Liuhe County

Located at Liuhe County Jilin Province Southeast of Changbai Mountain District, under the jurisdiction of Jilin Province Tonghua City . Liuhe County People's Government Liuhe Town . Located in the east longitude 125 degrees 17 minutes to 126 degrees north latitude and 41 degrees 35 ', 54' - 42 degrees 35'.
Liuhe County
The northeast and Huinan County Bordering the East and Baishan City Badaojiang District , Jiangyuan , Jingyu County Connected with the North Meihekou Adjacent to the South and Tonghua County On the West and Liaoning Province Qingyuan County , Xinbin County Border. Two pole 107 km long, two North and south pole is 76.5 kilometers wide, covering an area of 3348.3 square kilometers, a population of 380 thousand (2007).
Liuhe is national commodity grain base county, key Chinese medicine production county, nursery stock trading market, tobacco planting standardization demonstration area, China Green County, Chinese Hill Township, Wine volcano rock rice Township, calligraphy village, folk cultural village and provincial health city, ecological demonstration county.

Liuhe County History

Liuhe County area as early as Sushen family residence.
Warring States is Yan Territory.
Qin Liaodong belongs.
Martial Emperor When the xuantu Prefecture jurisdiction.
The Han Dynasty, the rise of Fuyu nationality, establish Goguryeo The local government, Liuhe place throughout its jurisdiction.
During the Tang Dynasty, belonging to Protectorate General to Pacify the East . Bohai, which is part of the Bohai Yalu is the state, which is part of the Changling river.
Liaoning When membership Tokyo Road .
Kim, membership Hampyeong Hampyeong Fu road.
During the Yuan Dynasty, under the Liaoyang executive Secretariat Hampyeong Fu Kaiyuan road.
The Ming Dynasty, the membership of Jianzhou wei.
Sixteen years of emperor Kangxi, the Qing Dynasty after the central plains into Shengjing general jurisdiction, the Qing Dynasty for fresh Shengjing paddock paddock, which is banned heavy, soldiers set up patrol. No entry up, only for firewood, grazing, mining, hunting, wild ginseng and Royal Sacrifice as "tribute fresh". Adopted by reference into this mountain "to get votes in the Department must first release, it is also known as hill votes here.
Xianfeng, for refugees entered into private reclamation, has been such.
Tongzhi twelve years, the general of Shengjing played in the Soongsil, environmental bureau, Zhang put the reclamation of wasteland, dr.. Since then, the formal lifting of the ban, refugees and engaged in farming.
clear Guangxu reign period For two years, attracting people to reclaim land.
Three years of the Qing Dynasty, Shengjing general petitioned the Soongsil "fresh paddock" such, the same year at Tonghua, Huairen , Kuandian 3 county. The exit is the north to raise a total of 20 security word.
Four years of the Qing Dynasty set Liushuhezi divided, the county magistrate. The cultivated paddock forced families, to unify the three EC River and river, has accelerated the development of geographical liuhe.
Guangxu five years. Yitong River from the northwest of the town of willow river flows, flow northeast from the town, three Nanliu River from the town through the town streets, almost from all sides surrounded by natural rivers.
Twenty-eight years of the Qing Dynasty, revocation Tonghua County In Liushuhezi hill, north of the Tonghua County, Liuhe County, the southern Longgang mountains to the north, the original Tonghua County North to raise a total of 20 security word under the jurisdiction, Liuhe County possession. Membership hailongfu.
Thirty-two years of the Qing Dynasty, the county municipality, later renamed the Liuhe town.
Thirty-three years of the Qing Dynasty, Liuhe County under the Fengtian province hailongfu.
Qing Xuantong, membership of Fengtian province road east hailongfu.
In two years (1913), belongs to the Fengtian province east road.
In 1920, under the Fengtian province.
In 1926, the Communist Party of Chinese began in Liuhe County activities.
In 1928, Zhang Zuolin on this road east of guarding the yamen, brought 10 county.
In 1929, Zhili Province in Liaoning Province, three counties.
1931," September 18 After the incident, the northeast region fell into the colony of Japanese imperialism. After the establishment of the puppet regime, pseudo pseudo Fengtian Liuhe County membership. During the fall, the Japanese invaders of "set at home and don", the system changed to village, said the county for Liu River street.
In 1937, the change is false Tonghua Province Until the collapse of the Japanese puppet regime.
In October 15, 1945, the establishment of a democratic government in Liuhe county. Under the office of Tonghua province anton.
In May 18, 1946, Liuhe County, Liaoning Province Office of Tonghua.
In February 28, 1947, the Northeast Democratic Coalition to recover the county, Liuhe County democratic government moved back to town from the guerrilla area. Is Liaoning Province Office of fourth.
Withdrawn in May 1947 Liu Qing Union County, restore the original three counties formed.
In September 4, 1948, the change is Andong Office of the chief inspector of Tonghua.
In May 18, 1949, under the Liaodong Province Office of the chief inspector of the jurisdiction of Tonghua, Liaodong province.
After the founding of new Chinese, June 1952, under the direct jurisdiction of Liaodong province.
In August 21, 1954, under the Tonghua area of Jilin province administrative office under the jurisdiction of Tonghua area.
In April 13, 1985, the revocation of Tonghua area, is Meihekou city in Jilin Province, which is under the jurisdiction of Meihekou city.
January 1986 is Tonghua city.

