The canyon is greater than the width depth Brae steep valley V, a type of valley. The general development of the tectonic movement Uplift and slope by Hard rock Composed of lots. When the cutting speed and the coordination role of ground uplift is easy to form the canyon. China The Yangtze River The Three Gorges , Yellow River The main stream Volume , Qingtongxia So, is the ideal location to build a reservoir dam site.

Canyon The definition of the canyon

Canyon The depth is greater than the width Brae The steep valley. A V shaped valley.
The general development of the tectonic movement Uplift and slope by Hard rock Composed of lots.
When the cutting speed and the coordination role of ground uplift is easy to form the canyon.
China The Yangtze River The Three Gorges, the Yellow River River Volume And Qingtongxia, is the ideal location to build the dam site.
Surrounded by cliffs of the canyon Valley, generally by the river erosion and the formation of long time.
Many people have been considered in the impression of earth's largest canyon is located in the United States Arizona The Grand Canyon But in 1994, the Chinese confirmed The Yarlung Zangbo River The Grand Canyon is the Grand Canyon in the world first, its length is 504.9 km, with an average depth of 5000 meters; the largest canyon in the solar system is located on Mars equator The Valles Marineris (Valles Marineris).

Canyon The most beautiful wood ditch Canyon

Guizhou Wood ditch Originated in the "Wuling top" mount fanjing As one of the eight river, Fanjing mountain,
 Guizhou wood ditch scenery Guizhou wood ditch scenery
Is the authentic holy mountain.
Wood Creek Canyon length of 50 km, 8 km upstream of the selected scenic tourism development, including 3 km of sightseeing area (a tour along the cliff, for general tourists, hydrophilic, play, the remaining 5 km upstream) for outdoor exploration area (ditches on both sides of all forest, no road, only along the ditch actually, there is a certain danger, so the need for special equipment).
In the valley of the original vegetation, stone Yajun show, waterfalls, gurgling water, surrounded by old vines, forest coverage rate is more than 97%, there is Handkerchief tree , Red sandalwood , Chinese yew , Nanmu Other rare species, Negative oxygen ion High index reached 12000/ cubic meters, Golden Monkey , Macaque , Musk deer , Caragana Fish, mountain, Beard frog , Danaus genutia Many rare animal breeding in the natural oxygen curitiba.
Wood ditch unique scenery is beautiful, has the typical characteristics of quiet, beautiful and marvelous.
The old legend, long ago called wood ditch
 Guizhou wood ditch scenery Guizhou wood ditch scenery
"Hidden Dragon Valley", due to the source of director of a strain of the tree, the perennial flower fragrance, ten can smell, can heal, eat its fruit, the years of nulliparous couples have attracted numerous native people, near its worship, named "wood" in ancient Tujia language is "God", hence the name "wood ditch", still in use.
According to the geological expedition, wood ditch formed about 100 million years ago, widely distributed in the canyon Stone mortar , Potholes So, craggy rocks, belongs to the typical glacial landforms, was born a hundred miles gallery.

Canyon Ten grand canyon China

Canyon The depth is greater than the width of valley slope steep valley.
 Canyon Canyon
In 1994 the Chinese The Yarlung Zangbo River The grand canyon grand canyon was confirmed as the first in the world, its length is 504.9 km, with an average depth of 5000 meters.
In 2009 by the "travel the world" magazine, tourism, media and Sohu selected ten millions of users, the most beautiful grand canyon China.

Canyon The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River

The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River One of the top 10 scenic spots, China Chinese, 40 best tourist attractions in the first. Located in the hinterland of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River China, subtropical monsoon climate zone, is the floorboard of the Qutang gorge, Wu Gorge and the Xiling gorge section of the canyon three.
It is west of Chongqing city Fengjie County White God City Yichang City, Hubei Province, East as nanjinguan, cross Fengjie, Wushan, Badong Yichang, Zigui, five counties, two hundred and four km long.
It is often said that the "three gorges". In addition to the the daning river The "little three" and the horse across the river" Small Three Gorges ".
Here the magnificent mountains steep river Pentium rapids, isthmus reef gaan peak one after another, inserted into the sky, is well-known, far and near tourist resort. Since ancient times "Qutang male, Wu Gorge Show, Xiling Insurance claim.
The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, A remarkable place produces outstanding people.
Here is the birthplace of the famous ancient cultural China. Daxi culture In the long history, shining here, gave birth to the extraordinary splendor; the great patriotic poet Chinese Qu Yuan And the ancient name of Queen Zhaojun; blue mountains, had left Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Liu Yuxi And fan, Ou Yangxiu Su Shi, Lu You, etc. a poet writer's footsteps, leaving a lot of the most famous poems; Daxia Valley, was three The ancient battlefield Many outstanding figures, gallop place; there are many famous places of historic interest and scenic beauty, White God City , Huangling Temple Nanjinguan...... They are here in landscapes with the pavilions, well-known in the world.

