George Gamov

George Gamov, born in 1904 in Russia, the United States nuclear physicist and cosmologist. stay The University of Leningrad After graduation, went to several universities in Europe to teach. In 1934 moved to the United States, to advocate on the origin of the universe" big bang The famous theory ". To decipher The genetic code Make a contribution. Also put forward radioactivity The quantum theory and the Atomic nucleus The "drop" model. With E.'s established on together Beta decay Gamow's theory and Red giant The internal structure of theory. The popular science books in the spread of physics theory to abstract the played a positive role.
George Gamov

George Gamov Paul Mauriat's History

George Gamov (George Gamow 1904-1968) is Russia The famous physicist and astronomer. Born in Odessa A family of three generations of officers, were killed in Uncle The Russo Japanese War And the first World War and the Second World War, the grandfather is local Archbishop Scientists, tradition. His mother at the age of 7 he taught him to read the novels of Verne, but his mother at the age of 9 he died.
19141920 year studying in Odessa normal school. In 1924, when it was 20 years old, due to teach physics at the artillery school red October, so there is a Red Army artillery Colonel ranks. Later on Mccarthy This era of rank also plagued him for a period of time . 1926 graduated from Leningrad University in 1928, received a doctorate in philosophy. 1928-1932 years successively in Denmark University of Copenhagen And the University of Cambridge under the tutelage of the famous physicist Niels Bohr and rutherford Engaged in research work. Back in 1931 Leningrad University professor. In Paris in 1933 Curie Engaged in the research institute. He emigrated to America in 1934, the University of Michigan lecturer, the autumn of the same year was appointed as professor of University of Washington, 1954 Berkeley, University of California Professor, in 1956 he was named Professor of Colorado university. Is a fellow of the Royal Danish Academy of sciences, The American Institute of Physics , The American Astronomical Society , The American Philosophical Society , The International Astronomical Union Member。
Gamow The main research in nuclear physics, the early Atomic nucleus Nuclear fluid hypothesis, on the establishment of modern Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion The theory has played a certain effect. In 1928, proposed by proton instead Alpha particle Bombardment of nuclei, is of great significance to the development of nuclear physics. It is used to solve the nuclear physics The evolution of stars The problem, put forward in 1939 Supernova The neutrino The theory put forward in 1942 Red giant The shell model. In 1940s two, Gamow and his students Ralph Asher Alpher and Robert Hermann A will Relativity Introduce cosmology Put forward. The hot big bang cosmology Model。 That model hot big bang cosmology, the original universe began at high temperatures and high temperature, more than a few degrees. along with The expansion of the universe , the temperature gradually decreased, the formation of the galaxy and other celestial bodies. They also predicted The cosmic microwave background The presence of radiation. In 1964, American Radio Engineer Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson The discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation accident, confirmed their predictions. In 1948 proposed the theory of the origin of new chemical elements, all elements that are produced in the process of continuous neutron capture. The protein is also proposed The genetic code The idea of: The double helix structure of DNA By hydrogen bond Generate form hole The 4 angle is 4 Base , 4 bases different permutation and combination form of genetic code.
He is an outstanding writer in his life, the official publication of the 25 Works, there are 18 science works. Many of his popular works all over the world, the universe: "atomic energy and human life" (1946), "the universe" (1952), "physics foundation and new field" (1960), "physics development process" (1961). " In the physical world record "It is his masterpiece. Due to outstanding contributions he made in the popularization of scientific knowledge in 1956, he was awarded the UNESCO Science Prize Kalin Jia .

