Nikola Tesla

Nicola Tesla (Nikola Tesla, July 10, 1856 ~1943 year in January 7th), Serbia American inventor , Mechanical Engineer , Electrical Engineer . He is regarded as one of the important promoters of the commercial power, and presided over the design of modern alternating current The system is known. stay Michael Faraday Based on the electromagnetic theory found, Tesla has many revolutionary invention in electromagnetic field. A number of related patents and his research work is modern Electromagnetics wireless communication and radio The cornerstone.
Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Paul Mauriat's History

Nikola Tesla Early development

Nicola Tesla was born in July 10, 1856. Learning physics, mathematics and mechanics. He had only one year of course at the University for second years, the military border Bureau revoked, he lost grants, can not afford to pay for tuition is forced out of school. Tesla did not graduate. In 1877, Tesla to Bragg Two years of study, he went to university to attend courses, while studying in the library. In 1879, he tried to Maribor Looking for a job but did not succeed, then returned to Prague to continue their studies, until 24 years old.
The autumn of 1882, Tesla to Edison telephone company Paris branch as an engineer, and successfully designed the first Induction motor Model。 In 1884, he went to the United States, to work at the Edison laboratory, then stay in the United States and joined the United States nationality.
In 1884, Tesla first set foot on American land, came to New York, began to work in the Edison laboratory. In addition to the recommendation letter written by former employer Charles Bacheroso, he is almost nothing. This letter is addressed to thomas edison The letter said: "I know there are two great people, one is you, the other one is the young man."
Edison hired Tesla, arranged for him to work in the Edison machinery company. Tesla began Edison electrical design simple, he progressed very quickly, soon be able to solve some problems very difficult. The company is fully in charge of Edison Tesla DC motor The new design.

Nikola Tesla The golden age

In 1886, Tesla established his own company, the company responsible for the installation of the system arc lighting Tesla's design and the design of the power system, generator "And in 1894 the success of the short wave wireless communication After the experiment, Tesla was regarded as the greatest American Electrical Engineer One of。 Many of his findings was considered groundbreaking, is electrical engineering Pioneer. In 1891, after the successful test of Tesla in the power to form a wireless power transmission to the target using electrical appliances, wireless power transmission is committed to intercontinental business, which is the idea of building Wardenclyffe Tower .

Nikola Tesla Quiet life

In 1930s, close to the end of the stage of life, Tesla became reclusive, living alone in a hotel in the city of New York, occasionally issued an unusual statement to the press. Because strange, Tesla is generally considered a "mad scientist" prototype. In January 7, 1943, Tesla did not marry for life in the new Yorker Hotel because of the death of heart failure at the age of 86.

Nikola Tesla Figure annals

Between 1856 - July 9th to 10 days in the middle of the night, Tesla was born Learning physics, mathematics and mechanics, second years because of tuition is forced out of school.
1877~1880 - Tesla in Bragg Learning (not on University).
In 1879, Tesla's father died.
1881 - Tesla enter The government of Hungary The central telegraph office work.
In 1882, Tesla Budapest (Hungary) a walk in the park when found rotating magnetic field .
In autumn, Tesla to Edison telephone company Paris branch office.
In 1883, Tesla Strasbourg Edison employed in continental Europe, made the first Induction motor Model。
In 1884, Tesla went to the United States, began to work in the Edison laboratory.
1885 - Edison Tesla left.
1887 - April, Tesla electric company.
1888 - May 16th, Tesla for AC transmission and AC motor system ".
In 1890, Tesla announced the results of the physiological effects of high frequency electric.
Tesla proposed. Hyperthermia Method.
 autograph autograph
1891 - July 31st, Tesla became a citizen of the United states.
In 1891, Tesla was entitled "high frequency AC experiment and its application in artificial light in the wireless report, the application of the" star oscillator "resonance transmitter patent.
In 1892, Tesla came to London, at the Royal Academy of Sciences for light and other high frequency phenomenon "report, made under the high voltage high frequency alternating current experiment report in the Institute of electrical engineers, and made the same report in Paris.
Tesla's mother died.
1893 spring, Tesla made by conical coil high voltage of 1 million volts.
In May, Tesla shows alternating current lighting fair in Columbia, a" "The ultimate winner.
1895 - March 13th, Tesla in New York The Cathedral of St. John the Divine At. The three winner of the Nobel prize in Physics Robert Andrews Millikan , Compton And James Frank issued a presidential Franklin Delano I The president and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt And vice president Henry - A - Wallace tribute.
In September, million tons of ships "Nicola Tesla" round of free water.
The United States Supreme Court Revoke Marconi The verdict, ruling for Tesla radio The inventor.
1956 - July, the 100 anniversary of the birth anniversary of Tesla, Tesla's understanding and study of person to usher in an international recovery.
In 1957, Tesla's ashes were shipped back to Belgrade.
1960 - Munich The The International Electrotechnical Commission Determine Tesla by Magnetic induction intensity The international scientific units.
In 1975, Tesla was formally introduced into the National Inventors Hall of fame.

