Los Angeles

Losangeles (Los Angeles), located in the United States The state of California Southwest is California The first large city (population and land area), often referred to as" The city of angels "(City of Angels). Losangeles land area of 1214.9 square kilometers, the city has a population of about three million and nine hundred thousand (2014), the United States is the second largest city in population, after New York Losangeles; and Long Beach Santa Ana - the metropolitan area has a population of about 13 million (2013), Losangeles (Greater Los Angeles Area) contains more, including 5 counties, about 18 million of the population. Losangeles is the largest metropolitan area in the western United States (the other is in the north of California The San Francisco Bay Area Losangeles, 2014 GDP) was $693 billion 116 million, ranking third in the world (after New York and Tokyo ).
Los Angeles
Losangeles is the world's trade, international trade, education, culture, entertainment and sports center. Has the largest harbor in the western United States, the United States is one of the largest base of petroleum chemical industry, marine, aerospace industry and electronics industry. Losangeles has many world-renowned institutions of higher education, famous universities in the greater Losangeles area including California Institute of Technology (Caltech), University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Southern California (USC), pepperdine university (Pepperdine University). Entertainment, Hollywood , Disneyland , Universal studios Beijing Are located in Losangeles, south of California city of luxury Beverly Hills It is located in the centre of Losangeles. At the same time, Losangeles has also hosted the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympic Games .

Los Angeles History

In the coastal areas of Losangeles, Tongva (Gabrielenos), early Chumash and Indian Have lived for thousands of years. In 1542, the first Europeans arrived here, led by Rodr Guez Cabrillo|Joao, the Portuguese explorer Juan Cabrilho, announced that this area is The Spanish Empire The kingdom of Heaven (the City of God), but did not stay long at this point. Once again Arrive It has been 227 years. In August 2, 1769, Gaspar de Portol, and the Franciscan priest Juan Crespi came to Losangeles today where.
 The beautiful night view of Losangeles The beautiful night view of Losangeles
In 1781, Losangeles became the Spain Colony。 In 1818, Americans for the first time here. In 1821, Losangeles home Mexico . In 1846, the Mexican American war in Mexico after the failure The state of California Ceded to the United States, Losangeles became a territory of the United states. In 1848, the west" The gold rush "To attract a large number of immigrants came to Losangeles. In 1850, Losangeles city officially, the same year California became the thirty-first state of the union, and the Losangeles population of only 1600 people.
At the end of nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century, Losangeles became a Megacity . By 1920s, the film industry and the aviation industry have gathered in Losangeles, to promote the further development of the city.
Losangeles has successfully held the 1984 Olympic Games in Losangeles. In late 1980s, Losangeles is Heavy metal music All. Despite the 1992 riots in Losangeles in 1994 and 2002, the earthquake caused no small loss, but Losangeles withstood the test.
Losangeles has become the petroleum chemical industry, marine, Aerospace Industry The largest base and electronic industry. The financial and commercial industry in Losangeles is developing rapidly, and has developed industry and financial industry, Losangeles or the United States cultural and entertainment center.

Los Angeles geographical environment

 Echo Park (Echo Park) Echo Park (Echo Park)
Losangeles is on the verge of the vast Pacific Ocean east of San Pedro Bay and 5, the 131 city population. 9 million 520 thousand, is America The second big city group;
2, Losangeles County, consisting of 88 city;
3, Losangeles City, the second largest city in the United States, the population of 3 million 960 thousand.
According to the U.S. Census, the total area of the city is 467 Square miles (1290.6Km -), the land area of 469.1 square miles (- 1214.9Km), the water area of 29.2 square miles (- 75.7Km), accounting for 5.86%. The land area of the City ninth listed in the continental United states. The maximum span is 44 miles north and South (71 km), that the maximum span is 29 miles (47 km), the boundary line perimeter is 342 miles (550 kilometers). The highest peak of Losangeles mountain Lukens (also known as El of Xifeng, English Sister Elsie Peak), with an altitude of 5080 feet (1548 meters), located in the San Fernando Valley (English San Fernando Valley) of the northeast, Keith Road (Lukens) is a part of the mountain. The Losangeles river flows through the city is a major Seasonal river Originated in the San Fernando valley.
Losangeles is located in the Mediterranean climate with mild climate. On the whole is dry and little rain, but in winter rain a little more. The sunny, basically A little time In the freezing point, so the probability of snow is not very high. The annual rainfall is only 378 mm, with winter rain dominated. Losangeles larger temperature difference between day and night, daytime is hot, even in winter, daytime temperatures have 20 degrees Celsius, summer daytime temperature is usually beyond 35 degrees, even often due to heat waves caused forest fire situation. The average maximum temperature of 23.3 degrees, the average minimum temperature of 13 degrees. Rainfall mainly concentrated in winter and spring, February is the wettest season.

Los Angeles administrative division

Losangeles metropolitan area
Losangeles is a famous city with nuclear group, from the formal point of view, Losangeles has set up a system of various counties; but from the city of Losangeles, is a close 100 with the city's nuclear components metropolis . These compact city are arranged in an orderly manner close to the rectangular block of 10 thousand square kilometers, sharp. Losangeles does not have a dominant center every day, millions of vehicles like traffic through the center of a city is not concentric or radiation.
Losangeles County
Losangeles county has a population of about 10 million 240 thousand, is the largest county in the United states. The functions of law enforcement, county assessment, property tax, public health, social services and relief of the poor, in addition to flood control, water resources protection, parks and some cultural and entertainment services. Losangeles county has 88 municipalities, autonomous degree is not the same, to provide all municipal services in 37 cities and counties by agreement. No city town of Losangeles County in the 65% autonomous regions, there are about 1 million people living in this area, the area of municipal services provided by county.
Losangeles local county (city wide area - based local) between, according to the Oriental people's habits, is the "city classification".
A city, the city by the municipal government for all administrative.
Two, the city administration by the city for part by the government of city, or for its upper county.
Three, the city basically by the county administrative management, municipal government is only responsible for a few administrative.
A population of up to, behind the little. The main grading standard, the population is.

