Roswell is The state of New Mexico A desert town in the southeast. At that time, Roswell is the United States Army Air Force base, and Eighth Army Air Force Station 509 explosion group. In the summer of 1947, the United States the whole nation are talking about UFOs (UFO). In New Mexico the first week of July are the most famous. Roswell UFO incident . The first week of 1947 July, a rancher Marco Bledsoe decided to check the local pasture fed cattle, because the night before the storm. When he visited, he found a few seem to be metal debris, mud and a long shallow trench.

Roswell brief introduction

Some people think that Bledsoe's neighbor fragment is UFO wreckage Then, and they talk to the mayor, Bledsoe reported his discovery. Subsequently, the mayor contacted 509 group explosion intelligence officer Major Jesse Maaser. Major Maaser
 Roswell UFO incident Roswell UFO incident
The message will be reported to the commander, Colonel William Blanchard. But Colonel Blanchard sent blocked the pasture and clean up the debris.
In July 8, 1947, the Army Office of public information officials claimed they got crash debris from UFO. However, a few hours later, they took back the first statement said they mistake the weather balloon debris as UFO's remains.
According to the army, this event is the blockade. However, Roswell residents still heard some rumors, telling the dead alien, engraved with the strange labeled wreckage, and in The state of New Mexico The southern radar survey to UFO and so on. Some speculation of those strange debris and artifacts are the fall out from the UFO, but once someone want to investigate, those things will be transferred or hidden. The troops took measures to let the news media believe that debris found only a weather balloon. Even reported that parts of the original witnesses, including Marco Bledsoe, after officials and troops would change the tone of the conversation.
The term UFO produced in 1947, when a newspaper quoted an eyewitness said, he said flying objects see
"Fly like the dish to split the past from the water."

Roswell Rake up the past

Roswell 30 years later

By 1978, the reporter visited major Jesse Maaser, who said that in 1947 the army use weather balloons to cover up the UFO event, and the event has been filed. Many of these events have also surfaced, for this incident, but also the emergence of a large number of speculation. Finally, in response to the speculation and curiosity, Secretary of the air force personnel to investigate the incident.

Roswell 1995

The first for congressman Steven Schiff's report shows that the fragments may have come from a program called "Mo Gu" the secret plan. The purpose of this program is to determine whether the possibility of using low frequency acoustic waves to high-altitude balloon surveillance and reconnaissance in the upper atmosphere, the Soviet nuclear test. From the relevant documents of the second 1997 report of the incident in 1947 was leaked some clues to the Soviet Union action, because the year is marked the beginning of the cold war.
Who has been involved in the plan of the engineers said, the army researchers use radar to track the target of temporary balloon, because they are not necessary at all parts of radar target. Therefore, they commissioned a toy company with foil and raft to make radar targets, and can be dissolved in water and glue logo straps to reinforce. This just shows that Marco Bledsoe found in his ranch pieces why looks so strange.
Many people think that the report tries to construct a myth, not to expose conceal Roswell UFO incident The truth of the plot. Several witnesses or change the original rhetoric, or amended the original description, is to avoid the embarrassment from wrong. At this point, everyone pointed out that for the debris field is described and a weather balloon material match. In 1947 came the information is not itemized refute, because witnesses and evidence of some change and have already not in.
Therefore, the Roswell incident is not UFO, which is regarded as the mogul plan The aftermath . However, others believe that the United States Air force is to cover up the truth of the balloon survey, and made UFO the statement spread. However, the two statements are lack of indisputable archives, so some critics still think the two are fictional.