Liuhe County geographical environment

Liuhe County geographical position

Liuhe County is located in the east longitude 125 degrees 17 '~
Liuhe County
126 degrees north latitude and 41 degrees 35 ', 54' - 42 degrees 35'. The northeast and Huinan County Bordering the East and Baishan City Badaojiang District , Jiangyuan , Jingyu County Connected with the North Meihekou Adjacent to the South and Tonghua County On the West and Liaoning Province Qingyuan County , Xinbin County Border.

Liuhe County geology

The geological structure of Liuhe County belong to things, the Chinese Department, Neocathaysian 3 Tectonic system Alone, or thrown, or combined together to form structural contours within the territory. Liuhe County is located in Changbai Mountain to the Songliao Plain The transition zone, the territory of the surface from the low mountains and hills, Pedionite and Valley basin A staggered distribution throughout. The low mountain from the South Longgang North Longgang, up 4, Laoling ridge mountains, the county accounted for 70% of the total area, the highest peak 1293 meters above sea level on the palm branch of sheep.

Liuhe County Landforms

Hilly land is mainly distributed in the Yitong River, three river basin, the total area of Liuhe County 10%. Lava platform located in the southeast of the county, belong to Longgang volcanic cluster The total area of Liuhe County, 5%. The river basin is mainly distributed in the Yitong River, along the river on both sides of the river, three ha River, wo Ji River, the county accounted for 15% of the total area. Liuhe County is in the altitude of 400 ~ 1000 meters, its basic characteristic is high in Southeast and southwest, northeast, Southeast, from the southwest to the northeast.

Liuhe County climate

Liuhe County belongs to the temperate continental monsoon climate, four seasons, summer is humid and rainy, cool autumn gentle. From 1986 to 2000 with an average annual temperature of 5.5 DEG C, June ~ 8 monthly average temperature of 19.5 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 21.1 degrees, the average annual sunshine 2479 hours, with an average annual rainfall of 736 mm.

Liuhe County soil

Liuhe County, the total land area of 320560 hectares. The soil is divided into 7 types, which are mainly grey brown soil of 221452 hectares, accounting for 69.1% of the total land area, soil coarse, humic substances are more suitable for the development of forestry production, high fertility; albic soil is 52013 hectares, accounting for 16.2% of the total land area, soil erosion is excessive, fertility is not high; rice soil and alluvial soil of 33395 hectares, accounting for 10.4% of the total land area, water and fertilizer, suitable planting rice. The cultivated land area of 63294 hectares, accounting for 18.9% of the total land area of 22732 hectares of paddy fields.

Liuhe County administrative division

 Liuhe County scenery Liuhe County scenery
By the end of 2013, over 13 towns, 2 townships in Liuhe County, 1 ethnic townships, 219 administrative villages.
County jurisdiction: Liuhe Town , Gushan Town , Five Dao Gou Zhen , Tuo Yao Ling Zhen , Sanyuanpu Korean town , Saut d'Eau , In liangshuihezi town , Luo Tong Town , Ankouzhen , Xiangyang , Hongshi town , Prosperous town , When Jia Dian Xiang , Liu Nan Xiang , Korean Xiang Jiang shop .
Among them, Liuhe Town is the political, economic and cultural center.

