Fort Collins

Fort Corinth (Fort Collins) is a power in Larimer county within the state of Colorado to the city, it is located in the Colorado foothills, Cache La sur Poudre. It is the Larimer County seat. It has about 130 thousand inhabitants, is the fifth largest city in Colorado, is also a great University City Colorado State University is located in the Corinth fort.
Fort Collins

Fort Collins History

In 1864 the United States Army established Fort Corinth, it was an army outpost. Its predecessor is a Corinth camp barracks. The barracks were set up in the Indian War in 1860s, the purpose is to protect the local route. In June 1864 a flooded Corinth camp. Since the executive to the southeast of Wyoming barracks of Fort Laramie chief Colonel William Collins wrote that there is a good place for the former barracks built fort a few miles downstream. Fort Corinth in two stationed in the Eleventh Ohio cavalry regiment voluntary army. The fort has not built the wall.
After the establishment of Fort Corinth immediately settled in the vicinity of immigrants. 1867 local Indian After the disappearance of Fort Corinth revolt by the army to give up. The original Fort today in the history of the "old" on the side of. In 1866 the first school and church opened. In the local businessman Joseph Mason under the leadership of the public began to try to move to Fort Corinth county. In 1868 the county Larimer county was moved to Fort Corinth.
1872 Corinth Bao's first population boom, hundreds of immigrants came to the city, the construction of new buildings began in the original old city south. The contradiction between the new immigrants and old residents led to the differentiation of city politics. The new state agricultural college classes.
In 1880s the city built some magnificent houses and business buildings. The city has gradually appeared its own personality. The earliest Industry Including the masons, and sugar Slaughterhouse . Grassland, school and agricultural experiment station for local sheep provides excellent and rich food. At the beginning of the 1900s Corinth Bao and even won the world feed sheep are in the title. In 1901 the city built a large sugar factory.
Although the great depression and the outbreak of the drought has hit at the same time to Fort Corinth, but its development is not in the first half of the twentieth Century stopped. Double the number of residents shortly after World War II in second, the rapid development of economy. The old building was demolished to make way for new, modern buildings. At the same time, the economic structure changes. Sugar mills closed 1955. In 1954 the municipal government organization change, top leadership of the City Council and the city became the president. In 1960s, the Colorado State University student also doubled. At the end of the twentieth Century Corinth Bao Colorado State University became the most important economic strength. In twentieth Century Corinth Bao also received a very conservative reputation, the initial construction of the city in the city for decades in temperance. This rule until 1969 in the student movement to abolish the next life. at that time civil rights movement The anti war and turmoil in the situation is very tense, the Colorado State University campus was burned several buildings.
At the end of the twentieth Century Corinth Fort quickly extended southward, built a local shopping center where. In 1980s the city management and development planning has become increasingly urgent task, through the establishment of the city development agencies trying to develop the old city of Fort Corinth city.
2006 "money" magazine will be listed as the fort Corinth city with the highest value of American life. The magazine commented: "good occupation and excellent good schools, low crime rate and high technology economy industry outdoor life makes Corinth become the first fort". Fort Corinth's population continues to grow steadily, the development of competition and its area in northern Colorado. At the beginning of twenty-first Century on the conflict of interests between the future development trend of the discussion and the students and residents became the most important problem.

Fort Collins Geography and climate

Fort Corinth location is 40 degrees north latitude, 105 degrees west of 33'33 "by 4'41". It is located in the Rocky Mountains At the foot of the mountain, Denver North 105 kilometers, 72 kilometers to the south of Cheyenne. The city is at an elevation of 1525 meters. Important landmarks include Portulace protection area (Horsetooth Reservoir) (Horsetooth Mountain) and Portulace mountain. Portulace mountain's name comes from the city of the western sky on a very conspicuous tooth shaped Granite .
According to the data of total area of Fort Corinth, the U.S. Census Bureau is 122.1 square kilometers, including 120.5 square kilometers of land area, 1.6 square kilometers of water area (1.27%).
Corinth, the average annual sunshine days up to 296 days, with 22 days of air temperature up to 32.5 degrees above the average annual C. The average temperature in July is 22 ~ C, the average annual snowfall of 146 cm, usually a few days after the snow melts.

