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Xuantu Prefecture is Four Commanderies of Han One of its territory, often because of war and administrative restructuring and change. In the first 108 years (Han Feng Yuan three years) at the time of the establishment of the vast territory, the county is also the four most important one, is about North Korea today South Hamgyong , North Hamgyong Province Chinese, Liaoning, Western Jilin province area, the county in South Hamgyong Province in china. 82 years ago, Zhenfan , Lin Tun Two county revoked, xuantu prefecture has moved to the area of Jilin Province, Han West moved to Liaodong, which is now the city of Shenyang On the ruins of the ancient city of Bo Officer . After Goguryeo Annex.
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Xuantu Commandery Four, the first Chinese

Xuantu (t case), is Chinese Western Han Dynasty Emperor Wu De North Korea's Guardian After that, a county in its establishment, and Lelang Commandery , Lin Tun County and Zhenfan County Collectively" Four Commanderies of Han "Set up time for more than 500 years. The four area of xuantu Prefecture is one of the largest in the county, the county is also the four most important one. Since it is a "Chinese four counties", of course is Chinese ancient county four, rather than four Korean Ancient county. In four Han county Emperor Han Zhao When one has become large, rakrang county. The Lelang and change, to the end of the Han Dynasty in the south of Lelang sets With the county side . However, the true meaning of the "Chinese four county" at the same time there is not a long time. In 82 BC, the Western Han Dynasty the central government will Zhenfan , Lin Tun Two counties will be revoked, xuantu County West moved to Liaodong, and will merge the three county is a county in rakrang county.

Xuantu Commandery Woju haunt

Xuantu Prefecture established in Han Dynasty According to Three years (108 years ago), the Jurisdiction Is North Korea's Guardian country Okjeo The reason is about this. North Korea South Hamgyong , North Hamgyong Province Chinese, Liaoning, Western Jilin province area, the county in South Hamgyong Province in china. Emperor Han Zhao Start element Five years, xuantu county government moved so far Xinbin Yongling Area outside the land into river Lelang Commandery At this time, about south of xuantu Prefecture Chungchon and Taedonggang The upper reaches of the north shore, and to the north of rakrang County; Hada Ling, huifa river Along with the Puyo To the West; Liaodong County, the Great Wall is bounded to the East; Changbai Mountain Connected for circles and Woju, residents in the Goguryeo The main.

Xuantu Commandery Cease to exist except in name

In 75 BC ( Emperor Han Zhao Yuan Feng Six years, the Western Han Dynasty) of xuantu Prefecture reduced again: 7 counties of xuantu Prefecture in Eastern is Liaodong County The absorption, the xuantu Prefecture is in name only, only in Liaodong County in Liaoning province (city of xuantu city. Xing Jing Hand) remains the name "xuantu".
In the year 12, usurper who founded the Xin dynasty change Goguryeo "The next sentence, the Department of Li" Yanyou Killing Goguryeo monarch in Minhang Wangyi Zhu, Koguryo was from Central Plains to the independent, the annexation of xuantu county. In the year 32 ( Emperor Guangwu of Han Jianwu eight years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the newly established) accept Koguryo tribute.

Xuantu Commandery Repeated invasion of Goguryeo

107 years (the first year of Chinese security Diyong), will be in the Great Wall City, high color, Hou Liaoyang three counties under the xuantu, the xuantu moved to the Great Wall within the jurisdiction of Shenyang today, Fushun The area, a population of about 4 million, in fact admitted Goguryeo The reason for the annexation of xuantu. Soon, Gaogouli began to erode xuantu Prefecture in the Great Wall within the jurisdiction, repeated attacks.

Xuantu Commandery After the Eastern Han Dynasty

189 years (the Eastern Han Dynasty in six years), Gongsundu According to Liaodong, xuantu as its territory.
238 years, Cao Wei Qiu Sima Yi Destroy Gongsunyuan Waste. Hou County Set. Goguryeo , high and conspicuous , Liaoyang At four in Xuantu County, county.
265 years, the establishment of waste Liaoyang County .
404 years, the Central Plains war on Koguryo, occupied the whole territory of Liaodong, xuantu Prefecture for its occupation, a xuantu chased collar.
When Emperor Gaozong of Tang and Xinluo Coalition forces of Goguryeo, xuantu Prefecture throughout all belong to the Tang Dynasty, the original territory was adapted Protectorate General to Pacify the East .