Nikola Tesla research field

alternating current System, radio System, Wireless power transmission , Ball lightning , turbine Amplification transmitter , Particle beam weapons , Solar engine , X light Equipment, electric energy meter, missile science, Remote sensing technique , Aerocraft , cosmic rays , Radar system , Robot ......

Nikola Tesla The main achievement

AC system
AC, referred to as "Why, Tesla and WestingHouse was nearly bankrupt, so in 1897, Tesla used his royalties for WestingHouse to ease the crisis.
X ray
In early studies, Tesla made a lot of experiments to produce X ray . Tesla in his circuit, "my instrument can produce Eyck J Gon (i.e. X ray energy) than the general instrument can produce much more."
He also talked about his circuit and single node X rays harm the equipment at work. In many of his investigation of this phenomenon in the record, he attributed the most causes of skin damage. He thought that the early skin damage caused by radiation is not X, but ozone The contact with the skin, and some Nitrite Due to contact. Tesla mistakenly believe that X ray is composed of separating particles.
Tesla has done some experiments, and before Roentgen Confirmed his findings (including shooting the X rays, his hand after he will photos sent to Lun Qin), but did not make his discovery as everyone knows, most of his research materials were burned down in the March 1895 Fifth Avenue a lab fire.
Wireless power transmission
Tesla generator in 1895 by its improvement, improvement has been taken into account in the Liquid air . According to Tesla know. William Thomson (Kelvin) found that liquid air re gasification will absorb the heat and can be used to drive things, to produce more than theory.
Tesla had confirmed in 1891 Wireless power transmission , Tesla effect (to commemorate Tesla) is used to illustrate the application of this type in terms of conductance.
In 1899, Tesla moved to Colorado state Colorado Springs Because there is, let him do the experiment of high frequency and high voltage, and began to engage in research there. In the laboratory, Tesla made Man-made lightning . Tesla also has research atmosphere of power, he observed with lightning signal received by the receiver. Tesla claimed that he then observed standing wave . Colorado in the lab, he "record" to his belief in outer space wave signal, but his speech and data was rejected by the scientific community. He has repeatedly mentioned him in the data signal receiver, a signal of different nature of lightning with him have already mentioned and soil disturbance on. Later, he made it clear that the signal is again a group to appear. Tesla later tried repeatedly to the sender to mars.
The development of radio
In July 31, 1891, the 35 year old Tesla joined the United States nationality. In the same year, New York Fifth Avenue established their own laboratory. After this, he established his own lab in New York's Houston street. Where he used the electrical oscillator Mechanical resonance The experiment, he makes some buildings around the resonance, attracted the police.
Tesla made American Century magazine (The Century Magazine) editor Robert Underwood Johnson. At the same time, he also affected the Vedas Philosophy (India philosopher Philosophy) Swami Vivekananda The influence to the later Hindu Vedic thought that his contact, Tesla began in Sanskrit to name the basic concepts about the matter and energy of his.
When Tesla at the age of 36, the first patented multi phase power supply system. He went on to study rotating magnetic field . 1892 to 1894, Tesla served as vice president of the American Society of electrical engineers and the American Institute of radio engineers pioneer, which later became the Institute of electrical and electronics engineers. From 1893 to 1895, he studied at the high frequency alternating current. He used a Tesla coil Create a million volts AC, he studied in the conductor" Skin effect "The tuning circuit design, the invention of the cordless gas discharge lamp, and wireless transmitting power, built the first radio transmitter.
Man-made lightning
In 1899, Tesla Colorado Springs Study.
In the laboratory, Tesla successfully produced Man-made lightning .
Tesla through their own observation and study the lightning receiver atmospheric electricity.
Tesla to study how wireless transmission of energy and power. He calculated the earth through the resonance frequency close to 8 Hz on the basis of their experiments and discoveries. In 1950s, the researchers confirmed that within the cavity resonant frequency of this range (later called the ionosphere schumann resonance ).
Tesla left Colorado Springs on January 1900. In the experiment of Colorado are ready for the next Tesla plans to build a wireless energy transmission facility, which is later Worden Cliff Kobita.
Wardenclyffe Tower
 Worden Cliff Kobita Gestalt picture Worden Cliff Kobita Gestalt picture
In 1901, Tesla began construction Wardenclyffe Tower . In June 1902, Tesla will move to the laboratory from Houston street to Worden Cliff Kobita. This tower in the final during the first World War was removed and scrapped.
Niagara Hydropower Station
If you have been to the United States Niagara Falls I believe everyone will, for this magnificent spectacle and a sincere praise. Tens of thousands of tons of water from the bus to the potential everywhere, Mountains fall and the earth splits. pouring down the river suddenly shock rumbling, formidable. In this The stream never stops flowing. rivers, the rich resources of the unexpected.
In 1897, the world-famous Niagara hydropower station, the first 100 thousand horsepower power station built, becoming the 35 kilometers outside of New York Prefecture buffalo The main source of power. The next ten
 Niagara Hydropower Station Niagara Hydropower Station
A number of large and small power stations have been built, the daily production of electricity enough to supply New York in the United States and Canada Ontario Province Total demand 1/4. So far, the completion of power construction for more than 100 years still operate as usual, uninterrupted output of natural energy, it is a miracle of human nearly a hundred years of history of science.
