Anatropous, is a form of growth, refers to the side of the other side of the ovule of fast growth, slow growth, slow growth of the reverse side of the ovule to about 180 degrees.

Anatropous Morphological character

Anatropous ovule (anatropous ovule): one side of the other side of fast growth and slow growth, ovule To reverse the side of the slow growth of about 180 degrees, not bent on one side of the micropyle nucellus, funicle base, and on one side of the bead handle relative, near funicle side of the outer integument and funicle adnate, forming a bead ridge, outward uplift. Connection point, nucellus and micropyle and almost parallel to the funicle.

Anatropous Representative species

Most angiosperm ovules belong to this type. Such as rice, wheat, cotton, etc. the ovule of lily.