Xuantu Commandery From the county

The Western Jin Dynasty xuantu County, under the jurisdiction of 3 counties: Koguryo County , Wang Ping County , High color County .
" Jin - Geography ": Han xuantu Prefecture. The county three, three thousand and two hundred. Goguryeo [G O and U L. I][1], Wang ping, high and conspicuous .

Xuantu Commandery Served as prefect

Genglin , Five deer Chongzong , Hun Yun Xuan biao, Yaoguang Gongsun, domain, Gongsundu , gongsun, Society Hou Xuan, Wu Pei si, High Xu , Liu Pei , Yi Yi , yoshisada, High hidden

Xuantu Commandery And Goguryeo relationship

Xuantu Commandery The "Three Kingdoms" records

Guo Zhi said, Goguryeo In the problem, the problem should refer to the balls mountain. Koguryo core area -- in domestic area In the late Warring States Period Have been included in Yan The layout, and this can be proved from two aspects of literature and archaeology. In 82 BC (Xi Han Start element The first five years) of xuantu Prefecture is in the historical records Hunan. Area and Lin Tun , Zhenfan County Merged together Lelang Commandery . Seven years later, in 75 BC (Han Yuan Feng six years), in order to strengthen the northeast border force, the government will Liaodong county to the east of the Great Wall is divided out, set up a county, home rehabilitation has Province and The xuantu Prefecture, this is the second xuantu prefecture.
At that time, the Huns and the Han dynasty war has not stopped, the northeast frontier Buyeo There is no complete surrender to the Han Dynasty, after a little from Jumong Lead part The people of Fuyu After the Han Dynasty in the South still attacked by the Fuyu see. The Western Han Dynasty, the government of county leaders often in accordance with different size forces, credit granted titles, big, between the king, the remaining fenghou. Based on the wild view, Goguryeo stay Dongming And the king of Virudhaka The times also did not get the Han Dynasty and the Han Dynasty's canonization, xuantu Prefecture Koguryo County One of the many Hou under, in the third generation is king Daemusin of Goguryeo For the Han Dynasty of Goguryeo era, Fuyu active combat, in 37 BC (Xi Han Jianzhao Two years) was named The king .

Xuantu Commandery Wang Mang forced Gao Juli

According to historical records, in the late Han dynasty, Goguryeo And ethnic minority are subject to the rule of the Han dynasty. Wang Mang built the new change of the Western Han Dynasty, the policy will be. The king Demoted to Goguryeo Hou, Ritchie Goguryeo troops, killing Goguryeo (i.e. in Hou Zou min Wangyi Zhu), finally forced against goguryeo. In the Han Dynasty The occasion, The new dynasty The collapse in domestic trouble and foreign invasion after the central plains into chaos. Koguryo to four conquest, only conquered the entire second xuantu Prefecture, and Bing Feng directed yuelang Okjeo County, the first and the second xuantu Prefecture are included in their rule, became a youmoyouyang ethnic frontier The separatist regime . Subsequently, the Central Plains, Goguryeo is obedient to become the local minority regime, the Central Plains is strong, and become a separatist regime who doesn't often, until they are destroyed in Tang dynasty.