George Gamov The main works

Gamow Attaches great importance to the popularization of scientific knowledge work. After he moved to the United States, the United States found that although the economy developed, but many people at the beginning of twentieth Century scientific achievements, especially when the recent theory of relativity and quantum theory and atomic structure theory are absolutely ignorant of. Therefore, he decided to engage in teaching and research work, to introduce these new things to the general reader. From 1938 onwards, he in the UK University of Cambridge press support, published a series of a bizarre story of science. The hero of the story of Mr. Tompkins: a digital only and do not understand the scientific bank clerk - by listening to lectures and physical science in Wonderland, a preliminary understanding of the theory of relativity and quantum theory content. In 1940, he took the first story collection his first science book "Tompkins's Wonderland" was published in 1944 and it; subsequent stories integrated "Mr. Tompkins book" exploring the world of atoms. The publication of these two books, readers. Later, in order to introduce the new progress in physics, in order to make the work more compact, he put these two books, with supplement, rewrite the re published.
The adventures of Mr. Tompkins
In the past 70 years, to really care about the science of Westerners have never read the adventures of Mr. Tompkins about a few people. But for those who had the same love of science devoted to Chinese, Gamow This name also will not feel strange. This is not only because of Gamow, a series of outstanding contributions in the field of science, but also because he has successfully created a figure, known to every family in scientific world roaming Mr. Tompkins.
Gamow began to shape from 1938 Tompkins Mr. this characters, then continue to supplement and perfect, make the image more plump. Even in the year before his death (1967), still did not forget the last revision of this book. It can be said that this work devoted all of Gamow's enthusiasm for science work and lifetime of effort. Although the story was written for the layman in physics, but the author of modern physics has introduced brilliant enduring charm. Because of this, in 30 years after he died, the book is still popular. To 1995, the cumulative total book reprinted 22 times, and was translated into many languages published by all readers. There are many scientists admit, because youth reading this book, just put them on the path of devotion to science.
In the physical world record
However, with the passage of time and the rapid development of science and society, the content of physics has undergone tremendous changes, which makes part of the book content and some forms are obsolete and outdated. In 1999, the famous British science writer Stannard was invited by University of Cambridge press, based on the faithful to the original style of the comprehensive revision of the book by writing a chapter 4, and update all illustrations. It can be said that this latest version contains all the important research results of the twentieth Century physics. Hunan Education Press The publication of "adventure of the physical world record (the latest version)" is based on the latest version of translation.
" In the physical world record "A Book Chinese version first published in 1978, was printed versions of two times, a total circulation of 600 thousand copies, the popular degree of this remarkable. After twentieth Century, this book is a reprint of almost every year. At the same time, the book is also in the 1999-2000 year of the "Newton Cup" ten popular science books, and won the first prize in 2001 China Award for outstanding works of popular science.
From one to infinity
"From one to infinity" is a "general education" belongs to science books, covering all aspects of natural science. But with other common classified according to the subject matter to the writing of popular science books, the author in a story with many organic content and series, mathematics, physics and even biology together, imperceptibly some of the most important or most useful science even skills come in handy, let a person in a smile and see light suddenly, full of wit and humour laugh not to an overview of the basic achievements and progress of natural science frontier.
This is an absolutely can say huge generous demeanor, he put the mathematics physics chemistry and astronomy, geology, biology and so The genetic code Many of the cutting-edge content together organically, allowing readers to follow him around the world, a powerful and unconstrained style. The use of Mathematics for 1 and up, starting from the basic mathematical knowledge, with a lot of interesting analogy, focuses on Einstein's theory of relativity and The four-dimensional space The structure, to give the reader a new and full of interesting physical world, discusses the human understanding in the micro world (such as elementary particles, gene and etc.) The macro world (such as solar systems, galaxies) achievements.
This book let us know that for the first time, we have learned that the original mathematical formula, boring physics concept, chemical symbol, so there are so many interesting stories; distant galaxies original infinite universe, boundless, and not unrelated with us; the original molecule and atom is not a real micro world and is not the basic unit of the "1", they are still composed of protons and neutrons, neutrino Even more, the next step. Quark particle The original composition; Einstein four dimensional space and space-time relative concept is not so abstract, so unbelievable, even our life everywhere can use the basic principles of the theory of relativity; we see the real line and the plane, can be bent, circulation, and even space and time can be bent...... The macro world Infinity and Infinitesimal in the micro world, George Gamow The pen is a fascinating martial arts novel, full of wit and humour, meanders, a little preaching, lose irrigation, not a bit dull and boring.
Writing skills
" In the physical world record "The success of the first author is profound scientific skills and superb writing skills, Gamow Around the theory of quantitative description, avoid the mathematical difficulties make student readers tremble, the teaching method is similar to the college physics curriculum concept interpretation and to introduce the physical images depicting the abstruse content. Coupled with the style of humor, witty, humorous and elegant, the water, to read without. Translation of the book can also be said Zhulianbihe with this masterpiece, from everywhere can feel the translator Mr. Wu Boze on a deep understanding of modern physics, he learned to human wisdom perception of scientific research activities. and Hunan Education Press The publication of this book paper, printing and binding are very sophisticated, which has a collection value. At the end of 70s, "the physical world" in the translation of adventure book can be said to be almost a generation. In terms of the quality of translation on the translation and publication of the latest version can be said to be a representative masterpiece name translation ".