Liuhe County natural resources

Liuhe County Forest resources

Liuhe County is rich in forest resources, the forest Department of Changbai Mountain part, from natural Coniferous forest And the secondary broad-leaved forest and plantation structure. The county in 2000 The forest coverage rate of 56.8%, forest stock volume of 13 million 130 thousand cubic meters. The territory of the vegetation is good, Wild animal and plant resources Rich. High economic value of wild animal bears, wild boar, roe deer, red deer, fox, good chicken, Red Crowned Crane, wild duck, Rana etc.. Rare wild plant ginseng, Gastrodia elata, Fritillaria etc.. Precious species Tilia amurensis , Korean pine , thuja koraiensis nakai , Pinus sylvestriformis , A Manchurian Ash , Phellodendron amurense Rupr , Juglans mandshurica Etc..

Liuhe County mineral resources

Liuhe County ancient geology, development is complete, rich in mineral resources. Non metallic minerals are mainly limestone, very rich in reserves, mainly distributed in the northern Longgang mountains; potassium feldspar, the main ore in the town pool of the earth, has proven reserves of 1 million tons, Jiangjiadian, Gu Shan Zi, shop, etc. in liangshuihezi town also has distribution; coal, anthracite coal and firewood in two. Mining is now immortal ditch, half River, Xiangyang town four ditch coal mine 3; gypsum, mainly distributed in the store when the township, has proven reserves of 20 million tons, ore mining is now 3, with an annual output of 230 thousand tons of gypsum stone; mineral water, mainly in Liangshui River sub Town, there are now 1 mineral water plant at. Metal ores are mainly iron ore, the county has proven 30 occurrences, are being mined in the woods, Yang Zhen Xie Jia Gou Ankouzhen after, Two Dao Gou Xiang And iron ore 3; copper mine, the county has proven 13 mines, were not mining; gold, the county has proven 4 occurrences, back in liangshuihezi town ditch, Xiangyang Jinchanggou mining is.

Liuhe County water resource

Liuhe County has unified River, river, river system three ha, wo River in 4 major rivers, a total length of 389.8 km, the basin area of 3348.3 square kilometers, surface water runoff is 1 billion 107 million cubic meters of the total, The development of hydropower resources A total of 49450 kilowatts. The county has 3 small reservoirs, (I) type 19 reservoirs, small (II) type 78 reservoirs, 1444 ponds, natural Ze bubble 109.

Liuhe County National Population

Liuhe County Demographic profile

By the end of 2011, Liuhe County residents in 114937 households, the total population of 374561 people, including non agricultural population of 108042 people, accounting for 26.8% of the total population of Liuhe County, the natural population growth rate of 1.6%. The total number of the political center of Liuhe Town 24859 households, a total of 68896 people, including 35365 male and 33533 female.

Liuhe County National distribution

By the end of 2011, there are 20 nationalities in Liuhe County, 19 40378 minority population, accounting for 10.8% of the total population of Liuhe county. Living in Han, Manchu nationality, Hui nationality, etc.. In addition to the Han, Manchu, in 19 ethnic groups in Hui ethnic minority; Korean in Northeast China during the Japanese occupation from the Korean Peninsula moved over immigration, mainly concentrated in the Sanyuanpu Korean town and Korean Xiang Jiang shop .

Liuhe County Economic overview

Liuhe County Overview

In 2010 the GDP (GDP) 6 billion 934 million 540 thousand yuan, calculated at comparable prices, growth of 20.5% in 2009. Sub industries, the first industrial added value of 1 billion 736 million 260 thousand yuan, an increase of 17.3%; second of the industrial added value of 2 billion 955 million 750 thousand yuan, an increase of 24.9%; third of the industrial added value of 2 billion 242 million 530 thousand yuan, up 17%. The proportion of three industries from 2009 to 26.1: 40.5: 33.4: 42.6: 32.3 to 25.1 changes, the industrial added value accounted for the proportion of GDP was 33.5%, 3.4 percentage points higher than last year.
In 2013, Liuhe County to achieve GDP 9 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 10%; the total government revenue 1 billion 130 million yuan, local fiscal revenue of 880 million yuan, up 7.2% and 16.3% respectively; the above scale industrial enterprises output value of 14 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 25%; 11 billion 300 million yuan in fixed assets investment, investment 12 billion 100 million yuan, increased 21% and 20% towns; residents per capita disposable income of 19538 yuan, per capita net income of farmers 9737 yuan, growth was 16%.