Xuantu Commandery About Gao Juli

Goguryeo After the rise of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the government of xuantu Prefecture George to Liaodong County in northern Shenyang, Fushun, which is today, this is the third xuantu prefecture. The first and the second xuantu Prefecture became Goguryeo rule, until the four or five century, Goguryeo was a massive expansion. So, here the Han population in the end is how much?
The Western Han Dynasty, Goguryeo founding the first and the second xuantu county area is the Han Dynasty counties, the local has effective household registration system. According to Han Junguozhi The record, "xuantu Prefecture, youzhou. Forty-five thousand and six, two hundred and twenty-one thousand eight hundred and forty-five." About the wo Ju county Or, East Okjeo Three, history records, the population of five thousand households, there is no big war, to the population will not be a big change. Therefore, the founding of the Gaogouli population size should be fifty thousand households, of which the Department for about forty-five thousand households. The Eastern Han Dynasty, the Central Plains chaos, Goguryeo And gradually control Lelang Commandery The collar area to the East is the eastern music wave Wei To the East, the Eastern Han Dynasty Hui area, according to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms The records of the population here is twenty thousand.
Houhanshu no Goguryeo population records, the Eastern Han Dynasty, Goguryeo does not belong to the border counties directly under the jurisdiction of the household, already not in Bien Statistics. The big break when Guanqiu Jian Kogoryo, deep into the okjeo area, but also the Central Plains to the sea, get a lot of information on Gao Juli, the information recorded in the annals of the Three Kingdoms in. From the point of view in addition to the Three Kingdoms, Koguryo south of the East Okjeo The East, by Goguryeo rule foul. About the population, East okjeo, Dong Hui has said above, only the Department of Gaogouli population need to study the book. The Three Kingdoms said a Koguryo people estimate, that is thirty thousand. A comparison of the Han Dynasty and recorded a lot less. Arguably, the population in these areas is basically the local population, not easily migrate, Goguryeo During this period has been committed to the expansion of the state, must be accompanied by the population total population to plunder, but less so much? A reasonable interpretation is only for some reason, so that the population of a large number of short-term death or migration. The following can be explained by the historical events.

Xuantu Commandery Explain the disappearance of Goguryeo

A, Gongsun conquests. The Eastern Han Dynasty, Gongsun Shixiong Zhang Liaodong, records of the three kingdoms," Jian In, Gongsunkang In the attack, breaking the country, burning city fell."
Two, due to civil strife and war migration. The Eastern Han dynasty, Goguryeo Wang Nanwu died early, so no child in the princess's, Jiaozhao Ying Li Wu Yi Yi male third brother die king, the heir to the throne of the male younger brother Wu pull odd rebellion. The Three Kingdoms set: "pull the odd unworthy, people would die King Yi Yi kyoritsu." Pull the odd "blame for the brother but not, and the user will add Juan slave over thirty thousand port Yi Kang Jiang, also live in boiling water. Hu also found Yi Yi die down, Yi Yi die more as a new country, where is it today. Pull the odd and went to Liaodong, has kept saying Li country, is also among the young and modern barge. The complex attack xuantu, xuantu and Liaodong punch, the big break." After this mess, Koguryo because of migration and loss of population in more than 60 thousand people, these people should be moved to Liaodong.
Three, Guanqiu Jian The crusade. In 244 years (five years, Youzhou Zhengshi Cao Wei) Cishi Guanqiu Jian break Wandu Mountain City Again, to Goguryeo With a huge disaster.
