Las Vegas

Las Vegas (Las Vegas) is the United States Nevada The largest city is a city enjoys a high international reputation.
Las Vegas
Las Vegas city was built in May 15, 1905, due to the edge of the desert in Nevada, so the annual temperature in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas is the four largest in the world Las Vegas One is a gambling industry as the center of tourism, shopping, vacation the world famous resort city, have "the entertainment capital of the world" and "marriage" laudatory name. Every year to Las Vegas tourism 38 million 900 thousand passengers, to shopping and enjoy the delicacy of the majority, made a special trip to gambling only a minority. From a humble dilapidated village, to a large international city, Las Vegas in ten years.
If you had only a few dollars and go to Las Vegas, may turn over salted fish, if you spend money without end, go to Las Vegas may feel homeless chic. Las Vegas is such a hell, one side is heaven.
In 2014, the United States Las Vegas Las Vegas to become the world's most newlyweds choose honeymoon Travel destination.

Las Vegas History

 More than and 100 years ago, Las Vegas was a small village's name More than and 100 years ago, Las Vegas was a small village's name
"Las Vegas" from the Spanish That means "fertile pastures", because Las Vegas is around the desolate Rocky and gobi The only zone oasis of spring water, because of spring water, gradually become a road transit station and railway station. Las Vegas was founded in 1854 by the then in Western United States The Mormons built, and later moved out of the Mormons, American soldiers to become a depot, but here the population is still very little.
In 1829, Mexico businessmen found the great valley, began to live here. Then a group of Mormons who moved here from Utah.
In 1888, the Union Pacific Railroad access to here gradually prosperous, set up a small town.
In May 15, 1905, Las Vegas formally established the city. The discovery of gold and silver mine in Nevada after the influx of a large number of gold, Las Vegas began to boom, but as a western mining town, once the mine was lighting will be abandoned. In January 1, 1910, closing all of the casinos and brothels.
In 1930s, the 47 kilometers southeast of the Hoover dam was built after Dam Lake Mead is one of the world's largest artificial lake, water and power supply also promoted the development of Las Vegas city.
In 1931 the great depression in the United States, in order to overcome the economic difficulties, the Nevada parliament passed a motion legal gambling in Las Vegas as a casino, from the rapid rise. The main economic pillars of Las Vegas's gaming industry, because the casino is a gold bowl, across the United States to build a casino tycoon have investment in Las Vegas, and even Japan's rich, the prince of Arabia, the famous actor invests.
In 1946, Las Vegas has a large casino. In 50s the development of famous tour gambling characteristics, 60s opened the Desert Resort area. urban economy Rely mainly on tourism, City luxury Nightclub Hotel, restaurants, and a casino, charleston The Grand Canyon National Recreation Area and Exhibition hall. Suburb is the mining area and pasture, a Nevada test site at Nellis Air Force base, large U.S. energy research and development administration. Every May Hull Dorado day, residents wearing the old Western clothing rodeo and parade held.
Even in 1990 Chinese city also settled in Las Vegas, soon became the gathering of Asian Americans, Las Vegas became the most rapidly developing city.
The middle of the nineteenth Century, a lieutenant in Las Vegas who visited despair that, henceforth, no one involved in the desert, but a hundred years time has past barren decorate downtown scene today. Christian called humans lost lamb, and Christ is salvation shepherd in Las Vegas this fertile pasture, grazing is the inexhaustible desire to care but these Lamb who do

Las Vegas physical geography

Las Vegas geographical position

Located in Las Vegas Nevada Surrounded by the desolate rocky zone and Gobi valley area, little rainfall, hot in summer and cold in winter and more sand, occasionally heavy rain will lead to floods. The city has Elevated railway . The total area of 293.6Km -, the average population density of 1630 people - including \Km. White About 70%, 23% were Hispanic whites, blacks accounted for 10%, accounted for 5% of Asians, in addition to doing business in Chinatown Yellow race In the casino, licensing in many Asian people.