Roswell A new myth

Another myth in recent years about the New Mexico Roswell event appeared again. It is said that in March 1948, after the 9 months of UFO and aliens in Roswell, several influential politicians today was born, they may be from UFO to Roswell the descendants of aliens. When the children are now born is a great reputation of the Democratic Party, so some people suspect that this is a masterpiece of republicans. This statement and other statements as less credible, because studies show that these politicians only one was born about 9 months after the events in Roswell. To the Democratic Party according to birth date as shown in the following:
Diane Feinstein, Senator from California, USA: June 22, 1933
Nancy pelosi, The United States House of Representatives Speaker: March 26, 1940
Barbara Boxer, Senator from California, USA: November 11, 1940
John Kerry The United States. Massachusetts Senator: December 11, 1943
Bill Clinton In August 19, 1946, the former president of the United States:
Howard Dean Before. Vermont The governor and chairman of the Democratic Party in November 17, 1948
Charles Schumer The United States. The state of New York Senator: November 23, 1950
Hilllary Clinton The United States Senate from New York, October 26, 1947
Only the former vice president of the United States Al A. Gore Really is born at that time in March 31, 1948.
This myth might be Gore during his presidential campaign rival deliberately slander, became the The democratic parties Politicians comment. No matter what is the origin of this myth, as long as there is a simple fact can easily overthrow.

Roswell UFO Museum

Roswell The origin of the Museum

There is great magic in New Mexico, Roswell and nearby events, and some business savvy local people built the UFO museum. People have to remember Roswell near the older city at least 200 miles away: The state of Texas Amaury Lo, Burke and Eyre Paso, New Mexico, and Las Kuru. Those interesting, what they need is a goal, or a better target, not only to build the museum sincerely to record and save those strange events occurred in the late period of the last century.

Roswell Museum

The UFO museum built in the autumn of 1991, was as a non-profit educational institutions, to 1992 for commercial properties. The museum is built in order to allow the public to understand the UFO phenomenon in all aspects, but not limited to the Roswell incident. The scope of exhibits related theme is very wide, including the rest of the Roswell incident, crop circles, witnessed UFO, ancient astronauts and alien abduction. The museum has abundant research facilities, and encourage visitors to spend time (certainly welcome investment) to try to understand UFO sightings and other phenomena.
Because of the museum were successful, fourth UFO Museum board looking for more room to build a new museum -- the new museum will be built by their appointment management department. Every year, about 150 thousand people came to Roswell and the museum; it has become the largest tourism resort in New Mexico. In fact, the museum has become a huge catalyst, the catalytic region of new business development, including new hotels, shops, restaurants, as well as the ubiquitous "big box" stores such as WAL-MART. A little fairy and a little legend actually caused such surprising consequences!
Although the Roswell local chamber of Commerce to the museum and all visitors as halfway between local holidays and annual party pause station, but if you ask the museum leaders, they will tell you that they are not for the money or tourists, not to develop, even not for holiday, but to seriously study UFO.
The new museum will be built on the site to the north about 8 blocks, will occupy a complete block, from the world's only UFO themed McDonald's across the street. Started in July 2007, but the museum's opening time has not been announced. Because the museum is a non-profit organization with the nature of education, and is currently seeking additional financial aid.

Roswell Do you really believe that UFO?

This is a great problem, but also a compelling problem. But a lot of relevant personnel and those who have investigated the Roswell people will say, yes, you can believe it should also believe that because this is only tens of thousands of pile sightings and a report.

Roswell First

For UFO, a lot of people to adopt a very broad definition: a real or seemingly flying objects that people can't make a clear recognition of the. Of course, this definition beyond the traditional UFO theme, but to put these concepts together is too wide too difficult, so you may lose their meaning. Many experts think that what happened in Roswell in 1947 is the beginning of the history of modern UFO and related phenomena. In other words, there have been numerous articles and reviews, this problem is -- trying to recognize those unusual thing in the end is the object on the strange object in the sky, or a common phenomenon as a comet or meteorite. Here are some examples:
1.1235 years: a report on the Japanese Army Japan, Kyoto Near to see a beam of light is eerily shot.
2.1561 years: some small balls in the air in southern germany.
3.1868 years: modern reports record first saw UFO in chile.
In 4.1887 years: New England Some people see the mysterious ship and to make the report.
In 5.1917 years: Portugal Tens of thousands of people reported. Fatima incident .
To ascertain the most witnessed the scene is true, the most difficult point is that UFO and similar phenomenon always and various religious, psychological, political and social activities and organizations together, and become its victims. These activities and the organization's mission is to confirm all sorts of plots, the government departments are strictly confidential, including UFO and alien life truth. As long as Google on the theme of a simple search, you can find thousands of websites and organizations, and the records of countless UFO related or unrelated to the point of view, these views tend to let you know what to do. How to classify all this information? Books, blogs, web information resources so much, to check out too strenuous.

