Xiahou Zhang, a single game " Legend of Sword and Fairy five. "The role of.
Shi Jin Xuan The father of martial arts Four family The main door Xiahou family. The awe inspiring, not anger from Granville, to Wu unique stateliness.

Xiahouzhang The role of setting

Xiahouzhang Background

With Lin Shen north gradually fade out, according to Ouyang, Xiahou, Wu Huangfu, Shangguan Four family Follow sb.'s lead .
The family is divided into two branches, and Qingzhou, Wyoming is home, Qingzhou is mentioned on the river of separation; refers to a Jaap family living in america. The family in Xiahou Zhang and Xiahou Tao two brothers good business, powerful, rich family; and apart in Qingzhou for generations to escort for the industry.
The family adhere to the "Zhi Yan Yang Wu good, Hao Ran rules. The disciples of marksmanship is rigorous, proficient in archery, at the enemy in a multi.
Xiahou Zhang from the Minnesota Jaap family, family is the main door.

Xiahouzhang Character

The Son Jin Xuan is very strict, but actually it is a show common father. Do not want to see his son because of poor martial arts and other martial arts people laugh. The biggest wish is to inherit the future of Jin Xuan Jaap family, become a man of indomitable spirit, safe life.
The heart has a sense of justice, but sometimes because of the situation, make a choice.

Xiahouzhang Image design

Clothing mainly in red, the overall image of the gate and highlight the identity of mighty extraordinary.
A well muscled, facial contour obviously, hair is not so smooth.