Liuhe County Primary industry

Liuhe County in the production of rice, corn, soybean, normal year grain total output of 250 thousand tons, 100 thousand tons of grain to provide goods, is one of the national commodity grain base. The county forest reserves amounted to 13 million 180 thousand cubic meters, annual production of Korean pine, larch, oak, elm, poplar, walnut, linden and yellow pineapple high-quality timber 60 thousand cubic meters.
In 2010, grain output reached 1 billion 50 million tons. To realize the agricultural total output value of 3 billion 200 million yuan, up 8.8%. Investment of 1 billion 420 million yuan, the implementation of rural industrial projects 287. The development of tobacco of 36 thousand acres, to achieve revenue 22 million yuan. The new standardized animal husbandry area 30. Investment of 340 million yuan. 47 rural drinking water safety engineering, 5 reservoirs. The recovery of highway afforestation 6958 acres of land, the new rural cement road 86.6 km. Comprehensive development of forestry ecological construction special rectification action, then stop farming 188 thousand and 200 acres, 182 thousand and 600 acres of afforestation, to complete the "stop, seal, making the tube target. Won the national forest fire prevention work of advanced units and advanced unit of national ecological construction of forest seedling.

Liuhe County The secondary industry

Liuhe industrial steady development of basic industries more categories, there are 2191 industrial enterprises, of which 51 state-owned enterprises, 1531 collective enterprises, 887 private enterprises. In 2010 above scale industrial enterprises realized 5 billion 200 million yuan output value, sales income of 4 billion 800 million yuan, tax 260 million yuan, growth of 25%, 22% and 35% respectively. More than 10 new scale enterprises, a total of 100 households.
Mineral resources exploration and development achievements, iron ore reserves of 50 million tons, to 1.56 tons of gold; Jin Xin non-ferrous metal processing project. The building materials industry development, complete the economy wide building ceramics production line expansion, Hong Shun cement project.
The mechanical manufacturing industry steadily, carbon fiber, Higginson Sen automobile casting construction projects. BT by the way of financing 70 million yuan, complete industrial road network development zone construction; improve the characteristics of the park management system. To strengthen pollution reduction, the completion of the 6 and 1 Structure emission reduction emission reduction projects, implementation of CO2 emissions of 911 tons, 91 tons of SO2 emission reduction.

Liuhe County The service sector; the tertiary industry

In 2010, the total retail sales of consumer goods 2 billion 728 million 640 thousand yuan, up 19.9% over the previous year. According to the location of the business units, urban retail sales 1 billion 71 million 230 thousand yuan, an increase of 16.2%; rural retail sales 1 billion 657 million 410 thousand yuan, up 23.8%. According to the consumption patterns of the wholesale industry 394 million 50 thousand yuan, an increase of 31.6, retail sales of 2 billion 50 million 190 thousand yuan, an increase of 17.3%; the lodging industry 78 million 730 thousand yuan, an increase of 13.9%, catering income 205 million 670 thousand yuan, up 28.7%. According to the size of enterprises, enterprises above the retail sales of 1 billion 642 million 330 thousand yuan, an increase of 24.2%; enterprises below designated retail sales of 108631 yuan, up 13.9%. Total retail sales of consumer goods reached 4 billion 480 million yuan, an increase of 15.7%; total exports reached 1 million 800 thousand US dollars, up 19.2%.
In 2013, American ginseng products market to start construction projects completed in Liuhe County, Luotong Planning National Archaeological Park city.

Liuhe County social undertakings

Liuhe County Living environment

The town green area of 2224 acres, 4.72 square meters per capita green.
Urban per capita living area of 6.68 square meters, 8.1 square meters per capita living in rural area.
In 2010 launched the "three zone" of a river planning; complete the unification river landscape design planning and city planning. The implementation of the ten major urban construction projects:
The demolition of shantytowns 61 thousand square meters; real estate development area of 265 thousand square meters. The construction of city low rent housing 447 sets, 25 thousand square meters.
Two Mountain Creek three annual project investment 4 million 40 thousand yuan, the construction of Nanshan Park, renovation of small river embankment.

Liuhe County Education

By the end of 2013, Liuhe County has 128 schools, including 98 primary school, 25 junior high school, high school 2, occupation high school 2, 1 private schools. 1 public kindergartens, private kindergarten 37. The total number of 39602 students, 18862 primary school, junior high school 14336. To reach the national standard of "two bases" in 1995 to become the county's primary and secondary school, compulsory education "the basics" qualified county.

Liuhe County Medical career

Liuhe County first-class medical conditions. Investment of 30 million yuan, three level medical network in county hospital, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine as the main body has been formed, significantly improve the level of medical technology; county hospital existing fixed assets of 24 million 160 thousand yuan, the scale, the level of equipment and technology have reached the first-class level in county hospitals, medical service radius expanding, now has a body slip ring type spiral CT, MRI resonance imaging instrument, automatic biochemical analyzer, blood dialysis machine and digital subtraction of advanced medical equipment etc., can assist the diagnosis of successful thoracic and abdominal surgery and Department of cerebral surgery, such as the difficulty of various.

