flax, complement V And fill the marrow brain, Qi, fat concentrated, acid salt, day long muscle, Runzao Qufeng; treatment of skin itching, Leprosy Vertigo, and constipation".

linolenic acid Importance

world Health Organization (WH0) and The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on 1993 issued a joint statement, in view of the status quo and importance of human alpha linolenic acid generally lack the special promotion of alpha linolenic acid in the world. WHO (WHO), the Ministry of health in People's Republic of China, China Nutrition Society equal in 2000 agreed that alpha linolenic acid is Omega Only 3 lines Essential fatty acids . Many countries in the world such as U.S.A , Britain France, Germany Japan and other countries have legislation in the specified food must add alpha linolenic acid and its metabolites, to be sold. China people generally lack of dietary alpha linolenic acid intake, less than half of the WHO's recommended amount of 1.25 grams per person per day. At present the alpha linolenic acid cognition is not enough, for the use of alpha linolenic acid is not common, experts have called for the national legislation of special supplement of alpha linolenic acid. In the usual food, linolenic acid content is rare. Only the Perilla seed, Flaxseed And perilla seed, Hemp seed Walnut, deep-sea fish, silkworm chrysalis, and a handful of foods rich in linolenic acid and its derivatives. Perlla most ideal food or health products are: perilla seed oil, perilla seed oil and linseed oil (or Linseed oil ), alpha linolenic acid capsule. Containing alpha linolenic acid and edible oil cooking is a very good choice in daily life.
In 1999, the State Planning Commission formally approved a "comprehensive utilization of flax seed project" as a demonstration project of national high-tech industry (approval number: high technology [1999] No. 1429th), and by the state invested 220 million yuan, has built the world's largest 1 million 200 thousand acres of organic flax planting base, set up a comprehensive research institute the development and utilization of flaxseed in Inner Mongolia grassland, more than ten years, made significant progress on the project. The extraction technology of ultra low temperature of pure physics, the product of the production process without any chemical additives and chemical residues, the unique biological activity to maintain technology, living life in the form of extracting alpha linolenic acid, alpha linolenic acid completely preserved biological activity, make human body easy absorption, easy to use, and the room temperature can be preserved for a long time. The main products of linseed oil and linolenic acid quality far more than the world of similar products, has won 13 national patents and 120 scientific research projects, and the quality and integrity of the national AAAAA level brand enterprise "," international environmental groups organic certification "," non genetically modified food "more than and 20 honors and certification.
In 2009, the country once again set aside 600 thousand acres of land to further support the construction of the project, some state leaders also made special instructions, require the project unit to undertake careful planning, scientific arrangements, careful organization, careful guidance, to achieve tangible results.