Las Vegas natural environment

 The desert landscape The desert landscape
Las Vegas is located in the Nevada desert border, around 1000-3000 meters high mountain. Las Vegas four seasons climate. Summer is a typical desert climate, midday temperature often reaches as high as 38 Eve joy around C, up to 45 DEG C. Night temperature is relatively cool. Often there will be thunderstorms weather, the average temperature exceeded the standard. The whole winter is temperate climate, the average daytime temperature in 15 C about Eve joy. Although occasionally a very hot weather, but spring and summer is still the most pleasant season. Las Vegas is rarely badweather attacks, and all of the big city in the minimum relative humidity of the region. Surrounded by desert, and The valley of death As dry.

The average monthly temperature
Month The average maximum temperature (c) The average minimum temperature (c)
1-2 month Fifteen point five Two point five
3-4 month Twenty-three Eight point six
5-6 month Thirty-four Eighteen
7-8 month Forty point five Twenty-three point eight
9-10 month Thirty-one point three Ten
11-12 month Seventeen Four

Las Vegas population

1990-2000 in the past 10 years, the population of Las Vegas increased by 80% in 2013, has reached about 1 million 900 thousand. But the attraction of this city are slowly becoming diversified.
The population of the urban population of 552 thousand and 500 (2006). The population density of 1604 people - /Km. The metropolitan population of 1 million 777 thousand and 500.
Las Vegas and Clarke County residents have a population of more than 1 million 500 thousand people, the annual population growth rate of 4%, the average monthly 5000 people moved here to live, the official is expected in 2012 in Las Vegas and Clark County resident population of more than 2 million people.
Las Vegas, the average population density of 1604 people per square kilometer, of which 74.7% white, 12.1% black, 4.3% Asian, Indian and Alaska 0.8% local people, in addition to doing business in Chinatown outside yellow, there are many in the casino licensing Asian .

Las Vegas Economics

Las Vegas economic model

Las Vegas is the main pillar of the economy The gaming industry Because the casino is a gold bowl,
Across the United States have to invest in the construction of Las Vegas casino tycoon, and even Japan's rich, the prince of Arabia, the famous actor invests. Driven tourism industry and entertainment industry.
In order to attract tourists, management of social security is very good, in the first prize for the person, if necessary, by two police escorts to the whole family anywhere in the United states. Nevada is the only permitted by law sexual transaction The legal state, but Las Vegas County prohibited transactions in order to maintain social order.
Although later Nevada The other city such as Renault Also the development of the gambling industry, but Las Vegas with convenient transportation and close to the big city Los Angeles The geographical distance
The advantage, still occupy the top spot in the US gambling industry. Because of the Las Vegas gambling industry is booming, and drive the development of local entertainment, world famous dance group and the world famous actor and singer has to climb up to the Las Vegas grand stage and proud, and thus attracted many tourists enjoy the performance approach. Even in 1990 Chinatown Are located in Las Vegas, soon became the gathering of Asian Americans, because of the relationship between Las Vegas become one of the most rapidly developing city. And the local gambling industry as an important pillar of the economy of the region.

Las Vegas finance

 New York Casino New York Casino
The famous American Casino in Las Vegas (City of Las Vegas, Nevada) is a gally in the Gobi desert. However, it has a population of 1 million 700 thousand the modern desert city attracts 38 million 900 thousand visitors each year, ranking the first major city in the United states. Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada, with the gambling industry, tourism, shopping, vacation industry center large, is one of the world famous resort.
City economy is mainly dependent on tourism, the city's focus Employment 300 thousand tourists every year, about 38 million 700 thousand in the city of luxury hotel restaurant nightclub and Casino, a Charleston entertainment district and Death Valley National Expo, suburban mining and pasture, with Nellis Air Force base large U.S. energy research and Development Administration Nevada Field test in May of each year Hull Dorado Residents in the old day,
 Las Vegas Las Vegas
Western clothing held rodeo and parade. From Losangeles along Interstate 15 To the north, go straight, then may arrive at this place in the Nevada desert. City night .
The gaming industry
From 1993 onwards in Las Vegas since the opening of the annual visitors to Las Vegas, suddenly surge a lot. In addition, the Nevada law, only more than 21 years of age who can drink and gamble.