Los Angeles population structure

Los Angeles Form

 China Theatre (Grauman& amp; amp Chinese Theatre (Grauman& amp
Losangeles urban population of about 4 million 100 thousand, and its suburbs Satellite city The greater Losangeles area (Greater Los Angles Area) of the total population is about 16 million.
A large number of immigrants to Losangeles international has become a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural city color, ethnic minorities accounted for about half of the city's population, and has a large immigrant community, all races inhabit a region formed their own "city", such as bar street, full of rich The culture of Brazil Every year, March Brazil Carnival Be able to see the Americans in Brazil jumped charming Samba . One of the main gathering place of Losangeles is Chinese American, about 70 thousand Chinese people living in this. Losangeles's nickname "Luo province", is the Guangdong early Cantonese transliteration of Chinese immigrants. And Losangeles city belong to Losangeles county (Los Angeles County) it is the meaning of "capital".
But different mongrelization also make to Losangeles and other major U.S. city, in the face of strong racial issues, riots took place in 1992 against the black white police abuse of police powers.
The rate of population growth

Los Angeles Religion

Losangeles is the world's one of the most various kinds of religious groups in the city.
Many religions have followers in Losangeles, among the various Christian sect is more than 100. Because Spanish , Filipino and Irish A large number of the Catholic Church in Rome is Losangeles's largest religious group.
The Roman Catholic Church in Losangeles Archbishop The United States led the largest archdiocese. In 2002, north of downtown built angels Cathedral (The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels).
Losangeles temple is the second largest in the world Jesus Christ At the end of the Church of Saints Church, located in the Losangeles area of Westwood (Westwood) Santa Monica avenue. It was built in 1956, is the first California The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church。 The visitor center is open to the public, the Losangeles area family history center (Los Angeles Regional Family History Center) is also open to the public.
Losangeles has the Israel The number of ranked second in the United States in the city, after the New York . In the city, everywhere there are many liberal or conservative and Orthodox synagogues. Located in the most San Fernando Valley (San Fernando) and West Losangeles.
From 1906 to 1909 in the Azusa Street revival in Losangeles (Azusa Street Revival) is a five year history of milepost Festival sports. Soon after, Protestant Fundamentalism is named in Losangeles and took a crucial step. In 1909, the Losangeles Bible College (B.I.O.L.A., now Biola University Biola, University) published and widely circulated called The Fundamentals A set of books, introduction to traditional conservative interpretation of the bible. "To the term" Christian "is named in this series.
In 1920s, Michael Amy (Aimee Semple McPherson, 1890 -) created the prosperity of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (Angelus), Angeles Cathedral Temple) are open to the black and white believers. On 1949, Billy Graham and became a celebrity in Losangeles held a successful revival meeting. Herbert Armstrong (Herbert W. Armstrong) the universal Church of God (Lord Worldwide Church of universal church, God) headquarters has been set up Pasadena Nearby, at Glendale (Glendale). Jean Scott (Gene Scott), until his death in 2005, has been based in downtown. The Metropolitan Community Church (Metropolitan Community Church) is a male and female Homosexuality Who are the main members of the Christian Fellowship By 1968. Paley (Troy Perry) was founded in Losangeles.
As Losangeles has a large number of different ethnic populations here have various religious beliefs of many organizations, including Islamism And buddhism, Hinduism , zoroastrianism , Sikhism , Bahai And all The Orthodox Church , sufi Wait。 For example, immigrants from Asia established many Buddhist societies, so that the city has the most kinds of Buddhist world. The number of Buddhists in Losangeles has ranked first in the United States in the city. There are more than and 300 Buddhist temples in the city.

Los Angeles City Flower

Bird of Paradise (Bird of paradise). Also known as Bird of Paradise (crane flower).

Los Angeles Economics

 The Losangeles night The Losangeles night
Located in the west coast of the United States The state of California South of Losangeles, is the United States after the second largest city in New York, is the world's economy and urban system In a dazzling star. It rose in late nineteenth Century. At the beginning of twentieth Century, with the improvement of transportation and oil discoveries, it began to emerge in the south of California, people, industry and other factors of production to focus here, in 1930s to become the regional center of the city. The Second World War and the post-war federal government through military orders, the establishment of military facilities and Military base Losangeles, the rise of modern industry, the rapid development into one of the biggest city in the western United states.

Los Angeles Business

Losangeles has become the petroleum chemical industry, marine, Aerospace Industry and The electronics industry The largest base. It is one of the main center of science and technology, has a number of scientists and engineers in the United States first, enjoy the "city of science and technology". as Northrop (Northrop), Rockwell (Rockwell), Losangeles has become the second only to New York Financial Center .

Los Angeles Trade

Be located San Pedro (San Pedro). The port of Losangeles Long Beach is located in the south of downtown and the port side, is America's largest Western Harbour is located, the total process about the west coast of the United States, 70% of the total container volume .

Los Angeles An important position

Losangeles area is the largest economic center in California, California accounted for 30% of the labor market, the output value of California 1\3, California accounted for more than 25% of the retail and wholesale. Losangeles port is the main port in the United states. Hollywood is a traditional film, studio and production centers in today Hollywood Around, also the focus of many record companies. Due to the close relationship with the entertainment industry, Losangeles has become the center of the main multimedia industry.

Los Angeles development history

Losangeles is at the end of nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century, with the discovery of oil, Losangeles began to rise, the rapid development of one of the largest city in the western United states. After the Second World War, the rise of modern industry, commerce, finance and tourism boom, immigration, the city continued to expand around Losangeles as a large city in the United States. Losangeles has become the petroleum chemical industry, marine, Aerospace Industry and The electronics industry The biggest. Northrop , Rockwell A large company in aviation industry dominated all the headquarters, the Losangeles has become the United States after New York The financial center .
Losangeles is also West Coast The center of gravity of the trade, transport, logistics and warehousing industry, is the United States and Asia Import and export trade Center. Located in San Pedro (San Pedro). The port of Losangeles With the Hong Kong side Long Beach Located in the south of downtown, is the largest U. seaport Where the total process about the west coast of the United States, 70% of the total container volume.
The automobile industry is an important pillar of the economy of Losangeles. Although Losangeles is not an automobile production industry, but as the center of Losangeles Southern California Area is the world's largest single car market (which is the greater Losangeles area there are about 10 million cars), is the birthplace of American car trend. except Nissan and subaru Besides, all from Japan and South Korea are all car companies in the greater Losangeles area set up its operational headquarters in the United States, for example Toyota , Honda , Mazda , MITSUBISHI automobile SUZUKI automobile, Isuzu , The modern automobile and kIa . There are a lot of other European car companies are equipped with the design department in the greater Losangeles area, in order to understand the American automobile trend, Losangeles has become the Detroit Besides, another US auto city. Every year in early December at the Losangeles Convention Center (Los Angeles Convention Center) at the Losangeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show) is the size of the country after the Detroit North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) of the second North American International Auto Show, and vehicle weight and injection production car technology concept exhibition, Losangeles auto show is mainly discussed as the key to the design style of the vehicle.
The film industry of Losangeles is another world famous important industry, mainly concentrated in the urban areas Hollywood Area. The film industry can be rooted in the development of Losangeles, has a great relationship with the climate and geographical environment in Losangeles. Because of the little rain and basically not snow, the sunshine time is long, has become the best place to take the location. Plus near Losangeles geographical changes, mountains and sea, the location is very easy, so gradually become the focus of the film industry.
Losangeles is the largest industrial center, manufacturing output accounted for about 1/2 in the state of California, ranking third in the country. Losangeles has a modern deep-water port, near Long Beach is the famous Joseph Moss project, is the exploitation of oil Artificial island A big world, the one and only inclined on the island.