Fort Collins Resident

Corinth castle is the population of Colorado, five city, ranked 185th in the United States the number of population. In 2005 the United States Census Bureau estimates the number of city residents is 128026, peri urban area population of 271927 people, the front range urban area's population of 4013055 people.
According to the 2000 census, the city has 118652 residents, 45882 households, a total of 25785 families. The number of population after the 1998 108905, 1990 89491, 1980 64092, 1970 43337, 1950 14937 and 1920 8755, the metropolitan statistical area also includes Luo Fulan, add the words of Luo Fulan of the total population in 2000 reached 251494 people. In the city the population density of 984.4 people / sq km. City residents accounted for 82.4% of whites, blacks accounted for 3.01%, accounted for 0.60% of Native Americans, Asians accounted for 3.01%, the Pacific Islands indigenous people accounted for 0.12%, 3.61% genera of other races. Hybrids accounted for 2.53%. Hispanic or Latino people accounted for 10.79%.
In 2000 the city of 45882 households in 29% minors under the age of 18, 44.9%, 7.9% are married couples with children of single women, 43.8% families, 26% is not single, there are 5.9% people over the age of 65. An average of 2.45 people per household. The average family size was 3.01.
The distribution of population structure is 21.5% under the age of 18, 22.1% in 31.5% to 24 years old in 18, between 17% and 25 to 44 years of age between 45 to 64 years old, in 7.9% at the age of 65 above. The average age of the population was 28 years old. The woman of man's sex ratio 100:100.9, adult sex ratio was 100:99.7.
The average annual income of a household in the city was $44459, the average annual household income of $59332. Males had a median income of $40856, the average annual income of $28385 for females. The annual per capita income of $22133. 5.5% or 14% families living below the poverty line, including 8.3% minors and 5.8% of the elderly.

Fort Collins Judicial and government

The government is the highest organ of Fort Corinth city council. The mayor elected every two years by the public, the mayor election is in the singular in April. The mayor is a chairman of the seven members of the city council. The current mayor is Doug Hutchinson, first elected in April 2005. The other six members of the city council are elected from districts for four years. Even numbered districts the next election in April 2007, odd numbered districts the next election in April 2009.
Corinth castle is the largest city in Colorado, the main rural area in the fourth house of Representatives, congressman Marilyn Maas Gray J ( Republican Party ), the state senator (a) and A member of the House of Representatives (two) are democrats. It is the Larimer county county court.

Fort Collins Culture

Many Fort Corinth culture to the students of Colorado State University as the center. Because many of the residents is the age of the students, so the city has a very active musical life, many small breweries also appreciated here. There is an old downtown shopping district, held a variety of large-scale celebration every year. Lincoln Center Is the fort Corinth Symphony Orchestra resident, Broadway tour is always here. Corinth Bao balloon festival to attract the world's hot air balloon enthusiasts to participate in.
Beer culture in the city is also very active. Except from the beginning of 1984 in the city of business of the Anheuser Busch brewery and three micro brewery. There are also some beer. At the end of June the city hosted the Colorado beer festival. This festival held in the old city, in the state of Colorado from more than 45 breweries and an average of nearly thirty thousand people.
The main venue of Corinth Fort Lincoln center, the center was built in 1978, has a 1180 seat auditorium and a 220 seat hall, four exhibition halls, an outdoor sculpture and performing field. Many of the local arts organizations will be headquartered in the establishment, including the Corinth Symphony Orchestra, Corinth Bao Bao opera etc.. The center has facilities for the disabled wheelchair entrance and auxiliary hearing infrared sound system defects of people. Held here every year nearly 1750 times the activity.

