The heart is the heart study (psychicalresearch), as a term and category, in nineteenth Century popular. In recent years, it is gradually "Psychotronics" (parapsychology) the word replaced. The soul is beyond the conventional study occurred in human life, some mental phenomena and cannot be explained by scientific knowledge of the subject, also known as the study of mind. Spirituality in late nineteenth Century first in Britain and the United States, then had come into fashion in europe. Since 1930s, generally called "psychotronics".

Spirituality Sketch

It will be my own research object can be divided into two categories: one is in the understanding of the paranormal related organisms, i.e." Extrasensory perception ".
Extra sensory perception is that without the help of normal sensory channels, has the ability to obtain some external information, including telepathy and clairvoyance (also called TeleEye).
Telekinesis Is that do not have mutual contact with things, and power to its movement or position change.
UFO UFO, such as thinking, photography and so on, the last radiance of the setting sun wand. As for the physiognomy, astrology, palmistry, physiognomy and physiognomy such as bone word into its research category that is known as the "pseudo psychology".
The study of psychology thoughts originated in spiritualism, which is produced as a kind of opposite viewpoints on natural selection and Darwin's materialism. In nineteenth Century, some people witnessed the decline of religion, and that Christianity has life after death, and the concept of heaven and hell.
In 1882 London set up the first heart research association, served as the first president of the Sidgwick researcher 31 Institute of University of Cambridge. The investigation has established six committees to engage in relevant thinking transfer phenomenon. In the United States in 1885 also established the society for Psychical research. In the United States the earliest attempts to super psychological phenomenon experimental study on the Stanford University concluded that not his Coover, support the telepathy hypothesis.
From 1920s onwards, this research work starts from qualitative research to quantitative. The main research is the Duke University in the United States Rhine He, a collection of about 15000 examples and the development of some experimental materials (such as Zener cards) and research methods, in order to control and accurate measurement of observation. He is also the founder of the "super" Journal of psychology.
Paranormal human activities also occur from time to time in Chinese, such as ear recognition for children, similar to the telekinetic phenomenon of Qigong, collectively referred to as "the specific function of human body". The community has been concerned about such phenomena and problems.
Try to use a method like physics norms of science, to prove the existence of the objective reality (such as quantum theory or force field to explain).
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But has the ability there is no acceptable evidence that the scientific community to give a satisfactory explanation.
A heart belongs to undetermined science, it is temporarily unable to find out the scientific explanation of the things hanging on the processing, and can be said to have no basis, the heart like psychology as the psychological scientific anatomy deeply, but some specific interpretations of the so-called people. Moreover, psychics and divination images of academic comparison closely, contrary to place value thought and scientific spirit, therefore, cannot be called modern science.
In 1966, the United States created the Jose Silva telepathy course, recognized by the world, then, in 1997, Jose Silva developed second sets of course, straight into the theme - Silva Silva UltraMind ESP system, directly help people develop touch sensing, remote viewing, subjective communication even predict the four ESP, 30 to teach languages in 111 countries around the world, hundreds of millions of students to prove its validity, only 3 days plus 15 minutes a day of training, you can effectively use this ability, so it is included in the field of science. It is worth mentioning that the $two million investment and 50 years of practice, Silva gave a reasonable explanation for the scientific definition: ESP: effective sensory projection, the reason is very simple, the left five feel the time limit, to solve reality problem; the right of the five sense by time and space, because the sense of projection is not limited by time and space, to solve the spiritual problems and help to the left. However, it is this course is likely to be Psychotronics opponents included in other disciplines, but Silva has made it clear that this is the ability of people born with, and not what the argument.
The research content of mind study basically can be divided into two categories, i.e.
The extra sensory perception: that without the help of normal sensory channels have some ability to obtain external information, including telepathy and clairvoyance (also called TeleEye). The former refers to can put a person's thoughts and ideas in the distance is not passed through any media known (or off) of another person, such as thinking transfer; the latter refers to unseen events or things with special perception, such as remote know what happens with the skin color etc..
The telekinesis: refers to the kind of do not have mutual contact with things and make its movement or location change ability, for example, with the idea of making object displacement or make state changes etc..
In addition to the advance and after knowledge, which can be separated from the time and space constraints on the body itself for the future or past events. The heart is widely and everything is not able to make all kinds of Scientific Mysteries associated with perfect interpretation. These mysterious phenomena are: UFO (UFO), such as UFO, wand, photography and so on thinking the last radiance of the setting sun. As for as well as the physiognomy, astrology, palmistry, physiognomy and physiognomy such as word bone into the category of deception that is known as the "pseudo psychology".