Las Vegas Sociology

Las Vegas medical institution

There are nine hospitals in Las Vegas and the Clark County area.

Las Vegas Conference Center

Las Vegas is the world's 2002 Annual Conference and Exhibition City, a total of 5 million 100 thousand people participated in various exhibitions in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has two large exhibition conference center,
1, the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center (Las Vegas Conventions Center)
2, desert Convention and Exhibition Center (Sand Expo Center)

Las Vegas Architecture

Rank name height (m) layer completion time
One Sky Tower (Stratosphere Tower) 350121996
Two Palace Hotel (The Palazzo) 196532007
3 Trump International Hotel (Trump International Hotel & Tower, 190642008)
4 Las Vegas club Wayne (Wynn Las Vegas) 187482005
Five Eiffel Tower (copy) Hotel de Paris (Paris Las Vegas) 16531999
6 New York New York Hotel (New York-New York Hotel & Casino, 161491997)
7 Palms Resort Hotel and Casino (Palms Place) 158502008
8 BELLE Palace Hotel (Bellagio Resort & Casino, 155361998)
9 Las Vegas Sky Hotel (Sky Las Vegas) 152452007
Ten The Hotel At Mandalay Bay (THEhotel at Mandalay Bay) 148432003

Las Vegas media

"LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL" and "LAS VEGAS SUN" is Las Vegas's two main newspapers. Las Vegas is home to 30 radio stations and 9 television stations.

Las Vegas show

 Circus City Hotel Casino Circus City Hotel Casino
1, Bally's Jubilee
This is one of the signs over the show in Las Vegas, the show has been staged in recent 20 years. As many as 100 singers and dancers dressed in luxury clothing, wearing a headdress is worth more than $five thousand, Broadway The song and dance performances, is a look first to Las vegas. At the end of the program, the performance of luxury cruise Titanic sank, reached a climax. This shows a huge lineup, long lasting, performance is quite shock Power。 Jubilee! Is a character with the Showgirl sign (Top Show) over the show, with its advertising words "25 years of nothing to hide". When there are no dancing actress upper cover, but the signs of topless (Top Show) has been played for 25 years.
2, Bellagio - O"
Canada Circus troupe Cirque Du Soleil's latest masterpiece, the first attempt to water theater. With 81 international artists strong lineup in 1 million 500 thousand gallons (5 million 680 thousand liters) of water and water surface and above the performance. Spectacular, very shocking and creative. "O" (Top, Show) over the show stage props of various equipment spent a total of $92 million, including a 1 million 500 thousand gallon pool stage, a depth of 25 feet, the lowest ticket is one hundred yuan.
3, Clint Holmes - Harrah's
Charming Clint Holmes whether it is his exquisite dance, or that has a magnet like voice, let people can not forget. Versatile Holmes not only can sing pop music, but also proficient in classical and jazz music. One of the most wonderful show called I Wanna Be, a member of the band playing their idol's classic works, called one good show after another Don't miss the fans.
4, Mirage - Danny Gans
Humorist Danny Gans can mimic more than 60 celebrities, such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, or whether the action songs are entertaining, remarkably like the true, has been named Las Vegas entertainer of the year.
5, Monte Carlo - Lance Burton
The world champion of Magic - Lance Burton is one of the most memorable and exciting magic magician. In his 20 years of magic career, he has won numerous awards in the world. Monte Carlo spent $27 million building, named after Lance Burton theatre, magnificent, the audience will be immersed in his magic magic world. Suitable for family viewing.
6, Riviera - Splash
A new cool show, one must see the show, a magnificent performance, bring you endless stimulation. Splash will show the traditional and modern ice skating together, plus a motorcycle stunt daring stunts. Let a person as the acme of perfection. Topless show, under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter.
7, Treasure Island - Mystere
Since the 1993 premiere, 5 million people have enjoyed another masterpiece Cirque de Soleil Canadian circus, 72 actors with incomparable acrobatics now singing, now dancing, and will bring you into a vibrant, singing magnificent magical world.
8, Stratosphere - American Superstar
A parody of a large collection of superstars, like Elvis Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Ricky Martin and other big stars at the scene singing, song and dance, true or false. The audience have a chance in the background with your favorite actor. Dinner and a show ticket more cost-effective, suitable for family viewing.
9, MGM- KA
A large performance Cirque provided by Soleil in MGM du. Ka combines martial arts, acrobatics, puppet, video, fireworks etc. The Story of a legendary Empire twins. The whole show magnificent, thrilling. The fare is 110 to 180 dollars. Children under the age of 5 are not allowed to enter.
10, IHeartRadio Music Festival ( IHeartRadio Music Festival Sponsored by the famous American radio station Clear Channel) Radio iHeartRadio (iHeartRadio Music outdoor music festival, Festival) in the United States on September 23-24 in Las Vegas in the United States the MGM Grand Hotel (MGM Grand) held. Every year from Ryan Sikryst Host。 The guest performers: Iggy Azalea Childish, Gambino, Fences , 5 Seconds of Summer , Lil Jon , Kacey Musgraves Jake, Miller, Magic, Neon Trees Nico&Vinz, The Pretty Reckless , Meghan Trainor , Bastille , Coldplay , Jason Derulo , Ariana Grande , Alicia Keys , Nicki Minaj M, tley Cr e, Taylor Swift , Usher , Zac Brown Band Other singers attend.

