Los Alamos

Los Alamos (Los Alamos, often referred to as Almos) in the U.S. state of New Mexico. The two World War, the world famous American atomic weapons research base- Los Alamos National Laboratory (Los Alamos National Laboratory) was established in 1943. New Mexico's climate and Geography A similar environment in Western China, dry climate, vegetation is mostly arid grassland and shrub. The latitude of Los Alamos is almost consistent with China's Lanzhou, but because Los Alamos is surrounded by mountains in the James forest, the annual precipitation and a lot of fresh air, cool in summer and warm in winter, and ample sunshine, some tourists think that is suitable for living.
Los Alamos
Los Alamos in New Mexico, capital of the state of Santa Fe (Santa Fe, often referred to as the Santa Fe) about 56 kilometers northwest from New Mexico, the largest city in the state of Albuquerque (Albuquerque, also known as Albu Keke) about 150 kilometers. About 2000 meters above sea level. A population of less than 20 thousand (2000 statistics). The Los Alamos national laboratory here in 1945 developed the world's first Atomic bomb Therefore, Los Alamos is also famous for the world; now the center for the study of the utilization of atomic energy; a University Of California The affiliated science laboratory.
Los Alamos was once the special place is military control, in the record of the second world wars were also recorded. Cold War The United States and the Soviet Union against time. Now, it has become the southern United States a high hot technology and intellectual treasure. Now, here in addition to the national laboratory areas not allowed to enter, other regions have been open to the outside world, often have attracted tourists from all over the world come to this tour. Here is the Science Museum (Bradbury Science Museum) is often the tourists will come to the land, you can understand the natural geography of Los Alamos, here is the atomic energy; knowledge, and the historical development of Los Alamos national laboratory.

Los Alamos History

During the Second World War, in order to catch the development of the atomic bomb in Nazi Germany before the United States war department decided to outstanding scientists in Europe and the United States to a secret location in the study, perform the famous" Manhattan Project ". American physicist Oppenheimer The multi pakhar Tibetan Plateau of Los Alamos, the town changed the fate of. At the beginning of 1943, based on the original Los Alamos farm school, built in the laboratory almost overnight. In nearly two years, Los Alamos is not a name, for an unknown place.

Los Alamos The current situation

Los Alamos National Laboratory has already lost the war today. A simple cottage that year for the study and accommodation with most of them have been removed, replaced by a number of experimental building, new office building and apartment building. The guarded sentries also exist in the community, a quiet and serene. Here, people can only according to a historic sign feeling at the scene.
Now the Los Alamos National Laboratory covers an area of 110 square kilometers, with more than 10 thousand employees, including 3500 researchers, PhD 1500. The average annual income of Los Alamos laboratory employees and subsidies to $76 thousand, far higher than the average level of the outside world.
Because when the United States government to build the task to the University of California, Los Alamos National Laboratory started by The University of California Management and continues, but belong to The United States Department of energy . The research institution is in fact a laboratory group, including plutonium linear accelerator , Computing Center And the research center of materials science and health research laboratory, which belongs to the sensitive and confidential department laboratory was surrounded by barbed wire.
In the Los Alamos National Laboratory, today there are half of the research project is civilian in nature, such as part of the development of new materials, the atmospheric system simulation and analysis of human genome, the other half is nuclear weapons research. According to the "Los Alamos Museum" project issued publicity materials, the laboratory every day in the nuclear weapons spending up to $2 million 500 thousand, an annual budget of more than $1 billion.

Los Alamos Significance

As one of the world's largest research center, Los Alamos laboratory is undoubtedly the talent gathering place, which is 60 kilometers southeast of New Mexico, capital of the state of Santa Fe in the rise of "information platform" intelligence library. The laboratory technology commercialization office staff said, Santa Fe, a large number of start-up companies CEO or president from Los Alamos laboratory.
In addition, the County Commission for economic cooperation in Los Alamos by the waterside pavilion built in Los Alamos opposite the advantage in the laboratory research park, to attract laboratory scientists create high technology company, or as a laboratory technology incubator. Now, a number of start-up entrepreneurs rely on venture capital company is Los Alamos Research Park, Motorola and other multinational companies in the placement of the sentinel.
In history books, you can read a lot about the American Los Alamos National Laboratory story, but only really approached it, you can feel what it means to force.