Los Angeles traffic

Los Angeles Bus

 Los Angeles International Airport before the large "LAX" logo and the lighthouse Los Angeles International Airport before the large "LAX" logo and the lighthouse
MTA bus (Metropolitan Transit Authority Bus)
Connected to the main place Losangeles city and suburban buses, traffic congestion in the city of Losangeles is the public transport. Because of cheaper fares, routes and methods to remember cooked car, get off, you can enjoy the cheap and interesting bus travel. The MTA bus is white with orange lines of vehicles, there are about 200 lines. The fare is $1.75 in all, if one day tour can buy $5 a day ticket plus smart card a total of $7 at the train station or the service center of bus, if the same direction of 25 cents in one hour (need to transfer 2 Driver Ask for a transfer ticket).
City bus cycle (DASH)
DASH is a small bus tour of downtown, there are 5 cycle route A to E. After shopping center, art museum, Broadway , Chinatown Joint
 Losangeles city traffic map - the latest version of erlinyou Losangeles city traffic map - the latest version of erlinyou
Station, Vera Orr The main street downtown attractions for tourists, so very convenient. In addition, there are also the route to Hollywood. DASH every 5-15 minutes to run, Sunday and holiday is not working. The distance between stations about a block or so, each site has the'DASH'mark. Charge is 25 cents. Take another route for free. To take another route, should be with the first car when the driver to transfer ticket.
City Bus
There are cities except DASH bus routes.
Santa Monica city bus (Municipal Bus Lines)
Also called big blue bus (Big Blue Bus). For from Los Angeles International Airport to Santa Monica, from Santa Monica to Westwood and other places.
In Santa Monica Tourism Bureau You can get a map. Is the fare 50 cents Free transfer.
Long Beach Line (Long Beach Transit)
The Metro blue line (Metro) (Blue Line) station in Long Beach as the center line,
The queen Marie (Queen Mary), seaport village, St. Peter Local route. The information office Long Beach line station. The fare is 75 cents, transfer 5 cents, 25 cents change to the MTA bus.
OCTD bus (Orange Count Transit District)
with Orange County (Orange County) as the center, there are many routes, very convenient to go to the seaside. The fare is 90 cents, free transfer.

Los Angeles metro

The blue line (Blue Line)
Small subway narrow tracks run, connecting downtown 7Th St. Metro Center to downtown Long Beach route. About one hour journey through 22 sites. The fare of $1.75.
The red line (Red Line)
Losangeles's first subway officially opened to the central station. Welsh (Mid-Wilshire) of about 6.5 km. Comfort and safety, the fare of $1.75.
The green line (Green Line)
Los Angeles International Airport Freetown road beach to Noel Walker (Norwalk). Connected bus routes each site and MTA, $1.75.
Gold (Gold Line)
From Pasadena to the east of Losangeles near Monterey Park, on the map to the U type driving route, connecting China city and United station.
Purple line (Purple Line)
The city of union station to South Korea, as the shortest route underground railway line.
Expo line (Expo Line)
The newly built railway, which opened in 2012, beginning in the center of 7Th St by University of Southern California.
(if you have a metro day pass can also take the subway, and because the metro bus is a company)
The Losangeles MRT system
The Losangeles MRT system Is the city mass transit system in the United States of California Losangeles area, the Losangeles metropolitan transportation authority responsible for the operation. In twentieth Century, the Pacific Electric Railway operating junior leaves red (Pacific Electric Red Car system train) and Losangeles railway train (Los Angeles Railway Yellow yellow Car lines), can be regarded as the predecessor of today's system. This system has three light rail system and two underground railway route, a total of 117.64 kilometers, 62 stations. According to June 2006 statistics, in the holiday, the daily volume of approximately 276900 people.

Los Angeles Taxi

Charge a little expensive than any other city, the urban area is large, to spend a lot of money. But is the most easily and directly to the destination of transportation means. Unlike in China, can't call the car on the roadside, to the car, in a hotel or restaurant by phone call car or bus station near the taxi zone (Taxi Zone) to ride. Carry luggage, may have additional costs In addition, meter out price plus 10%-15% Tip .
Car rental
In the free travel the most efficient means of transportation in Losangeles city is rental. As long as the signs on the highway can easily memorize after driving. In the city of Losangeles can be seen everywhere in the car rental company is easy to rent a vehicle. According to the size and type of car lease, rent is different, different; generally small cars (Economy Type) than large cars (Standard type) cheap.
When the car needs. passport International driver's license, credit card. Also have to buy insurance. The rental companies vary, estimated at between 25 to 30 dollars a day.