Las Vegas Tourist attractions

Both sides of Las Las Vegas temperament is like a coin, one side is hell, the other side is heaven, very sensual tiles exudes a charming atmosphere gorgeous entertainment setups, the two extremes as the shadow follows the form indivisible. If you want to enjoy the luxury fashion, beauty, scene of debauchery, went to Las Vegas; if you are poor and have left a few, maybe go to Las Vegas Bo a salted fish; if you don't know how to spend money, went to Las Vegas, may cause you to experience the homeless chic. This is known as an earthly paradise, where is a hell on earth, is to let a lot of people come to another place.
Las Vegas is the world's most famous casino and entertainment center. In the casino zone - Avenue street, hotels and casinos show. The casino zone refers to the near Las Vegas Avenue South, here has a spectacular and relatively new casinos and hotels and restaurants such as Mirage, Excalibur, Paris, New York, the Flamingo, Caesars Palace, and MGM Circus troupe Etc.. Some small hotel and Casino in Las Vegas can be found in the old downtown area Casino Center Downtown. Here the old city provides a special Fremont Street Experience, that is to provide cover on four street blocks in the road, indoor sports center, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and night light show. Las Vegas is probably the most simple wedding places in the world, about a day issued 230 Marriage certificate About a year, issued one hundred thousand marriage certificate.
The Southern Nevada has been a very extreme place, in the vast desert, there is a man-made legend. The rock structure of a large Resort Hotel and huge dam, huge spectacular and dark smoke filled, exciting casino Roller coaster The solemn and serene wedding hall, people hate the city, but there are a lot of people reluctant to leave this city. Las Vegas is one of the most Americans love tourist destination, this is not a hundred-percent night in Las vegas. The dream of getting rich overnight is also heard, on the diversification of the city, in addition to gambling, also provide a very luxurious resort hotel, world famous entertainment city, the cheap but senior dinner, a world-class golf course, not far from the city water activity place, and recently increased the children's playground.
[2] the world's ten largest resort hotel in Las Vegas on the nine, the maximum is 5005 room at the MGM Grand Hotel and theme park MGM Grand Adventure Hotel and Casino.
In the 1990 years before fifty years, Las Vegas has been identified as the adult world Puzzling World . This place has the purpose is to gambling, gambling or gambling in addition to outside, then control the greedy city of all is the underworld, Russ Garth from only a short while ago, only a limited level of city transformation has become a general level of young and old city Xian yi.
Control of the city forces also turned into a symbol of the white police, it attracts adults, children, friends, nanny, grandparents, gamblers and no smoking every world . In recent years, the city has made a lot of theme hotel such as: Stratosphere, Luxor, New, York-New York and Wet'N'entertainment theme parks such as Wild Grand, Slam Canyon and MGM Grand Adventure. The amusement and theme hotel offers a mini vacation experience and stimulate the people do not need to enter the airport slot or the gambling tables can also linger in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas International Relations