Canyon Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon

The Brahmaputra Grand Canyon is located in the Brahmaputra River Namjagbarwa ,
 Canyon Canyon
Here is the formation of the world's most unusual horseshoe Big Bend Not only in. Landscape On the strange anomaly, and become the world's unique role in the water vapor channel of the Grand Canyon, and created the southeast of Tibetan Plateau exotic forest ecological landscape.
It embraces the mountain up to 7782 meters above sea level, and the deepest valley 5000 meters deep,
order Colorado So the rest of the world to catch up the canyon. From the mountains to the snow Tropical rain forest There are nine vertical belt distribution here, is the world Mountain vertical zonation The most complete place.

Canyon Meili Canyon of Lancang River

Lancang River Be located in Yunnan Deqin County In the north, Foshan Xiang To the south, Yanmen Township, 150 km long, here is the place where the biggest difference in Yunnan province.
The river valley at an elevation of 2006 meters, on the left bank of the Meili Xue Shan Cavag Bethune 6740 meters above sea level, on the right bank baima snow mountain Zara sparrow, the peak is as high as 5460 meters, the maximum height of 4734 meters from the canyon, the river to the top of the slope distance of 14 kilometers.
Every kilometer rose by an average 337 meters, a valley near the vertical slope.
Lancang River from the Tibet River Canyon in the mod, narrow, fast flowing, no thought of crossing, history on bamboo liusuo crossing the river, so the river village named "chute river".
Although such a dangerous place, the history of men fall river property loss but it is too many to count, Yunnan throat of traffic, has a "Suoyue chute" said.

Canyon Jinsha River Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge From the Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County town 60 kilometers, in the canyon Jinsha River Upstream of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain] a total length of 18 km, divided into the upper section, in the tiger, the tiger jumped under paragraph three, circuitous road 25 kilometers, east of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, for the West Diqing The Haba snow mountain canyon, the vertical height of 3790 meters, is one of the deepest canyon in the world. The narrowest point, only about 30 meters, according to legend The tiger mountain And in the river of rock on one foot a little, can fly across, so that Tiger Leaping Gorge. Gorge in the reef area, there are 21 dangerous shoals, up to 10 meters down to 7 hom, Waterfall 10. Tiger Leaping Gorge - the origin of the legend that the rulers of Lijiang - rich wood master very short, there are a lot of talented person. There is a special fortune. One day, she said for wood master, wood master born rich, but is not available after the death of the coffin. Wood master was surprised, then in any place he had to go through every ten miles, put a coffin to fate and struggle. One day, the weather is excellent, wood master a great mood, then riding his horse - a tiger, along Jinsha Go to the riverside. The river surging river, the picturesque. One tiger to a narrow area, the tiger sprang to a large stone in the center of the river to jump. The whereabouts of the tiger, and the tiger never landed at the same time, but already fell into the river rolling. Time has passed, the wood master and his tiger has already know where to go, but for future generations Tiger Leaping Gorge These, the tiger jumped stone imaginative name.

Canyon Kuche Tianshan Grand Canyon

Tianshan Kuqa The Grand Canyon is located in Xinjiang County of Kuche (called Qiuci City)
 Canyon Canyon
64 km north of 42 degrees north latitude, longitude 83 degrees 8 ', 5', south of the Tianshan Mountains. The mystery of the Grand Canyon In the world, the canyon ", and the wonders of Tianshan Long Yun aura eons, into God, extraordinary and dangerous, male, ancient, quiet as a whole. Foreign Jing Qi, fascinating. January 2002 was promoted to the national [AA class tourist scenic spots. Kuche Tianshan Grand Canyon is Tarim River A tributary of the Kuche River Valley, the local Uighur called "Kertz Leah", meaning "red cliff". The Grand Canyon is approximately north-south arc toward the opening, slightly curved to the northeast to the southeast, the end of the micro bending, which is composed of the main Valley and seven branch Valley, a total length of 5000 meters, the valley of the end to the mouth of the valley 200 meters above the gap, The bottom The width of 53 meters, 0.4 meters narrowest, only one person sideways through the body bent down. Valley side Qifeng rocks, to rise; Towering mountains The split, Ferris, cliff stone mountains, majestic magic; God secret cave hole, each in its meaning. In the valley of the twists and turns, a scene step by step, and The path winds along mountain ridges.; interest; spring Ding Dong, the bird of cicadas, do not dip, visitors must. The whole valley is like a tail with hills, drink Library (opening in the Kuche river river), sank ninety-nine dragon lying on hilltops, mysterious summon wind and call for rain. Even more amazing is that, from the mouth of the valley 1400 meters deep, about 35 meters high cliff, one was built in the Tang Dynasty, the mural painting Thousand-Buddha Cave On the site, writing and painting art, unique more than and 300 Buddhist caves have been found in the western region, it is rare.

