The sperm is

The sperm is, Spore plant To produce sperm and fungi (male gamete) structure. In many algae and fungi is composed of a single cell. stay Moss and lichen and Fern from multicellular A. It is the roost, Sperm sac .
The sperm is

The sperm is brief introduction

Sperm for a haploid The tissue or organ, and accommodate the male gamete ( sperm ), appeared in the Bryophyte and Fern etc. Lower plants The Gametophyte Stage. Many algae and some fungi (e.g. ascomycota ) will also have the sperm is in the reproductive stage.
 Anatomy of antheridia Anatomy of antheridia
Antheridia are generally comprised of sterile cells and sperm producing tissue. The sterile cells may form a central support structure, or surround the sperm producing organization as the protection. Sperm - producing cells via Mitosis Produce sperm.
stay Bryophyte In sperm for long antheridiophore (a structure similar to the stems above), but in hornwort It is enclosed in its internal cavity.
In many Gymnosperms And all Angiosperm In the male gamete experience reduced to pollen, and the sperm is compressed into a single germ cell in the pollen grain. In the pollination, germ cells will divide and produce two sperm nuclei.

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Relative organ The archegonium .