linolenic acid Balanced

The human body Physiological needs The balance relationship between food and nutrition is balanced (or balanced). The heat balance of nutrients (i.e. carbohydrate Fat and protein, can provide heat to the body, so called heat nutrients), amino acid balance, acid-base balance And various nutrients intake balance only keep nutrient balance is conducive to nutrient absorption and utilization. If the balance is maladjusted, Food and nutrition Do not adapt to the physiological needs of human body, it will cause adverse effects on human health, and even cause some Nutritional diseases Or a chronic disease. In people's material life improved today, nutritional balance of fatty acids in the balance is very important.
WHO (WHO) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on the consumption of three kinds of fatty acid composition of fat, strongly recommend to the world, saturated fatty acid: Monounsaturated fatty acid : Unsaturated fatty Acid = 1: 1: 1, which is currently the world's most authoritative recommended value. Many of them Unsaturated fatty acid Including linoleic acid And alpha linolenic acid, linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid intake, but the body has a surplus. For example, people often eat soybean oil Among them, the content of linoleic acid is about 60%. Linoleic acid and linolenic acid in the human body, to fight for the same enzymes can be transformed to be absorbed after transformation. Linoleic acid to eat too much, alpha linolenic acid is not enough enzyme transformation, naturally can not be absorbed. Therefore, we must control the ratio of linoleic acid and linolenic acid intake, Chinese Nutrition Society The recommended standard 2000 specified: specifically divided into 0 - baby 6 months for Omega -6 (linoleic acid): -3 (alpha linolenic acid) = 4: 1, the rest (pupils, teenagers, adults and the aged) were -6: -3 = Omega omega (4 - 6): 1.
Recommendation: -6: WHO Omega Omega -3 should be less than 6: 1. Harvard University medical college Experts believe that the best proportion of the human body -6 and Omega 1 -3 is 1, but modern humans have seriously deviated from the 25: 1, even 30: 1. Now all kinds of containing alpha linolenic acid and edible oil constantly put on the market, not only become the essential edible oil consumers in life, but also will become the prevention CCVd The preferred diet in the process of oil, edible oil consumption to guide people to change from nutritional type to healthy type, it is bound to trigger a new revolution of human edible oil. No scientific diet can make people eat out of the disease, but the scientific diet can make people eat healthy. Just believe in science, in accordance with the laws of science to change the backward diet, people's body will be more healthy.
On the characteristics of alpha linolenic acid in alpha linolenic acid is known to maintain human evolution, enhance the health of human body is a series of essential fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acid N3 matrix, is the most basic, the most primitive material during the evolution of life. The human brain organ Contains alpha linolenic acid and metabolites of around 10%, the human retina, nervous system Also contains alpha linolenic acid and metabolites in great quantities, if alpha linolenic acid deficiency leads to reduced efficiency of these organs. N3, unsaturated fatty acid and the best proportion of other fatty acids than 1:5, called breast milk Than, and in daily life generally intake Food oil In the unsaturated fatty acid and saturated fatty acid ratio of more than 1:25.

linolenic acid Matters needing attention

Due to the presence of three conjugated linolenic acid molecules, so there is a very strong reduction, high temperature and oxygen in the air, ultraviolet radiation and some heavy metal ions can be oxidized, so rich in linolenic acid edible oil should be protected from light, sealed preservation, when used to avoid high temperature frying, while the amount of vitamin E is added in the oil for protection.