The science of the hundred years is a miracle, a genius scientist Tesla at the age of more than and 30 a design, which he used total 9 patents, including the invention of Tesla's alternating current generator and AC transmission technology.
In fact, at the time of the industrial and commercial, public settings and household appliances, using a direct current high cost. Because the loss in the circuit, DC must build a set of every mile will generator. So in the construction of the Niagara hydropower station, such as transferring power to DC power, transmission to 35 km away from New York, Buffalo, is not possible. So the construction of the Niagara hydropower station, the Americans used Tesla's invention of the alternating current supply and transmission technology, to realize the long-distance power supply with high voltage electric. This epoch-making invention not only solves the problem of long distance power supply Niagara hydropower station, and brings people a convenient and cheap electricity environment.
Later, people set up a Tesla statue in Niagara Falls to ram Island, in honor of his contribution.
Flying saucer and furnace
In 1928, a small plane "Tesla flying furnace" patent (Patent No. 1655114, air transport device) is approved, but because of the lack of development costs can not be made into a prototype. In modern literature, and the design of the aircraft according to the Tesla derived offspring is called Vertical landing aircraft ( VTOL ).
 Saucer shaped aircraft design diagram of Tesla Saucer shaped aircraft design diagram of Tesla
Tesla has also designed a "no wings, no ailerons, no propeller, no other external device of aircraft"." Its flight speed is extremely high, entirely by Reaction Realization of life and can be driven by mechanical means and can be controlled by wireless mode, the installation of a missile launch device, can very accurately hit the target thousands of miles away". But Tesla disc-shaped aircraft only design, no moldings.
The world system
The world system is Tesla after several original results found for long-term research and test of sustained. This system can not only through the wireless transmission signal, the precise moment to any type of information, text to any corner of the world, but can not change the existing equipment, realize the existing telegraph, telephone, and other sites of the interconnection between signals. For example, through which a user can call local call any phone users on earth. The cost is not high in the watch receiver, can let the user in addition to receive any land or sea any distance speech or concert.
1 Tesla transformer: this device is a revolutionary discovery of electromagnetic vibration, its significance as gunpowder for the war epochal value. The use of the current Tesla device is many times that of ordinary current technology, and produce sparks of more than and 100 feet.
The 2 amplifier transmitter: This is the best invention of Tesla, is a kind of special transformer excitation in order to create the earth's electromagnetic field, can be used for electric transmission, the transmission distance must be used to see astronomical telescope. By using this magical device, Tesla has achieved a power effect, its strength is larger than the current through the lightning, enough to light around the earth 200 incandescent light bulbs.
3 Tesla wireless system: the system includes a series of new technologies, is the only means of low economic cost and long distance wireless power transmission means. Tesla established a testing station in Colorado, has been through careful research and calculations prove that the system can transfer any size and energy loss will not exceed a few percent.
4 personalized art: the invention of Tesla's relative to the original tuning, the expression of the exquisite as developed language in vague so advanced. It realizes absolute confidentiality of signal or message transmission, and the active and passive aspects of the absolute exclusiveness. That is to say, there is no interference signal transmission of information from people, other people can not be disturbed. Each signal like a personal identity is absolutely clear, without even the weak interference under the condition that the number of signal stations and equipment can be operated at the same time is infinite.
5 of the land: the great discovery, standing a little popular, is the power of the earth vibration limited wavelength response with a tuning fork on sonic response is a truth. The electric vibration intensity, electromagnetic field can excite the earth's foot, or many other important uses of commercial areas. "First world system" power plant can be put into operation in nine months. The use of this power plant, we can get 10 million horsepower, can very low cost for numerous technological services, including:
1) has the world telegraph exchange or exchange interoperability between stations;
2) the establishment of a confidential telegram, the government service system without interference;
3) the world interoperability between the Telephone Bureau and the existing telephone station;
4) by telegraph or telephone connection with the press, to achieve a wide range of general news transmission;
5) the establishment of private information system of the world "";
6) Internet and operating all the world stock quotation system;
7) the world system uses "music broadcast";
8) using ordinary clock low cost, display astronomical accuracy of time without need special management;
9) in the world transfer printed or handwritten characters, letters or other documents check;
10) the establishment of world navigation service system, so that the ship without compass conditions, accurately grasp the direction; accurate determination of vessel location, time and other information; to avoid collision or disaster;
11) the initial establishment of the printing system in the world;
12) copy, in the world and transmit various photos, images or records.
PS: the world system Tesla did not complete because of the termination of the Worden Cliff Kobita project.