Spirituality origin

The study of psychology thoughts originated in spiritualism, which is produced as a kind of opposite viewpoints and C. Darwin on natural selection of materialism. In nineteenth Century, some people witnessed the decline of religion and belief in Christianity life and the concept of heaven and hell after death, that mental phenomena are not simply movement in the form of living matter. They began to investigate some still can not explain, can not be directly observed the information transmission and the field force etc.. First in London in 1882 established the society for Psychical research. As the chairman of the first session of the 31 Institute of University of Cambridge researcher H. sidgwick. The investigation has established 6 committees to engage in relevant thinking transfer phenomenon. In the United States in 1885 also established the society for Psychical research. In the United States the earliest attempts to make experimental research on the super psychological phenomenon is J.E. of the Stanford University and his conclusion that Coover, can not support the hypothesis about telepathy. From 30s onwards, this research work starts from qualitative research to quantitative
 Spiritual guru Hu Yinmeng Spiritual guru Hu Yinmeng
The main research is the Duke University J.B. Klein, he collected about 15000 examples and the development of some experimental materials (such as Zener cards) and research methods, in order to control and accurate measurement of observation. He is also the founder of the "super" Journal of psychology. After the Second World War, with the further development of the mind in the research method, improved in randomized, controlled experimental conditions and automatic detection device, and the automatic control and the results were analyzed by computer. In addition, the level of consciousness and sensory deprivation experiment, and the study of sleep and dreams are also included in the study has also been carried out, the heart was active for some time. Until 1988, the American Academy of Engineering Sciences and Medical Research Institute jointly set up a special committee to assess spirituality, published a report tend to have a negative attitude. In the Soviet Union after the October revolution, the Soviet Union in 1924 established the heart research committee. The representative is Vasiliev L.L., who was in charge of research in distance hypnosis. Since 1956, telepathy is considered to be anti social and impossible things, and prohibited to be reported in the Soviet union. In 70s the Soviet Union after the open heart study, become a very active field, and try to apply to the military.
Paranormal human activities also occur from time to time in Chinese, such as ear recognition for children, similar to the telekinetic phenomenon of Qigong, collectively referred to as "the specific function of human body". The community has been concerned about such phenomena and problems.
In February 1980, Shanghai held the first session of the National Seminar on the specific function of human body. Since then there have been established to study the specific function of human body will. Some people in the field of science and technology advocated to carry out research on the specific function of human body, think it and Qigong, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine are intrinsically linked, and trying to use the methods like physics and other scientific norms to prove the existence of the objective reality (such as quantum theory or force field to make an explanation). They think this is a major research topic in science and technology. But there are also quite a few academics have disagreed with the views, and there are many studies reporting negative analysis of psychological phenomena with super human specific features. The mind or the human specific features of itself, although cited examples and experiments to try to prove super psychological phenomenon, but has the ability there is no acceptable evidence to give a satisfactory explanation for the scientific community. In addition, the specific function is often accidental, elusive, but also accepted scientific knowledge and incompatible. Therefore, the spirit of transcendence of conventional phenomenon really exist, or just reflects the people want to control and manipulate a desire for their own future, still need to make deep research and discussion.