Los Angeles Airport

Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles International Airport, LAX)
2006, Los Angeles International Airport Received a total of 61 million passengers and 2 million tons of cargo, fifth of the world's busiest airport, is also the largest, the nearest airport from the city. When the visitors arrive at the Los Angeles International Airport, all the round-trip transportation, taxi, bus, rail cars and other vehicles have lined the square, waiting for them quickly to every corner of the city. Want to know how to choose the best means of land transportation, quickly arrived at where you want to go? As long as you enter in the LAX or the computer terminal system "Convenient assistant", and if the problem can be smoothly done or easily solved; you drive to a friend's house or any other places, you can also find a nearby parking free use of the system. LAX in the city 35 miles east of the local service areas include the rapid economic development of San Bernardino and the Merseyside, East and north of Losangeles County Oran A part of Ji County, the annual passenger flow up to six million. Only in the year of 2003, there are 6 million 500 thousand passengers choose to accept the service at the airport, and the airport cargo shipping volume has reached 547461 tons.
Other major airports
The other major commercial airports are:
Losangeles International Airport (LAWA), Bob Hope (Bob Hope Airport) Airport, LongBeach Airport (Long Beach Airport), John Wayne Airport (John Wayne Airport), Pam Dyer (Palmdale Regional Airport) Regional Airport, van Nuys Airport (Van Nuys Airport), ont (Ontario International Airport).

Los Angeles Culture and art

Los Angeles brief introduction

Losangeles is a paradise for children and adults. From the city by bus about 40 minutes Hollywood . Since 1911 the establishment of the first The movie company Here, quickly became the world's film center. This time, star studded, Hollywood film and entertainment guide a global direction.
The Hollywood celebrity Avenue recorded more than 2000 celebrities have in film and television, radio, recording and other fields with remarkable achievements. Sunset Strip is 27 kilometers in length, with a palm tree crown of the road. Tourists can visit the historic paramount studios. Hollywood is the most attractive place lies in one day, you may face when you have long admired the big star.
stay Disneyland And want to play all the entertainment projects, at least one and a half to three days. Every show is exciting, bring infinite surprise unexpectedly.
In addition, there are many interesting places in Losangeles.

Los Angeles cultural education

Losangeles Culture And education is also developed. Here is the world famous California Institute of Technology , Losangeles branch of University of California (US NEWS the latest ranking 24), University of Southern Calif The Huntington library, the Getty Museum, etc.. The Losangeles Public Library in the nation's third. Losangeles is the world's number held two sessions The summer Olympic Games The city .
 University of California at Los Angeles, the famous Royce Hall University of California at Los Angeles, the famous Royce Hall
Public University
Losangeles city has 3 public universities: (Mount St. Mary's College), Western College (Occidental College), East Losangeles College (East Los Angeles College, referred to as ELAC).

Los Angeles Famous scenic spot

(Little Tokyo), Walt Disney Concert Hall , The Dolby Theatre (original kodak theatre ), Getty Art Center (Getty Center), Losangeles Memorial Stadium, Losangeles Museum of Art (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), Grauman's Chinese Theatre ("Grauman s Chinese Theatre), Hollywood landmark, Hollywood Boulevard , Los Angeles City Hall , hollywood bowl , Watts Towers (Watts Towers), Staples Center (Staples Center), La Placita Olvera, the birthplace of Losangeles (the birthplace of Los Angeles).

Los Angeles The art of

Losangeles is the twenty-first Century world cultural capital, is the habitat of the mind and imagination. Nineteenth Century is the Paris world, twentieth Century belongs to New York, while Losangeles is dominated by twenty-first Century, it is the world's most valuable city. Compared with any other city including New York, Losangeles has more theaters, and every year will produce as much as 1500 drama.
Roy and Edna Disney / California Art Theatre (REDCAT) with the most fashionable artistic skill is characteristic, and the hall Walt Disney The structure of the music hall also let people terrified. But in contrast, Roy and Edna Disney / California Art Theater has a unique authority: it is a variety of novel and avant-garde works of art form and opened a field experiment in the field, the artist can be arbitrary across a variety of art, experimenting with new art forms, or the blend of different artistic rules, culture and thought.
The Losangeles Philharmonic Orchestra since its inception in 1919, every year by the public enthusiasm, as the southern California performing arts agency mashou. Today, Los Angeles Philharmonic Has become one of the world's top orchestra. You can open in the legend of Hollywood Amphitheatre Enjoy the wonderful performances of artists.
University of California at Los Angeles The live show in Lois Exhibition hall. With the Carnegie building and Lincoln The building, Royce hall is the largest American music hall one, it is not only because of its internal perfect decoration and paint a picture of sound is known worldwide, but also for its outstanding artist and renowned at home and abroad. University of California at Los Angeles as a live venue, the Royce hall the most precious heritage is not a fashionable cultural trend menu for the public, the key lies in the important role it played in other cultural undertakings in the.
Losangeles has set up an advanced course in art and design of the 14 local universities, promote the path of the students in an imaginative and creative dash, and help them to the next generation of cars, clothing, decorations and film creative design. The whole world are flocking to Losangeles, looking for inspiration in the design of colleges and universities and its streets and lanes.
Losangeles has second major U.S. art community, the gallery of more than 150. Chinatown, St. Pedro, Raymond Park, Tokyo small and Noho (north of Hollywood) in adjacent areas, The artist's life And create and settled in Losangeles city.
Losangeles also has many priceless treasures including 12 picture scroll: Van Gogh The 14 pieces of works and Rembrandt The works, they have been 4 prestigious Museum permanent collection: Losangeles County Museum of art and the Getty Center, Morton Simon The museum and Huntington Museum。

Los Angeles Museum

Losangeles is the nation's second largest contemporary art market (behind only New York). More than 150 art galleries and numerous museums to create a contemporary art.
California Museum of African American University of Southern California Fischer Gallery, California Science Center etc..

Los Angeles Night life

Losangeles Night life In the rich world's premier, you can watch the top show, can also visit some of the most fashionable places, they are the most interesting places of entertainment in the city. Carnival in a small bar, or while listening to music or chat, enjoy a good time in the senior club recently opened, you can quickly follow the rhythm of the music, excited, and you still have a chance with some of Hollywood's hottest Star face to face .
Is known as a "Christmas bus" service Losangeles nightlife, is the night bus services, the Hollywood between night vehicle parking place and route connected entertainment center. Only need to pay 1 dollars, you can take a night bus tour of Losangeles's most popular Nightclub For example, highland, mood and avalon. The Hollywood night life will let you feel the most exciting entertainment activities; and the nightclub occurred anecdotes will be filled with magazines, newspaper columns and each page. Hollywood and Hollywood Boulevard in Losangeles where the most exciting night. Bus service is open on Thursday night to Saturday afternoon from 8:00 continued into the next day at 4:00 in the morning, every 12 minutes to stop; but in the following holidays: New Year's day will stop service, memorial day , Independence Day , Labor Day , Thanksgiving And christmas.

