Xiahou Tao, a single game " Legend of Sword and Fairy five. "The role of.
Hero Shi Jin Xuan The di, Xiahouzhang Twin brother. Sixteen years ago, was killed in the earthquake, the body was in the The magic Nebula Control code for the dead.

Xiahoutao The role of setting

Xiahoutao Background

along with Gradually fade out, according to Ouyang, Xiahou, Wu Huangfu, Shangguan Four family Follow sb.'s lead .
The family is divided into two branches, and Qingzhou, Wyoming is home, Qingzhou is mentioned on the river of separation; refers to a Jaap family living in america. The family in Xiahou Zhang and Xiahou Tao two brothers good business, powerful, rich family; and apart in Qingzhou for generations to escort for the industry.
The family adhere to the "Zhi Yan Yang Wu good, Hao Ran rules. The disciples of marksmanship is rigorous, proficient in archery, at the enemy in a multi.
Xiahou Tao from the Minnesota Jaap family, family of two is the main door.

Xiahoutao Character

Refined and cultured, educated, calm and warm. But Xiahou Zhang and his brother, Xiahou Tao grew frail, so although looks the same, but the temperament but not like Xiahou Zhang as a mighty, and more peace and.
Because the body is not good and operation method are not proficient in martial arts, his eldest brother do Xiahou Jia industry, is the family Consigliere figure jaap. The protagonist of love with Canada, always had managed Xiahou Zhang to his son's anger, often for Jin Xuan are handy for. The collection of Xiahou Tao's rich, many strange book books. Seems to want to go out to travel but because the body is not good no chance to walk around. Not love drinking entertainment.

Xiahoutao Image design

Because Xiahou Zhang and Xiahou Zhang are twins, like other clothing, mainly in red, but Wu's feeling weak. Are relatively thin, soft lines. Long and thick clothes.
The crown of silver material, fine decorative chain belt, and not on the jade pendant.

Xiahoutao Interpersonal relationship

Xiahouzhang : Xiahou Tao and Xiahou Zhang are twins, but by birth order, Xiahou Tao acknowledges that Xiahou Zhang is the eldest brother. Because of his frail, Xiahou Zhang is taking care of the younger brother, also shun his meaning; in addition, Xiahou Tao helped Xiahou Zhang to take care of the family part of Jaap family business, to make it grow.
Shi Jin Xuan : Shi Jin Xuan is Xiahou Zhang's son, Xiahou Tao is Xiahou Jin Xuan's uncle. Xiahou Tao died in sixteen years before the earthquake, after 20 years of his upbringing "Xiahou Tao" is not pro uncle, but dead.
The magic Nebula : Sixteen years ago, Xiahou Tao died in the earthquake, the body due to tie the soul bead for the media, by far Makai The use of magic Nebula soul control bound. This is the magic Nebula puppet named deadwood, intelligence gathering in the arena with the identity of Xiahou Tao, and plan a bureau, a circle raging like a storm.
The role of relationship between data sources

Xiahoutao main plot

In the legend of five episode story began twenty years ago, the earthquake in China, and the nearby village disaster frigidly, Xiahou Tao died in the earthquake. And the magic Nebula Sea Dragon Take this opportunity, the dragon sea dragon's Juexue "more of the" open two channels, to make the magic Nebula People in the world Sporadic bound soul of jade in the right places, looking for the body just dead humans; finally the magic Nebula found two bodies in the body, one is Xiahou Tao, another is born into a dead baby Concealer . Because the baby is perfect, the magic Nebula from flawless, using bound soul manipulation of Xiahou Tao.
Note: Xiahou Tao himself died in the earthquake in sixteen years ago, the body is the magic Nebula manipulation, so after the story see" The magic Nebula ".