Nikola Tesla Anecdotal stories

Nikola Tesla Genius

Because the family was poor, his father wanted Nicola inherited his father as a member of the clergy, but Nicola was determined to be completely indifferent to the gods, electrical engineers, and therefore often conflicts with father. By the age of 17 Tesla created like immersed in evil "in the invention of fantasy, the head often emerge all sorts of strange phenomenon. At the age of 17, Tesla was surprised to find that they can make full use of imagination, does not need any models, drawings or experiment, can put all the details perfectly portrayed in the mind, not the slightest difference and the actual situation. Later, Tesla inventions have to rely on this ability. Tesla said: "from the feasible theory to the actual data, not what things can not be pre tested in the mind. People will be a preliminary idea into practice, is entirely on energy, money and waste of time".
Only 2 hours of sleep every day alone has 700 Tesla, a number of invention patents. In order to dedicated to scientific research career, never to marry. In addition to being a scientist, he was a connoisseur of music, poet, philosopher and linguist. He is proficient in eight languages: English, Serbia language, Czech language, German, French, Hungarian, Italian, latin.

Nikola Tesla Personality charm

 Tesla and reporters Tesla and reporters
Different mortals sincere, humble, elegant, generous, confident, strong, simple, honest. Quiet, almost shy, Wen Gong polite, friendly. The well bred, the ornamental and the combined plain properties, dressed in elegant, noble manners. Humor, quick response, low-key gentleman, liberal and dignified.

Nikola Tesla Abandonment of a patent

Tesla life witnessed his invention to society selfless contributions. Although he had devoted his whole life to continue to study, and has approximately 1000 patents. But his old age is poor, long-term economic constraints. Although there are a lot of entrepreneurs with the genius of love and talent, cheat his research achievements and honors, but later he still strive for human happiness research and invention.
Tesla in many inventions, the most benefit is the invention of the various mass "The winner. Later, Tesla has made power the right to host the Niagara hydropower design.
From the AC replaced DC electric power into the mainstream. But Tesla has the patent right of AC, pay $2.5 in royalties to Tesla at the time of each sale of HP AC must. In the powerful benefits, was a threat to give up the consortium forces Tesla patents, with the intention of monopoly profit. After several rounds of negotiations, Tesla decided to abandon the patent right of alternating current, alternating current condition is permanently open patent. Then he will tear up the current patent, the loss of the right to collect royalties. From the AC no patent, become a free invention. If the current patent does not give humanity free to use, each horsepower AC will bring him 2.5 dollars in royalties, he will be the richest man in the world.
so far Serbia The bill still with Nicola Tesla's head.

Nikola Tesla Genius is buried

On such a high lead genius inventors and scientists are forgotten by the world, some people think that this is because Tesla cooperation with Edison, and he and Edison's acting style. Edison is good at business, business minded, and Tesla engrossed in invention, never consider to use their own proprietary rich. During Edison to "work", Edison promised to help him improve the generator after Tesla will pay him $50 thousand, however, Edison cheated Tesla, which led to the Tesla fenercizhi. Some people believe that Tesla's invention is too advanced at the time it is difficult to be accepted, he and his achievements become the object of scientific controversy, some even have his work called "pseudo science". Some people said, "the great inventor Tesla Born Under A Bad Sign," Edison aura cover "controversial" tesla. Tesla after the death of his many information and data are lost, even in In the collection of 150 thousand pieces of exhibits, there are few research data about tesla.
Held in Paris in 1960 Gcwm On, Magnetic induction intensity The unit is named Tesla Serbia, American inventor and electrical engineer to commemorate important contributions in the field of electromagnetics.

Nikola Tesla Family members

Nicola Tesla's father named Levilien Milutin Tesla (Reverend Milutin Tesla), is a Sremski Karlovci The Diocese of Serbia The Orthodox Church The pastor of a church. The mother named Duka Mandic (Duka Mandic), is a Serbia Orthodox priest's daughter, is good at making some family hand tools. She can recite many Serbia epic, but never learned to read. Tesla was one of five children, with a brother Daniel (Daniel, Nicola died at the age of 5 in a horse riding accident, at the age of 12) and three sisters (Milka) Angelina and Mirka (Angelina) and Maruika (Marica).

Nikola Tesla Scientific heritage

Nicola Tesla died in January 7, 1943 in the new Yorker Hotel room 3327 The Cathedral of St. John the Divine At. His ashes were buried on 1957 Serbia Belgrade The Nicola Tesla museum.

