Volcano From the shape of slag Volcano gravel Collectively. Cinder is a porous and Glass The homogeneous gravel volcano. particle size General 4 ~ 32 mm. It is rich in gas and molten debris sprayed into the air condensation, gas expansion to escape, leaving stoma The formation of slag, appearance, black, dark brown, stomatal often irregular, round and oblong, ranging in size from a few millimeters to 10 centimeters, distributed in Crater Around. Scoria refers to Andesite and basalt Multi hole slaggy shell surface. Sometimes cinder and scoria are used as synonyms.
 Slag Slag
Cinder, scoria
The word is a volcano cinder geology To describe the household contain a lot of bubbles or voids igneous rock .
Volcano The following reasons: when the slag contains a lot of air Magma So, because Magma Meet the low-pressure environment, by air bubbles dissolved air leaving the magma magma, these bubbles are cooled into solid magma trapped, and become a lot of slag hole volcano.
The volcano is common in slag The cone of the volcano Usually, the volcano will form a slag mountain, hill volcano. image New Zealand Auckland The Mount Wellington This is it。
Another volcano is from slag Mud volcano Combustion generated when heated, the mud will be formed Cinder cone volcano .