lake michigan

Michigan Lake (Michigan, Lake) is also called Michigan. The five Great Lakes In the area of ranks third only, all belong to the lakes in the United states.
lake michigan
From the coast of South American States as follows: clockwise arrangement The state of Indiana , Illinois , Wisconsin and The state of Michigan . The lake covers an area of 57757 square kilometers, with an average depth of 84 meters. The lake mild climate, most of lakeshore for the summer resort. The east coast is rich in fruits such as apples and pears, Nan'an straight, North Bend, harbor many.

lake michigan geographical environment

Michigan and Hubei Huron Is south 517 km long, 190 km wide at the maximum, the lake area of nearly 120 thousand square kilometers, the water area of 57757 square kilometers.
The lake is 177 meters above sea level, the average Water depth 84 meters, 281 meters deep, depth decreasing from north to south. The lake volume 4875 cubic kilometers, Lake 2100 km long line.
Michigan lake is about 100 of the river into which many northern island, the largest island in Beaver, through Illinois The Michigan canal and The Mississippi River Be interlinked。
The ups and downs of low Lake land. There are many Lake wave erosion into the cliff.
Many East Coast dune.

lake michigan The main port

Milwaukee Michigan lake main port (Milwaukee), Green Bay , Chicago City, Michigan, wo Keegan (Waukegan), Kenosha (Kenosha), Racine (Racine), Washington, manito Walker (Manitowoc), Manistee (Manistee), Luddington (Ludington), Moss (Muskegon), odd more grand harbor and Benton harbor (Benton Harbor). Most of the tourists to lakeshore resort.

lake michigan Lake Resources

The climate in the Lake District mild Most of the shores of the resort.
Along the lake shore of the Lake wave erosion of the cliffs, sand dunes many East Coast, especially in the Indiana National Lakeshore and State Park Sand dunes The most famous.
How many twists and turns north bay, Lake trout , salmon And the fishing industry flourish.
At the southern end of the Chicago As an important industrial city, and a lot of ports.
12 months to 4 months harbour ice sailing is blocked, but all the little lake snow, several ferry ports in the year between. North Bend, harbor large lake is the main port of Chicago, Milwaukee Etc..
Nan'an straight, and sand dunes, no natural harbor. The east coast by water transfers, late spring early autumn is not frozen, along the rich apple, peach, pear and other fruits.
The Great Lakes Region - Shenglaoluosi river channel through the international trade along the lake.
The southern industrial zone adjacent to Chicago as the center (by Calumet Calumet, Gary, Indiana and Kano, Pakistan Escanaba port input a large number of iron ore, coal and limestone and other raw materials).

lake michigan The development and utilization of

Delivery plan
Michigan Lake plan before 2007 will be delivered to the residents of Lake district. The water can be replaced by shrinking and serious pollution of groundwater.
Solutions include processing plant is connected with the Michigan lake from a single line or from the manito Walker connection, the final scheme is still under discussion.
No matter the water manito Walker scheme or emerald bay plan will reduce the cost.
According to the Brown County Water Bureau released data, after modifying the project, from Lake Michigan to the eight area Emerald Bay water costs may drop to $8 million 750 thousand or more.
The water will pass through a unique distribution system Transportation To the community. The system is a pipeline network, it can after the arrival of Brown County in the water treatment and then transferred to the community.
Reasonable plan will make the estimated cost of the original system is reduced from 55 million to 46 million 250 thousand.

lake michigan ecological crisis

Scientists in the United States in 2004 found that toxic chemicals, foam, carpet and sofa cloth in Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PB - DEs) actually went to the five Great Lakes water only located entirely within the United States -- Michigan lake the lake bottom silt.
Previously, scientists have been women's breast milk and supermarket food detect PBDEs, and found that the toxic substances in the Michigan lake is rich in fish, has aroused great concern and worry.
Commissioned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, University of Wisconsin The scientists found that after 3 years of research, Michigan lake, thousands of feet under the lake bottom silt exists PBDEs the poisonous chemicals. One expert pointed out in November 24, 2004, the Michigan lake silt of PBDEs content is 1/1000000000, a drop of water is equivalent to a ten thousand gallon of water in a swimming pool.
Polybrominated diphenyl ether is a brominated flame retardants, widely used in household appliances, computer plastic plastic, interior decoration in Foam , carpet, cloth and sofa etc..
The expert said that the chemical is fish and other wild animal after absorption will be deposited in their body fat, people in the consumption of these meat will also incorporate it into her own body, harm the body.