Etc.. According to the winter or trees Dry season Deciduous or not is divided into Deciduous trees and Evergreen trees . Such as kapok, pine, Magnolia, white birch. Shrubs small tree (usually 6 meters), the main trunk is low, is not obvious, a cluster of state Trees, often in the base of making multiple branches of woody plants called shrubs.
Trees are widely distributed, the known parts of the basic tree growth, including Gobi , Desert Such harsh environment places. The distribution is still the most warm and humid environment.

Tree classification

Tree Deciduous trees

Deciduous trees Every autumn and winter or dry season leaves all fall off Tree . Generally refers to the temperate deciduous trees, such as hawthorn, pear, apple, Indus That leaves is a plant to reduce transpiration, an adaptation to survive the cold or dry season, the plant habit is formed during the long evolutionary process. The leaves of the reason, is short sunshine The internal cause, auxin Reduce, abscisic acid Increase the separation results produced.
 Deciduous trees Deciduous trees
Ginkgo (Ginkgo)
Ginkgo tree leaves, pale gray bark, old vertical parted. Leaves on long shoots spirally scattered, clustered on short branches. The top blade fan, with 2 lobed. Male plants dioecious; usually long branch oblique extension, long branch is female male plant development and pendulous; short branches dense, by leaf scars, dark grey; Winter buds Brown, conical, blunt. Stamen filaments short; female flowers with long stems. seed Drupe Shaped, oval, obovate or spherical fruit, ripe orange yellow, peculiar shape beautiful, golden autumn, trees are magnificent and long life, excellent garden foliage trees. Two national protected Rare species .
Koelreuteria (aka Enkianthus chinensis )
Koelreuteria Paniculata Genus of deciduous trees; tree upright, leafy and beautiful, spring leaves are red, yellow trees in summer, autumn leaves turn yellow, red fruit, like a lantern, very beautiful; for strong adaptability, seasonal change, is the ideal green foliage trees.
Water Shanshan, Metasequoia Deciduous trees Bark gray or pale brown. Branchlets opposite, pinnate leaves decussate, 2 rows of soft flat bar. Beautiful tree, can be" All around "Or Landscape tree . China endemic species and the world famous relic plant, living fossil . country
 Evergreen trees Evergreen trees
A rare species protection.
Hongsen Sophora Papilionaceae deciduous trees, flowers, bark, leaves are widely used. It grows quickly, a straight trunk, narrow crown, stipules small puncture and soft thorns before 2 years, 3 years after the assassination of the basic off, deep green leaves and white color, pleasant fragrance. The material, tenacity, corrosion resistance, can be used as the pillar and the building material, but also the production of furniture, wooden floor.
Magnolia is a deciduous tree; winter buds densely gray yellow green hairy leaves alternate, obovate, rectangular, entire. The flower is big, white, green trees and precious.

Tree Evergreen trees

Is a perennial with Green leaf The trees.
This tree leaf lifespan is two or three years or longer, and every year to grow new leaves, when leaves are also part of the old leaves
Off, because it is being updated, so all can keep evergreen, such as Camphor tree , Red sandalwood , Masson , teak Etc.. This tree evergreen often because of its characteristics, it is often used as a first choice of plants, because they always keep the green, landscaping and higher ornamental value. Pine is the most common kind of trees for people, often in the park, courtyard, company and school places to see it.

Tree Maintenance technology

The spirit of water Water saving The principle of advocating the use to meet the requirements of water or rainwater collection.
Timely adequate watering according to tree species, seasonal and site conditions.
The dry season should be more or less irrigation irrigation, rainy season irrigation; sprouting period can be more irrigation; dormancy before the proper control of water.
According to the biological characteristics of varieties of trees should be timely watering. Watering should be watering, watering should be carried out before the cofferdam, cofferdam should be neat, dense and impermeable. cofferdam As the planting trees DBH diameter (width) and size.
After watering the tree should be sealed hole, not cave in time after dry topsoil soil.
Watering should be used in the pH value and salinity and other physical and chemical indicators meet the demand of water tree growth, ensure the water pH value is 5.5 ~ 8, the degree of mineralization in the following 0.25g/L.
Must be poured Trun green Water and cold water poured cold water should be timely closure point.
Should be excluded in the water tree. The water wet trees should drain the water in 12h.
Do the work when watering conifer enclosure, should avoid or reduce the harm of conifers.
Watering facilities should be good, should not cause leakage.

Tree The use of trees

The tree species is the backbone in the garden, both in function and artistic treatment can play a leading role, such as the definition of space, provide shade, prevent
Glare, regulating climate etc.. Most trees in color, line, texture and tree growth and leaf litter with the seasonal variation of the formation of rich, even if winter leaves can also show the beauty of lines in the branches. A large number of ornamental tree planting, should reach three quarters of a flower. Special emphasis is placed on the plant selection combined with the fast growing tree with slow growing tree, even if it can quickly Into the scene Again, can ensure the long-term ornamental value.
The green trees are commonly used: Sweet-scented osmanthus , Cinnamomum japonicum , Crape myrtle Gingko, Cherry blossoms , Ficus microcarpa etc.
In the tree Green Street In the main, as Roadside trees Main function is for pedestrians, shade and beautify the streetscape in summer, so the choice of varieties mainly from the following several aspects:
(1). The line shape, with high ornamental value (or flower, leaf, fruit or strange, bright colors, or long flowering period, autumn leaves) the best color, winter, enjoy considerable tree branches;
(2). A strong vitality, fewer pests and diseases, convenient management, low management fees, flowers, fruit, and no bad smell;
(3). The trees sprout early, late leaves, for the normal growth of the region, late autumn defoliation period in a short period of time can fall leaves light, easy to focus on cleaning;
(4). Trees tidy crown, branch point is high enough, and the ground branches stretching angle of not less than 30 degrees, the leaves have shade closely;
(5). After transplantation, easy propagation, easy to survival and recovery growth, suitable for tree transplantation;
(6). The ability of anti pollution, anti dust;
(7) trees. Life is long, the growth rate is too slow. A cedar , Henan Hui , Xi'an Hui , tamarind, Platanus orientalis, Sophora japonica Albizia, Koelreuteria Paniculata , Weeping willow , Steamed Liu , Eucommia ulmoides , White wax Etc..