Los Angeles King

Losangeles is the second largest city in the United States, is located on the west coast is full of sunshine. Hollywood is the Disneyland movie Kingdom even woman and children all know, is the world famous amusement park. California orange and pile up like a mountain hand. Chinatown It is full of Chinese traditional atmosphere. Losangeles is full of vibrant tourist attractions.
Street culture
The West Coast style is also known as La Style, Funk. Funk style should include Popping, Locking and Boogaloo (dances usually have classified Boogaloo as a Popping or style is no longer as a single species mentioned, but Popping and Boogaloo in history is created by hip-hop as two kinds. The other is called Boogaloo: West Coast, east coast called "Boogie", is the same)
As the birthplace of Funk style, so that a lot of Funk music. L.A mentioned, there should be West Coast Rap.

Los Angeles Recreation & Entertainment

Los Angeles brief introduction

Losangeles boundless beaches and bright sunshine, well-known, far and near "film kingdom" Hollywood Attractive Disneyland Fung Sau Ling, Beverly Hills in Losangeles has become a known to the world " movie city "And" tourism city". Losangeles city wide, scattered layout, the whole city is a small residential buildings to thousands on thousands of basis. Shade leaves, Row upon row of The courtyard style building, elegant colors, exquisite appearance, various styles, all over the hills on the ground. There are dozens of layers of the ten building in downtown Tall buildings . Highways and city streets, arranged in a crisscross pattern such as dense web, extending in all directions. Los Angeles Road area The city's total area of about 30%, the United States is the most developed city expressway, the United States also have a city most of the cars.
 Losangeles evening Losangeles evening
Losangeles is the most important Tourist city One, this has become a public opinion. This is not only because of the uniqueness of the city itself, but also with the people of Losangeles who is always smiling they bound together in a common cause; warmly reception all passengers, as well as any to Losangeles into the fast-paced lifestyle of people .
Here are now the most Effect For example: Losangeles city building Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore Majesty, without losing the charm. From there walk past a few blocks, you will see the landmark Losangeles recognized -- extraordinary Walt Disney concert hall.

Los Angeles Los Angeles City Tours

If you play one day in Losangeles, how can the most classic traveled to Losangeles, Losangeles tour Raiders recommend: the greater Losangeles area there are many tourist attractions can play, the morning can start from Santa Monica beach, watching the sun rise in the sea line, the warm sun drying in the body. Here the sea beach gentle, pleasant, comfortable climate, do not miss the famous Santa Monica pier oh Santa Monica Pier extends into the sea, the pier has many restaurants and small shops, as well as the sign of the ferris wheel, is a lot of drama in the scene!
North along highway 405, will be able to see the stands in the West 250 meters high on the cliff Gatti Center (The Getty Center), the Art Museum has on display in the medieval European and American Art works.
Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills) is one of the most famous rich area of California, a large number of movie star studded Hollywood mansion, restaurant, hotel of high-grade business district. Beverly Hills is a city like Losangeles, each villa each have charm.
Then went to the Rodeo Drive shopping street (Rodeo Dr.), on both sides of the road in the window display of a superb collection of beautiful things of major brand: Giorgio Armani, Hermes, Chanel, Cartier, Bottega, Veneta, Gucci, Prada, Salvatore, Ferragamo, Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, Louis, Vuitton, Gianni, Versace, Tiffany&Co.
Afternoon, can go to the center of Losangeles city of Losangeles district. Here near China city (Chinatown) and Tokyo (Little Tokyo). This is the birthplace of the earliest Losangeles, retains the style of architecture and culture in eighteenth Century.

Los Angeles Hollywood

 The Hollywood sign The Hollywood sign
Recommend a hillside can see that famous Hollywood Sign the Hollywood sign for you where in the city center, only this one, is to look at the Hollywood marked the most classic, but also free location.
Navigation input address: 7036 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068
A parking lot, the position is not much, on the avenue of stars, sightseeing car is to take you to this place, on a few steps, overlooking downtown Losangeles scenery, amphitheater, and all the famous Hollywood sign in front of.

Los Angeles Athletic sports

Los Angeles Los Angeles Dodgers

To the United States can not see the baseball game, this is the United States national athletics, every season, fans such as festivals like tread on air. The Losangeles Dodgers is the Western Conference teams, has won 6 national championships.
Address: Dodger Stadium 1000Elysian home court, Park Ave

Los Angeles Los Angeles ANGELS of Anaheim

Losangeles Angel (Los Angeles Angels) is a major league baseball team, home court in the United States The state of California Losangeles, belonging to the Pacific Coast League (Pacific Coast League).

Los Angeles The Losangeles Lakers

Who knows NBA must know that the Losangeles Lakers, it is very appealing in the NBA team. If you can see it coincides with the season, authentic American basketball, enjoy the Lakers' aristocratic demeanor.
The Losangeles Lakers won a total of 16 NBA championships. If you can see it coincides with the season, authentic American basketball.
Address: Forum.3900W.Manchester Blvd Inglewood. home court
Home court Stadium: Staples Center (Staples Center)
Nickname stapler center, is the United States The state of California Multifunctional sports center of Losangeles city center, located near the Losangeles Convention center. In March 31, 1998 to start construction, completed in October 17, 1999 opening, the total cost of $375 million, is owned by the AEG, sponsored by Staples company title. The Staples Center is one of the most popular sports center, it is the NBA Losangeles Lakers and the Losangeles clippers, Losangeles sparks, NHL WNBA Los Angeles Kings AFLLos Angeles Avengers, common home court and NBDL Losangeles defender team, the maximum capacity of 20 thousand people, is the only arena NBA shared two detachment. The Staples Center in a total of 1200 television monitors, a $1 million 500 thousand sound system, 675 microphone sound sampling and $2 million lighting system. The center has 55 open to the public lounge and gymnasium; center is equipped with 23 food and beverage supply point, there is an outdoor restaurant. From there you can see a panoramic view of the Losangeles. It is definitely regarded as first-class facilities and services.

Los Angeles The Losangeles clippers

The Losangeles clippers joined NBA in 1970, is the best record in the Western Conference semifinals. In 2009 selected the top show Blake Griffin The team, become the cornerstone of future and hope. With the 2011 offseason Chris Paul Join the Losangeles clippers officially entered the ranks of the NBA teams.