Spirituality History

Divination heart is a course that all paranormal knowledge of modern science can't explain the biological phenomena. In our country, this kind of abnormal phenomenon, often referred to as "special features". The main point of mind that human beings have a potential ability, it can not through the normal channels and sensory perception of the world. It will be my own research object can be divided into two categories: one is in the understanding of the paranormal related organisms, namely "extra sensory perception"; the other is the organism without physical media and interactions with the physical phenomenon, namely "heart action".
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Psychic phenomenon has a long history, but the mind as a discipline to study, only one hundred year history. In 1840s, the rapid development of science, while Darwin's theory of evolution is popular on the occasion, spiritualism emerged. This is the only material to explain a challenge and mind. At this time, in 1848, in the United States of New York Hayes Wei Cun Fawkes three sisters, by tapping the furniture and other physical phenomena, and the family of the souls of the dead have "information sensing", caused a great sensation. Although the views of the incident is still controversial, but it promoted people to carry out research on supernormal phenomenon, which means that the initiation of spirituality - Super psychology.
In 1850s, several psychopneumatology organizations have been established, one of which is the University of Cambridge heart survey, it is sometimes called the "ghost", this was mainly due to their interest in spontaneous supernatural experience. A member of this investigation is Henry. Sidgwick (1838 - 1900). 30 years later, in February 20, 1882 the British established the world's first heart institute, has been renowned philosopher Henry Sidgwick served as the first chairman of the heart institute. The mind will study to collect, survey and study of various abnormal events as their responsibility, to carry forward the human spirit of scientific research, which is difficult to explain the ability for the purpose, to carry out a lot of work. In 1885, the United States has also established a heart Research Institute -- similar will. Subsequently, the majority of European countries have been set up in this society.
In this century, 30s, the heart study has developed from qualitative research (such as witchcraft, automatic test cases and other evidence into quantitative research). At Duke University in North Carolina Yi - B - Rhine initiative, established the "Psychotronics Institute", J - B - Rhine still "extra sensory perception" (1934) a book created a series of parapsychology terminology, and the use of statistical techniques in the study of mind. Through his books, propaganda, not only attracted the scientific community, and even attracted the attention of the public.
During the two World War, Hitler and Goebbels had with spirituality, openly encouraged Star home astrological forecasts in favor of their own war, in order to make public opinion for the fascist rule. This practice was retroaction mind opposition protest. Nevertheless, the heart in the West still attracted more and more attention. 1957, "international professional organization of international super Psychological Association" was established in the United states. In 1969 the Institute became affiliated Association of American Association for the advancement of science, more and more universities have proposed Psychical Research direction and research topic. According to incomplete statistics, in the beginning of 70s, there are more than and 30 countries in the world has set up more than and 240 Research Institute and the society of mind, many of which are located in New York by the "international" super Psychological Association leadership. Many countries devoted to the publication of a magazine published special academic parapsychology, issued the mind Science Symposium news. In 1968, India also granted the first heart study to "Psychotronics" master degree.
The Soviet Union to study heart is also very seriously, according to the American scholar A Otto 1980 article "psychologyandpersonalgrowth" said that in the Soviet Union, has hosted more than and 20 government Heart Research Institute and research center specialized in the research, they called telepathy this special phenomenon as "brain waves", believe that the human brain. You can pass information like a radio broadcasting station that, unlike in the west, they recognize the existing phenomenon, selection of general intelligence as test object and training.
Obviously, keen to study spirituality, compared with ignorance, not superstition. The developed countries in the world with advanced scientific knowledge for the armed forces, has made a very fruitful progress in spirituality construction.
In March 11, 1979, the "Sichuan daily" reported the first Dazu County Tang ears read news of rain. Then, local newspapers published many similar stories, every kind of Qigong and Qigong cure deeds also. Many scientists are beginning to test the "specific function", published two opinions of tit for tat. One view is that, in addition to the specialized human eye's visual organ, other parts of the body surface are capable of photosensitive color, specific functions are to identify the polar geomagnetic feelings and normal people cannot see the infrared and ultraviolet function in a functional state, and some even can "see" the existence of a relationship between body acupoints and meridians. People who hold this view that qigong can enhance or interfere with specific functions, specific function also has the ability to exclude the interference of qigong. They think the specific function is a potential of the human body, should explore and capture. Another view is that the so-called "special features" is merely a form of magic, witchcraft, superstition has obvious, is the outcome of idealism.
In February 1980, the first session of the specific function of human body discussion will be held in Shanghai, the localities have established research human specific function. Soon the preparatory meeting also announced the birth of China of human specific function. Comrade Tsien Hsueshen in May 1981 the national second session of the specific function of human body science published during the "basic research" human science article said: "Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine theory and the specific function of human body is the most fundamental human scientific truth, not a mystery, but closely related to the development of Science and technology with most advanced generation, so great they are the research subject of science and technology. "Unfortunately, on this major research project", Chinese has not only published monographs, translations and even no "introduction".
The researchers of mind science is a science research, most scholars are experts of mind heart research in certain areas of expertise in the prestigious. Although they are holding to the unknown world on the question of attitude is not the same, but they are holding such a view: "ghost" thing is all human culture has a long history, so far not inextricably linked with it. In the East, suangua, It is often seen. predict, survival after death, heart treatment; in the west, witchcraft, astrology, seance, "magic wand" detection also emerge in an endless stream. On the phenomenon and so on how to look at, how to make a scientific answer, this is a worthy research topic.
Spirituality and psychology, although originated from the same era, but it drops back, never had the good luck psychology. Psychology is considered as the deep foundation of human knowledge bridge laying, and spirituality are considered between liars and psychiatric patients with mysterious scam. In addition to the world of prejudice, mind itself is lack of systematic theory is the key to the cold. On this issue, the psychology of master Carl Jung in the heart of his speech: "I never take anything I can't call to deceive, denounce as fashionable foolishness. "The mind is directly facing the modern scientific doubt its authenticity of the subject, is not possible in the life of the surface is illuminated by the consciousness of the people, it has a mysterious era and does not see the bottom of the mysterious is the unavoidable reality. Only in this way, "mind" reveals the value of the study: what is the person of its own lack of understanding or form false phenomenon?
Of course, if the mind science have made a scientific answer, it will not become the mysterious topic, psychic phenomenon is not mysterious, aloof thing. Fortunately, the book on such theoretical issues after all made strenuous efforts: it explores the relationship between spirituality and disciplines of physics, psychology, psychiatry, anthropology and brain research, provides a method to survey and combining various experimental techniques in the laboratory in the laboratory, and highlights of spiritual phenomenon to be several bold interpretation of the hypothetical theory:
One is the physical theory, believe that there are different with other known forms of energy energy form has not yet been found in the world.
The two is that the projection hypothesis, there may be a independent of the physical world, the ability to interact with the physical world.
The three is Carl Jung's theory of the collective unconscious, that all people have no awareness of the perceived source, and a person's unconscious mind can lead others into unconsciousness.
The construction of any subject theory, is not an easy job to do, make a credible theoretical hypothesis of paranormal phenomena cannot be explained by modern science and the mysterious transcendental things, more is not easy. It may be necessary to investigate several generations, dozens of generations of theory, even against the end proved to be purely illusory and has been denied. But no matter what the conclusion -- and all conclusions will inevitably arise after in-depth investigation and research, the first problem is that we have to face the reality, to the presence of these mysterious and human mysterious mystery made theoretical explanation.