Roswell however

If you want to consider their own evidence, so whether you agree or disagree with the views of some very interesting and very credible events and physical phenomenon is worth mentioning. Please consider the following:
To confirm the existence of radar and radar tracking, capture seems to be the most powerful evidence. If the control personnel from trained military personnel or in the tower, the more convincing support. I believe people will say that these people are most likely to be the so-called UFO and other strange phenomenon of cheating. Even the the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has also been involved.
And it seems that everyone, and their grandmother, there are one or two photos, including the movie, is about what happened in the night sky in the unexplained strange events. Experts and supporters say that the evidence is too much, not to mention these events do not know why the.
Physical evidence, tracing is very common, including changes in a region, such as the ground mark, charred land, fallen trees, high frequency radiation, and metal pieces etc.. This is a lot of data archiving to support a conclusion, that is what happened in Roswell is not so unusual.
In addition, physiological changes, physiological changes of human and even animal are often recorded. Have seen the transient paralysis, burns, rash and other reports. Someone will say, this is evidence that most strained, because of many reasons can cause the physiological phenomenon in any one or all.
- catcher in appear cycle, crops strange phenomenon, germination or growth of crops and sometimes more sometimes less. Ranchers will take them as evidence that an unusual thing happened.
Finally, the researchers pointed out that the final evidence of a series of car broke down, endless power, TV and radio received interference signal, aircraft navigation problems, and so on, can prove that Roswell incident is not unique in the world, and indeed credible.

Roswell The FBI file decryption

A public on the FBI website to decrypt the files, recreate the scene of the incident in Roswell, may help understand the events correctly:
Text :
FBI, Dallas, 07 1947 06, 06:17. PM
To the Secretary and the Cincinnati Branch [emergency]
In relation to the matters of.XXXX command flying saucer
The Eighth Air Force by telephone to the office to report, today it was considered a UFO object appear in the state of New Mexico (Roswell) near Roswell.
This dish is the appearance of the object is hexagonal, a cable suspended in a balloon, the balloon diameter is about 20 feet. XXX further explained that the objects were found in similar weather balloons with a height. radar Wave reflector, but after contact that none of their subsidiaries or the manufacturer of the balloon balloon release.
This dish balloons and objects have been transferred to the plane manufacturer, to provide more information for further examination, because this is something related to the interests of the state. XXX and The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and its affiliated media and several other media and so on, have been reported today.
XXX thinks, should require manufacturers to the results of the inspection report to the Cincinnati branch. Has yet to carry out further investigation.
(text in the XXXX part, is in the original file open on the site was covered with a black pen on the part of the translator's note)
Original :
FBI DALLAS 7-6-47 6-17 PM
Director and SAC, Cincinnati URGENT
Flying Disc, information concerning. XXXXX headquarters.
Eighth Air Force, telephonically advised this office that an object purporting to be a flying disc was re covered near Roswell, New Mexicon, this date. The Disc is Hexagonal in shape and was suspened from a ballon by cable, which ballon has approximately twenty feet in diameter. XXXX further advised. That the object found resembles a high altitude weather balloon with a radar reflector, but that telephonic conversation between their office and Wright field had not XXX borne out this beliee. Disc and balloon being transported to Wright field by special plane for examiation information provided this office because C- national intereset in case.XXX and fact that Natiional Broadcasting Company, Associated press, and others attempting to break story fo location of disc today.
XXX advised would request Wright field to advise Cincinnati office results of examination. No further investigation being conducted.