Sister city
Britain Liz (Leeds)
The Republic of Korea Anshan City (An San)
China Macao (Macau)
China Huludao (Huludao)
China Shangqiu City (Shangqiu)
Bulgaria Ponik (Pernik)
Thailand Phuket (Phuket)
Philippines city Angela (Angeles City)
Turkey Pamu Carrie (Pamukkale)
Philippines city of Tagaytay (Tagaytay City)

Las Vegas Culture

Las Vegas Restaurant

Las Vegas buffet is famous all over the world, here the buffet price cover and contain everything from cheap to expensive, have! But Las Vegas buffet prices continued to rise, sometimes eat in mid priced restaurant rather than in the cafeteria to eat is also attractive. Buffet on the family or families with children is still very attractive, because they provide a variety of choices.
The formal dining room charge 15% tips, cafeteria tips for 1 dollars / person.

Las Vegas clothing

The United States of Las Vegas clothing exhibition
MAGIC INT "sponsored by the American L company, established in 1933, is the world's oldest professional clothing and fabric exhibition. The American market has become the largest and most representative professional clothing exhibition in the United States, the clothing industry is recognized as the American Apparel Market benchmark". The exhibition is the American Apparel market is the most important market information center and trading places, but also one of the world's largest collection of men's, women's and children's clothing, fashion and avant-garde fabric as one of the professional clothing comprehensive exhibition, is the world famous order clothing fair.
Exhibits: all kinds of women's, men's and children's clothing and related apparel accessories, apparel fabrics, home textiles, sewing equipment, textile and related media, computer design software and fashion books

Las Vegas Entertainment and leisure

 Fremont Street (Fremont Street) Fremont Street (Fremont Street)
Las Vegas is the world's most famous casino and Entertainment Center . In the casino zone - Avenue street, hotels and casinos show. The casino zone is near Las Vegas Strip In the south, there are spectacular and newer casinos and hotels such as Mirage, Excalibur, Paris, New York, flamingo Caesar's palace, MGM and Circus troupe Etc.. Some small hotel and Casino in Las Vegas can be found in the old downtown area Casino Center Downtown. Here the old city provides a special Fremont Street Experience, that is to provide cover on four street blocks in the road, indoor sports center, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and night light show. Las Vegas is probably the most simple wedding places in the world, about a day issued 230 year marriage certificate, marriage certificate issued about 100 thousand.
The Southern Nevada has been a very extreme place, in the vast desert, there is a man made
A legend. The rock structure of a large Resort Hotel and huge dam, huge spectacular and dark smoke filled, exciting casino Roller coaster The solemn and serene wedding hall, people hate the city, but there are a lot of people reluctant to leave this city. Las Gus. Is one of the most Americans love tourist destination, this is not a hundred-percent night in Las vegas. The dream of getting rich overnight is also heard, on the diversification of the city, in addition to gambling, also provide a very luxurious resort hotel, world famous entertainment city, the cheap but senior dinner, a world-class golf course, not far from the city water activity place, and the new increase in children the playground.

Las Vegas science education

The University of Las Vegas The school embodies the characteristics of the city, the school has the nation's largest, has a 35 year history of the school of tourism, and ranked second in the nation in the exhibition, tourism and hotel management. The University of Las Vegas is the Northwest Universities Association certification, in 2000 the school once again after a comprehensive review by the association of college certification committee. The school is very safe, there are rich and colorful outdoor activities. All the courses of the school recognized by the Joint Committee of the northwest, and the school to the campus security for campus police patrol non-stop every night. Alumni Association of more than sixty thousand students, more than 72% living in Nevada, and so far has donated $5 million 900 thousand for the school as a student scholarships. International students receive special attention and support at that moment will arrive, including a specific plan and help the course registration, provide health insurance information, providing community services, shopping, bank accounts, housing rental information, international student exchanges information service.

