Oxygen element

Atomic weight 15.9994. stay Normal atmospheric temperature Under normal pressure, oxygen is a colorless, odorless gas supply can support combustion, breathing; melting point -218.4 DEG C, the boiling point of -182.962 deg. C, gas density (1.429 g / L of oxygen in high pressure environment under low temperature, light blue liquid).
Oxygen element
Cm3 / mol)
The content of elements in the sun: 9000ppm
except inert gas , halogen And some do not need to indirect active metal and oxygen, all other metals and non metals can directly generate oxide and oxygen. The most abundant water and oxides Silicon dioxide . Oxygen also with active metal forming peroxide and Superoxide .
Oxygen is indispensable to maintain life but animal process and combustion process of the material, but also in the modern industrial production is also very important.
In addition, a compound composed of two elements, one of which is oxygen, then it is called oxide (such as carbon dioxide, water etc.).
The oxygen density is greater than the air.