Nikola Tesla Publications

"A New System of Alternate Current Motors and Transformers" in 1888
"Phenomena of Alternating Currents of Very High Frequency" in 1891
"The Tesla Effects With High Frequency and High Potential Currents"
"Experiments with Alternate Currents of Very High Frequency and Their Application to Methods of Artificial Illumination" in 1891
"Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency" in 1892
"On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena" in 1893
"On the Dissipation of the Electrical Energy of the Hertz Resonator" in 1892
"Tesla's Oscillator and Other Inventions" in 1895
"Earth Electricity to Kill Monopoly" in 1896
"On Electricity" in 1897
"High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-therapeutic and Other Purposes" in 1898
"Plans to Dispense With Artillery of the Present Type" in 1898
"Tesla Describes His Efforts in Various Fields of Work" in 1898
"On Current Interrupters" in 1899
"The Problem of Increasing Human Energy" in 1900
"Tesla's New Discovery" in 1901
"Talking With Planets" in 1901
"Inventor Tesla's Plant Nearing Completion" in 1902
"The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires" in 1904
"Electric Autos" in 1904
"The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires as a Means for Furthering Peace" in 1905
"Tuned Lightning" in 1907
"Tesla's Wireless Torpedo" in 1907
"Possibilities ofWireless" in 1907
"The Future of the Wireless Art" in 1908
"Mr. Tesla's Vision" in 1908
"Nikola Tesla's New Wireless" in 1909
"Dr. Tesla Talks of Gas Turbines" in 1911
"Tesla's New Monarch of Machines" in 1911
"The Disturbing Influence of Solar Radiation On the Wireless Transmission of Energy" in 1912
"How Cosmic Forces Shape Our Destinies" in 1915
"Some Personal Recollections" in 1915
"The Wonder World To Be Created By Electricity" in 1915
"Nikola Tesla Sees a Wireless Vision" in 1915
"Tesla's New Device Like Bolts of Thor" in 1915
"Wonders of the Future" in 1916
"Electric Drive for Battle Ships" in 1917
"Presentation of the Edison Medal to Nikola Tesla" in 1917
"Tesla's Views on Electricity and the War" in 1917
"Famous Scientific Illusions" in 1919
"The True Wireless" in 1919
"Electrical Oscillators" in 1919
"Rain Can Be Controlled and Hydraulic Force Provided" in 1920
"When Woman is Boss" in 1926
"World System of Wireless Transmission of Energy" in 1927
"Nikola Tesla Tells of New Radio Theories" in 1929
"Our Future Motive Power" in 1931
"Tesla Cosmic Ray Motor May Transmit Power'Round Earth" in 1932
"Pioneer Radio Engineer Gives Views On Power" in 1932
"The Eternal Source of Energy of the Universe, Origin and Intensity of Cosmic Rays" in 1932
"Tesla'Harnesses'Cosmic Energy" in 1933
"Tesla Invents Peace Ray" in 1934
"Tesla on Power Development and Future Marvels" in 1934
"Dr. Tesla Visions the End of Aircraft In War" in 1934
"The New Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-dispersive Energy Through Natural Media" in 1935
"A Machine to End War" in 1935
"Tesla Predicts Ships Powered by Shore Beam" in 1935
"Tesla Tries to Prevent World War II" in 1944
"Mechanical Therapy"
"My Inventions"
"My Inventions" was completed in 63 at the age of Tesla's autobiography, August 1917 ~1919 July, published in the "Electrical Experimenter", is divided into 6 articles, which recalled his 60 years of life and experience.
1, My Early Life (my young life)
2, My First Efforts At Invention (to my early invention)
3, My Later Endeavors (which is how I conceive rotating magnetic field The)
4, The Discovery of the Tesla Coil and Transformer (invention Tesla coil And the transformer)
5, The Magnifying Transmitter (Amplified Transmitter)
6, The Art of Telautomatics (automatic remote Art)
"The Dynamic Theory of Gravity"

In early 1894, Tesla in " New York Times "For the first time to discuss his material about the light, the aether and theory of the universe.
In 1931, Tesla told reporters in the 75 birthday that he is trying to refute Einstein The General relativity That is wrong. Tesla said, his explanation did not Einstein so complicated, once ready to full disclosure, we will see his conclusion is warranted.
In 1936, the 80 birthday of the occasion, Tesla published a total of 10 pages of paper. This paper has never been published in full, it is the grand unified field theory of tesla. He said, "run this theory of celestial bodies under its influence, so give a satisfactory description, so that the baseless speculation and the concept of error, such as Curved space Can this end ". However, in his on Astrophysics and Celestial mechanics Many of the works, the gravitational theory has never been clarified too.
In this paper, Tesla explains, curved space is completely won't happen, because of the role and Reaction Coexist, a bending will be offset by straightening. Derecognition Ether The existence and effect of its essential, want to explain anything about the phenomenon of the universe will be impossible. Although Einstein has brought a revolution, but Tesla remains convinced that "no matter energy, energy is obtained from the surrounding environment". He believes that this is not only suitable for the large celestial body, is strictly applicable to atoms and molecules. However, this time, he was wrong.
This paper entitled "The Dynamic Theory of Gravity", is the so-called " The dynamic theory of gravity "In fact, the correct translation should be" "gravitational dynamics theory, this theory is known as a pioneer of the unified field theory.
In addition, Tesla at the age of 81, issued a statement of "Prepared Statement by" Nikola Tesla "to promote the dynamic theory of gravity".
Unlike Einstein's theory is that Tesla's theory is based on a Newton The Gravitation Extension of the theory. This theory has never been officially published, while Tesla after the death of the U.S. government will report on his top secret files. Although we can still find a few quotes this thesis, but its overall content is still unknown.
The central idea of this theory is that Tesla, Ethernet is there, and is conducting medium gravity, rather than gravitational field And through; electromagnetic field High speed Ethernet can drive rotation, thereby changing the size and direction of gravity.