A reasonable guess, Goguryeo in the previous war, civil strife in the loss of population is certainly more than twenty thousand households, that is if there is no predatory population or population recovery growth, then, in third Century, Goguryeo's population should be less than twenty-five thousand households. In fact, Goguryeo's population still reached thirty thousand, this is the population of plundering and restore growth in action. Because the ancient population depends on natural conditions and agricultural production technology, reduce the non normal population will soon recover, until they meet the limit of natural conditions and technical level of decision. There is reason to believe that this part of the Koguryo boundaries are more than forty-five thousand households.
Finally, the Koguryo population in the northeast of the range of a section of comparison. The first is the Eastern Han Dynasty Goguryeo South and West Han Dynasty County population. After the Han records,. "Xuantu Prefecture - six, one thousand five hundred and ninety-four, forty-three thousand one hundred and sixty-three." "Liaodong County, eleven City, sixty-four thousand one hundred and fifty-eight households, and eighty-one thousand seven hundred and fourteen." " Lelang Commandery - sixty-one thousand four hundred and ninety-two, two hundred and fifty-seven thousand and fifty." After the Han Dynasty, the city should be a county. It is not difficult to find, the data here is obviously a mistake, a series of population, big and small, generally speaking, each household should be four, statistics on the average, about four data is reasonable. Not in accordance with this standard change, the number of xuantu should be eleven thousand five hundred and ninety-four households, six counties, each county more than 1 thousand and 900, forty-three thousand one hundred and sixty-three, three point seven two people per household in Liaodong; the number of households is sixty-four thousand one hundred and fifty-eight, each county more than 5 thousand and 800 households, the total population of two hundred and eighty-one thousand seven hundred and fourteen, four point three nine people per household; rakrang county a total of sixty-one thousand four hundred and ninety-two households in each county, more than 3 thousand and 400 in two hundred and fifty-seven thousand and fifty households, four point one nine people per household. Three Liaodong County, total one hundred and thirty-seven thousand two hundred and forty-four households, five hundred and eighty-one thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven, average four point two four. The Han Dynasty is the national population data compilation of population control, population control, attachment is not powerful statistics, therefore, Liaodong has a population of three, six hundred and fifty thousand should be down.
Consider the population of other ethnic groups in Liaodong. east Okjeo The East, their population as has been said here, mentioning the Eastern Han Dynasty Goguryeo Control of the population. That time of the Eastern Han Dynasty Goguryeo headquarters and controlled by the East, East okjeo Hui and other parts, the total number should be eighty thousand, three hundred and fifty thousand. The northeast and Liaodong Fuyu country According to the. Romance of the Three Kingdoms The records, its number is eighty thousand, the mouth should also be over three hundred and fifty thousand. Then there are scattered Songhua River , Mudanjiang Heilongjiang, The Wusuli River In the yilou, they are subject to Fuyu However, the geographical distribution of the population and. Finally, Changbai Mountain northeast, East okjeo North okjeo, part of them under control of Goguryeo's economic and cultural development level than the yilou people, population ratio is also ominous.
The total population of the northeast region, if not the yilou, North WoZu people Then, the Eastern Han Dynasty heyday Liao The total account East should have about three hundred thousand households, and Yibaisansishiwan. If you count the yilou, North okjeo, population of at least one million and five hundred thousand, two million should be more reliable that.