Canyon Wushan small Three Gorges

Wushan small Three Gorges from Longmen Gorge , Bawu Gorge , DiCui Gorge A total length of 50 km. She was a pool of clear water, mountains rise steeply, verdant bamboo, with bursts of monkeys, rustic charm . Wushan small Three Gorges is characteristic of beautiful and mysterious. Some people think that it has six odd, namely, water Qiqing, odd male mountain peak, Tan Qixiu odd risk, King Qiyou, Shi Chi Mei, can be called "the world odd gap". Wushan has 18000 acres of bamboo forest small Three Gorges, and The scenic area of Three Gorges of Yangtze River Which is the national key scenic spots, in 1991 as" China forty best tourist attractions ".

Canyon The Yellow River Shanxi Shaanxi Gorge

Yellow River Heyuan To Inner Mongolia Togtoh County Hekou Town The upper reach, middle and lower Hejin Normal taohuayu, although there are such as Longyangxia Liu Jiaxia, red, Jishi Gorge, and Qingtongxia gorge, Sanmenxia So the famous Canyon, but are a series of This Separate basins. Only the estuary town of Inner Mongolia to Shanxi in, it constitutes a continuous Canyon of the Yellow River river is the longest- Shanxi Shaanxi Gorge It is 725 kilometers long, along the line, a total of 27 counties, covering an area of 111 thousand and 600 square kilometers. stay Hetao Area Was to the west of the Yellow River, the north-south,
from Ordos Plateau With potential south, left with the right collar Lvliang, Northern Shaanxi, deep in the Loess Plateau, deep valley is 100 meters above the bottom elevation from 1000 meters down to 400 meters below gradually, riverbed The narrowest point such as mouth of a pot Only 30 to 50 meters.

Canyon Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon

Taihang Mountain Located in Hebei province and Shanxi province border area,
 Canyon Canyon
South to Henan and Shanxi border area. The mountains north of Beijing Xishan, South to the Yellow River ocean Facing That is the Northeast southwest direction, hundreds of kilometers. It is China terrain The eastern margin of the second step, is also the eastern boundary of the Loess plateau. taihang mountains The geological basement is double monocline. On the eastern side of the fault structure, the relative elevation of 1500-2000 meters, the Piedmont typical Alluvial fan And the alluvial plain. From north to South Xiaowutai (elevation 2882 meters), Taibai Mountain , Baishi mountain Langya Mountain, Tuo mountain, Yangqu Wangwushan mountain hill, etc.. Shanxi Plateau Rivers in the eastern part of Taihang Mountain into a multi hebei plain Into the river system. Only in the southwest of Qin River southward into the Yellow River. Taihang Mountain is Eastern China One of the most important Geographic boundaries .

Canyon Jinsixia

Jinsixia Scenery jinsixia national Forest Park canyon landscape peculiar handsome. There are white dragon gorge, black dragon gorge, Qinglong Gorge Four and more than and 100 Shi Yan Chai scenic spots, a total length of 20.5 km Canyon, depth more than and 10 km, the deepest still cannot be reached. The white dragon gate, crescent gorge, a-gleam-of-sky; mountain hill, Xia Lian xia, The eighteen bend 1000 song, 100%, Qujing such as snake. Especially the black dragon and the dragon gate door wide, not profit rise meters, not days, day and walk like night. Canyon rock layers, the vertical height of nearly 600 meters, barren, ghastly. The highest elevation of 3058 meters, the highest peak in North china. Her five main peak East Platform Wang Haifeng, Southern Taiwan Fairview peak The north and West Taiwan hanging on peak, Yedoufeng Taiwan, Cui Yanfeng with its beautiful landscape like a unique scene and platform. The magnificent mystery Mount Wutai national Forest Park The inner Luan peaks, trees tall and straight, stream aspect, everywhere there are peaks and rocks, steep cliffs, caves, springs, pool show, Green pines Cypress. Here is rich in animal and plant resources, there is a sigh of Liaoji medicine have exotic flowers and rare herbs, while the natural healing, red flowers and green grass everywhere, rare animals frequented.

Canyon The Dadu River Grand Canyon

The Dadu River Jinkou Grand Canyon Length of the Dadu River Jinkou Grand Canyon is about 26 km, the entire Canyon is located in Ya'an city of Sichuan Province Hanyuan County And the state of Liangshan Ganluo County Leshan City Jinkouhe District . No matter from the top or bottom into the canyon, although this is on both sides of hills, but the approximation Xiakou But, there was a strange momentum. The canyon is left, there is a prominent cliff platform - Su Gu Ping, a natural formation of Shimen in the valley of Xiakou, thus suddenly narrowed, clouds and cliffs in more afar gorge, unfathomable; Dashaba near the canyon mouth, right The Dadu River The sharp corners, overlooking the Xiakou, cliff and abrupt elevation of one thousand meters of the mountain face stands, no road, river valley seems to interrupt, an awe inspiring.
 Canyon Canyon