Los Angeles Los Angeles Galaxy

The Milky Way Losangeles (Los Angeles Galaxy) MLS
The Losangeles team is the Milky Way MLS famous football team, with Beckham in 2007 to join, Beckham will lead the team to win many titles
Losangeles is the 1932 Olympic Games and the 1984 Olympic Games host.
The Losangeles angels of Anaheim (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) MLB
Losangeles sparks (Los Angeles Sparks) WNBA
The United States Chivas (Club Deportivo Chivas USA Chivas USA MLS, abbreviated C.D.)

Los Angeles Olympic Games

Losangeles (Los Angeles)) the second largest city in the United states. Be located The state of California The southern Gulf of San Pedro and The Gulf of Santa Monica Coast。 The tenth Olympic Games will be held in 1932.
Memorial stadium:
The main stadium of Losangeles city. Founded in 1923, at that time can accommodate 76 thousand spectators. In order to host the tenth Olympic Games, in 1930 to 1931 years for the expansion, increase the top 10 layers wooden bleachers, the audience seats increased to 110 thousand. In the stadium south stand under the arch of a repair, as a sign of the Front Gate stadium. In the middle of the arch above the installation The Olympic torch . In a straight line near the end point of the stands, as guests and important officials set box and 706 for journalists use spot. To host the twenty-third Olympic Games and was renovated, the audience seats for seats, seats was reduced to 92 thousand and 600. Giant Olympic torch installed in the East Colonnade Above, 45.72 meters from the ground. The erection of a huge Stadium North Electronic timer And color display. At the northern site high jump. The total of 90 entrance and 74 stiles. The twenty-third Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies and athletics competitions held here.
Losangeles Olympic village:
To host the tenth Olympic Games in 1932, Losangeles dedicated to participate in the Olympic Games men built accommodation, called Olympic village . But the female contestants were scheduled to stay in a hotel. The Olympic village built in the Baldwin On the mountain, building 500 wooden prefabricated houses like Farmhouse . After the Olympic Games, the Olympic Village will become a part of the Olympic Games facilities indispensable. Losangeles to host the twenty-third Olympic Games, there is no special construction of the Olympic Village, but will be divided into the Olympic Village in the South University Of California Losangeles campus and the University of California, and at University of California Santa Barbara Set up a small Olympic Village, rowing and rowing athletes. The 3 Olympic Village a total of accommodate athletes and coaches and staff of 14 thousand people.
In July 28, 1984, the twenty-third Olympic Games will be held in Losangeles. los angeles olympic games The world has created a miracle in the history of sports, it is an astronomical amount of profit: $215 million.
Spectacular opening ceremony:
Jo Bo Roth used his ability and cleverness, so that the work of the organizing committee arranged in good order, did not deficit, but a surplus. However, his approach has also been some criticism, criticism of the Olympic Games has a strong commercial color, especially in the United States for the torch relay, the participants every 1 miles to $3000, causing the sports community dissatisfaction, that it violates the seriously Olympics Principle。
Losangeles has many stadiums, which are well-known Memorial Stadium Ross, circular stadium and Long Beach stadium, Losangeles athletics hall conference center, Dodger Stadium Losangeles Olympic Village, and Follem stadium. Ross is one of the world famous circular stadium stadium, stadium can accommodate more than 100 thousand spectators around. Parking lot 19 thousand motor vehicles can be parked. The twenty-third Olympic Games in 1984 4 finals in football before. The Long Beach convention center stadium can accommodate 11 thousand spectators, 1984 twenty-third Olympic Games volleyball match here. The Losangeles athletics hall can accommodate an audience of up to 16 thousand people, twenty-third Olympic Games boxing match here. The Dodgers Stadium is the baseball stadium and other equipment of the best one of the world's most beautiful, stands can accommodate 56 thousand spectators, parking lot for 16 thousand cars. Follem stadium is Losangeles Laikesi occupation basketball team center, stadium can accommodate 17 thousand spectators, twenty-third Olympic Games of basketball and handball before the 4 finals held here.

Los Angeles Foreign exchange

In 2009 there were 26 sister city to Losangeles, a city of 3 city friendly cooperation.

Los Angeles twin cities

Canada Montreal
Greece Athens
New Zealand Auckland
Lebanon Beirut
Germany Berlin
France Bordeaux
Australia Brisbane
Israel Eilat
Egypt Giza
People's Republic of China Guangzhou
Italy Ischia (Ischia)
The Republic of Korea Busan
Indonesia Jakarta
Lithuania Kaunas
Zambia Lusaka
Philippines Maca (Makati City) article
Mexico Mexico City
Brazil Brasilia
Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Japan Nagoya
Russia St.Petersburg
Brazil Salvatore
Croatia Split
Iran Teheran or Tehran
Canada Vancouver
Armenia Yerevan
Salvatore San Salvador
Pakistan Faisalabad

Los Angeles Cooperation City

Israel Tel Aviv

Los Angeles Friendly city

The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region China Nanning City
The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region China Liuzhou City
poland Rhodes
Britain Manchester