Xuantu Commandery Related documents

In the establishment of xuantu Prefecture WoZu people The ghetto, this point "Three Kingdoms Weishu Dongyi biography" Han Wudi said very clearly: " According to Two years of North Korea, killing its full sun Youqu, for four county, to Okjeo The city of xuantu prefecture." But the "Three Kingdoms" are mentioned in the later "xuantu Prefecture County resettlement sentence Li northwest, the so-called xuantu The palace Also, Woju is yuelang, that xuantu Prefecture preliminary design, area mainly includes two nationalities: WoZu, li. " Zhao di Start element Five years. Lin Tun , Zhenfan And, to Lelang and xuantu", Zhenfan County After the incorporation of xuantu Prefecture, including xuantu Prefecture Zhenfan people.
Xuantu County under the jurisdiction of Gaogouli in history records much earlier than Jumong They were moved to the south, so does not mean suobu Zhu Meng, and later Goguryeo Not the same ethnic group. "Han geography" Xuantu Prefecture note cited Yingshao Saying, that is "the xuantu Prefecture Zhenfan, North Korea Huguo "But," Han geography "contained for emperor Zhao was political division yuan after five years, this area has been the xuantu Prefecture including Zhenfan County," North Korea Hu "is the original area of xuantu prefecture. The "Han geography" Koguryo County note cited yingshao, think Koguryo County "The sentence Li Hu, the xuantu Prefecture of the so-called" North Hu country "is the" word of Li Hu ", when is due to its subordinate North Korea's Guardian That is called "North Korea's hu". "Three Kingdoms Weishu Dongyi biography" in the records of xuantu County resettlement in Koguryo County, which is called the "county resettlement sentence Li northwest", "Han Dong Yi Zhuan":" Wudi To destroy North Korea, Koguryo county ", as proof of xuantu Prefecture of Gaogouli county is located here because the family residence is named. In view of this, the emperor before the invasion of North Korea, the group has "Koguryo", "Hu Li sentence" and "North Hu country" and "sentence Li barbarians" and other names. Mengzhi Zhu Zi Yuri of Goguryeo When her husband died, more than the forces into the region to. From the "book of the later Han Yi biography" the family included in Jumong As the ancestor of the Goguryeo The biography, when her husband died and it is more than the Ethnic fusion After her husband died, I called koguryeo.
"Historical records of the Korean biography "The note" " Zhenfan , Lin Tun "Dongyi nation, that is really a county, two county jurisdiction, Lin Tun are original Some country , Lin tun of China Territory. "Historical records biography" said North Korea Wi man of Gojoseon "A little control Really, some Korean barbarians "Zhenfan here is obviously as a family called. What is really a family name really some country, or really some country gets its name from the Zhenfan family has not test, but Zhenfan County Because in some really really a clan of the country land named, is not a problem, the main national Zhenfan county is really a family. The position of Zhenfan County scholars who know not, but taking into account Lelang Commandery To the south is North Korea's Ji The descendants of South Korea, Lin Tun to the south from the county Mahan The country is separated to Chen Zhenfan County, only in the north of xuantu prefecture. "Historical records of the Korean biography" contains: "from the beginning the whole Yan, taste Is omitted Zhenfan And for North Korea, officials ", is really a junior high school early that some people into the Central Plains, county residents also have chinese.
"After the Han and Yi Zhuan" Said:" Zhao di Yuan before five years. Lin Tun Really, some, and Lelang and xuantu. Ju Li xuantu complex sentence. Since only the big east ridge has, Okjeo , Huimo Are yuelang. To place wide, complex points from seven counties in the East, the eastern music wave Wei "That yuelang East Wei area has Woju, Huimo group two. Wudi Destroy North Korea's Guardian When is "Woju for xuantu Prefecture, is The Hui people Originally belonging to Lin Tun county. "After the Han Dynasty," Xi Dong Yi Chuan "in Wang Feng Kija In North Korea "mentioned before:" dirty and Woju, this is the sentence Li, North Korea also ", that the Hui people, WoZu people The sentence is Li Hu North Korea's Ji The territorial, once independent, the conquest of North Korea's guardian in this area is actually on the recovery of Ji of North Korea's old haunt. Really Some country The situation in the different. "Historical records of the Korean biography" contains: "from the beginning the whole Yan, taste Is omitted Zhenfan And for North Korea, officials "in the Warring States Period Yan When the most powerful, it really existed, and compared with North Korea, North Korea is obviously not Kei's vassal state, so it is true when North Korea's Guardian conquest of new territories. Han Wudi established four counties, is essentially to Ancient Korea As a local county, Who will After the conquest of North Korea's real time as a county, officials will have to North Korea's Ji and North Korea's Guardian The territory is divided into xuantu and Lin Tun Two counties, xuantu Prefecture governance Li barbarian and sentence Okjeo , The Hui people It mainly belong to Lin Tun county.
Lin Tun County into Lelang Commandery And, when the Lelang adjacent. This is roughly rakrang County Taedonggang In West Sea area, the north of Liaodong County, it is Lin Tun only in nakrang East, is just east of the eastern ridge of yuelang Wei The jurisdiction. "Three Kingdoms Weishu Dongyi biography" said: "since the seven leading East County, Wei Lord, are dirty for the people", visible, near the main ethnic Tun County as the Hui people. "Three Kingdoms Wei - Dong Yi Chuan" pointed out that "this came in from the east of Korea all the land", Woju is yuelang Eastern Wei, "since leading East seven counties, with the main Commandery, and for the people", that Woju is a branch of the Hui people. In this sense, it is the big ridge to the East The Hui people The distribution area. be Zhao di The beginning of five years of the adjustment, is the distribution area of all the Hui people are included Lelang Commandery Then, to the North Zhenfan People, Gaogouli belongs to the barbarians of xuantu prefecture. Because the old rule of xuantu Okjeo In the city. WoZu people That is, the distribution area of the Hui people, so "county resettlement sentence Li northwest, in short, whether it is the emperor of destruction North Korea's Guardian After a four gun, or Emperor Han Zhao The four county and province, is based on the local ethnic distribution pattern on the basis of local settings. "Three Kingdoms Weishu Dongyi biography" in the records of the Han Dynasty established after four, then said: "after that, Hu Han slightly different", visible, build four county and later two counties, on the one hand reflects the distribution of the local national pattern, on the other hand the national distribution pattern plays a stereotype the role of. along with Puyo People of the South china, Goguryeo Family formation, great changes have taken place in the national pattern in this area, the existence of such changes based administrative system, build the pattern naturally have to change, this is also the basic reason of Wei after the region building is different from the Han, four.