Xiahouzhang Interpersonal relationship

Son: Shi Jin Xuan
Second younger brother: Xiahoutao
Friends: Sean

Xiahouzhang main plot

 Xiahou Zhang and Xiahou Tao Xiahou Zhang and Xiahou Tao
Jiangcheng The Ouyang family led the disciples came to Minnesota Xiahou palace, top grade conference invitations to send the sword. Xiahou Zhang looked after the invitation, Ouyang Ying served as chief product assembly with the sword after the first held exchanges more than a grand, and the ginger bearing said the martial arts event, he will not be absent. At this time, to complete the audit task Xiahou Jin Xuan back to the house, Xiahou Zhang told him, one audit things aside for a few days, let him prepare on Fold the sword country villa Participate in product assembly sword. Xiahou Jin Xuan said the previous need to he muttered, but Xiahou Zhang angrily explain slightly, goods sword conference, Ouyang Ying has become a martial arts champion, arena fellow went to congratulate home next door as Jaap, is certain to go. I will not speak Jin Xuan, Xiahou Tao agreed to play under.
Xiahou Zhang please Jiang Cheng and others in the house for a few days of summer, he and Xiahou Tao confessed in the house transaction with them starting. At the same time, Concealer and Xiecanghang A visit to apologize; Xiahou Zhang puzzled, Xiahou Jin Xuan asked him about two broken jade. Xiahou Zhang invited two people into the vestibule, slightly surprised to see Xie Canghang, Xie Canghang, and smiled. After Xiahou Zhang recovered, said about the broken jade event, the Hou house shall not be prosecuted. The flaw to compensate, so Xiahou Tao to the eldest brother Xiahou Zhang request to let two people work in the office, Jaap zhangshun the Xiahou Tao italy. Unexpectedly, the heart has a plan to ask Xiahou Zhang to thank Xiahou Jin Xuan and Canghang as his escort in advance on the perfect folding sword villa. Jaap Akira denounced his mischief, but under Xiahou Jin Xuan and Xiahou Tao's lobbying, Xiahou Zhang agreed to let the flaw, Xie Canghang and ginger for escort Jaap Jin Xuan break sword villa, Jin Xuan told it is all the way more careful.
At night, the house Shi Jin Xuan accident, Xiahou Zhang hurried to see the situation. See Jin Xuan injured, impatient asked him why. See Jin Xuan from nothing, Xiahou Tao tells the story of what happened. Xiahou Zhang was not injured and he ordered Xiahou Tao, Xiahou disciple to help Xiahou Tao back to the room, then ordered the other disciples up monster corpses, patrol point incense in the village of exorcism. Confessed after, Xiahou Zhang, Xie Canghang and ginger for stainless bearing protecting Xiahou Tao and Jin Xuan, put a convoy to them. After a while, Xiahou Zhang when the three faces on Jin Xuan embarrassed, let him take daily practice, the book was less about ghosts. After scolding, Xiahou Zhang let Jin Xuan Zhuang in the house to sleep, disciples guarding, no longer.
Second days, Xiahou Jin Xuan road. A few days later, Xiahou Zhang and Xiahou Tao are also stakeholders escorted down to fold the sword country villa. The two brothers and Huangfu Yiming , Huangfuzhuo Father and son Ouyang family gathered in the hall to talk with Ouyang Ying. I also went to the hall of Jin Xuan met Xiahou Zhang, see Xiahou Zhang in Huangpu Zhuo, Zhuo Wencai outstanding martial arts to praise the huangpu. The side of the Xia Hou Jin Xuan complex mood. The face of Ouyang Ying's invitation to drink, Xiahou Tao said that the body is not very good, declined banquet, so Xiahou Zhang let Jin Xuan Di accompany back room.
For the sword as a special meeting, Jaap family invited to watch the games on the platform. The game saw Xia, Jin Xuan praised for pure skill badly, Xiahou Zhang is unhappy and ironic Jin Xuan have the face to say the woman is protected. Xiahou Jin Xuan did not speak. And when. Twilight Gladiola The victory in the competition, it is a lesson for the Jin xuan. With the help of Xiahou Tao, Xiahou Zhang also allowed Jin Xuan and went to see the two girls. Subsequently, product assembly sword out of trouble, with the fermentation of events, Xiaochangfeng Die an untimely on。
Xiahou Zhang did not want to participate in this event, but due to the four family ties, had to be Huangpu Yiming requirements, see Ouyang Ying together. Huangfu proposed to equivocate on Yiming Xiao Changfeng killing. Xiahou Zhang said to himself as an outsider, fold the sword country villa thing, not good lessons. His remark was Shangguan letter The opposition, after all, fold the sword country villa collected so much respected figures, some accidents are big lakes. Xiahou Zhang was speechless.
Huangfu made the murder of Xiao Feng pushed to the ginger bearing head, and concluded that ginger bearing is the devil. Xiahou Zhang said it did not identify, so very wrong decision. Huangfu Yiming then pretend sorry, but invisible in this to put pressure on Ouyang Ying, then took his leave. Xiahou Zhang privately warned Ouyang Ying though Huangpu Yiming is selfish, but it is difficult to convince the public if handled properly, and more people will play. Ouyang Ying said that.