linolenic acid Physiological function

Recognized efficacy
Recognized by the international medical community, community nutrition:
First, prevention Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease Because of thrombosis, vascular blockage, tissue cells without oxygen supplement and nutrition supply, will eventually lead to death. Easy to form thrombus in coronary artery and cerebral vessels, cause myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction . People have to know Thrombosis The important factor is Platelet Agglutination process. Alpha linolenic acid can change the platelet Membrane fluidity Thus, the number of changes in the platelet response to stimuli and platelet surface receptors. Therefore, can effectively prevent the formation of thrombus.
Two, drop blood fat A metabolite of alpha linolenic acid has a moderating effect on mild can promote lipid metabolism, plasma Low density lipoprotein (LDL) to High density lipoprotein (HDL) the conversion of the low density lipoprotein (LDL) decreased and high density lipoprotein (HDL) increased, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing blood fat, prevent atherosclerosis.
Three, reduce the criticality Hypertension Blood pressure between 145/90mmHg~160/95mmHg called critical hypertension, is at the early stage of hypertension. If the long-term use of antihypertensive drugs, easy to cause many adverse reactions. Metabolites of alpha linolenic acid can dilate blood vessels, enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, so that the hypotensive effect of.
Four, inhibit the occurrence and metastasis of cancer cells: normal body because the body function and the imbalance of lesions, while cancer cells form will generate a lot of various immune cells can inhibit the function of diene prostaglandins, reduce the body's immune system function, causes the cancer cells to proliferation and metastasis. Metabolites of alpha linolenic acid can directly reduce the number of cancer cell formation, while reducing the platelet aggregation effect, inhibiting production of diene prostaglandin, to restore and improve the function of the immune system, which can effectively prevent and inhibit the formation of cancer metastasis. Eskimo Mammary cancer The incidence rate is very low, because they are eating lots of fish or other seafood, fat intake although large, but the unsaturated fatty acid composition, mainly n-3 fatty acids (alpha linolenic acid), so the cancer incidence is very low.
Five, inhibition of allergic reactions and anti-inflammatory effects of alpha linolenic acid can reduce the polymorphonuclear leukocytes (RMNS) and mast cell membrane phospholipids Four arachidonic acid (AA) the content of the allergic reaction occurs when the release amount of AA is reduced, thereby reducing the LT4 ( leukotriene The formation of EPA metabolites); and to compete with the AA delta 5 desaturase; intermediate PAF alpha linolenic acid on allergic reactions (platelet activating factor) inhibition. So that alpha linolenic acid has inhibitory effect on allergy and inflammation. The clinical study, Psoriasis The pathogenesis is mainly composed of four arachidonic acid metabolic disorders caused by intake of a certain amount of EPA after the symptoms can be reduced. That a large number of animal experiments, allergy physique is the lack of hyperthyroidism by ingestion of food containing alpha linolenic acid caused by
Six, inhibition of aging: with the increase of age, the number of in vivo free radicals increased, and Glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) and Superoxide dismutase (SOD) the number decreased gradually, activity reduced gradually, so the free radical metabolism of malondialdehyde (MDA) production increased, the cell damage, tissue and organ function decline. Use of alpha linolenic acid, increased GSH-Px and SOD activity, MDA reduced production of alpha linolenic acid is revealed Anti-aging Effect。
Seven, enhance intelligence: the healthy brain absolutely indispensable fatty acids, especially alpha linolenic acid, fatty acid for the brain to provide the necessary energy, the brain is able to engage in highly complex work, cannot do without fatty acid of high quality. 18 carbon atom The alpha linolenic acid can be further extended to increase the carbon chain. double bond The number of generated EPA and DHA. DHA in brain nerve cells in the brain a lot, the formation and development of essential nutrients iq.
With the in-depth study, the relationship between alpha linolenic acid in health and disease, has aroused the attention of scholars at home and abroad and attention. Although the amount of linolenic acid less resources, types of food can also get less, but their physiological activity is indispensable to human body. The results of comprehensive global medicine and nutrition, alpha linolenic acid has the following basic functions:
1, the function of regulating blood lipid
