Jurassic Period

Jurassic Period (Jurassic) is a Geologic Age In the world, The Triassic Period and Cretaceous Between about 199 million 600 thousand years ago (the error is 600 thousand years) to 145 million 500 thousand years ago (the error is 4 million years). Jurassic Period yes mesozoic The second century, began to The Triassic <b> Jurassic</b> extinction event . Although signs of rock during this period of time is very obvious and clear, the beginning and end of the exact time but like other ancient geological era, not very accurately identified. Jurassic Period Was named by Alexander Brongniart, the name taken from Germany , France , Switzerland Border Jura Mountains Luoshan, there are a lot of large-scale marine Jurassic limestone Outcrop.
Jurassic Period
Jurassic Period Early, because after the mass extinction, so all kinds of animals and plants are very rare (belong to recuperate, but the stage) Dinosauria thriving, to dominate the land. Jurassic Period In later, Dinosaur Become the most dominant species on earth thriving and prosperous, then ruled the earth for 150 million years, until the The third century Cretaceous extinction event Until。
The middle Late Jurassic, plate movements result in South America, South Africa apart from. Laurasia Also gradually separated from Africa and South America, created the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Along the edge of continental rift, volcano activity. At the same time, the Eurasia south, narrowing the Tethys ocean. Jurassic Period The rise of the sea level, North America and Europe between the continental margin sea.
<b> The Jurassic</b> period, the earth will have more independent than the Triassic continental block, resulting in coastal zone increased.
The <b> Jurassic</b> period in the world, the most warm and humid. The forest vegetation was prosperous, it formed the rich coal resources in Australia and antarctica. Despite this arid area local, but the vast majority of Pangea, in a wild profusion of vegetation in oasis. Southern Laurasia and Gondwana biota, in many ways, is still very unique, animal group has more intercontinental color.

Jurassic Period origin

The development history of biology emerged An important event Interesting, such as dinosaurs, become the ruler of the land, Pterosauria And birds, mammals began to develop etc.. Six
 Jurassic Period Jurassic Period
Raw Gymnosperms The development of the heyday period. freshwater Invertebrate The Bivalve , Gastropods , Conchostraca , Ostracoda And the rapid development of insects. Marine Ammonites Double shell, Belemnite Is an important member of, Six shoot coral from The Triassic Period To Jurassic little change. Echinoderm animal The Sea urchin Since the Jurassic began to occupy an important position.
Jurassic Period (Jurassic) is a Geological age In the Triassic and. Cretaceous Between about 199 million 600 thousand years ago (the error is 600 thousand years) to 145 million 500 thousand years ago (the error is 4 million years), the Jurassic mesozoic The second century, began to The Triassic Jurassic extinction event . Although signs of rock during this period of time is very obvious and clear, the beginning and end of the exact time but like other ancient geological era, not very accurately identified.
 Jurassic dinosaur Jurassic dinosaur
The Jurassic is by Alexandre Brongniart (Alexandre Brongniart) name, name from Germany, france, Switzerland Border Jura Mountains Luoshan has many large-scale, Middle Jurassic Marine facies limestone Outcrop. Chinese name derived from the old Japanese use Japanese Chinese characters pronunciation The transliteration of the name "Jurassic" (pronunciation: lumira, fierce -, Rome: shuraki).
The Triassic Period Of the late part of the most primitive mammals in late jurassic On the verge of extinction. Early Jurassic have produced some other type of early mammals: Multituberculata It is considered that the type of plant food, to Cenozoic era Early extinction. And in the ancient Middle Jurassic mammals are generally considered Marsupial And the ancestors of placental mammals.
Chondrosteus In the Jurassic has begun to decline, by the whole fish instead of. Found in the earliest Triassic Teleost fish To the late Jurassic has great development, increase in the number, but fewer types.
Jurassic ammonite evolution is more complex, mainly in suture, shell ornaments and shell are becoming increasingly diversified, may be caused by different marine environment in order to adapt to the ammonites and a variety of lifestyle. Jurassic Marine facies Bivalve Very rich, non marine bivalves have also developed rapidly, they are in Continental strata The division and correlation play an important role.
The Jurassic is Gymnosperms The heyday period. Cycas The development of class and ginkgo peaked conifers also account for a very important position.