Xiahou Zhang returned to the house found Jin Xuan Jaap, did not come back. Until the Jin Xuan Xiahou Zhang will appear again, he criticized him to explain again. Xiahou Zhang will tell Xiahou Jin Xuan way happened, Xiahou Zhang grabbed the ginger bearing information to confirm whether the Jin Xuan Jiang have been together with him. After confirmation, Xiahou Zhang learned that the accused is framed by Huangpu yiming. Just a demon once involved in easy down, so Xiahou Zhang did not tell the origin of Jiang Jin Xuan rumors bearing demon identity, only asked him not to mess. Xiahou Jin Xuan reluctant, Xiahou Zhang once again publicly scolded Jin Xuan up. Unexpectedly, a perfect voice let Xiahou Zhang stop staring at Xiahou Jin Xuan's disadvantages not to put, there is close to him teach son, don't scold the public. Xiahou Zhang is a "hum" sound, Jin Xuan to bring people to the room to rest, what happened later.
Not long ago, Xiahou Tao Xiahou Zhang came to intercede for Xiahou Jin Xuan, Xiahou Zhang listen to Tao Jaap column of truth, then acquiesced in Jin xuan. Xiahou Zhang said the uncle Jin Xuan to help, he will secure to rely on.
But the ginger event did not wish to calm down, and promote the generation of secret Huangpu Yiming, Ouyang Ying launched the martial arts Xiahou Zhang was invited to attend the trial. Things are going to be the Xiahou Jin Xuan Jiang words, Xiahou Zhang wanted to stop Jin Xuan, was the Huangpu Yiming stop, let Xiahou Jin Xuan continued. Xiahou Zhang knew the intention of Huangpu Yiming, but with the help of Shangguan intends to give the human time letter, said Xia Hou Jin Xuan rarely ventured to Jianghu lakes by Jiang Cheng and fellow, fellow cheat, please forgive. Unexpectedly, Huangfu Zhuo is also out of the proof of his innocence as ginger, angry Huangpu yiming. See Jin Xuan and Huangfu Zhuo and Jaap Xiahou Zhang and Huangpu Jiang Cheng Yiming speak, let two people don't speak. With Ouyang Ying in the martial arts event trial verdict reached intense, Xiahou Zhang compelled by the situation, seize the bearing and ordered Xiahou disciple ginger Liyan .
Cheng Li and ginger rock escape, Xiahou Jin Xuan and Xiahou Zhang knew that he wanted to pursue, what I want, this is not for him. But to persuade Xiahou Zhang to let him go to the Huangpu Yiming experiences, so Xiahou Zhang will agree with him, and secretly remind him of the Jaap family reputation, don't get caught out. Later, Xiahou Zhang with his hand to his son's letters to Huangpu Zhuo to make a chip, suggesting that Hwangbo Yiming not Xiahou family.
Shi Jin Xuan returned home, Xiahou Zhang taught him, let him not to do the ginger tube. I said after the Jin Xuan four family don't worry, because Jiang Cheng masquerade, won't come back again. Xiahou Zhang attitude soft down, let Jiang Chengyi come to an end, Jin Xuan followed them to take care of business requirements. But Jin Xuan forward scheduling a boat to find immortality for overseas perfect cure, just stay in the villa house after learning management. Xiahou Zhang listens, furious, scold him as Jaap little Lord, not for the woman a brusque act, or even take life joking. Shi Jin Xuan also want to ask his father, but Xiahou Zhang was adamant, refused to nod.
Xiahou Zhang found no Jin Xuan in the house, just came to the pier, catch Xiahou Jin Xuan back to the house. I do not want to go back to Jin Xuan, Dad heard him say a few words. Shi Jin Xuan that sea looking for immortality, not only save a blemish, and Song Village, Xie Canghang also to testify, Jaap Akira there to touch the heart, with a sea. We were ready for the sea, Xiahou Zhang Jin Xuan looking for private conversation, the martial arts in the analysis of the situation to him, to his life first, clear responsibilities; if the Xiandao is not found, will come immediately. Get Jin Xuan's promise, he stood on the dock watched him leave.
Xiahou Jin Xuan go to Xiahou Zhang sent Xiahou family without hearing a word about, all the ships on the East China Sea to look for, but no harvest. Looking for more than three months, still can not find, with every passing day, five years later, still no news, so we all think Xiahou Jin Xuan has been buried in the sea. Xiahou Zhang was almost unable to get up after a fall.
Five years later, Xiahou Zhang received a letter from Huangpu Zhuo, wrote the message before the death of Xiahou Jin Xuan; Xiahou Zhang can't believe. Suddenly, Net teaching days Attack Wyoming, Xiahou Zhang arrangement, protect the city, against the day of net teaching. At the same time, Shi Jin Xuan returned home, Xiahou Zhang was surprised to see his son. Apologize to the father Xiahou Jin Xuan, let him worry about so long, Xiahou Zhang said "you're alive, this is the greatest filial piety to me". Happy after, Xiahou Zhang Xiahou Tao has been dead. The angry left injured disciple Jaap Akira ordered, with the rest on him Cover the zenith .
To cover the zenith, saw a man in the party. Xiahou Zhang was killed, the other suddenly out loud, let Xiahou Zhang at. The other put the hat, Xiahou Zhang found on his younger brother Xiahou Tao is convenient. But the strange thing is that Xiahou Zhang, Xiahou Tao shot and killed the disciples. In Shi Jin Xuan et al also arrived, Xiahou Zhang was killed by Xiahou Tao. Xiahou Zhang until death, Witherbark Never tell him that Xiahou Tao is dead, his body was the magic Nebula manipulation for more than and 20 years, dead code.