Los Angeles Tourism

Los Angeles Shopping

Losangeles is a perfect Shopping paradise We provide a must; for you to
 Los Angeles Central Library Los Angeles Central Library
Place the travel guide, that was also the reason why. If you want to select the most reasonable price in a variety of top commodities best, without shilly-shally, Losangeles is your choice. Losangeles city has more than and 280 different brand clothing. Whether it is dignified and elegant, or casual fashion, you can find their favorite costumes. Many world famous shops are in between seventh and Ninth Avenue (but not here, the reason lies in the shopping center) between the sports and leisure clothing stores are located in Santee & Losangeles, 14, 15 and 16. Nearby area has a large number of children's clothing store, but the price is very reasonable.
Fashion District
Losangeles Fashion District, also known as" Ladies'Street "As the world's second largest fashion area; more than and 80 blocks spread all over the world's most famous clothing brand stores. Block north of Fifth Avenue, South to highway tenth ( Santa Monica Spring and Main), West, East San Pedro avenue.
Business owners association has launched a special program for the upgrade of the business district; since then, fashion street has become the most popular shopping sites.
Fashion District There is a clothing store selling women's dress of nearly 80%, the number of all the more than 700 stores.
Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive Losangeles city is the most high-end, the most elegant dress business street, here gathered a world famous design works, the most popular international top master.
Rodeo Drive Losangeles occupies the most favorable terrain, Beverly hills near; here are the most upscale clothing store: Armani (Giorgio Armani), Chanel (Chanel), Dolce & Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana), Bart Lee Misica (Badgley & Mischka).
Gloria Fu opened in 2002, is located in the Third Avenue And Fairfax Avenue, has become the preferred shopping sportswear lovers. Nodes Tron is a 14 screen theater, the shopping and dining center shop signs. They also for international tourists launched a special project, the clerk can use 25 kinds of language and smooth communication with the customer.
Hollywood style Duty-free shop
In Losangeles there is a purchase of goods in duty-free shops method. DFS (duty-free shops) the company opened a branch in Hollywood highland entertainment center; everyone in the airport stores can be found in the goods you can see here, variety is more complete, and you do not have to worry about whether to delay take-off time. You intend to leave Losangeles, you buy the goods will be transported to the airport on time, on the plane of the boarding gate first.
Another choice
In fact, in Losangeles not all goods are glittering, worth thousands of money. So, if you do not intend to spend too much money on shopping, you can visit Losangeles Flea market Or a street fair, here you can not only enjoy the pleasure of shopping, also can buy a lot of cheap goods.
Therefore, in the face of such a variety of choices, there is no reason for anyone to shopping in Losangeles. Whether you are willing to spend much money here, you can buy the most fashionable goods.
Go shopping with the stars
In Losangeles, you may be able to encounter a big man inadvertently. However, if you go shopping, the chance to meet with star will greatly increase. There is a frequented shops list, but no one can guarantee that they will "prompted by a sudden impulse to go shopping.
" Booker Bookstore (" Sunset Strip No. 8818, West Hollywood Located in the Sunset Strip) The heart Love, many celebrities are here around. Drew Barry Moore, Madonna , Alec Baldwin Often to see the book listed. Here is the preferred location of the writer issued a new book.
"Bodhi tree" (No. 8585, Melrose Road West Hollywood) is a New Age bookstore, Alan Morissette often looking for nice inspire new song writing books here, Leonardo Dicaprio The writer is also here to buy the latest issue of the book.
"Fred Siegel" (No. 8100, Melrose Road, Losangeles) is a sale of fashion boutiques, style or leisure or dignified, is Meg Ryan Leonardo Dicaprio, Sharma Heike, Nis Trow, rose, Niicole Kidman Chris, Rock, Cameron Diaz , Claire Dennis , Matt Damon , Ben Affleck as well as Robin Williams Preferred to choose new fashion.
Go shopping in, you must keep your eyes open; because in the streets of Melrose, Christina Aguilera It is the selection of the most fashionable boutique fashion.
"Klogg master" from Melrose Avenue only Zhichizhiyao (La Cydney Fagafaga Avenue 440 1/2 N, Losangeles), here is the "Crazy" shoes of heaven, Sandra Bullock Goldberg, Hu pyrene and Sarah Jessica Parker often here for a long time to forget.

Los Angeles Scenic spot

Losangeles, English Los Angeles, also known as the city of angels! Travel to Losangeles, without having to worry about what to play, only need to consider where to start playing. Losangeles as the birthplace of many famous tourist attractions such as Hollywood, Avenue of stars, Universal Studios, more than 40 million people come here for sightseeing every year, has surpassed Miami as tourists visited the United States after New York city. In addition, Losangeles or the United States "National Geographic" magazine recommended life will go to one of the 50 places, in addition to a variety of theme parks, landmarks and Art Museum, Losangeles beach is addictive... This season will go to the sea of Losangeles California feel the warmth of the sun!
Chinatown Located in downtown Losangeles, is where the Chinese population, the rich Chinese culture. The most popular praise than tea and dinner. Chinese Restaurant . But we should pay attention to the best use of a taxi at night. Losangeles Chinese people mainly live in the eastern Losangeles suburb of San Gabriel Valley (San Gabriel Valley), which Monterey park (Monterey Park), Alhambra (Alhambra), San Gabriel City (San Gabriel), Rosemead City (Rosemead), Temple City (Temple City), A Kedia City (Arcadia), San Marino city (San Marino), Southern Pasadena City (South Pasadena), Hacienda Heights (Hacienda Heights), Unincorporated Community (Rowland Heights), Diamond Bar City (Diamond Bar), Walnut These regions (Walnut).
Small Tokyo
The largest Japanese street. The Japanese American Museum worth a visit, a small south of Tokyo Losangeles insecurity area, don't go.
Ouwei La Street
Ouwei La street is the birthplace of Losangeles, Mexico style restaurant, arts and crafts store. Nearby is designated as a state The history of the park , the park has preserved 27 ancient buildings. But the street is 200 meters, is the focus of a lot of silverware, glassware, leather products, ethnic clothing shops, very busy.
Griffith Park
Griffith Park Is the nation's largest City Park . Located in the north of Hollywood, an area of 16 million square meters. There are golf courses and tennis courts, horse, observatory, zoo etc..
It's Losangeles Symphony Orchestra.
The Losangeles Symphony Orchestra is a famous symphony orchestra. Every summer in the city of Losangeles held open-air concert season for three months. Especially can make people feel happy in the Hollywood of Losangeles style open-air theater performances.
Address: 135N, Grand Ave.Los Angeles Philharmony
Hollywood Is the world's most famous Studio Entertainment and a popular tourist destination, located in California, northwest of Losangeles city. Yishanbangshui here, pleasant scenery. The first is by the photographer looking for location to the discovery, about at the beginning of twentieth Century, it has attracted many photographers, and some is to avoid patent company controlled by small companies and independent producers poured in, and gradually formed a film center.
Universal studios Beijing
Universal studios Beijing Is the Universal Studios movie style theme park is famous for the Losangeles, not only has many movie scenes like rides, and Universal Studios neighbor City Walk, various shops, restaurants, cinemas with bright color and vivid giant signs to attract tourists, allowing visitors to enter a universal studios, immediately enjoy strong visual stimulation the senses. In order to need to expand the studio, the film industry giant Carl Laemmle in 1915, the factory covers an area of Hollywood from his shadow moved to larger site, and designed a "Universal Studios", 25 years has led many tourists to visit the filming process, continue to take all visitors to the famous scene. At Universal Studios, the best take a whole day to have fun. First in the morning in the City Walk Hard Rock Cafe camera, the guitar, diamond, Wizardz, universal amphitheater (Universal Amphitheater), is a good place to take a picture.
Santa Monica
Santa Monica Is one of the most famous beach in Losangeles, there is a pier, the pier was first built in 1908. There is a playground and some restaurants on the pier, there are bike paths here on the beach can play volleyball, rollerblading shoes, climb the hill there is a meadow, it is worth mentioning that from the beach not far from Third for a pedestrian shopping area - Three Street Street.
Disney Land Park
Disney Park Located in the southeast of downtown Losangeles, is the world's largest amusement park. In 1955, American animation master Walter Disney Disney founded the first amusement park in the vicinity of Losangeles. Theme park is the main street, Adventure Square, New Orleans, Animal kingdom And the land of pioneers, Mickey's Toontown, dream orchestra, The kingdom of the future Eight Theme Park . With elegant old carriage, antique shops and restaurants, tea and other central street; walk in Disney's world, also often encounter some of the actors dressed as a Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , Snow White And the seven dwarfs. Visitors to this can also to the nearby beach swimming, skating, sailing, to deep-sea fishing, by balloon launch, or visit the nearby places of historic interest and scenic beauty.
Getty Center
Gatti (Gety Center) is located in the center of Santa Monica (Santa Monica) at the foot of the mountain. A panoramic view of the Losangeles Gatti center is a world-class architect Richard Meier (Richard Meier) design. Simple lines, bright colors, natural lighting, indoor and outdoor patio garden with delicate and rough all blend into one harmonious whole, the harmonious beauty in open space. The first impression to the Gatti center is 75 feet in diameter, pick three storey hall in the hall can be seen by the building surrounded by a garden, the garden concept from the Gatti Museum in Malibu. The new museum is huge, Maier determined by series of different times exhibition room on the occasion, let visitors from time to time to contact with nature, play the base itself features, gives visitors a chance...

