Bian Que

Bian Que (407 BC - 310 BC) Ji Qin, a gentle word more, and Lu medicine, doctors in the spring and autumn period. The spring and Autumn Period tiao Zheng (now Hebei Cangzhou City, Renqiu city) people. Because of his skill, is considered to be the doctor, so when people use the ancient myth of the Yellow Emperor doctor "Bian Que" name to call him. Little medicine in long sang Jun, as the medicine banned party at all. Zhao in the gynecology, ent in the week, the Qin for pediatrics, famous in the world. Qin Imperial Lixi With better and envious, but the assassination. Bian Que laid palpation diagnosis method of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine opened a precedent. According to legend, "the famous TCM classics classic" written by Bian Que.
Bian Que

Bian Que Paul Mauriat's History

Bian Que (407 BC - 310 BC), the name of Qin, a word more slowly, people called Bian Que, Lu doctor no.. Bian Que is a famous medical scientist in the Warring States period, China five ancient medical home first.
Bian Que in youth for noble guest house management, sworn doctors long sang Jun, the pass, pass the medicine as no party, at all, began his career. Have rich experience in medical treatments, treatment against witchcraft. He is so clever that he is good at absorbing the previous generation, folk experience, and gradually mastered the skill of a variety of treatment methods, then reach the pinnacle point, then rounds the nations. Travel at all, through practice, look at the color, listen to the sound, to know where the disease. And led the disciples practice everywhere, because of their skill, was at the time of the people as geniuses, and by the Yellow Emperor in ancient myth of geniuses "Bian Que" name to call him. After Qin Wu Wang for treatment, was a doctor Lixi Jealousy, sent to kill him.

Bian Que The young apprentice

When Bian Que was young to do guest house in charge. There was a long Sang Jun guest to guest house, only Bian Que thinks he is a man, he often treated respectfully. Long Mr. Sang also know that Bian Que is not the ordinary people, he back and forth for more than and 10 years, one day Bian Que and I sat together quietly, and Bian Que said: "I have a cache of prescriptions, I am old, want to leave you, you don't leak out." Bian Que said: "well, yes."

Bian Que Practice of States

In 361 BC, Qin Yue to Zhao's capital Handan (formerly Shaanxi, now Hebei Handan city) the local people attach great importance to women, so he will do gynecological medicine (gynecologist). Therefore, his prestige is higher.
He later via Tangyin (now Henan Tangyin county) Fu Road Agency, crossing the Yellow River by Changqing (now Shandong Changqing county), in 357 BC to the capital of Linzi (now Shandong Linzi County). Qi huanhou Tianwu served him, huanhou met when he looked at the huanhou color, said: "you have disease in the pancreas, died of the deep." Huanhou said: "I have no disease". After he left, huanhou said: "about the good health benefits, not to work for." Five days later, he saw huanhou said: "you have disease in the blood, died of deep fear. "Huanhou still replied:" I had no disease." After his speech, feel very unhappy huanhou. After a few days, and then saw huanhou, he said solemnly: "you have disease in the stomach, died of the deep." Huanhou very unpleasant, ignored. A few days later, Bian Que see huanhou. See huanhou looks surprised away. Huanhou sent to ask the reason, he said: "the disease in the cou, the soup and iron in the blood of the stone needle; and, in the stomach, the mash of; in the bone marrow, although life helpless, now in the bone marrow, Robinson is not invited." Huanhou shortly after the attack, he sent for treatment, but he has been through Wei, Qin went to. Huanhou eventually died due to illness, ineffective treatment.
Qin Yue, after leaving Linzi, in 354 BC to the Wei capital - (now Henan city) beam. In the beam, he had seen the king of Wei Wei Hui wang. In 350 BC, they reach the line of the Qin capital of Xianyang. After the back beam.
In 355 BC after a period of time, he and his disciples Zi Yang, Zi Bao et al, are in there for a doctor. In about 317 BC, they take weeks in Luoyang (Henan Luoyang), heard that the local people respected old man, therefore, was "and rheumatism medicine" (ENT, mad doctor). Then they go to Xianyang.
In 310 BC, Bian Que once again came to Xianyang, because Xianyang people love children, so he made "pediatric medicine". Bian Que and his disciples not hardships, 4000 travel, travel around the world, saving the world; they "do as" medicine, medicine, technology, become a very comprehensive "gps".

Bian Que Mingyangtianxia

Bian Que fame all over the world. When he arrived in Handan, the local people heard about the respect for women, do treat disease of women doctors; to Luoyang, heard about the week beloved old man, do for deaf limb arthralgia doctors; to Xianyang, heard about the Qin people like children, do treat diseases in the children with the doctor; he. To change their treatment scope. The doctor made Qin Li Xi knew medicine than Bian Que, sent to assassinate Bian Que. The world about pulse law, theory and practice by Bian Que.

Bian Que After the murder

Qin Wu and warriors who held tripod lifting game, don't feel hurt, waist pain, eat imperial Li Xi (West) medicine, also did not improve, and more serious. Someone will tell the king doctor Bian Que has come to the king of Qin, a Bian Que into the palace. Bian Que looked at the king's demeanor, pressed his pulse, forced massage in his waist a few, and let the king himself a few times, Wang immediately feel much better. Then the king gave a dose of medicine, the symptoms will disappear completely. King Bian Que is overjoyed, want to seal the imperial decree. Li Xi know, worry about Bian Que day after more than him, in front of King Wu said that Bian Que tried to block, but is "wilderness Youyi", but did not dispel the reuse of King Wu half believe and half doubt, Bian Que thought.
Li Xi Bian Que decided to get rid of the two assassins sent a disease in our very vitals, and want to kill Bian Que, he was a disciple of Bian Que found temporary escape. Bian Que had to leave the state of Qin, they along the north side of the Mount Li Road, Lee sent a hunter killer. "On the way, Bian Que was robbed.