Dyslipidemia, a serious threat to human health and life, it is an important risk factor of atherosclerotic lesion formation and progression, has confirmed the lipid-lowering drugs can delay the atherosclerotic events (such as myocardial infarction and stroke occurrence). A lot of experiments of alpha linolenic acid has decreased Serum total cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG), low density lipoprotein and low density lipoprotein, serum high density lipoprotein function. In alpha linolenic acid reducing mechanism of serum cholesterol, in addition to the increase in cholesterol excretion, inhibition of endogenous cholesterol synthesis is also very important. HMG-CoA is the major cholesterol synthesis rate limiting enzyme, synthesis of alpha linolenic acid inhibits the activity and reduce cholesterol. Tield found that the intake of linolenic acid can increase liver HMG-CoA reductase activity in rabbits decreased, while the increase of the activity of ACAT. Linolenic acid on lipid synthetases and strengthen the inhibition in mitochondrial beta oxidation, which reduced the synthesis of triglycerides and increase consumption. Linolenic acid in reducing blood lipid in rabbits without liver lipid accumulation phenomenon, which belongs to the Omega 6PUFA linoleic acid and linolenic acid although also reduce the role of lipids, but it is mainly to promote lipid transfer by blood to the liver and reduce blood fat, cause Fatty liver . At the same time, there are different types of papers reported in deep sea fish oil omega PUFA and lipid-lowering effects of different, EPA play a role in reducing triglyceride, DHA play a role in reducing cholesterol, as their maternal alpha linolenic acid in blood lipid regulation can play a full role in reducing fat, fat.
2, prevent myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction
From the point of the mechanism, there are two main types of thrombosis, is a lipid emboli, blood coagulation is two. Most of the antithrombotic drugs only have an effect on one of these factors, and alpha linolenic acid antithrombotic effect is completely and comprehensively. In high times under the electron microscope, through observation of the peripheral blood, you can clearly see the cholesterol crystal and chyle particles, some patients also have large plaques, these cholesterol crystals and lipid plaque adhesion in the vascular wall, can form lipid thrombosis, hyperlipidemia is the main reason for the formation of thrombus lipid. Free cholesterol and triglycerides did not dissolve in the blood, the blood in the crystal or granule form in the blood vessel wall injury cases, these substances can be lipid adhesion in the vascular wall, after long-term accumulation, the formation of large artery atherosclerotic plaques, and cause hardening. Alpha linolenic acid in regulating blood lipid function can reduce cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL, VLDL, HDL increased, play anti thrombosis. Taking 1.2g/d linolenic acid for 120 days, under the microscope of cholesterol crystal density can be reduced remarkably, lipid plaque chunks can disappear.
Platelet aggregation is the most important link in the process of blood coagulation, thromboxane TXA2 can cause platelet aggregation, whereas PGI2 had antagonistic effect, four arachidonic acid AA generation of PGI2 on cyclooxygenase function, but also produce TXA2 EPA and AA, the competition of cyclooxygenase PGI3 generation and TXA3, reduce the formation of PGI2 and TXA2, PGI3 and PGI2 had antagonistic activity of TXA2, but TXA3 had no platelet aggregation activity, so EPA Can inhibit the activity of TXA2 to prevent thrombosis, prevent myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. At the same time, Omega 3PUFA can stabilize myocardial membrane potential, decrease ventricular arrhythmia and sensitivity, can prevent the occurrence of arrhythmia, especially to prevent fatal arrhythmia caused by ischemia.
Reduce blood viscosity, increase blood oxygen carrying capacity
In most cases, coronary heart disease and cerebral ischemia is caused by a blood clot, but the blood viscosity is also a factor that can not be ignored. Some patients with coronary heart disease and cerebral ischemia had no obvious artery embolism, is one of the reasons for the increase of blood viscosity, blood oxygen decreased due to myocardial and cerebral insufficiency and peripheral circulatory disorders showed palpitations, chest tightness, dizziness, insomnia, memory decline and four limb numbness and other symptoms. Hyperviscosity can have two aspects of meaning:
One is reflected in the flow of blood, is the significance of the blood rheology, the viscosity can be measured. The decreased blood flow in blood vessels flow slow, leading to tissue ischemia, and increase the burden on the heart.
The two is reflected in the aggregation of red blood cells, red blood cell adhesion is observed, red blood cells showed overlapping shape under the microscope, the surface area of the state of the red cell can reduce the oxygen, the oxygen carrying capacity is reduced, also appeared the symptoms of hypoxia, blood in the solute increases the blood viscosity increased mobility decreased, the solute is mainly some proteins, such as glycoprotein, lipoprotein, fibrinogen, collagen etc.; and the red cell membrane changes in the composition of the charged amount of membrane surface decreased, cell repulsion between cells is not enough to separate and adhesions.
