Glenn Lee (Glenn Rhee) is (Negan) the brutal murder.

Glen Figure

Cartoon image
Glen is a young Asian people. He was originally a small pizza deliveryman, carrying huge debt, Glen joined the group in the periphery of Atlanta, survivors, and often ventured into the city in search of useful materials. With a quick mind and agility, he has gradually become the Group supplies responsible person, again and again on the tip of the adventure, also makes him become the danger and death petrified. In comic 100th, "murder salvation army chief Nighon cruel.
The image of the game
In the game version of a dead-alive person, help to resist the attack of zombie hero. But eventually left the protagonist of the game team, went to Atlanta to meet Sean.
TV image
In the first quarter of the game a dead-alive person in the first chapter, the protagonist Li Zai home pharmacy met some of the survivors, including Glen. In a conversation that is Glen Macon City Local people. From the drugstore, because Glen wanted to find a friend in Atlanta to leave the team li.
Glen met Rick during a routine to collect supplies in atlanta. In witness Rick Walker was attacked, he found the safe route by radio guide Rick. Glen went on pizza and his life experience, on the path to understand the extent, with his sensitive and fearless consciousness, he proved very helpful and team transfer. When Rick introduced him to Herschel's daughter Maggie said, "Glen is our city expert." Then Maggie began to assist him in the supply line of Glen, after the two men had a romantic relationship. Glen also won the Maggie father's approval. Glen is a member of the Rick camp, is a bridge between the team and the Herschel family of Rick, after the occupation of the prison farm escape, action of rapid growth, becoming the team's No. third role, after being humiliated in the wife, and Moore and the governor had not obtained the hatred in prison by the governor after the fall, show his amazing growth, has become a pawn by running errands alone can deus ex and have a leadership figure, and Maggie in the team after the confluence of the team become the leader in helping other members to solve all kinds of problems when they showed the deep lattice ethics and human nature. But later some reckless performance. The team many times in danger.
A dead-alive person confirmed to be the first episode of season seventh headshot nigan.