Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the 48 states, 4418 meters above sea level, which belongs to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, located in East California. Whitney peak flat, snow avalanche, channel and granite blocks on the hillside. Whitney in 1864 by the American geologist Whitney found, so its name, 1873 was the first ascent. There are many mountains near Whitney National Park, such as Sequoia National Park, Death Valley National Park and the United States recognized the beautiful scenery of the Yosemite National Park tour pal, here is Steve Jobs His favorite national park. Otherwise the same command ship.

Whitney The United States Whitney

Whitney brief introduction

Whitney, Mount
 California, Whitney peak California, Whitney peak
U.S.A The state of California The Sierra Nevada The highest peak is the United States (not including California Alaska) peak, 4418 meters above sea level. On the top of the main ridge peak towering mountains, composed of crystalline rocks. Snow. Found in a 1864 American geologist Whitney, so its name. 1873 was the first ascent.
The highest point of the 48 states. At an altitude of 4418 meters (14494 feet). Genus of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the eastern part of California. The peak for slope platform has not yet appeared due to erosion gully. The avalanche of groove and granite blocks on the hillside. No ice.

Whitney Hot viewfinder

Speaking of Whitney mountains of Alabama wolf Hill name, many people feel very strange, but the sight of the stone buildings where many people can easily have a familiar sense of deja vu. Yes, this place has appeared in many American movies, especially a lot of American Western films and popular viewfinder. According to incomplete statistics, the wolf hill in Alabama to make Hollywood movies, including feature films, commercials and documentaries have been more than 300, such as the "Iron Man", "Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen" and so on, the latest one being aggressively movie is "rescued ginger Ge", the opening scene is shot the wolf hill in alabama. The movie opens, there is a desolate western landscape, a wide-angle lens in stone buildings, a desert, black slaves shackled walking in the desert...... It is probably the desolate, let the wolf Hill Alabama has become an independent school western director, so love. The wolf came to Alabama hill, as if at a planet's landmark, numerous granite stones to surprising shape which stand huge natural stone, like most of the other animal face face stone, as one after another to greet, perhaps in Alabama wolf hill, is the most need to play imagination.

Whitney Mount Whitney command ship

Number belongs to the "Blue Ridge", and "Blue Ridge" as the the Atlantic fleet and the Pacific Fleet flagship. This type of ship up to 190 meters, a displacement of more than 18 thousand and 600 tons, speed 23, with nearly 1500 soldiers. The huge ship body is equipped with a large number of radar and communication antenna, the broadband communication ability to provide encrypted communications with anywhere in the world for US troops aboard each command, at the same time we can send massive data communication.
Hull number 20 Mount Whitney 1971 service, since 1981 the Atlantic has been the flagship of the fleet. Because the ship can accommodate a plurality of command center, to provide their forces for each task command, US Army, navy and air force, special forces can Mount Whitney build their own command. According to reports, before the European countries set up a joint command took over command of Mount Whitney will continue to serve as military intervention front-line command in Libya.