Las Vegas Tourism

Las Vegas Scenic spot

Adventure amusement park
Las Vegas is the largest and most popular recreation center, on the 33 acre site is divided into Casablanca (Csablanca) and large squares (Plaza), New York (New York) and Strip (The Strip), Asia (Asia), village (Village) and nine theme areas. Song and dance performances and live performances staged non-stop, and thrilling, strange and eccentric games and play all day.
Red Rock Canyon
Located in the west of downtown Las Vegas, is one of the most beautiful scenic areas in Southern Nevada, six hundred million years ago is the bottom of the world, after several changes in the earth's crust,
The formation of today's tour wonders. To play from the red canyon, Las Vegas Boulevard to the west of the road, is the most direct Charleston street Charleston, heading west along the way, through the 215 Ring Road, opened about five years will be at the Glen Canyon Park entrance. From the Red Rock Canyon swim out, if it continues to go south to open five mile road, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and the door on the right side of the road, the park has the feeling of isolation, it is an oasis in the desert, the entire farm surrounded by green lawns. The farm building in the central lawn, there are many anecdotes.
MGM square
 MGM square MGM square
Las Vegas is the biggest entertainment plaza, located in the Central District of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Boulevard and tropical Road intersection cross road, to be completed by the end of 1993. Hotel Emerald green glass as modeling, unique, in emerald green glass under the shadow of the hotel is composed of the main buildings of You Sidong, the hotel's architectural style is to imitate the eighteenth Century Italy Villa Fiorentino, interior decorations were installed to Hollywood, the South American style, Casablanca and desert oasis as the theme. Especially in Italy marble paved a more luxurious bathroom. Enter the gate, he saw from Italy against a variety of marble guangguai Lu Qi decoration, dazzling, extravagant. It retains the development of the western region of the rough times and the enthusiasm of its charm is that people think back to the Wild West: the casino king is the boss, Huadu by the beauty of money he has, throughout the world, it is probably the most close to the social structure of society. The hotel stands at the entrance of a huge fountain surrounded by golden lion, the hotel is also just as the lion standing in front of the same, warlords, champion, worthy of the "entertainment city" reputation.
Lied Discovery Children's Museum
There are 130 kinds of interactive exhibition, can let the children understand the adult world of life in the game, such as work, money, money, shopping. There are also games for kids to experience the blind and deaf people use a convenient crutch and wheelchair.
Knife show Resort
Las Vegas is the United States after the show in Atlanta.
 Las Vegas knife exhibition hall Las Vegas knife exhibition hall
Two Usual Suspect Network (Las Vegas broadsword knife show), was founded by Emerson in 2002, to provide an interactive platform for online love handmade custom knife friends, by 2013 there has been a lot of high-end merchant participate in this interactive platform, and provide customized tools for this platform show in Atlanta. Although it is smaller than that of Atlanta, but the two knife shows each one has its own merits. Atlanta exhibition broadsword large scale, exhibition content are more diversified, exhibitors are mainly from europe. Las Vegas knife show staff mainly from the western United States and Asia, such as Japan and other countries. Because the knife shows a smaller scale, so you can get more chance to talk and tool manufacturers, the atmosphere of the exhibition hall is warm. Therefore, these advantages make many people of Las Vegas knife show love.