Nikola Tesla To clarify the rumors

Nikola Tesla Mental quotient

Internet rumor
Tesla IQ of 500700, or even thousands of Tesla brain potential development; 100%; development and normal brain regions Tesla opposite, normal people generally use the left front and right brain, and brain biopsy figure Tesla shows, he often uses the right brain and left brain.
To clarify the rumors
This is no evidence that It is sheer fiction., Tesla's IQ accurate data or his brain potential development degree, and regular data all have not mentioned Tesla had brain biopsy.

Nikola Tesla anticipation

Internet rumor
Tesla has super ability to predict the future.
To clarify the rumors
Tesla believed Spiritualism Spiritual and supernatural phenomena, he had supernatural, in his mother died when he saw the mother image of the angel singing hymns left in a similar to the illusory dream, when he woke up feeling deep down, he knew that her mother died. This foresee occurred more than once. Tesla claimed, "my brain is like a receiver". Nevertheless, he wrote in a letter to his friend Weil Rick: "those stupid warlock evocation they would claim that I received, the information is completely correct, but as an extreme materialists, I feel hurt......" In fact, when young Tesla had a crush on gambling, and his result is lost. But Tesla's life there have been many wrong judgment and unrealistic proposition.
Tesla predicted Titanic The sinking (though J. P. Morgan In 1911 the first suite booked the Titanic, but then he has been on holiday in France), the outbreak of the two World War and the solar system is being made are false. Tesla true prophecy is the death of his mother, the application of the 1890 New York train accident in Manhattan and part of the modern science and technology.

Nikola Tesla The death age

Internet rumor
Tesla at the age of 87.
To clarify the rumors
Tesla was born in July 10, 1856, died on January 7, 1943, not yet 87 years old birthday.

Nikola Tesla the Tunguska event

Internet rumor
The Tunguska event is Tesla made.
To clarify the rumors
the Tunguska event On June 30, 1908 at 7:17 in the morning in Russia Tunguska River A huge explosion near. The explosion TNT equivalent About 15 to 20 million tons, the power is about 1000 times the Hiroshima bomb. On the cause of the explosion Tunguska various hypotheses, including celestial air explosion, comets, natural hydrogen bomb, antimatter explosion, crashed alien spacecraft and so on. "Tunguska explosion by Worden Cliff Kobita Tesla's radio transmission experiment can cause," the rumors began in Oliver - Ni Chelson in 1990 "destiny" magazine published an article, then on the amendment, that Tesla has the motivation and capability of manufacturing the Tunguska event.
In 1908 1, Worden Cliff Kobita
First of all, 1908 is the year the outbreak, Worden Cliff Kobita has been disabled, it is difficult for large-scale experiments. Tesla's research funds mainly come from morgan AC motor for the development of global broadcast system patent sponsorship and Tesla (Morgan is the most famous American modern financial history of the financial giant, have affected the strength of the US economy, the Titanic was built by his consortium). 1901, Marconi The realization of cross ocean transmission of radio equipment, the study of global broadcast system on Tesla's big blow. Due to unbearable huge amount of electricity and the seemingly bottomless investment, Morgan pulled out of funds in 1904. In 1905, Tesla's AC motor patent has expired, Tesla can no longer afford the cost of Worden Cliff Kobita. By 1906, all the laboratory staff to withdraw, Worden Cliff Kobita will stop.
2, the electric energy can really reach the Tunguska?
Suspected Tesla led to one of the Tunguska "evidence" is: the tower of latitude latitude and the same Tesla tonggusi. But in fact, the tower was built Long Island and Colorado Do not close in latitude and tonggusi. In addition, directional long-distance wireless power transmission is very poor, so it is difficult to achieve the long-range strike accurately, and because the dispersion of radio transmission, the technology level at that time, even if Worden Cliff Kobita had high energy electromagnetic wave emission at Tunguska, also cannot with considerable energy to reach ten thousand kilometers away in russia.

Nikola Tesla Mild mental effects

Internet rumor
Tesla can "no barrier to enter the space and time travel", "the brain can change the electronic behavior", "physical properties can be used to change the brain thousands of kilometers of water". Also created the "long axis consciousness" and "internal" term, claiming that "brain pulses can deflect the laser beam", "there is a mysterious database" in space, "each electromagnetic particle is with intelligent life".
To clarify the rumors
The statement from June 2009 to be a wild legend CCTV10 sctv " character "Two episode documentary" column has broadcast science Superman Nicola Tesla ". CCTV documentary by two language (Russian and English), and the shooting style is not the same. In fact, the documentary is free by Russian writer and director Vitali Pravdivchev shot the documentary "Tesla: documentary the king of the world" and "PBS Tesla: Master of lightning "Together, one of the main clues from Russia" documentary director". How to introduce the director? Can only say that his imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style. Specific function And extraterrestrial life, the mystery of history, Conspiracy theory The topic of special interest, which can be felt from other works he shot: "one hundred years", "the invasion of the Third Reich", "UFO" secrets of the moon. Such as film material in science education channel, did not play the role of spreading scientific knowledge, but to mislead the audience to accept a lot of misinformation untrue.
"In the universe there is a mysterious database", this sentence is indeed the Tesla, Tesla from the last 20 years of friends, The Pulitzer prize John ONeil announced the winner, but Tesla does not refer to a database or information field exists in the universe, this is the Tesla The Holographic Universe Theory . "Each electromagnetic particles are with intelligent life" is a metaphor of Tesla, limited scientific term for the first half of twentieth Century, Tesla will be used to describe the language of the poet. Although he has some flaws in the theoretical description, but the ideas are very deep.