Bian Que Work

"Hanshu Yiwenzhi" carrier "Bian Que Nei Jing", "Bian Que", were all lost. The "classic" name of Bian Que Department of posterity.

Bian Que Academic content

Bian Que technology

Bian Que in the diagnosis, the diagnosis technology of traditional Chinese medicine has been applied comprehensively, which later concluded: TCM four diagnostic methods of inspection, auscultation and olfaction, interrogation and palpation, when Bian Que called them, listen, look at the color and shadow write pulse. He was a look at the color. Judge the syndrome and course evolution and prognosis by looking color. Bian Que is a master of the inside and outside, women, children, facial features and other science, application of acupuncture treatment, acupuncture, massage, soup, hot ironing and other method of disease, medical revered ancestors.
Palpation diagnosis method of Bian Que is also very prominent, with higher levels. "Historical records" praised Bian Que is the earliest application of pulse diagnosis in clinical doctors. The pre Qin period, TCM pulse diagnosis is three nine waiting method, namely in the diagnosis, according to the cutting body including head and neck, upper and lower limbs and body veins. Bian Que is the earliest application of pulse diagnosis to determine the disease doctor, and put forward the corresponding pulse theory.

Bian Que Medical claims

Bian Que attaches great importance to the prevention of diseases. From the point of view of the case of CAI Huan, he was repeatedly persuaded to early treatment, will put the idea of prevention in the first place. He thinks in advance to take measures to eliminate the disease disease, in the bud, so as to achieve a multiplier effect. He had a feeling that: a lot of objective existence of different diseases, but the doctor could cure for the disease is too small.

Bian Que clinical application

In treatment, Bian Que can use comprehensive treatment. Comprehensive therapy is the main treatment measures of the practice of Bian Que. The pre Qin period, in the clinical medicine, the division is not clear. Although the "Zhouli" for veterinary, food and medicine, medicine and medicine of ulcer disease, but it is only in the court setting. Veterinary medicine, medicine, food and livestock diseases, abscess management of diet and to court matters such as surgical scissors cut. Other diseases besides, belong to the category of medicine. Bian Que is a versatile and cure all kinds of diseases, Bian Que also according to local needs, do as to carry out medical activities. According to records, Bian Que is also skilled in surgery, and the application of narcotic drugs for surgery.

Bian Que Anecdotal stories

Bian Que Bian Que heart

Mr. Lu Hu, Zhao Qiying two people have mild disease, together please treat Bian Que, Bian Que Gong Hu said: "your body is very weak and strong ambition, cunning is not decisive, baby your weak body Qi ambition is very good, but not thinking too much. If your heart exchange, will be able to balance the disease also good." Bian Que let two people drink wine, they passed out for many days, they open the chest to find a heart, will they exchange place, then give them the God of medicine, and the two of them after a while they woke up, like the beginning as healthy and later on to the two Bian Que to go home.

Bian Que Make the dead come back to life

Once Bian Que went to Guo, Guo heard that Prince violent death is no shortage for half a day, zhuanglian. So he went to the palace told the bastard, said he can let the prince resurrection. In what he says is a death which is groundless statement, the rebirth of the truth. Bian Que sighed, said: "if you don't believe me, try to see the prince, he should be able to hear the tinnitus, saw his swollen nose, and thigh and genitals still warm feeling." Please enter the palace in a speech to report, Guo Jun was surprised, personally greet Bian Que.
Bian Que said: "the prince of the disease, is the so-called" cadavers. ". People accept the Yin and Yang between heaven and earth two, Yang God, lord lord Yin, yin and Yang harmony, health; now the prince Yin and Yang of the two gas imbalance, inside and outside the barrier, upper and lower barrier, leading to Prince Edward Qimai of confusion, loss of consciousness, complexion and shape as quiet as death, is actually not dead."
Bian Que disciple assists with the present emergency, five points on the thorn crown yang. Soon the prince really woke up. Bian Que will have the prescription decoction, make prince sat up. In more than and 20 days, the decoction of yin and Yang, the prince was healed.
This thing came out, people say that Bian Que has to stunt.

Bian Que Character evaluation

Sima Qian in the "historical records of Bian Que Cang Gong biography" said: "no evil female beauty, in the palace see jealousy; there is no virtuous, to appear before the suspect. So Bian Que's see calamity, but also hide from hidden positions of public and as punishment. The father later Ti Ying Tong Ning. It is said Lao Tzu 'good' ominous', is that Bian Que?"
Japanese physician Teng Weiyin said: "Bian Que, the old doctor also."

Bian Que The impact on future generations

Bian Que laid the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis method. No wonder Sima Qian praised him: "Bian Que said for the party in medicine. Keep the number of smart, later repair (follow) order, can also easily."
He spent his whole life, summarizing the previous experience and folk, with their own medical practice, in the diagnosis, pathology, treatment made remarkable contribution to the motherland medicine. Bian Que's medical experience, occupies an important position in the past medical history of our country, have great influence on the development of Chinese medicine. Therefore, the medical profession has always been to regard Bian Que as the founder of China's ancient medicine, said he was "Chinese the doctor", "the founder of ancient medicine." Fan Wenlan in the history of "Chinese" referred to him as "the first person experience".