The western city of ARTA (Á RTA), Epirus The capital district. Located in the north shore of Alta Bay, about 16 km from the South arrach River estuary. The population of 20 thousand (1981).

Alta Basic introduction

In 294 BC was Epirus Dynasty. First Century BC, Rome Augustus The emperor to commemorate the victory over Anthony, a few kilometers outside the other metro Nikopolis, resulting in the decline of the city. In tenth Century, the town was destroyed in the war, and the prosperity of alta. From twelve to thirteenth Century as the capital of independent Aipulusi city. Irrigation agriculture developed around, grape, orange, lemon, wool, cotton and other products distribution center. Embroidery industry is flourishing.

Alta The characteristics of scenic spots

There are ancient Byzantine fortress and at the end of thirteenth Century to fourteenth Century with brick and glazed tile, the old abbey church in 3, the tourism industry developed.

Alta Welcome the flame

The Greek local time on March 25th, the Beijing Olympic torch relay in Greece entered the second day. The Olympic torch relay team arrived in the Greek town of Alta in the afternoon, the local people dressed in festive costumes to greet the arrival of the torch. The Greek volleyball player Janis Castro in Alta - Basu lit the Olympic Center sacred fire stand .

Alta Greet event

The Greek pm local time on March 25th, 2:30, former Greek National Men's volleyball team Janis Basu Cass holding the torch run into the auspicious clouds town square, where the Olympic cauldron lit.
Half an hour ago, here just began to heave rain. The Olympic flame arrived at the occasion, the weather began to settle.
The mayor Panos in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters said, "Beijing is really good luck, Beijing blessing, hope that the success of the Beijing Olympic games."
He said, "four years ago, the Athens Olympic flame after Alta city today, we have ushered in the Beijing Olympic torch relay. Next month, I will go to visit China, I am longing for Beijing,"
Basu Cass said that he is very honored in his hometown for the Beijing Olympic Games torch relay. He is to be invited by the municipal government of Alta, specially from Athens To participate in the torch relay in the hometown.
Basu Cass was born in Alta City, from 1992 to 2003 in the Greek National Men's volleyball team, now a club in Athens.
Since March 25th is the Greek National Day, industrial and mining enterprises and schools are closed off. Thousands of people gathered in the town square and transfer the torch of the street. Many children in festive costumes, arranged in the torch relay on both sides of the street. When The torch Holding the torch ran to the town square auspicious clouds, people have applauded.
When a reporter with the The torch When the forward movement picture, on both sides of the Greek friends, said excitedly, "Chinese! Hello!"