Humble people

Humble people, Chinese vocabulary.
Humble people
Pinyin: B I r n
Interpretation: 1, the low status of people.
2 men, with a self deprecating words, "i".

Humble people Of

Humble people

Humble people Pinyin

B I r n

Humble people Phonetic

It's Japanese. "

Humble people With detailed source

The low status of the people
" The History of the Han Dynasty Liu auxiliary biography ":" in the language reads: "rotten wood cannot be column, humble people can not.""
The man said I was modest.
1. The Southern Dynasties beam Tao "Shi Ming Tong Ji" Volume II: ", Zhou Ziliang, said:" dare not smell the purpose, but the fear of humble living before the indecent ear. ""
The element of this brilliant "Pipa", the people: "filial piety is more humble enough that filial piety?"
The Ming Dynasty Tu Long "Remember, no color are the departing gate": "read the meek have served Xia Yi I. Wife. Also the top Xingguan ."
4. Ouyang Yuqian "Grab" umbrella: "neither the poor woman promised two or three pro, why?"
The opera " White Snake "Tenth:" Xu: Lady, today the festival, see Humble people Thin plane, drink."