Jurassic Period Orion of the Name

The name derives from the Jurassic Switzerland In France, at the junction of the Jura Mountains (translation The Jura Mountains ), France
 The Jurassic sea monster The Jurassic sea monster
The paleontologist A. Brownie on 1829 yar. Because of the Jurassic lithology has three points, was 1837, L.von Booher The Jurassic in southern Germany is divided into 3 parts. In 1843, F.A. will lower black queens Ted marl black brown iron containing middle Jurassic, Upper Jurassic limestone called brown, white marl known as white jura. The Jurassic is divided into early, middle and late 3 century.

Jurassic Period Stratigraphic division

Marine facies Jurassic strata rich Fossil In particular, Ammonoids Obvious characteristics, save completely. Accordingly, in 1815, the British W. Smith proposed the use of fossil stratigraphic division and correlation of views. In 1842, the French A.C. tupini proposed issmaller than the Chronostratigraphic unit Order, and named the most famous Jurassic order. In 1856, Germany's A. Opel put forward detailed AMMONOID zone division. The Jurassic strata are divided into 3 series, the official 11 order and 74 AMMONOID zone. The lower Jurassic ( Lias ) divided into hettangian stage, Sin Niemuel order, Prince Bach order And Torgai; Middle Jurassic (Doug system) is divided into order, Alin Bajocian, Bathonian, Carlos order; the upper Jurassic (malm) into Oxford, order, order base order (Volga Tang order). With the ammonite zonation provides a good foundation for the division, global marine Jurassic contrast. stay Marine facies The top boundary of the Jurassic and the division, now the international is not unified. The Jurassic strata in China Continental deposit The main. Because Terrestrial The evolution speed and breadth of the distribution are not Ammonites So, study on the accuracy of the continental Jurassic is relatively low.

Jurassic Period Major events

There have been some significant geological and biological events in the jurassic. Maximum transgression The incident occurred in the late Jurassic period and in the end of the century. Pangea The new marine division and expansion rate enhancement events coincide. The circum Pacific belt Nevada Sports It also occurs in the late period of the discipline, may show enhanced Pangea split and ancient Pacific plate There is a relationship between accelerated subduction events. Late stage base, was separated from the Tethys region and northern region appeared in marine animal, reflecting strengthening ancient climate zone and ancient geographical isolation degree. The end of the Middle Jurassic cooling event were reflected in many parts of eurasia. In Poland, Spain, in the upper Jurassic boundary layer found in rare iridium , Osmium Some people think that the result is abnormal, extraterrestrial small stars hit the earth.

Jurassic Period Climate resources

This time the world climate is warm, the influx of crack And the sea have a humid wind, rainfall in the Inland desert. The plant extends to the past Barren Where provided are widely distributed and a large number of dinosaurs (including the largest land animal) for food. The earliest in the small birds flying above them; these birds may be caused by the small dinosaur. The ocean is from new reptiles large, swimming and has a modern line Teleost fish Share.
The weather is warm and modern uniform, but there are also differences between tropical and subtropical and temperate. In the early and Middle Jurassic evaporites and eolian dunes represented Arid climate With Pangaea appeared in the Midwestern North America South, South America and africa, late jurassic When extended to south central asia. Southern Chinese, early Jurassic in tropical and subtropical humid climate, the late Jurassic gradually become hot and dry environment; China north, early Middle Jurassic late Jurassic warm and humid climate, warm and humid area reduced. Ring of intense tectonic movement in Pacific belt and the Pacific plate to the surrounding Continental plate Closely related to the subduction of. Accompanied by tectonic movement Strong magmatism The formation of tungsten, tin , molybdenum, lead and zinc, copper, iron and other minerals, become the main part of the Pacific polymetallic metallogenic belt.

Jurassic Period Biological survey

Jurassic Period The age of the Dinosaurs

The Jurassic is Dinosaur In the heyday of The Triassic Period And the development of dinosaurs has quickly become the ruler of the earth. All kinds of dinosaurs form a picture of a gathering of many people, the Dragon world in different poses and with different expressions. At that time, in addition to land on a huge body apatosaurus , Diplodocus , brachiosaurus The water. Ichthyosaur And flight Pterosaur Is also a large number of development and evolution.