Liuhe County Life insurance

Liuhe reservoir capacity of 7 million 500 thousand cubic meters, and provides water for production and living for the county. The city water supply project has started a total investment of 112 million yuan, completed part of the civil engineering and water treatment plant 10 km of pipeline laying task.
Beishan, south of two times two substation can meet the production and life of electricity.
The gas pipeline gas into thousands of households, up to 6960 users.
Heating integration projects annual investment 73 million 770 thousand yuan, the city blue sky company heating area increased from 650 thousand square meters to 1 million 670 thousand square meters.

Liuhe County Cultural undertakings

The CATV network is developing rapidly, urban and rural users reached 38 thousand, the town can get more than and 60 channels on cable TV, the realization of the village CATV target.
Declaration of the 2 municipal intangible cultural heritage. Luotong Mountain National Archaeological project by experts, is included in the national "12th Five-Year" project site protection.
The county government invested 10 million yuan, the new youth activity center.
The success of the first county calligraphy art festival, health and sanitation workers walking festival festival.

Liuhe County The employment situation

In 2010 the development of 8209 jobs, 6580 new jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate at 3%. The transfer of rural labor force 75 thousand, achieve three consecutive provincial labor export advanced county ". City insurance subsidy per month increased to 184 yuan, per capita agricultural insurance increased to 885 yuan subsidy, pension fund increase 135 yuan per month, public welfare jobs monthly per capita wage increase of 130 yuan, financial personnel per capita monthly wage increase 228 yuan. To raise funds 41 million 140 thousand yuan, one-time cash wage arrears for teachers of history.
Vigorously implement the human resources strategy, recruiting civil servants recruited 34 people, 74 college students to enrich institutions.

Liuhe County Urban construction

Dominate the 146 million annual investment River comprehensive renovation project completed 4 yuan, 2 bridges, 2 Road, 2 dike and dam construction tasks, effectively resist the flood in 2010, to ensure that the infrastructure of the town and development zones and enterprises in the safety of the flood season. Investment of 50 million yuan, completed sewage treatment plant project, successfully passed the provincial environmental protection department approval, daily sewage treatment capacity will reach 10 thousand tons. Investment of 14 million 800 thousand yuan.
The state-owned assets mortgage and financial guarantees, financing 126 million yuan, provides a financial guarantee for urban construction projects.

Liuhe County traffic

Meiji Railway The train to Beijing, Qingdao, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian, Changchun.
Liuhe airport has direct flights to Beijing, convenient and quick. In 2013, Liuhe County is located in the source town of Tonghua airport built, the route planning for Tonghua to Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai, Harbin city.
 Sanyuanpu airport terminal Sanyuanpu airport terminal
State Road 303 The highway runs through the territory, camp white. Five county highway connecting the township, which is connected with the neighboring counties of highway.
Among them, the county Liuhe Town a total of 30 roads, a total length of 34 km, a total area of 390 thousand square meters, paving rate reached 79%, 5.5 square meters per capita road. A total length of 5.36 km of Liuhe Street flat straight across the city.
The annual investment of 8 million 800 thousand yuan project of urban road network, opened people's avenue west exit, the maintenance of military road section, 7 Street Road, the southern section of the market. A total investment of 36 million yuan of new passenger station project completed land acquisition demolition and backfill foundation engineering etc..

Liuhe County Famous scenery

Liuhe County is located in Changbai Mountain District, forest tourism resources richly endowed by nature. The main tourist attractions Sanxianjia national Forest Park and Luotongshan Tourism scenic area. Sanxianjia national Forest Park is a comprehensive park area and Tourism Development Zone of natural plant protection as a whole, occupy nearly acres of forest, 8 male tour route In. There are temples, 9 Fuxing temple pavilions, terraces and open halls, which covers an area of 8000 square meters, the temple main hall, Buddism godness Guanyin Temple Such a construction area of 860 square meters. Luotong mountain scenic area covers an area of 6267 hectares, 1090 meters above sea level, in the ancient city, Jun Feng, Qi Dong, the quiet forest in one. In the ruins of the ancient city of 1, Jilin province is the great ancient ruins, in 1981 and 2001 respectively in Jilin province and the State Council as a key cultural relics protection units.