Spirituality theory

Psychological test "telepathy" is also called "telepathy" or "mind reading", is a "sixth sense" (or "perception") a. According to the definition of Zhang Chunxing "modern psychology" the sixth sense refers to "in addition to five kinds of physiological function based on sensory, there are sixth people do not rely on tangible sense for pipeline, as the radio, received around the world in a message". "Telepathy" refers to "between the two is not via any communication tools or pipeline (language gestures and facial expressions etc.) can pass each other and play the message". For example, between two people separated by hundreds of miles, not by telephone and other communication tools, one can perceive another person at the moment, thoughts or feelings. Of course, these two people had not agreed to convey information on what, do not rely on others. Have relevant at all times and in all countries "telepathy" rumors, I believe we have all heard some examples.
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For "telepathy", only two possibilities: one is there, there is no two. This latter case we do not need to consider, because it does not exist, in addition to using it to fantasy, for we have no what practical significance. We have to consider is the presence of "telepathy", that is what the actual effect on our life.
When telepathy exists, it may have the following three conditions affect us:
Is there a "two psi" to increase communication and understanding by telepathy, thus enhance the intimate relationship between friends. For example, between lovers. Between husband and wife between family members and so on;
The two is neither benefit harmless, such as two strangers "telepathy";
The three is a party to the other party "telepathy" can give a party is inductive harm, such as induction between two people or a bitterness of the above second cases in the induction of evil to be.
The third kind of situation we have an important discussion, because treatment is not good, it will bring bad effects to the party and the society.
In these circumstances, a party to the other party "telepathy", can make the sensor for the spirit of persecution by the sensor, and the sensor is dumb, bitter herbs; can make the sensor used for fraud and other illegal and criminal activities of the sensor. In terms of military hostilities in person if telepathy, can make people can perceive each other's intentions "enemy battle"; in secrecy, outsiders of confidential personnel "telepathy" can make the security organs compromised; one to the other, "telepathy" the induction of people lost the right to privacy; the war and other aspects are even the most intimate with no exception whatsoever; between the two "telepathy" may also make two psychological distance too close and out of harmony. The resulting variety of psychosocial problems and so on, have appeared on who is going to?
"Telepathy" existence is still inconclusive, this is the limit of human understanding. However, if the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, Nothing is too strange.! "Telepathy" really exists, it is common or rare? It is the principle with the radio transmission and reception about? I believe in the near future human one day to uncover the mystery.
Telepathy and foreboding phenomena can be explained from the biological point of view, they are normal animal behavior, after millions of years of evolution, which is the need to adapt to survive. We inherited from the ancestors of these techniques, the research on these skills can be understood, especially animal and human nature of thought to help us.