Las Vegas Travel Tips

Free show
Bella Fazio hotel in front of the music fountain: $1 billion made, every 15 minutes once.
Southeast of the city commercial center of Fremont Street light show: formed entirely by the lights of the sky, in the accompaniment of music flew out of the cartoon characters, played fairy tales.
Treasure Island Hotel "pirate ship" show: pirate ships and warships of the guns of war also P.
Other tips
Delicacy: to eat in the hotel buffet, the price is not very expensive, produced very good, Paris Aladin, Mandalay Bellagio, recommended Bay.
Entertainment: almost every hotel in Las Vegas has show, in addition to the above described, other popular performances are: in the Mandela Bay Hotel Broadway play "Mary MIA", Venice Hotel staged a "blue mask".
Other attractions: from Las Vegas urban area, is also surrounded by Nevada natural scenery. If the journey time off, Lake Mead, Grand Canyon West usually can be further arranged to the Hoover dam, where the latter natural wonders is unique in 3500 feet on the Shiyan overlooking the Colorado River and the eagle rock.
Reminder: Las Vegas is located in the inland, the climate is very dry and hot, in addition to swimming, not suitable for outdoor activities.

Las Vegas traffic

 McCarran International Airport McCarran International Airport
Public transportation in the Las Vegas area for the Southern Nevada Regional Transportation Commission (The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, referred to as RTC) and promote the management. Las Vegas has Citizen's Area Transit (CAT bus), Metropolitan Area Express (MAX hybrid bus) and system Rapid transit system Monorail (Monorail).

Las Vegas CAT bus

CAT is the main traffic network of Las Vegas City, including Las Vegas District route. Las Vegas tourism Avenue, the main attractions can take 24 hours, open 301 and No. 302 bus fare, over the age of 18 to US.00 or four tokens, half (62 years, 6-17 years old and disabled) for US.00 or two tokens. The other route is US.25, half price for US$0.60. From Macallan (McCarran) International Airport can take bus number 109 and 108 arrived in Las Vegas The downtown area The terminal (DTC), the No. 108 bus can connect the bus number 301 at Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas MAX hybrid bus

Build five years to complete the MAX bus with computer control system, can shorten or extend the traffic lights at the crossroads of time, in order to arrive at every stop. The MAX is a hybrid bus and light rail, mainly from the central bus terminus (DTC) along Las Vegas Avenue North to the north of Las Vegas airport. Business Hours 5:00-22:00, each can carry 120 passengers.
Ticket Price:
(Full Fare): US.25 block
(Reduced Fare): US$.60 ticket
Monthly (Full Fare Pass) block: US
Half price ticket (Red. Fare Pass): US

Las Vegas monorail

Las Vegas has its own light rail. Monorail transit system built by private investment (Monorail) has been officially opened in July 15, 2004, from the MGM Grand Casino to Sahara Casino elevated tram rail length of four miles, reaching about 14 minutes. Most of the casino and route through the exhibition and conference center. Monorail sell one-way, two-way, ten times a day, and three day unlimited ride ticket co.. Three yuan one-way, two-way 5.5 yuan, 20 yuan, ten times a day for ten yuan, 25 yuan for three days. A total of 72 seats, which can accommodate 152 people standing. The monorail system for the CAT 551.
The monorail is, all of the stations are located in the city's street, station distance famous casino entrance are still a distance, and there is no direct access to the International Airport, so can not effectively solve the traffic congestion problem on Las Vegas avenue.

Las Vegas Taxi

The starting price of $2.70 for the first mile after mile, $1.80, 35 cents per minute wait for the red light,
Airport - Las Vegas Avenue South of about $8-9
Airport - Las Vegas Avenue North is about $9.5-12
The old city of Las Vegas airport, about $9.5-12

Las Vegas Airport

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas McCarran International Airport) is only 1 miles from Las Vegas Avenue, is the most modern Macallan International Airport, has 93 gate, up to 720 daily flights taking off and landing flight.
Airport Las Vegas Strip Shuttle bus, 4 dollars / person.
The airport shuttle bus -- the old city of Las Vegas, $5 per person.

Las Vegas Expressway

Although Las Vegas is very large, but the access of the city expressway is only I-15, to the north by Grand Rapids To Canada, southwest pass Los Angeles . Want to Reno and Carson City Only by 95 Highway The.