Marked on the map of Albuquerque, on the ticket again (also known as Albu Keke Albuquerque Also called Aiaobokeqi), albuquerque If you go; The state of New Mexico The local people, she is often referred to as Albuquerque or ABQ. More photos and see Abu Kui; the largest city in the US state of New Mexico, 1620 meters above sea level, the climate is dry and mild, pro The Rio Grande . In 1706 1846, was founded by the Spanish, American occupation. Population: the urban population of 558000 will be 903000 of the population; (2012). The early processing of agricultural and animal products as its main industry, after the Second World War to become nuclear power and new energy, aerospace, engineering and scientific research base. There is a Spanish style church and the old city and the famous Sandia Peak Ski field. A University of New Mexico (1889) high school, is also famous National Laboratory And the cancer treatment center, tuberculosis treatment center. In recent years, many big movie and TV drama in the film, film and television production is the most popular city of Quan Meishi, also by the media as "the next Hollywood".

Albuquerque Summary

Albuquerque (also called Abu Quiggi, often referred to as ABQ) English Name: Albuquerque
 Top view of Albuquerque Top view of Albuquerque
At present, the United States The state of New Mexico The largest city. Located in the central area of New Mexico Prefecture, across The Rio Grande Taiwan. Bernalillo (Bernalillo) County, the county seat. Albuquerque Also called Albuquerque.
Famous University of New Mexico (University of New Mexico, UNM), at Kirtland Air Force Base (Kitland Air Forces Base), Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia National Laboratories) and the Petrified Forest National Monument (Petroglyph National Monument) is located in the city. Along the eastern city Sandia Mountains (Sandia Mountains), The Rio Grande From north to south through the whole city.
The literal meaning of Albuquerque
Albuquerque (Albuquerque) is named after the Spanish occupation of Mexico during the period of governor Francesco Fernandez. Fernandes was a native Spanish Albuquerque area (now located in Spain Extremadura Large areas of the province of the Duke of Albuquerque Bala Hoss). The word "Albuquerque" originated in twelfth Century (Spain was in North Africa during the Islamic forces occupied). moors Language, meaning "cork (cork oak Wine material) father" (or "white oak"). At that time, Albuquerque is a Spanish cork trading center, hence the name. There are private investigators think that Albuquerque is Spanish for "apricot". The local people do not adapt to the Spanish pronunciation, resulting in pronunciation, pronunciation that gradually evolved into Albuquerque.
Actually, California , New Mexico , Arizona and Texas Many place names, including Los Angeles , Los Alamos , Las Vegas Albuquerque, Santa Fe ( santa fe Big city, etc.), are named by the former colonial rulers of Spain, from the name to the actual meaning of rules are derived from Spanish, but has been English dominant in America are still in use.

Albuquerque population

According to the 2000 census, Albuquerque has a population of 494 thousand and 236 people, the entire population of the metropolitan area is 797 thousand and 940 people. Al Burke based on 2005 ranked the thirty-third largest city in the United States, the Albuquerque metropolitan area is the metropolitan area sixty-second. The Albuquerque metropolitan area contains The Rio Grande The city is one of the fastest growing city, and in July 1, 2008 the United States Census in 845913 city names listed city population ranks fifty-ninth in the United states.

Albuquerque History

Albuquerque Early settlers

The city was founded in 1706, as at the time of the Spanish colonial outpost. Now Albuquerque still retains many Spanish cultural and historical heritage.
Albuquerque was founded in the traditional The Spanish Village The pattern of government buildings, houses and a church surrounded by the central square, the central square is now open as a museum, cultural and commercial center is protected. Albuquerque is also known as the "old city (Old Town)", "old (Old Town)" is sometimes called the "La Placita" (Spanish meaning "small square").
During the American Civil War, the Confederate army has occupied Albuquerque until February 1862, Henry Hopki led his troops into the main The state of New Mexico Shortly after the north. In April 8, 1862, Henry Hopkins ready to retreat to when the state of Texas, a fierce battle was carried out in Albuquerque and the Confederate army.
In 1879, Albuquerque established the first public high school, Albuquerque high school.

Albuquerque More than ten years of growth

In June 2007, Albuquerque and CNN The United States Census Bureau As the nation's top sixth fastest growing city.
In 1926, when Albuquerque Highway 66 Welcome after the first traveler soon, many motels, restaurants, and shops along the road constantly emerge for the visitors service. North-South Highway 66 originally along fourth street to the city, but in 1937 from the new into the east-west direction along the Central Avenue to the city. In this period, at the intersection of Fourth Street and central commercial street is always a very important intersection.
Albuquerque's external area and the central area was at the time of the city reconstruction and Middle class Turn down, in 1960s and 70s the city During the reconstruction period And many historic buildings were destroyed, and the new generation of skyscrapers, square, parking lot. The middle class in the era of the city The central business district Brought great changes to the image of the city, mainly through the construction of some new forms of apartment building and repair department like great theater (KiMo Theater) this historical building.

Albuquerque City trend and problems

In the city under the leadership of the government, citizens are actively engaged in the construction of the city, have also made some success in the emerging business district, built many restaurants, offices and residential buildings. In the middle of the first and eighth Street and Central Avenue has become the center of city life. The city to provide a better opportunity to alleviate traffic problems growing.
Many people fear that Albuquerque will grow too fast and exceeded their capacity. Crime and traffic problems most of the people want to stay away from more and more, the deterioration of air quality, tap water supply and the erosion of the natural environment, many people feel these negative effects are expansion and sustainable development.
Because of the cheap land and low taxes, many industries around Albuquerque naturally began to develop.

Albuquerque Tourism

Albuquerque Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Every year the first weekend of October last week, Abu Kui base city to hold International Balloon Fiesta, a balloon enthusiasts from around the world, huge balloon flying shapes; pour in tourists also contributed to the tourism, hotel room price also soared, hard beds also attracted a lot of Americans; the car came to a feast.
China also sent in 2013, the central fourth sets of international channels also reported. Fiesta, hundreds of thousands of Hot Air Balloon Off the beautiful sky, tens of thousands of people as cheerful as a lark, flying the bustling scene, even the makeshift toilets are long queues, a hard to find.

Albuquerque The Sandia Peak Tramway

It is the world's longest cableway, located in the northeast of Albuquerque, a city of about 1000 meters, this is the tourist itinerary, tourists can experience large bearing cable car dozens of people from the foot of your delivery to the peak; zigzag on the top of woody browse channel, you can watch the South Downs mountains in the North American rockies. In the winter, can also climb on the northern slope of the mountain experience the joy of skiing.