Jurassic Period The creatures on land

Major Herbivorous vertebrate The original and long legs Bird head The dinosaurs, and the like Mammals Small reptiles. But the late, great Sauropod Dinosaur advantage. The animal can also get the high and low plant; long legs mainly rely on swallow stones to grind food.
Large theropods Hunt herbivorous animal; while a small theropod, such as Coelophysis Class and Compsognathus Such as the hunt small prey, may also carrion.
Small theropods:
(Late Triassic Coelophysis)
(Early Jurassic) Coelophysis , megapnosaurus , podokesaurus
(Late Jurassic) from Oulung
Medium-sized theropod:
(Early Jurassic)
(Middle Jurassic)
(Late Jurassic)
Large theropod:
(Early Jurassic) double Guanlong Three, the Dragon Chinese stack And the Dragon Age And the Dragon Ridge Banlong, Cryolophosaurus,
(Middle Jurassic) Dragon Ridge Banlong, Peace, sinraptor Dragon, Yongchuan , metriacanthosaurus Piveteausaurus,
(Late Jurassic) Dragon Ridge Allosaurus, Ceratosaurus, According to Pan Long, Wang Long, food. , torvosaurus

Jurassic Period insect

Jurassic insects are more diverse, there are about more than one thousand kinds of insects live in forests and lakes, Swamp Nearby. In addition to the already emerging Cockroach , Dragonfly Class, beetle Class, and white grubs, woodlice Class, flies and moths class. Most of these insects survive to the modern.

Jurassic Period Botany

chilean Pine The next of kin: coniferous forest, protruding from the Fern Palmlike, quasi Cycas The composition and cycads of forests. The ground was covered with a dense vegetation and Equisetales ferns.
Jurassic in the plant community, Gymnosperms The cycads, conifers and ginkgo. Extremely prosperous. Fern In Equisetales , Filicinae And dense pine, Parkinson and tree Fern The class consists of lush forests, herbaceous ferns and grasses throughout the low ground cover review. In the dry zone, growth of cycads and ferns, a vast evergreen fields. Before the Jurassic, the earth's vegetation zoning is quite obvious, because the migration and evolution of Jurassic. Flora The face of the earth that tends to approximate in the District, the Jurassic climate is broadly similar.

Jurassic Period Biological air

With the wings of the cortex Pterosaur Is the air of biology. Is the early birds have appeared, the most famous Archaeopteryx With small. theropods The bones, teeth and claws are similar, but also have feathered wings and tail, and can fly. The air ground will produce biological and biological evolution.

Jurassic Period birds

The emergence of birds represents vertebrate Another important event in the evolution of the. 1861 in Bavaria, Germany solnhofen Discovery of the late Jurassic strata in" Archaeopteryx (Archaeopteryx) "is recognized as the oldest fossil birds; paleontologists in China found in Liaoning" The Chinese Dragon Bird (Sinosauropteryx) fossil has been widely concerned by the international academic community, research Feather The origin, the origin and evolution of birds provides important new materials. With the emergence of birds, the first vertebrate occupy land, sea and air three ecological areas.

Jurassic Period Life in the water

Pseudo Dragon and Dragon tooth plate The class are endangered, but Ichthyosaur Survive, live in shallow water and the animal
 Dinosaur Dinosaur
A group of limbs has evolved into flippers in the sea Crocodilia And fishes. Other Marine organism Also Plesiosaurs Short and long. In the late stage, the ichthyosaurs and sea crocodiles to gradually decline.

Jurassic Period Determination

Like other ancient Geological age , Cretaceous The rock signs are very obvious and clear, accurate time it started but not very accurate is determined, the error is in the millions of years. Not in the Jurassic extinction event or biological evolution and the characteristics of the Cretaceous, can be clearly separated from the two's.. Comparison of the time of the end of the Cretaceous period of quasi. The general thought, then there is a huge meteorite earth And there was a big hole in the vicinity of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. this Meteorite Caused a lot of Extinction Called. The third century Cretaceous extinction event . But this theory is now controversial.