Nikola Tesla The Nobel prize

Internet rumor
(1912 or 1915), because Tesla and Edison contribution in terms of power, two people were awarded at the same time The Nobel prize in Physics However, two people refused to accept the medal, reason is unbearable to share this honor with each other; the Nobel prize in physics since its founding thirty years, Tesla alone was selected out of nine times, two times together with Edison, and he took the eleven Nobel prize for all.
To clarify the rumors
These claims are false. According to the official website of the Nobel prize of the data confirmed that the 1912 Nobel physics prize Gustaf Dalén 1915, awarded the Nobel prize in Physics William Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg Edison, was awarded the Nobel prize for physics nomination "and" the Nobel chemistry prize nomination in 1915" Tesla, is "Nobel prize nomination in 1937" . However, Nobel foundation has admitted Tesla and Edison was the first man in 1915 of the Nobel prize in physics.
Tesla, Edison was awarded the Nobel prize, the eleven Nobel Tesla award nine times, two times refused, is groundless statement.

Nikola Tesla The details of the funeral

Internet rumor
Tesla was picked to study the brain.
To clarify the rumors
 Tesla's funeral Tesla's funeral
Tesla's funeral on January 12, 1943 at 4 o'clock in the The .

Nikola Tesla The Buddha of Science

Internet rumor
Tesla and spirituality, "the Buddha of science".
To clarify the rumors
Tesla had told Swami Vivecanada (i.e. Swami Vivekananda ) contact, learning yoga and learn some Hindu thought to him. So, this thing is some tampering, said Tesla created the "Buddha of science", his "spirituality has reached the highest level". These unfounded rumors circulated on the Internet, and the source is June 2009 CCTV10 sctv " character "Two episode documentary" column has broadcast science Superman Nicola Tesla ".

Nikola Tesla The cause of death

Internet rumor
Tesla is spy assassination (or kill); FBI No no copy of Tesla's file; FBI in the hotel room watching 3328 tesla.
To clarify the rumors
The last ten years has been living in the Tesla new Yorker Hotel room 3327, room 3328 is his study room.
The evening of January 7, 1943, Tesla died in sleep. On the morning of January 8th, a man named Aless Monahan's maid found Tesla's body, followed by assistant forensic H W Wembly autopsy, determine the time of death for the January 7, 1943 night at 10:30, the causes of death Heart failure . My friend Kenneth M Swayze Tesla and Tesla's nephew Sava Kosanovic received a notice to the funeral of tesla. Then someone called The Federal Bureau of investigation . In January 9th, FBI authorized foreign property preservation sealed all the heritage of Tesla (Tesla is a citizen of the United States, the property management department to intervene illegal aliens).
" The freedom of Information Act "Disclosure, The Federal Bureau of investigation ( FBI ), The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ), The U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ), the National Archives and Records Administration ( NARA ), The state of Ohio Wright Patterson Air Force Base Have data on tesla.

Nikola Tesla Beam weapon

Internet rumor
The United States confiscated tesla" Dead "The United States weapons; Cleveland A scientist after many experiments successfully produced a beam weapon; Tesla invented Scalar wave Weapons (quantum potential weapons).
To clarify the rumors
During World War II, Tesla often talk about development of aircraft can be melted at a press conference, beam weapons. He pointed out that in 1935 entitled "a war machine" magazine article, "death" is not his invention but charged a death ray. Particle beam . However, no one has seen what he called a beam weapon. In 1943, Tesla died, John G Trump, the federal government in the life of scientific papers in Tesla inspection work, according to insiders said Clinton governor of the hotel basement check store said Tesla was born with beam weapons box, found an open for multistage Wheatstone bridge resistance measurement Resistance box At the end of nineteenth Century, every electrical laboratory have a common and standard tool. Finally, O'neal and Swayze two people conclude that Tesla called secret weapon is only nonsense".
However, Tesla does not seem to be talking about is.
September 5, 1945, to promote the laboratory equipment and accessories division of Colonel Holliday, to the Washington Foreign Property Office Lloyd L shaulis wrote a letter, confirmed that he had spoken with Fitzgerald, and Trump from Tesla property pick and made a summary description of the evidence as to his copy copy. The letter said that these materials considered in the Department of defense projects ", after a certain period of time to return. This is a foreigner property or any other federal government institutions last admitted that they have about Tesla Particle beam weapons The data.
The Pentagon was the establishment of a new military service, usspacecom (U.S.Space Command). The main weapon in this department have, is from the "laser and particle universe battleship" launched a beam weapon. A report of the Ministry of national defense also like Tesla's articles, the particle beam to "directional lightning", but they are not explicitly recognized, actually this weapon has been developed.
The current situation of the development of particle beam weapons program is difficult to estimate, because everything is highly confidential. Obviously, this kind of weapon technology involved is very complex, very difficult, so people doubt whether it is feasible. However, many experts are still hard on this problem. At the same time, the various agencies of the federal government, has been carefully monitored the activities of other countries in this field. Indeed, in the United States, at least in the past 25 years, has been in serious discussions it is possible to establish family a particle beam weapon problem.
Generally, Tesla is connected with the laser beam weapons, is actually not evidence or suggestion is Tesla to study laser beam weapons, his only seems to be associated with high-energy particle beam.
In addition, Tesla found a scalar wave, but he never studied scalar wave weapons (quantum potential weapons).