Fort Collins The old city

Is the restoration of historic old city center is a red brick pedestrian street, street lamp stands, surrounded by the fountain, the old town of Corinth to display the fort at the beginning of the scene, the street there are many shopping opportunities. There are shops, galleries, restaurants and nightlife Center Plaza next to the night. From spring to autumn here continue to organize activities. The tourism office, shops and individual city authorities to provide distribution map. In the summer of 11 on Saturday, 13 points and 15 points, Corinth Castle Museum provides city tour guide.

Fort Collins media

Fort Corinth has a daily "Corinth Bao Colorado newspaper" (Fort Collins Coloradoan) and a weekly newspaper "Corinth Bao weekly" and a number of specialized newspapers, such as free business newspaper and college newspapers.
The city also has the activity and celebration of the magazine and newsletter.
Colorado State University has a campus radio station, the focus is on the ground and local music.
No big fort Corinth local TV station.

Fort Collins education

Fort Corinth four high school.
Higher education colorado state university And the future of Community College, a community college to provide future art and science, general education and the application of science curriculum. It offers 17 University vacation courses and more than and 90 classes. Ricky University and Feinikesi university has campuses in Fort Corinth.
Fort Corinth public library was founded in 1900, is the sixth Colorado public library. The library opened a children's center, a cooperative relationship with other local libraries and universities and schools. The library has 27 books and a local history museum.
Fort Corinth has many scientific research institutions.

Fort Collins Economics

The economic distribution of Fort Corinth is good, the production enterprises, service enterprises have. HP The company, Woodward governor company and Anheuser Busch have factories here. In order to use the Colorado State University and research institutions in many high-tech companies to Fort Corinth.
At Fort Corinth produced products, including chemical and pharmaceutical, electronics, aircraft parts, scientific instruments, measurement and control instruments, electronic products, engine, turbine And communication equipment.

Fort Collins Local project

Fort Corinth economic policy to stimulate economic development, it will be part of the company to pay the tax to encourage investment. The company will give a tax 50% reliability in individual cases City loan, the loan can be repaid in four years. In 1997 the city was founded in Corinth fort "virtual incubator", to help the new company start. It provides information on the Internet to generate new and promising enterprises, and provide low cost service to local experts.
Fort Corinth city Economic Development Corporation to encourage companies to attract new companies to Fort Corinth, to help the company expand and establish cooperative relations with Colorado State University to use new university research. Fort Corinth also by reducing taxes to encourage individuals to create new businesses.

Fort Collins traffic

Allegiant Air flight to Corinth Fort Loveland airport. Nearly 12 airlines have flights to about 70 miles from Denver International Airport. From there you can on interstate 25 to Fort Corinth.
Interstate 25 runs north to south through the city from east to downtown, the downtown streets form a checkerboard. The students in the city street became U.S. highway 287, is the busiest in the city, it is also from north to south, the city is divided into two halves.
In addition to the bus system and the important festivals in Sunday more than and 10 lines. Most of these lines from morning to evening run 18:30 5:30. During some lines even on Sunday also run school in Colorado State University. All the bus can carry the bicycle, the adult fare is $1.25, 60 years of age or older and disabled people fare is 60. Young people under the age of 17 for free. When the ticket is not looking for change, with 10 tickets for the price of $9.
The city has a taxi company. Cycling is popular in Corinth fort. In addition, the street outside all the streets can ride, there are also special more than and 75 miles of bike lanes.
The past Fort Corinth had a tram, but because no profit was torn down in 1951. The last line was rebuilt, on weekends and holidays for leisure and entertainment services.

Fort Collins Freight transport

A number of international companies to provide the parcel parcel service for Fort Corinth. The company has many production railway connection.

Fort Collins mechanism

National Bureau of standard time signal broadcast radio
The National Center for genetic resources preservation
Roosevelt national forest management headquarters

Fort Collins celebrity

Long was born in Fort Corinth celebrity
Jeremy Blum, skier
Joan Hyde, actor
Jack Lloyd, actor
David Mattingley, painter
Byron White, judge
Long life at Fort Corinth celebrities
Hadi McDaniel, actor
Neil Smith, writer
Thomas Sutherland, Professor
John Ashton Actor.
Bill Stevenson, musician