Arkansas River

The Arkansas River (Arkansas River) is the United States The Mississippi River The major tributaries, the source of The state of Colorado The central near Leadville (Leadville) of the Rocky Mountains and the Sawatch range (Sawatch Range), generally to the southeast of the East, via Kansas, Oklahoma and The state of Arkansas In Arkansas, Arkansas, 64 kilometers northeast of the city (40 miles) located into the Mississippi River, a total length of 2350 kilometers (1460 miles). The total height of 3475 meters (11400 feet), the basin area of 417000 square kilometers (161000 square miles). The river from Leadville to Southeast flowing about 160 km (100 miles) to the state of Colorado city (Canon City), gannong 2060 meters (6750 feet). It flows near the city of gannong mountains, through the narrow canyon Royall (Royal Gorge) cut 300 meters (1000 feet) high granite cliffs. Pujiatuo AA (Purgatoire River) in John Martin reservoir (1948) near the upstream Colorado pull Siani Maas (Las Aninas) to the Arkansas river. In the state of Kansas city and gannong big bend (Great Bend) between the Arkansas river is wide and shallow, winding through an arid area, provides a large amount of irrigation.
Arkansas River

Arkansas River Tributary

The upper reaches of the rain sometimes form flood. From the big bend river flows southeast through a relatively humid area, the width of the river 0.8 kilometers (0.5 miles) above the river is deep. There are several major tributaries in the territory of Oklahoma into, they are: Saul Telford
 Arkansas river near Leadville, Colorado Arkansas river near Leadville, Colorado
G (Salt Fork), tin (Cimarron), Malone F Di Gerrish (Verdigris), and Grande (Grand) Canada River . Arkansas river navigation system Born in Oklahoma, Maas Keiji (Muskogee) northeast 8 kilometers (5 miles), namely fodi Griess estuary, and then into the Arkansas River, and the river to the Damixixibi river.

Arkansas River water conservancy project

Arkansas River Basin has built many water conservancy projects, including the construction of Mika Lester in the state of Oklahoma (McAlester) on the Ufora river near Canada (Eufaula) multipurpose reservoir.

Arkansas River Along the river city

The main city along the river in Colorado F Webb Lo (Pueblo), the state of Kansas
Wichita (Wichita), Oklahoma, Turkey sand (Tulsa) and the state of Arkansas Fort Smith (Fort Smith) and Little Rock (Little Rock).

Arkansas River Other related

According to the cloud, in 1541 the Spanish explorer Coronado (Francisco Vazquez de Coronado) served in the Kansas state of Dodge City (Dodge
City) near the Arkansas river. The American Explorer Parker (Zebulon Pike) in 1806 in the river upstream.