Los Angeles Famous delicacy

In Losangeles can enjoy food from all over the world. The United States food taste light, meat, fish and chicken entrees. A meal usually only a main dish, and salad and coffee is never less. Hot dogs and hamburgers are the most popular of the two kinds of fast food, economic benefits.
A Jewish restaurant and restaurant in downtown Mexico in Eastern Europe, there are restaurants in the eastern part of Losangeles, in Tokyo (Little Tokyo) and Chinatown (China Town) is a Japanese restaurant and Chinese restaurant nearby, along the beach with fresh seafood shop.
Some restaurants
The Original Pantry
The door often appear in Hydra array, "the annual business" signs, the pure American style steak by tourists.
Philippe`s Original Sandwich Shop
Management Sandwich Founded in 1908, the price is reasonable, favored by tourists.
Mon Kee
Known as Losangeles's first Chinese restaurant, especially the crab and shrimp each dish, excellent, and reasonable charge.
Business here hamburgers, slightly away from the downtown, but a sightseeing bus stops here. Cream hamburgers and ordinary hamburger every 1.5-2 dollars. Annual sales.
Knott`s Berry
The farmer in the square Front Gate delicacy delicious chicken restaurant, 50 years of traditional dishes, come to dinner with old and young, its popularity has not changed in 50 years.
The Ocean Park Omelette Parlor
Breakfast in Losangeles to the most famous. All kinds of food do not eat your egg roll. About $10 A. Often queuing.
Schatzi on Main
This is a famous movie star Schwarzenegger Co operating with his wife's restaurant. It is said that the big star often to his restaurant to eat breakfast, to his fans, this is of course the opportunity too good to pass up.
Jam and Strawberry send
Knott's Berry farm shop has every kind of jam jam, even a peppermint flavored apple sauce. 284 grams of affordable bottled for $1.7. Norway special strawberry pie special volume big, even on the cake is not interested in people will love.
Delicious chicken restaurant
Knott's Berry farm chicken restaurant in the square before the farmer Front Gate traditional dishes, 50s.
Maple Drive
The movie star business, pure taste, popular actor Madonna allegedly frequented here.
Exotic Ed Dedevic's 50s
Is the best place for lovers to date, the popular sentiment in 50s. Shop decoration, full dress waiter 50s style. Sometimes there will be very warm Rock music Show.

Los Angeles Matters needing attention

1, smoking
Due to the earthquake zone, the Losangeles building with wood as the main material, so Losangeles severely against smoking. Smoking is prohibited in most of the buildings, restaurants, and bars, generally only in the field of smoking. Please follow, otherwise the police will receive a ticket.
2, the security situation
Losangeles District of the poor security situation, when traveling, please note the following points:
Night when using automatic teller machines, to be careful around, to confirm the safety of use (a lot of police station in Losangeles are equipped with automatic teller machine, can be directly used in the car).
Don't take a lot of cash long time to stay in one place.
Try to not take to the streets at night.
Don't open the door to a stranger in the hotel.
When shopping, try not to leave the luggage.
The car was not safe, so don't put valuables in the car.
Losangeles public security in recent years there has been a huge improvement, with the implementation of the plan of the revival of city blocks, The downtown area And the surrounding areas of public security has gradually improved, most of the area during the day is safe, but the Southern District is located in the center of University of Southern California (USC) near the neighborhood is best not to walk in the street alone, especially at night should pay special attention to.

Los Angeles Other area

Losangeles (Los Angeles) and refers to the following places:
Losangeles County (Los Angles County), United States The state of California A county, the county of Losangeles city;
Greater Los Angeles Area (Greater Los Angles Area);
Losangeles - Riverside - Orange County (Los Angles--Riverside--Orange County, CA CMSA). A defunct census area;
Los Angles Subdivision, The state of Texas A census area.
Los Angles, Chile Biobio Province The capital, population 166 thousand and 500 (2002).
Bah a de Los Angles (angel Bay). Mexico Under the California Peninsula An eastern gulf.
Los Angles, Nicaragua Atlántico Norte ( Aut noma, del Atl, ntico Sur) an autonomous city.
Cerro de Los Angeles, Spain Getafe A city famous hill, from the capital Madrid 10 kilometers away. A Catholic woman of angels Cathedral monastery on fourteenth Century (Our Lady of the Angels) .