Nikola Tesla Unified field theory

Internet rumor
Nicola Tesla and " The dynamic theory of gravity "With Mars, planet of man-made, space transfer, time travel, gravity gravity wall, door system, wall or wall of photon particles.
To clarify the rumors
The dynamic theory of gravity "is the" grand unified field theory to Tesla, the central idea is Ether theory . All about Tesla research or "the dynamic theory of gravity" relates to Mars, planet of space, artificial transmission, time travel, gravity gravity wall, door system, wall or wall that photon particles are false, and in any English materials or other raw materials which can not find relevant content. On the Internet, "" dynamic theory of gravity is known as "the history of mankind's greatest masterpieces", actually this theory does not have such a title.

Nikola Tesla Electrical achievement

Internet rumor
Tesla made 100 million volts and 1 billion volts or even higher voltage.
To clarify the rumors
stay Colorado Springs Tesla, with a conical coil produced the highest voltage of 12 million volts. Tesla claimed that 100 million volts can achieve absolute. But according to research, the highest voltage Tesla had 20 million volts for life. Tesla after the death of his students, Massachusetts Physicist Robert Gorka implemented a "Tesla" project, built a magnifying transmitter, discharge voltage up to 22 million volts.

Nikola Tesla Social evaluation

In the United States, Tesla can be comparable to any other inventor or scientist in history or popular culture's reputation. In 1893 he became the current battle winner, became the greatest American electrical engineer and respected. Many of his early achievements become a pioneer of modern electronic engineering, and found many of his groundbreaking and importance. In the year 1943, The United States Supreme Court He was admitted radio The inventor.
In the modern world using electricity everywhere can see Tesla legacy. Tesla later was regarded as a mad scientist and was noticed because that can create weird science invention. Many of his achievements have been accompanied by some controversy is applied to support a lot of pseudoscience, such as UFO theory and new century mystery theory. Tesla is contemporary admirers as the "create a person in twentieth Century". He is a man of great forgotten by the world.
His dream is to provide the world's inexhaustible energy. Teslanever cared about his financial situation, eventually because of the poor and forgotten in the case of the January 7, 1943 new Yorker Hotel alone died Heart failure At the age of 86. After his death, Tesla's achievements slowly neglected by the world. But in 1990s, his public standing on the return of the king beyond all expectations. In 2005, he was the "greatest American TV show" ( AOL and The discovery channel To jointly carry out the top 100), this list is generated by the public vote.
Although Tesla left a lot of doubt and mystery to people, but there is no doubt that he is a tremendous contribution to the science of human.

Nikola Tesla Derivative culture

Nicola Tesla has appeared in popular culture, such as books, movies, radio, television, music, theatre, comics and video games. Owing to the lack of understanding of his life, which made him a very dramatic for the tragedy of the novel and inspirational character. Tesla is especially suitable for his research on science fiction stories. The influence of Nicola Tesla's invention of technology is many kinds of science fiction theme.

Nikola Tesla Later to commemorate

Extraordinary influence
Nicola Tesla was his enemy called a madman, admire his being called genius, was recognized as a mystery. But there is no doubt that he is a pioneering inventor, created a series of stunning, even is a device to let the world make only superficial changes. Tesla not only discovered rotating magnetic field This is the most basic of alternating current machine, will lead us to the robot, computer and basic science of missile. However, to everyone's surprise, all of these devices to create no prior theory. His talent is almost Supernatural The brilliant, he eagerly burning life and all nearly every genius Neurosis So, the disturbance in a series Obsession and phobia Test method, on the basis of the image in the mind and see a preference. At the same time, he is also a popular community, by all kinds of people -- including Mark Twin and George Westinghouse Admire other celebrities, as well as a large number of socialite's love.
Tesla Museum
 The Nicola Tesla Museum The Nicola Tesla Museum
The Nicola Tesla Museum (Serbia: keuler and 3 by and me, e c e c k Pi Pi E / Muzej Nikole Tesle), founded in 1952, is located in the Serbia The capital of Belgrade (Belgrade), to commemorate and show the life story of Nicola tesla. In 1957, Tesla's ashes were shipped back and put the. The museum has about 160000 pieces of original documents and 5700 other items. In 2003, due to the Tesla electrified world and future technological progress to make important contributions, the museum has been included in the The memory of the world heritage .