Spirituality With quantum mechanics

Most experts believe that the mind, everyone is more or less some extraordinary skills (extrasensory perception and idea actuation). One of a handful of people this kind of ability is quite strong, and this extraordinary ability is independent of time and space. It is said that this is due to a single force at work. So, this is a kind of what kind of power?
Modern physics admit four basic forces: gravity, electromagnetic force, weak interaction and the strong interaction force, and all these four forces are strength and field attenuation phenomenon with the increase of the distance. American psychologist Reinhard had pointed out that the power of the mind ignore the temporal features cannot be explained by the above four kinds of force. Due to the ultra low frequency electromagnetic wave has a strong penetrating ability, some experts believe that the soul of photonic power of mind may be carrying tools, but this evidence is not exist.
In the order of decreasing wavelength, electromagnetic wave arrangement as follows: various types of radio waves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, gamma ray, X-ray machine, all these electromagnetic waves through the photon propagation.
Also there is no evidence to explain other particles that may play a role in the power of the mind. These particles are "gravitons" (people assume that it is the "gravity" (carrier), neutrinos from certain nuclear reactions, etc.). And there is a speculation, put forward the "fast" (the so-called "superluminal particles") carrier may be the power of mind. Unfortunately, Tachyon probably doesn't exist, even if they really exist can not be used for communication, because they will exceed the speed of light on relatively narrow and logical contradiction. Heart experts of the Soviet Union has put forward the "mind", but that is just invented a new particle to explain and no one can understand the force only, and the so-called "child" may simply not exist.
Since the laws of physics do not follow any known psychic phenomenon appears, so the Rhine always hold this cautious view that the power of the mind is completely beyond physics. He said, we don't understand the power of the mind is what we'd better admit their ignorance and patiently wait for new progress.
However, scientists now mind is not so good patience. Because of the soul scientist Ivan Harris Volker suggested, that quantum mechanics might explain psychic ability view is quite popular. Volcker's views after several amendments, by Jack Sarfati (once an admirer of Yuri Gayle) and the strong support from the Nobel prize, British Brian, Joseph Xun has made some support. In addition, expressed support for celebrities and Paris Poincare, Costa de Pogate, Standford Institute of Harold Putthof and Lussier Tag, and the other is not very famous physicists such as University of Copenhagen School of Richard McIntyre Eostre Duanke et al.
Prior to Volcker's point of view is reviewed, it is necessary to say something about the concept of quantum mechanics. In quantum mechanics, a system of particles or several particle state is given by the "wave function". The function of the intriguing characteristics in on certain properties (such as position, momentum, spin, polarity and so on), it does not take the numerical to determine the probability of each numerical is given only when the particle physical measurement of each variable may take the. The measurement of this action is some reason has not been explained based on quantum mechanics, will make the particles to a commonly referred to as the "process of collapse" of the wave packet. As a result, the particles will be from a measured value of the variable is the quantum state of uncertainty "transition" to a variable to determine the value of the quantum state.
This situation is quite a bit like a rolling, has not stopped the dice, but actually they are not completely the same. We are not able to predict the surface appears on the dice points, but that we don't know all the effects of various physical strength dice. In principle, if we take into account all these forces we can correctly predicted that appear on the surface of the dice points. But without a measure of particle behavior but not a dice, or a roll of coins, or any one of the familiar things. In quantum mechanics, a quantum nature of the variables in the measured value is simply the result of opportunity.
For example, assume that the wave function tells us that a spin direction is taken clockwise or anti clockwise with equal probability, it is impossible to determine whether it is what kind of spin. This seems to measure before the particle was not clear as spin direction. Two spin direction is inherent in the particle. In the measure of action to seize the particle before nature does not "decide" whether it is in what way in spin.