The blood viscosity, no specific drugs, in this regard, alpha linolenic acid has its unique role. Linolenic acid can regulate sugar, fat and protein metabolism, decreased soluble protein levels in the blood, increasing blood flow, the supplement of linolenic acid about 90 days to see the effect. The proportion of linolenic acid in the cell membrane phospholipids increased, the membrane fluidity increased, while the cell membrane surface charge increased, the adhesion between cells can be improved obviously, adhesion cells in linolenic acid 30 days obviously dispersion. Hyperviscosemia patients with 1.5g/d of alpha linolenic acid for 90 days, the indicators can be returned to normal, and palpitations, chest tightness, dizziness, insomnia, memory decline and numbness of the limbs and other symptoms improved significantly, there are more than 90% efficiency.
On the role of insulin resistance and diabetes
Alpha linolenic acid can promote insulin beta cell secretion of insulin and insulin to maintain stability in the blood, can reduce the resistance of target cells to insulin, improve the cell membrane insulin receptor sensitivity, reduce the antagonism of insulin. Diabetes, body fat decomposition accelerated lipid caused by increased lipid metabolism, leading to vascular sclerosis, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver and hypertension and other complications. In addition, excessive fat decomposition, will produce ketone bodies, such as the advantage of ketone bodies beyond the body, a lot of accumulation in the body, will cause ketoacidosis. Linolenic acid in the human body can regulate lipid metabolism, inhibit the complications, reduce the probability of acid and ketone poisoning. At the same time, the protective effect of alpha linolenic acid on human organs and nervous system and enhance the role of diabetic patients is be of great advantage.
Lowering blood pressure
Alpha linolenic acid and its metabolites EPA, DHA can reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients, taking 1.2 grams per day the systolic blood pressure, diastolic pressure and mean arterial pressure decreased 10mmHg, while the normal blood pressure is almost not affected. Omega 3PUFA mechanism of lowering blood pressure is considered to be the reaction of endogenous vasoactive substances on blood vessels, such as the vasodilative effects of prostacyclin PGI3, stimulate endothelial cells to release NO, while that of linolenic acid to neutral fat in plasma (cholesterol, glycerin three fat) content decreased.
Reduce weight
Alpha linolenic acid in reducing body weight in obese patients is different from any other drugs. Mainly through the following two ways: one is to increase the metabolic rate is two; inhibit the synthesis of glycerin three fat, increased lipid excretion. But to achieve weight loss, the dose to the relative increase.
Inhibition of allergic reaction
The modern people, the number of pollen allergy, food allergy, specific eczema and asthma incidence is increasing, there are two possible reasons for this, one is people to be exposed to the allergen increased; two is the physical reaction of hyperthyroidism. In the process of allergic reaction, mast cells and neutrophils in vivo plays an important role. An allergen enters the human body, it is combined with mast cells, mast cell stimulation and release of histamine and leukotrienes (LT4). In addition, the neutrophil release of platelet activating factor. These activities led to a variety of allergy symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, increased secretions, rhinitis etc..
The food in different species must change the proportion of fatty acids can cause the body allergic reaction of hyperthyroidism. Because the 4 series of leukotriene LT4 produced by Omega 6PUFA peanut four acid (LTB4, LTC4, LTD4, LTE4), produced by alpha linolenic acid is 5 LT5 (LTB5, LTC5, leukotriene LTD5, LTE5). LTB4 can strongly attract neutrophils, Eosinophil And mononuclear cells, increased vascular permeability and activity, and one of the few physiological activity of LT5 in this LT4 only to a few hundredths. The rats were given high linolenic acid and linoleic acid (safflower oil) feed, two generation breeding, intraperitoneal injection of glycogen, agglomeration of neutrophils and stimulation to release LT substances, and then quantitatively. No major differences in the amount of LT release, but there are great differences in the activity of strong B4 and weak activity B5 ratio.
anti-inflammatory effect
With the application of antibiotics and other antibiotics, pathogenic effects of inflammation on human health is increasingly reduced, and some non pathogenic and non fatal chronic inflammation poses new threats to human health, seriously affecting people's quality of life, such as rheumatism, Rheumatoid arthritis Chronic rhinitis, chronic prostatitis So, antipyretic and analgesic, Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs And drugs to treat symptomatic of this kind of disease only. That is to reduce the synthesis of a variety of inflammatory mediators, but also cause serious adverse effects on the body. Linolenic acid has inhibitory effect on various inflammatory mediators and cytokines, and no adverse reaction, bring new ideas to treat this disease.
Effect of linolenic acid on lipid inflammatory mediators of inflammation occurs on the cell membrane of four arachidonic acid AA to produce a series of physiological activity of lipid mediators in the cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase function, including prostaglandin PGE2 and leukotriene LT4 four, inflammation reaction. Alpha linolenic acid metabolite of EPA is similar to AA, the competition with an enzyme system, produce leukotriene LT5 inhibition of PGE2 and LT4 and prostaglandin PGE3 five, compared with PGE2 and LT4, PGE3 and LT5 had no effects on inflammatory activity in vivo therefore, linolenic acid has good anti-inflammatory effect the. A.
