31 College of University of Cambridge

31 College of University of Cambridge (Trinity College Cambridge) is University of Cambridge One of the largest and most solid financial resources, the biggest name school has about 600 students, 300 graduate students and 180 professors. At the same time, it also has the most beautiful garden building and the University of Cambridge.
31 College of University of Cambridge
The 31 school is by the king of England Henry VIII Built in 1546, its predecessor was established in 1324 Michael Institute (Michaelhouse), established in 1317, King hall. Because of this, today's college still retains the oldest building can be traced back to medieval times has been used by King Hall, the bell tower, until today is still time for the college.
31 College of the church by Henry VIII's daughter Mary Tudor Built in 1554, although the entire church interior in eighteenth Century to complete. Lobby of the Church of them graduated from college graduates of 31 famous jade statue, including Newton Bacon, Alfred Lord Tennyson Wait forsomeone。

Essential information

31 College of University of Cambridge Architectural style

31 College Juting, the middle is a fountain. 31 of the buildings in early seventeenth Century conducted a large-scale renovation, which is at the time of President Thomas Neville (Thomas Nevile) personally designed under the auspices of the.
 31 University of Cambridge School of garden 31 University of Cambridge School of garden
The magnificent architectural design including the ancient bell tower moved 20 yards to empty out enough space for the construction of giant Court (The Great Court) - a Gothic style courtyard.
In addition, the giant court and River Cam Also designed a Neville courtyard (Nevile's Court), but the entire courtyard style at the end of seventeenth Century by the architect Sir Christopher Ryan (Sir Christopher Wren) after the design of the library stands will be complete.
It is named after the designer name on the roof of the library stands a four stone statue represents the oldest four disciplines: theology, law, medicine and mathematics. Library shelves, chairs and other furniture also exquisite design by Ryan himself.
The library is not rich, but are very valuable, including St Paul "The letters" (the Epistles of St. Paul manuscript), Newton self accumulation "nature principle" first edition, Milton Milna (A. A. poem manuscript, Milne). " Winnie Vigny "(Winnie the Pooh), Byron The body of jade statues, including a Ancient Egypt Mummy.

31 College of University of Cambridge School characteristics

The 31 old school still retains many of the tedious traditional customs, such as a formal dinner before all the teachers and students must be at the end of the prayer before meals. Another tradition is more interesting is to let the freshmen try in the day school dinner at noon to ring the bell tower, ran around the court giant circle. Students must finish knocking all bells in the tower (about 43 seconds) time to run up to 367 meters in the courtyard, and even if it is on the track and field athletes is challenging. 31 of Britain's second big famous dance in the summer of May.
 31 University of Cambridge - Newton Apple Tree 31 University of Cambridge - Newton Apple Tree
If the 31 academy Hall of fame highlights is the supreme college academic achievement, so Ryan 31 college library is to let people read is 31 across the nearly 500 years of tradition.
Barrow yes Newton The teacher, in 1673 he served as Dean of the school of 31, 31, presided over the construction of hundreds of years by the United Nations for evaluation World Cultural Heritage Ryan library. The library stands on the roof designed by Gabriel four stone, are a symbol of the oldest four disciplines: theology, law, medicine and mathematics. Another architect Ryan designed the overall framework of the library, and now we see the simple bookshelf, desk and books have great originality in supporting all come from his idea, because he named the library.
Lane 31 college library is not only the possession of ancient Egyptian mummies and medieval Christians in St Paul the manuscript letters and a number of precious cultural relics, and Socrates Dozens of western great thinkers statue statue. The author of "Paradise Lost" Milton Is a student of University of Cambridge, so his manuscript naturally became the new development of library.
Byron In 1805 31 college entrance to aristocratic identity, but he soon tired of school life. He is keen on a casual and elegant bearing. In order to tease "no dog" rule, he kept a bear and a student with rebellious spirit in the history of the 31. But the shock of a generation poet is falling behind cannot bear to think of the past. After his death his friends want to put a statue of jade statue Westminster Abbey The church has been rejected, the reason is this person was destructive to the morals. Is the last 31, forget the past, once again accepted Byron , and put it in the most eye-catching Ryan library.

31 College of University of Cambridge Academic achievement

31 Institute for academic achievement is Cambridge The top all the colleges, Because has many famous graduates and prominent, so far the train a total of 32 Nobel prize winner, the famous graduates include Newton , Bacon , Byron , Alfred North Whitehead , Russell , Wittgenstein Wait forsomeone。

31 College of University of Cambridge famous alumni

Francis Bacon The famous philosopher.
Andrew Marvell The poet.
Isaac Newton The great mathematician, astronomer physicist
Byron The poet.
Edward Fitxgerald, poet
James Clerk Maxwell The famous physicist.
Alfred Whitehead, a philosopher
G H Hardy The mathematician.
A A Milne, writer
Ledwidge Wittgenstein The philosopher.
Bertrand Russell The philosopher.
Nehru India's first prime minister, politician
George VI The king of England.
Rajiv Gandhi The Prime Minister of India.
charles The prince, Prince
eddie redmayne Oscar, actor
Michael Atiyah Mathematician

31 College of University of Cambridge Characteristic landscape

A statue of Henry VIII's college entrance door, the majesty of the king left holding the golden ball, a symbol of the throne on top with the cross, right hand holding a chair leg. It is said that Henry was in the right hand grip VIII is a symbol of the golden scepter, the statue is not completed soon, which play a practical joke students quietly climbed up, put out the chair legs, instead of the. The strange thing is, for hundreds of years, there is no one to manage it. Not only Cambridge but also talked about to leave the matter as it is, continue to introduce visitors to the new and exciting story.
The green lawn in the middle of the right side of the door, a tree with luxuriant foliage of the tree, it is said that hundreds of years ago, an apple tree. The bear fell into Newton's head, and he found inspiration The law of gravity .
The college has a spacious atrium (the Great Court), beautiful buildings and old buildings, a chapel built in 1567 (the Chapel) is a life size statue of alumni such as Newton, Bacon, like image features in a atrium; the elizabethan age The construction of the water fountain, here was the main school.

31 College of University of Cambridge tourist guide

31 College of University of Cambridge traffic

Located in the city center, only 10 minutes walk from Cambridge bus station by bus to school.

31 College of University of Cambridge Admission ticket

Adult 3 pounds / person,
Children and the elderly 1.3 pounds / person;
Local residents and University of Cambridge students and alumni for free,
Every year in December 26th to next March 12th visitors free.

31 College of University of Cambridge Opening Hours

Every day 10:00 ~ 17:00.
The following period of time not open to visitors in June 17th to June 23rd; June 30th; October 1st to October 4th; Christmas day.

31 College of University of Cambridge entertainment

Adjacent to the Jianhe 31 school can participate in the Jianhe punt tour, 8 pounds / hour, a deposit of 30 pounds / ship, but must be in the afternoon 17:00 before returning to the starting point, only the students can charter overnight.

31 College of University of Cambridge Admission requirements

Graduate IELTS 7