Linolenic acid on peptide inflammatory mediators (cytokines) the role of IL-I and TNF- are important mediators of inflammation, and can stimulate collagen by protease mediated leukocytes to endothelial cell adhesion. Neutrophils Leading to inflammation and macrophage activation. Linolenic acid can significantly inhibit the production of cytokines and its mechanism is not clear. Linolenic acid 4 weeks taking 56% purity, concentration of white blood cells in EPA increased, IL-I beta and TNF- generation can be suppressed about 30%.
From the alpha linolenic acid on inhibition of inflammatory mediators can judge has a therapeutic effect on inflammatory diseases, additional linolenic acid for prevention and treatment of many inflammatory diseases, such as Rheumatoid arthritis In particular, atopic dermatitis, prostatitis, because the general water soluble anti-inflammatory drugs is very difficult by the lipid membrane structure surrounding the prostate and play a role, but of itself as linolenic acid fatty acids, easily through the membranous structure into the prostate internal anti-inflammatory effect. Japan has been the development of linolenic acid in pharmaceutical preparations, for the prevention of asthma and allergic diseases.
Protect eyesight
As mentioned earlier, in the retina cell outer segments containing DHA in particular. It is reported that if the lack of DHA, eyesight drops, retinal reflex recovery time prolonged. Because the retina encountered a light, on the chemical reaction, the resulting potential changes through the nerve to the brain. With Omega - 6 series of safflower oil and linolenic acid on rats raised two generations, and then given the different intensity of the light, make potential change, to compare the cell membrane potential map alpha and beta wave magnitude (amplitude), to determine the retinal reflex. The results show that the amplitude and the size of alpha - linolenic acid relative content, namely the control group, safflower oil and linolenic acid in order to increase. Monkey experiments also show that the alpha linolenic acid deficiency, then reduce vision.
Enhance intelligence
Alpha linolenic acid and twenty-two carbon six acid (DHA), in the brain and in the retina at the same time, from the fetus to the lactation during brain development is very important. From the milk brain cell division most has ended, after the number of nerve cells did not increase, so the pregnancy to lactation of linolenic acid supply is very necessary. In addition, alpha linolenic acid and anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti depression and prevention of senile dementia and other aspects of the role in maintaining normal human growth and development, maintaining healthy skin is essential.
Including alpha linolenic acid, Omega 3PUFA in western countries has been used as a drug widely used in clinical, for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, inflammation, depression and other diseases, some countries are in the form of law in certain food must add alpha linolenic acid, or may not be sold. With the study of alpha linolenic acid deeply, linolenic acid should have a more broad application prospects. According to the traditional oil source into vegetable oil and vegetable oil, vegetable oil according to the iodine value is further divided into dry, semi dry, non drying oil, according to the traditional methods are divided into ten categories, six of which are edible vegetable oil, one is the yoke type fatty acid grease, is a kind of hydroxyl fatty acids, fat, fatty acid composition of traditional major vegetable oils are: lauric acid (coconut oil, palm kernel oil and babassu oil), palmitic acid (palm oil), oleic acid (olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, high oleic sunflower oil, safflower oil, linoleic acid content (medium), corn oil, cottonseed oil, sesame oil, soybean oil), oleic acid (high content of sunflower oil, Safflower seed oil ), erucic acid (rapeseed oil). According to the classification of the oil fatty acid composition method is more suitable for genetically modified oil, may change the fatty acid composition of the oils, such as sunflower oil and high oleic sunflower oil.
The view of the domestic
At present Nutrition Think of alpha linolenic acid nutrition short board we on earth, is the main source of food for less processed foods destroy alpha linolenic acid, and linolenic acid itself with high biological activity, easy oxidation, preservation of high technical requirements. Alpha linolenic acid is a kind of basic nutrition to supplement the special people, a kind of essential nutrients, a serious lack of, need to replenish nutrients. Is the short board of human nutrition.

linolenic acid Contraindication

The metabolites of alpha linolenic acid EPA Has significant anticoagulant effect, so it is of little or platelet coagulation mechanism, bleeding tendency, hemophilia should be cautious about taking or intake reasonable under the guidance of a doctor.

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